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  1. Hello everyone, back when I started scratch building 1/8 model cars I did it because I wanted something for my figure collection to act as background. Several years later I've got some of those big cars made and I'm finally taking pictures! Due to the size of 1/8 scale stuff it's hard to make a complete diorama like most of you guys here do, so for now I settled on creating smaller scenes. On the picture below there's Yui (collectible figure of an anime character, comes fully painted and assembled, the helmet is scratchbuilt) and my GT40 ( http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/118925-18-ford-gt40-mk1-scratch-built/ ) taking the center. For the surroundings I made a concrete road and Jersey barriers plus I used some real plants and artificial ones for fish tanks. The sky backdrop is a backlit photo print on polyester cloth. Hope you like the setup!
  2. Hello everyone, here's a quick look at my father's project, a 1/24 GT40 MkI composed from several kits - so far he used parts from two Fujimis and the Le Mans Minatures kit, plus some 3d printed parts from me. You can probably tell that he's going all out, for example the steering is working fully, using silicone rubber boots (not pictured) and that fuel selector is working too (spring loaded). He's such a perfectionist that the project is taking forever, so I can't tell you when there will be new pics to show, so let's just enjoy these for now. Have fun looking!
  3. Hello James, technically it wouldn't be aproblem to do a 1/6 version, but it's a lot of work. Would you be interested in both the engine and the gearbox? Are you an experienced builder so that you could build it yourself if I provide the basic parts?
  4. Thanks for buying one of my engines Josh! Would be glad to see your build here! For the raw cast surfaces I use black primer spray "dusted" on to get that rough surface, followed by Alclad dull alu and a bit of oil color washing.
  5. Thanks, Andy, Art. Now it's on to the block - assembling the basic parts and the pumps. Those were a lot of work to design, with all the variations details. Enjoy!
  6. I second to that! Can't wait to see someone put the Indy into a chassis! Now that you've got the linkage it shouldn't be too hard
  7. Thank you, everyone, for the kind words. A kit of this engine isn't totally out of the question. It's just a whole lot of work and ultimately it comes down to the costs of making it versus pricing. I'm thinking about it. And hello John! Glad to have you around!!
  8. Hello everyone, I hope you all are safely holed up at home, making models. At least that's what I will do since out there everything's gone crazy. So all the best to you and your loved ones, for the holidays and next year.
  9. That's a wild one. Those headers are something else! And the headlights are being used for ram air I guess, wow.
  10. Hello everyone, call me crazy, but I had to try this, seeing those nice 1/43 Starter kit builds here. So I really wanted to see what this printer actually can do and if my CAD designs are printable in that small scale. Remember, I modeled the parts to work in 1/8 scale. So here it is as usual, no attention to color, wiring etc, simply made of printed parts with no finish other than an overall thin layer of silver. Parts are: block, balancer, gearbox with two output shafts, headers and two endpipes. The overall length is 40mm. On one pic you can see it with its bigger 1/24 brother for comparison. Check out the original 1/8 version here:
  11. @John: I used Bare Metal Foil on the emblems first, painted over it, and removed the paint on the raised parts of the emblems again. That method has been described several times on this forum, and it works great. Now for some more WIP: completed the brakes and mounted everything on the Hewland. One caliper is made up of 16 parts now. Guess inboard brakes have a lot of problems and are rarely used, but they look great. It's that kind of sexy machinery that motivates my builds. Now on to the main engine...
  12. Everyone, thanks for looking! Dave, I'm 3D-printing the nuts&bolts myself. There's not much 1/8 stuff available anyway.
  13. Yes, I really wanted to make some sealing this time, so I used red insulation tape on the parting surfaces.
  14. Hello everyone, finally found some time to start another one of my big-scale scratchbuilt engines. And even better I remembered to take some WIP pics this time, so here are some parts of my DFV build. I started with the Hewland gearbox because it's fun to do with all those nuts&bolts, and since this engine will be loosely based on the Lotus 72, there will be inboard brakes! That explains the brakediscs. The valve cover was made by using the famous "bare-metal and wipe" method, worked like a charm, thanks to everybody who described it here on the forum!
  15. Hello everyone, this might be interesting to all you guys who ever tried to paint a black hole. Or just an exhaust inside. This is the flattest paint I've ever seen, by Stuart Semple https://culturehustle.com/products/black-3-0-the-worlds-blackest-black-acrylic-paint-150ml I just saw he already got the 3.0 version, below are pics of the 2.0 I've bought via ebay a while ago. It's acrylic with lots of pigment, easy to brush on (can be applied via airbrush too they say) and covers well. For comparison the second spoon was painted with "Rallye black" flat black spray can.
  16. Hello everyone, another one of my engines is finished, this time it's a rather small one - the iconic DFV. Really fascinating how well engineered this one is, everything neatly tucked away. Those pumps were hell. The headers are modeled after those on a Tyrrell six wheeler since I found no other usable reference. So here it is in 1/24 for starters, as usual, no attention to color, wiring etc, simply made of printed parts with no finish other than an overall thin layer of silver. Parts are: block, two pumps, distributor with Lucas unit, two intakes, gearbox, two brakediscs, two calipers, two header combinations and two endpipes. The overall length is 50mm. If you want one too please tell me which scale you'd prefer, I heard Formula kits come in 1/20. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  17. I think the above version will be available soon from Model builder's warehose. Currently I don't have any plans for different configurations. That would increase production efforts a lot and the resulting unit price would be too high.
  18. Here are some more pics. I'll talk to Randy, maybe he'll add it to the lineup at his warehouse https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/engine-kits
  19. Well I've been waiting for a while to see an engine in that chassis... bring it on I'd say
  20. So what would you think about this 3d printed one? 1/24 scale.
  21. This has been described as a general problem with UV curing plastics. The oxygen in air inhibits curing of the surface, one way to avoid it is curing the parts in a UV permeable fluid like glycerine. Putting the parts in direct sunlight for a prolonged time should help too.
  22. Check for pricing here: https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/engine-kits/products/ford-427-cobra-lemans-engine-kit-1-24th-scale
  23. Thanks Bill. Would be great to see an engine build from you! About the cammer - let's say I'm on it
  24. Hello everyone, back to the roots now, with a flathead. After searching for intake options I fell in love with that gothic Thickstun cleaner, so here it is in 1/24. As usual, no attention to color, wiring etc, simply made of printed parts with no finish other than an overall thin layer of silver. Parts are: block, pulleys combined, alternator, two Stromberg carbs, breather, air cleaner, two valve covers, two headers. Many thanks to Tony for his great work on this engine. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
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