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  1. got a flyer or other info to post?
  2. Sounds like the right time to resurrect the Pony Express...
  3. nice save, well done.......also like the 58 Ford HT, who made it??
  4. beautiful build of an unusual car, well done
  5. nice work Scott looking forward to seeing it finished..
  6. it's the price of the new Ramp Truck, caused by the styrene "shortage"......LOL
  7. what about those who don't use Greed-Bay??
  8. I will be there Gerald, might have something you could use for parts...
  9. 4n1 kit is a great marketing idea, that way the price increases won't seem as painful....
  10. how they gonna get them past the oil spill???
  11. very nice, are the bodies on the market??
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