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  1. Super clean and great paint. It would be a tough choice between a 550 and a 599 for me...
  2. Nice build of a great Ferrari.
  3. Rodney, what Revell Honda Civic Si kit is that in your stash? I've seen the one with the custom purple Civic on the front, but not that red one.
  4. Jackson


    Nice...the red and gold go well together.
  5. Nice model, Sam. I was wondering how you managed to get such a good finish with Krylon (what primer you used, if you did any polishing, etc.). I'm interested on trying it on a project in the future, and hope to get a decent gloss finish.
  6. Jackson

    07 GT500

    Agreed. Nice detail painting on the engine and chassis.
  7. Wow, that's bright! Great shine on it, too.
  8. Looking good, Mike. I like the look of the Wimbledon White with the gold stripes.
  9. Great restoration. I love the look of those old Lotuses.
  10. That method still works for me, even with the new software.
  11. That's weird...that method has always worked for me.
  12. I discovered a way to do this a while back. If it is a topic that you started, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, and underneath the last post, there will be a link that says "Show moderation tools". If you click on this, a button appears on the left side of the page that says "Topic Moderation". If you click on this button, a drop - down list will appear. There is only one option - "Delete this topic". Click on it, and a confirmation screen should appear warning you that the topic will be deleted and that there will be no more warning screens. Confirm that you want the topic deleted, and it should be gone. Hope this helped!
  13. Thanks again for helping out, everyone. I will be sure to test out the clear and decal combo before I try it on the real model.
  14. I also use Tacky Glue. I have some of the Testors Clear Parts Cement, but I have only used it once. I can't wait to see this build finished, Mike!
  15. Thanks for your help, everyone - I truly appreciate it. That's what I thought, Jim. Usually on race cars, you can see the difference between the paint and sponsor decals. The only reason I was worried was because I read an article on Scale Auto's website that said that you had to clear right after the final coat of paint or after the paint fumed out for a month (when using Tamiya paints).
  16. How long should I wait after applying decals to clearcoat a model? I'm using the Tamiya TS sprays for the color coats and TS-13 for the clearcoat. I would like to avoid the clear cracking or doing anything else it's not supposed to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I usually use old business cards.
  18. That's the way a car should be - light, simple, and fast!
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