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  1. One of the most attractive cars to ever hit the track and you did it great justice.
  2. Outstanding decal and paint scheme.
  3. I truly enjoy seeing these older schemes from NASCAR's heydays! Very nice looking car!
  4. This is a great looking build. I will admit that I've always associated this number and scheme with the Hawai'ian Tropic markings.
  5. I'm kind of partial to the '69 GTO.
  6. Very nice . Are the brake and chain ass. aftermarket?
  7. This is an outstanding build. Great interior and engine detail and the paint job is simple and couldn't look better.
  8. That's wild!! I love the concept.
  9. WOW! :shock: ......What else needs to be said.
  10. I'll second "time". I never have enough for anything.
  11. It was a '93 Cavalier......Was, being the operative word.
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