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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! The printer I'm using is an old Asiga Pico. It's a DLP printer.
  2. Hello Håkan, due to support issues you have to split it up. Parts list: Block, gearbox w bellhousing, starter, headers 2x, endpipes 2x, intake trumpets 4x, magneto, fuel pump, oil pump, pulleys w belts, balancer.
  3. Hello Rich, that's the one! Looking good! Would be cool to have the engine as separate model beside it, you don't see to much once it's built in.
  4. Hello Peter, my main objective is not selling those engines. I'm mainly building in 1/8 scale, and the only reason I model those engines is to have a 1/8 scale one sitting on my desk. The 1/24 ones fit well into the small building envelope of my printer, so I'm printing them as a quick shot during the 1/8 build which takes a lot longer. The problem about selling them is that maybe "about everyone" wants them, but they can't come as cheap as injection-moulding kits. So the price is high and only few people buy them, which means I have to make a big effort to produce small numbers. I wish I could be doing this for fun and for all the fellow modelers, but unfortunately I have a real job and little time to spare. So I hope I can get at least that big block Ford rolling to customers at a reasonable price, we'll see. About that Hemi - give me some pics with a Hemi setup looking as good as a GT40 engine and maybe I'll fall in love, model it and print it... it takes years to do that though.
  5. Hello Tomo, I modeled it in CATIA using photographs. The layer height is 0,025mm and the x/y resolution 0,039mm. My real-life job has a lot to do with 3d printing and the only thing I regret about my printer is the small build envelope. If you have an industrial grade machine you can make some impressive stuff.
  6. Hello everyone, another one of my 1/24 quick-shot engine models I do as stand-ins as long as the 1/8 one isn't finished. As usual, no attention to color, wiring etc, simply made of printed parts with no finish other than an overall thin layer of silver. It's the beautiful "Flower Power" small block Chevy (can't do Fords all the time, can I) from the McLaren M6A. A beautiful setup with a Mickey Thompson crossram, Lucas/Hilborn injection, Vertex Magneto and a Hewland gearbox complete with labeling! If you notice any mistakes I'd be glad if you tell me since the 1/8 version is still in the builds. I need all the input I can get since pics of those engines, especially of the front and underside are really rare. Again, thanks go to Tony for modeling the sbc I used as starting point! Thanks for looking!
  7. Hello Sonny, aside from removing the support struts there has been no clean up on the parts. If you look at the headers you will notice some stepping, I think all 3d print techniques will produce some stepping on flat curved surfaces. A rough surface doesn't necessarily come with stepping, that's due to the overall technology (powder vs fluid material, laser vs. lcd projector). I'm currently building the 1/8 version for myself, that's why I modeled the engine in the first place. I will not be able to offer a 1/8 kit due to high cost of production and too few customers.
  8. Hello Tim, good point. I've got a job that gives me some abilities that come in handy when drawing those models. For reference I have to rely on the net and the great people who put pictures online, and those who help me out after asking nicely. Sometimes I wish I had some reference in my garage! In the end I build those engines for myself, and if I see a way to let others have them without too much hassle for me I try to realize that. Let me tell you that $55 or $60 is not nearly enough, not with the small volume you will actually sell. The greatest reward for me is when someone builts a nice model with my parts and I get to see it, but sadly I haven't seen anyone post pictures of the scaleproduction Mk1 engine yet.
  9. Glad you guys like the engine! @ Håkan : great to hear that you think it's correct, I think you know quite a deal about those! I'm using an Asiga Pico printer, quite an antiquity now, five years old. Cost me a few thousand bucks, but it's worth it! Difficult to say what it costs to print the engine, for reference go to https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2336_1969-f-gt40-motor-bausatz.html For creating the 3d model I'm using CATIA V5, the printing material is some photo-acrylic from Asiga. I'm in contact with scaleproduction for a production run, but I think it will cost more than the Mk1 engine, it's a big block after all. Would you guys still be interested?
  10. Hello everyone, usually I stick to 1/8 scale, but as it takes a lot of time to complete such a build sometimes I like to do my engine models in 1/24 too. I treat those as benchmarks for my printer, with no attention to color, wiring etc, simply made of printed parts with an overall thin layer of silver. So in this case I built the Ford GT40 MkII engine to the best of my knowledge, with the help of a lot of pics I got from a generous person. If you notice any mistakes I'd be glad if you tell me since the 1/8 version is still in the builds. Big thanks go to Tony for modeling the great 427 engine I used as starting point! Thanks for looking!
  11. Alright, I'm looking forward to the setup you choose for your sbc!
  12. Hello Mark, you're doing some great work on your Lola! Seeing that you customize a lot I wanted to ask you what you'll be doing with the engine. If you're interested I could make you some special parts on my printer, I've made lots of engine stuff for my 1/8 projects. Just asking because I think it would be great fun to support such a cool build.
  13. Hello Mark, are you still looking for all the parts you mentioned or do you have a blower already? Maybe I could help, but you'd have to cough up shipping costs from Germany...
  14. Hello everyone and merry Christmas! I'm back with another engine model, some might say that this one is two cylinders short of being a real engine... It's from a Porsche 911 Carrera, around '70, and of course it's an air-cooled flat six. There were no Marushin parts involved (did you see what those cost now? WOW!), it's all scratchbuilt. The bigger parts were 3d printed on an Objet/Stratasys and the smaller ones on my Asiga, as you can see in the stepping. I sandblasted the Objet parts, their rough surface looks a bit like sandcast metal, and on the Asiga parts (like the linkage) I did no finish at all, just painting. Primer ist flat black AutoK spraycan (turns out semi-gloss, see the hood), paint is mostly Alclad (I love their dull alu) and some Citadel for details. I'm especially proud of the yellow anodized parts and the sandcast look on the fan! Thanks for looking, and have a nice holiday!
  15. Hello JC, you're absolutely right! The pic shows my WIP engine with stock auxiliaries, I'll have to correct the alternator position on the model. I wonder wether I'll have to draw the setup or if it can be done on the printed parts. And of course the single Holley isn't correct either, but I've drawn the correct one already.
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