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  1. The seats are from a revell 69 Camaro, I believe. Jeff
  2. Here's a couple interior, in progress shots
  3. Nicely done. I wish Fujimi would release the GT40s again. They're going for stupid money, right now. I got a black 66 MkII but really want the 68. Jeff
  4. This is my 3rd of the year & 1st Plague build. My 2nd Covid car is in the Under Glass Cars. Paint is Testors Turn Signal Red over a custom orange that wasn't covering well Custom parking lights are aluminum tube heated with clear plastic sprue pushed in, & polished. I sanded the back of the grill to open it up. Tail lights & backup lights made the same way as the front parking lights. Engine Interior Chassis
  5. This is my 2nd plague build & 4th of the year. Revell 68 Chevelle The color is Testors Hot Magenta with blue pearl top coat The wheels & tires are Pegasus Sovreigns (Astro Supremes). I molded the front & rear bumpers. The tail light is clear sheet, cut to fit & painted Tamiya clear red. Engine Chassis
  6. In my hobby room, in our last house, I had my computer with 2 monitors. One of the monitors had both VGA & HDMI inputs. I hooked the computer to the VGA & a cable box to the HDMI, & switched back & forth.
  7. I love the MEME in the 1st post. Four years ago, we retired & moved into a new house. I had never gotten my hobby room, up & running, & it had become the catch all room. The first of the year, I cleaned & organised, for a couple weeks. At the end of January, I joined Tom Greiger & a bunch of his cronies, for the 24 hours of Daytona build. It was my 1st finished build in 2 1/2 years. I finished a 2nd, before COVID & finished one a couple weeks ago. I have 3 going, right now. Of course, being retired, I can continue after the plague is over. Jeff
  8. Which ones? Maybe we can work a deal. I didn't start out as a collector, I bought them all with the intent to build them all. No way that'll happen. LOL Jeff
  9. Am I the only one with a TV? One of my display model cases The other one Some of my stash More of my stash Still more of my stash My paint booth, in drying mode A wider shot of my spray booth Spray booth exhausting out the door
  10. Thanks everyone, for the praises. I need it, after that build. LOL
  11. It is out of the box, except for the outside rear view mirror. It shot out of the tweezers, last night. I looked all over for it but it was gone. I started a new project, today, & found it, right in the middle of my work bench. It was NOT there, last night!!!! It is a nice color. It's very warm, even over grey primer. Watch your coats, too thick & it does bad things. I had to reshoot the hood & still got some wrinkles. I like Tamiya lacquers better.
  12. Second for the year. It fought me tooth & nail but I'm calling it done. It's built out of the box. The color is Testors Mythical Maroon. It's not my best work but it's not my worst. Here's a pic of the interior & engine since you can't see them very well, once it's together.
  13. Dave G. & espo, thanks.
  14. When I Googled images, for inspiration, I saw a purple 70 T-bird with a 68 grill, 62/63 T-bird wire wheels, & white interior. I really liked the look but I already have more purple cars, than blue cars. You got to have a balance, right?
  15. A few details. Its a curbside (a kit option), it's painted Tamiya Mica Blue Lacquer, and a Createx Pearl White interior with light blue flocking "carpets". The wheels & tires are from an AMT 62 T-Bird. During the 24 hour build, I took my wife to dinner, slept 6 or 7 hours, & had to help my daughter with something, that morning. I can't wait until next year.
  16. My first finished build, in 2 1/2 years. I built it for the 24 hours of Daytona build, on Facebook. I finished it, then but put an extra hour, today & finished it better.
  17. Unbelievable, If that doesn't win, best of show, anywhere you take it, the contest is rigged. Jeff
  18. Sometimes, I have the talent but not the ideas. When I see someone build something, out of the ordinary, I wonder, why didn't (couldn't) think of that?
  19. My big problem is finding bench time. If I'm lucky, I might get an hour or 2 a night, during the week, & 5 or 6 hours, on the weekend. Some days / weeks, I get no bench time. I have been working on a 240Z street racer (think Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws), since March. It's a full detail build with most parts heavily modified or scratch built. It's the kind of project, that would have been shelved several times, by now, but I'm not giving up. I scratch built a 25.3 roll cage & have rebuilt it 5 or 6 times. I've blown through a couple packages of Evergreen 1/16" plastic rod, in the process. It's not perfect but I'm satisfied with it, enough to move on. I'm using techniques, that I have successfully used, in the past, some I have tried & fail, in the past, & ones that I have never tried before, like vacuforming. I just keep plugging away until I get it right, raising my own bar. The ironic part is, this is a shelf model & may never see a contest table. Few will know what went into building it. Even fewer will appreciate it, like I will. But I will. I'm really pushing myself, on this one & learning new skills, on the way. Maybe when it's done, I'll pull some of my other projects, off the shelf & finish them, too.
  20. AMT 66 Riviera Low kit. Testors Boyd Aluma yellow with shaved door handles & emblems.
  21. I agree about the blue 39 Ford. What a beauty. I've got the AMT kit. I might just have to build something similar.
  22. 68 & 69 Novas had separate back up like the Revell kit has. The 70 & 71s had small back up lights, in the center of the tail lights. 72 Novas had a large back up light, in the center of the tail lights. All body panels are interchangeable, other than different sized marker light holes & emblem holes. A little known trick, that I did to my 69 was, the doors from 73 / 74 Novas have 1 piece windows (no wind wings). I really cleans up the look of 68 - 72.
  23. I voted for the F100 & 36 Ford. I too, hope they don't just pop out a stock 56 PU or a stock 65 Impala, if they go for those two.
  24. Very, very nice. Great job. As for the yellow, you've never seen the movie, The Yellow Rolls Royce?
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