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  1. Scratch built turbo and velocity stack Scratch built cage
  2. So I got a boss 302 kit, added a turbo and Nismo rims Wanted it to look like a project car
  3. Here is some pics of our real car. I have some beter ones but it says that file is to big to attach This is a pic of it at my dads shop getting worked on
  4. This one isnt mine it is my dads i found. He said he built it like 10 years ago
  5. Did the carbon fiber decal come with it?
  6. Thanks alot i found some websites and books that had alot of information for the oil and gas lines, and right now im in the process of building a distributor cap for it that is just the mock up. And later on today im going to put the bule paint on the body.
  7. I picked this model kit up a few weeks ago at Atlanta Dragway, this is the first time i ever built a funny car so i didnt add alot of detail because i didnt know where the fuel lines and all connected to.
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