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  1. my local Wallyworld just got a Round2 display, Peterbuilt Wrecker, Grumpys Toy, display cases, Star Trek, just to name a few...
  2. like to have the VIN to trace its' history....
  3. next year on Star Wars Day....May the 4th ..be with you...🤣
  4. got these 3 & an AMT 72 GTO gluebomb at Dayton Toy Show
  5. these help? https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/revell/revell-custom-silve/7666.html
  6. engine is from a Viper, it was a drop in fit
  7. your stock build looks very real, well done....mine is a little less than stock...
  8. Thanks, Mario, sort of a theme build....no one commented on the name...
  9. nice restoration of an economy car from back in the day...
  10. It looks way different than the one I restored
  11. some Walmarts have them also..
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