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  1. Hello Everyone

    Ok, i'm jealous...i'd love o be able to move to Japan right now
  2. toyota 86 (FRS) rocket bunny

    I've seen many 1:1's with the rocket bunny kits but BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH is this sweet, love your work!
  3. mitsubishi evo 6

    my favorite gens of EVO's in my favorite color with Work wheels? yeah, perfect!
  4. always been and always will be, Ferrari F40....not even a slightest doubt
  5. Some of you may know (for those who know me) my opinions on all these, ever since Speedvision died, so i'm not gonna start up again but I knew this would happen.....I knew it about 5 years ago that Speed would turn into this. I find it funny though how ESPN is making a motorsport comeback and in all honesty, i'm fine with that. NBC coverage of F1 is good but no real difference in my opinion than Fox's coverage. It's not about "racing" anymore, it's about money, media, and entertainment. That's why, in my opinion, the only real racing is the Grand Am series, and mainly, the Continental Series. It's what ALMS should be and hopefully with this unification coming next year maybe we can see the IMSA years back with GTP/GTO/GTU/GTS, that would be perfect. I love Velocity, (which all the racing should go to that channel) their rally coverage is great and wheeler dealers has to be my favorite show other than top gear, Mike and Ed are a hoot to watch and they show real builds for real profits.
  6. Nissan R89C

    Still one of my favorites from that era, awesome work so far!
  7. 2jz corolla

    Now this i'll be following! I've seen a few Corolla's with 1J's run before.....yup, insane.
  8. I love this, i'm picturing it now in the magazine lol
  9. absolute perfection! I'm hoping to do a 1:1 someday
  10. whoa whoa whoa, Cruz....a secret minitrucker? I'm gonna definetly have to see this in person sometime!
  11. nothing like a bagged and bodydropped Silverado thumbs up!
  12. This has to be one of the coolest VW builds I ever seen! Freakin awesome
  13. Hasegawa 72 Toyota Celica Road Racer- Out of the Box

    Love the 70's Celica's, gorgeous!
  14. The Most Embarrassing Cars To Drive

    any car with a diesel or a prius....or automatic lol.....I like excitement when I drive