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  1. thanks, Chris Thanks, Stuart, have a link to more pictures
  2. David, nice work on the Mopars, & I already knew about slide outs...they can be a pain...🤣
  3. Thanks, Andy, I always like finding these old builders to restore
  4. thanks, David, chrome by BMF & M chrome pens...
  5. I like uncommon cars & trucks also, the caps are stock ones from the AMT 41 Plymouth kit, thanks Rich....hope you find more Larks...
  6. Saw a bunch of these when Uncle Sam sent me to Northern Cali back in the day, & I still remember them.....
  7. spam emails are a pain in the lower end of the spinal column
  8. thanks, Lee thanks, Manuel, I built a hardtop back in 2020, not as pretty...
  9. here it is today, don't usually like red, but on this one it looks right...as always, comments welcome...
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