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  1. thanks Gary, I have admired your work also...
  2. Bill, I'm working on a similar FC using the Revell chassis & an AMT 66 Fairlane body...not used to building these so I will hope for the best..
  3. Geoff, how many Range Rovers do you have in your collections?
  4. nice work, I had one once, it also had a warped body...I found a built up at swapmeet with a straight body & stripped it, problem solved...
  5. thanks, Carl thanks, Oliver
  6. you can make a fairly accurate version with a stock AMT Cyclone kit & the frame from a Revell Hawaiian kit, there was an article in the recent ScaleAuto issue about kit bashing...
  7. thanks Rich, it was a fun build
  8. looks great, those kits are hard to find in any condition, nice save
  9. thatz4u


    looks way better than the Foose version..
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