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  1. Thanks for looking guys.
  2. Looks real good! I love seeing ###### like this!
  3. sinicle


    Unbelievable details! Fantastic build!
  4. Exceptional weathering and scratch building! Great job!
  5. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it @George: thank you for the info, always nice to learn new things. The way I did my front seat is: I took the back seat and cut off the rear deck. Cast the back seat with the speaker grill filled in and cut the copy down the middle to make it a split bench seat. That way it had the same upholstery pattern as the stock back seat
  6. your weathering technique is superb! over all AWESOME build!
  7. thanks James reminds me, I made a couple steering wheels, which style did you say you wanted chain or doughnut?
  8. Thanks guys for all the feedback:D Did a few test shots, they came out nice but I'm not happy with the background.
  9. thanks for the feedback guys list of scratch built parts: side trim fender skirts red wind wing "breezies" bumper guards hubcaps exhaust system aluminum headers pully setup vave covers steering wheel tissue dispenser air freshener working color bar front bench seat rear blinds thanks for looking
  10. the engine is done. here it is and here is also a reference pic of the 1:1 thanks for looking.
  11. got the pulley setup and belts done, got the valve covers and air cleaner finished also (I'll add the script after instalation), all thats left is plumbing and wiring.
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