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  1. Jarius, how's that. I was thinking of changing it before you mentioned it, because I see most of the posters use their full name, too. Gregg, thanks for the welcome. I've been giving another article some thought. I'll email you soon with some ideas. Tom
  2. Its the Hobby Heaven issue of the AMT 70 Ford kit. I ditched the incorrect Boss 429 and cobbled together a semi-accurate 351 from parts box engine parts, together with a single exhaust and solder crossover pipe. I added some extras to the interior, a telephone handset a la NYPD and a pacing speedometer, which was also standard in all NYPD cars of that era. Paint is all Tamiya, British green, black and white. Decals are from the most recent JoHan 68 Plymouth. The roof dome light is resin with a clear vacuumformed lens. The rear bars, known as the "McDermott" bar, is scratchbuilt from brass, photoetch brackets, plastic and parts box flashers. For those wondering, MCY PCT stands for Motorcycle Precinct, the forerunner of today's NYPD Highway Patrol. This is not a super detailed kit, but it builds up fairly well. It does show that we need a new tool big Ford, circa 1965-1970...my vote is a '67 And a Happy New Year to all
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