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  1. so what are we now making fun of people, for the way they talk, I say those words...so what's the big deal....SIGH....
  2. Nice build.. I built this kit, well I tried I stumbled all the way thru it, you did good on that one.
  3. Nice to hear some good news, have a Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Agree....and good for you, Beautiful Model.
  5. Very Nice Work...Very Nice.
  6. Yes, we have lost all the Great Legends of Country Music, Still mourn the Loss of Merle Haggard. let see.... we do have Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pride and Willie Nelson, and nobody around to fill their shoes.
  7. This has happen to me also, with the cans being 2-3yrs old, and yes it was Testors paint.
  8. Very Nice, Hope to follow this one.
  9. The only thing good about Harbor Freight, is the property it sits on...Junk, Junk, Junk.... That's my opinion.
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