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  1. message me. or ..I have fb.......https://www.facebook.com/ken.borst.5
  2. kennb

    Graham Paige

    thank you for all the comments
  3. I took a casting of the Graham Paige sportsman coupe i built from scratch and made some modifications. The first casting I finished in Under Glass. There is also a comparison photos below. This is 16th scale and totally scratch built including the interior and chassis,,,,The tires and wheels are form a 63 Corvette. You can see the changes that were made to the de' elegance model. I made a set of casting to make this version. I will be using the same interior with a few minor changes. The interior and dash have been molded so I will be using castings. I am also going to mold and cast the wheels since I only have 4 of them.....I Have 4 variations of this car,,,mostly just color changes, I have some ideas I am going to work on the the original body and have had requests to see about a convertible version to go with the coupe,
  4. the chassis is done along with the complete interior and the engine is started....the model shown is on the chassis........it is snap fit chassis that holds the interior in place ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I just have to mold the chassis and it is all castings
  5. here is another of my Grahams,,,,with scratch interior.
  6. I redid the entire car and reworked all the panels along with adding more detail...this is the first pull of the.resin body from the new mold....it is ....of course totally scratch built....
  7. kennb

    Graham Paige

    I got the paint at wall mart........KRYLON BURGUNDY GLOSS......
  8. kennb

    Graham Paige

    I use the cheap rattle cans and spray it outside........we have a lot of trees. I do one thin coat and let it dry for 2 or 3 minutes ,,,,then a heavier coat....let it set a few minutes,,,,,,then heavier coat or 2 making sure for good coverage and smooth finish,,,,,,,it is learning how heavy you can spray and not having it run,,,,,,,,since I have been using only rattle cans for 50 years I have it down fairly good......this paint job took about 10 minutes to do....The chrome is bare metal foil....which I am not very good at,,,,I have just started using the bare metal this year and pleased with the outcome, Just a little more working with it I will get that down too.
  9. kennb

    Graham Paige

    This is scratch built total custom of my own retro design. Built up with foam and bondo, then molded. This is the first resin casting pull from the mold,,,Chassis is heavily modified 57 Chevy..It is 16th scale over 1 foot long and 4" wide, Wheel base is 8". Paint is 99 cent rattle can burgundy sprayed outside. Hope you all like it.
  10. this is a master,curbside,, solid body,,,,,,,the windows will be opened on the resin copies........more photos coming later today......here is video in the mean time'
  11. i have had a lot of requests,,,,,,,I will be molding it for casting, there will be a chassis for those that don't want to make there own chassis. I will be posting the information tomorrow on my FB. Initially is was going to be a one off.
  12. design over rides function,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol
  13. yes it is......check the big boys for the back story on this car.
  14. this is totally scratch built curbside build......hope it is okay to post here.
  15. I am working up several new bodies and kits in 16th scale....you have seen them on here.......it can be done but it is really up to the small caster to do it, In the past year i have mastered many new bodies that can be used for existing kits and some that have special parts,,,,,it takes time and energy and some money but not what the big guys need for tooling,,,,it is a resin market. The big problem I have faced is that so many don't pony up and buy the new bodies or kits and It is again, the cost. I have to get $50 to $60 to cover costs for a body. I would love nothing more than to go less but to make the molds for even 16th scale is about $200 per......If I make up a kit i shell out $300 or so,,,,,,what should I charge for a kit then,,,,,,,$125 t0 150. Would you put out that much for a kit that you still have to add wheels and and engine,,,,,sure I have molds for all the engines but that is another $30...the economics make it hard to just cover costs,,,,,,,If I could get a kit for $75,,,,,how many would even do that..unlike the big guys I don't have share holders but still need to make some profit to make more new kits and at $75 it is not there.....I have over 10 new bodies that are being molded,,,,,,,one here and one there......if I go to 12th scale everything doubles,,,,,,,,and 1/8th scale a mold is over $1000.........you have to sell a lot of product to make the numbers work.. pricing is the biggest hurdle,,,,,off my soap box,,,,,,,thanks for reading.
  16. thank you........i have tried kits and I admire the people who can get through them,,,,,,,
  17. this is 16th scale,,,,,,,i will be making the chassis and interior to go with it so no donor car is needed,,,,,,,there will also eventually be the V-16 to go with it......technical information.......7 3/4 " wheelbase,,,4 3/4" tread,,12" long. 4 passenger coupe it will be resin cast shortly.
  18. that is the cool thing about the bondo...It does not affect the rigid foam,,,there is a spot putty i use for fine tuning the divots,that does melt the foam,,,,,,Yes it does have suicide doors,,,the latch will be added after casting.
  19. this is rigid building insulation foam block 10% undersized........then covered with auto body filler (Bondo) and sanded to the final shape, The will be molded and slush cast (thin coating of resin on the inside of the mold,,shy of 1/8") then a chassis will be built up along with the interior and V-16 engine. sample photos :
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