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  1. Unbelievable, If that doesn't win, best of show, anywhere you take it, the contest is rigged. Jeff
  2. Ideas vrs. talent

    Sometimes, I have the talent but not the ideas. When I see someone build something, out of the ordinary, I wonder, why didn't (couldn't) think of that?
  3. Ideas vrs. talent

    My big problem is finding bench time. If I'm lucky, I might get an hour or 2 a night, during the week, & 5 or 6 hours, on the weekend. Some days / weeks, I get no bench time. I have been working on a 240Z street racer (think Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws), since March. It's a full detail build with most parts heavily modified or scratch built. It's the kind of project, that would have been shelved several times, by now, but I'm not giving up. I scratch built a 25.3 roll cage & have rebuilt it 5 or 6 times. I've blown through a couple packages of Evergreen 1/16" plastic rod, in the process. It's not perfect but I'm satisfied with it, enough to move on. I'm using techniques, that I have successfully used, in the past, some I have tried & fail, in the past, & ones that I have never tried before, like vacuforming. I just keep plugging away until I get it right, raising my own bar. The ironic part is, this is a shelf model & may never see a contest table. Few will know what went into building it. Even fewer will appreciate it, like I will. But I will. I'm really pushing myself, on this one & learning new skills, on the way. Maybe when it's done, I'll pull some of my other projects, off the shelf & finish them, too.
  4. Let's See Your Full Sized Buicks!

    AMT 66 Riviera Low kit. Testors Boyd Aluma yellow with shaved door handles & emblems.
  5. What's "Traditional" ?

    I agree about the blue 39 Ford. What a beauty. I've got the AMT kit. I might just have to build something similar.
  6. Differences between '68-'69-'70 Nova's

    68 & 69 Novas had separate back up like the Revell kit has. The 70 & 71s had small back up lights, in the center of the tail lights. 72 Novas had a large back up light, in the center of the tail lights. All body panels are interchangeable, other than different sized marker light holes & emblem holes. A little known trick, that I did to my 69 was, the doors from 73 / 74 Novas have 1 piece windows (no wind wings). I really cleans up the look of 68 - 72.
  7. Revell & Foose poll for 2 new kits

    I voted for the F100 & 36 Ford. I too, hope they don't just pop out a stock 56 PU or a stock 65 Impala, if they go for those two.
  8. 1937 Rolls Royce "shooting brake"

    Very, very nice. Great job. As for the yellow, you've never seen the movie, The Yellow Rolls Royce?
  9. Outlaw camaro.DONE!!8/18/15

    Amazing work. I like all the other cars, in the background, of the early shots.
  10. I just can't believe how much detail you put into your builds. My hat is off to you, Tyrone. Outstanding work.
  11. What did you see on the road today?

    The SoCal beach town, I grew up in, has become very affluent in the last 35 years. I'm an IT Professional for their school district. You can't drive through the city (all 4 square miles of it), without seeing 2 or 3 Teslas, 15 - 20 Mercedes (they're like Chevys there), a handful of Porsches, an Aston Martin or 2, a Maserati, & a Ferrari. I have seen an I8 & a couple Audi R8s, there, also. I've become pretty used to high end cars. What impresses me now, is bitchen street rods, customs, & street machines, at the Friday night cruise night, during the summer.
  12. Larry Miller passed away 6 years ago. The Larry H. Miller Group has decided to close the park, Oct. 31 of this year. They lease the land it's on, it's lost Millions of dollars from the start, & it would just be a matter of time, before the track became a nuisance to the new neighborhoods that are being built around it. I had the pleasure of shooting a Grand Am race, there, several years ago. It was the only race that I got sunburned, soaked to the skin, & hailed on, all in the same race. It's a great track, with several configurations, up to 4+ miles. The race I covered used the long course & I walked the entire course, during the race. The media relations people were second to none. They even had warm chocolate chip cookies, in the press room. Unfortunately, they served those, while the on track events were happening (when I was out shooting). Luckily, my wife (the writer & my partner in crime), saved me some cookies. One of the high points of the weekend was meeting Nigel Mansel, who's sons were racing in Formula Atlantic, that was also running that weekend. A beautiful track & it will be missed.
  13. Why Do You Build The Scale(s) You Build?

    I build 1:25/1:24 for the same reason I built small block Chevys, back in my hot rodding days. I have a ton of parts for them & the aftermarket caters to them. Plus, they take up less space, in my display case, than larger scale. I do have a couple 1:20 F1 cars, a couple 1:16/1:12 scale models, that were given to me, & a Pocher Fiat, I inherited from my dad.
  14. My wife & I will be taking a road trip, this summer, from SoCal to Mt. Rushmore & back. We plan to spend a couple days in Salt Lake City. I will be taking in the Model Car Museum & the Museum, at Miller Motorsport Park, in Tooele, UT. (south west of SLC). It features a ton of Cobras, Ford GTs (the real ones), & even a Thunderbolt Fairlane (at least the last time I was there). A great museum. Get there, if you can. Miller Motorsport Park is scheduled to close this October.
  15. If Monogram had went 1/25th...instead of 1/24...

    As said before, models of the same scale vary. I was thinking of building a 32 Ford sedan delivery, with an old Switchers body & Revell chassis & parts. Put side by side, the Revell 32 was huge.