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  1. maybe 60 up promo grille or 62-63 grille would prefer stock one
  2. great job on the Dodge, Rich....I got my Driver license in a 56 Olds 4 dr much like yours
  3. a friend of mine bought a new Vega wagon when they first came out, he drove it for about 6 months & traded it for a full size Chevy Van.......go figure..
  4. Fantastic as usual .....do they give MBE's for model building????
  5. found mine at the Hobby Shop in Dayton, I liked most of the photos except for the ones with the "Velvet Elvis" dark backround as a lot of detail was lost. on the GSL table photos, who did the 3-D print of the 70 Dodge pick up? where can we get one???
  6. Owned 2 Pintos, no problems with either........as far as the crash tests, Vegas did the exact same thing when hit from the rear....except the PR people at GM renamed them as BLAZERs...LOL
  7. just traded with my80malibu, would trade with him anytime...
  8. Gerald, thanks for the show photos & those of my build ups, Al
  9. ANY news about the Styleside pickups yet????
  10. sure would...maybe a Moebius, lots could be done with those ^^^
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