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  1. I enjoy restoring old kits when I can find them, it is a nice change once in a while...
  2. post them now, we are always interested, welcome Paul..
  3. one of the chrome trees has valve covers from the 302 engine, & hood trim for the bumpside....👍
  4. Just opened the box, & dug out the parts....could not fit them all back in. I was very happy to see all of the extra stuff that was in the kit!!! Included were the usual parts to build the truck, PLUS nice slotted mags, 4 sets of dog dish caps, extra parts from the bumpside kit. Step bumper, tailgate, underhood pieces, etc...Overall it looks to be a very nice kit, & has enough leftovers to restock my parts box.
  5. got 2 of these from Model King ....nice
  6. I have used AMT 67 Mustang rear bumpers on Johan Comets...
  7. Site states to contact him first to make sure it's still available .....
  8. mine too thanks for the kind words
  9. Gary, great job on a kit that was difficult when new in 62...
  10. The 60 Merc is a favorite of mine also...
  11. Cold & Flu virus gong around the country??? how long has it been hanging on for you??/
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