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  1. Hello Michael, first of all thanks for the nice comment on my 1/8 scratch GT40. It's unbelievable what can be doen with 3D printing... Your build is very impressive as well, I'll be following it closely. One thing though: That engine does not look like it is the correct one. The MkIIs used a dry sump engine with a quad Holley carb as far as I know. A great source of information are those publications here http://www.gt40s.com/images/howto/LynnMiner/Reference/SAE_Papers.pdf I'm durrently working on a 3D model of this engine myself.
  2. Hello Peter, I can't wait that winter is over and natural light becomes available again! I'd really like to take some pictures in the open. The wheels and tires are originally 3d printed and then molded in silicone to duplicate them by casting. I don't like rubber wheels, so I always cast them in rigid material.
  3. Thank you very much for all the praise, I really appreciate it! @ Bob: I tried to keep count of the hours, but I never follow through with it. I was at it about one and a half years, mostly on the weekends. And yes, I've got a girlfriend and she's glad I'm not running around on the streets in my free time @ Cato: I'm really happy you told me that. Especially since I think you're someone who knows about those things. @ Howard: Simply speaking I used parts of the body molded in plaster, layed on some 0,7mm polycarbonate sheet (Vivak by Bayer) and put it in the oven at about 130 degrees. Works out in about one of ten - that windshield was the fifth try and I had to put it in the oven five times to get the shape somewhere near where it should be. @ Oscar: Yeah! Gotta love those low angles. I'm making the wheels steerable just for the photos! @ Rick: You'd never guess what I used on the Lucas mirror - the packing foil of Ferrero Rochers. Tasty stuff. Do you own a real GT40? I'll keep it up - Shelby built some more Beauties, so I'll do too! @ Paul: I'm actually an engineer, but lately I'm not so proud of it anymore, thanks to those VW guys. So I'm trying to make something beautiful once in a while, as opposed to the sad stuff on our roads. Check it out, found a scary WIP pic...
  4. Hello everyone, here is the second member of my Shelby gang: The 1969 Ford GT40 Mk1. Since no one has managed to make a decent 1/8 kit of this famous and beautiful racer I had to build him from scratch, as usual. I used the 1/18 Rodriguez Gulf car from Spark as template. As with my other cars I made the body from polyurethane block material, copied it via silicone mould and carved the cockpit out. The roof was made from glass-fibrereinforced epoxy and the small parts are cast off - 3d printed parts. It's curbside, nothing can be opened, the wheels turn and can be steered though. The engine is scratchbuilt too, but you can buy a kit that used my engine as prototype on www.fein-design-modell.de see here too http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/106153-18-scale-ultra-detail-gt40-engine/ If anyone who reads this has an idea where to get chassis plans of this car I'd be really, really thankful for a hint. I'd like to build a full model since I already got the engine done too, but I won't build stuff like the suspension without proper plans. Thank you for looking, comments and questions are welcome!
  5. Yeah, I bought all the issues I wanted from France, with a little help from friends. I didn't buy the engine parts since I've already got a big block lying around, and I'm more of a curbside guy anyway. First thing I'll do is stripping the paint off of the body parts since I think the blue they used is too dark and repaint the whole thing. Generally, IMHO the price of those partwork kits is way too high, since the quality is comparable to a Pocher kit and those cost about half as much. But if you want those cars in that scale, guess you have no choice do you? The follow-up model after the Mustang is a Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS by the way...
  6. Hello, have you tried edeuce.com ? They offer Torq Thrusts. I could make you some of the ones I used on my Vette too http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/111745-18-1969-corvette-c3-finally-done/
  7. Thank you, everyone! Your comments really make my day. I'm glad you like my work, and honest feedback helps me making it through the times when you just can't seem to see how to get it done. @Michael: The wheels are cast of lightweight resin, painted with Alclad Chrome. I found out that a grey high-gloss primer works best for that.
  8. @Cobraman: I've just been waiting for you to see the group pic My other builds here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/45459-mad-cat-bill-thomas-cheetah/ You can find them (and others) on my website too: www.detailed-models.de I'm currently working on the whole Shelby gang, so stay tuned!
  9. Thank you, everyone! @ Mark: I heard that Revell is going to re-issue the C2 in 1/8 later this year for around 70 Euros. @ Henry: Sorry to disappoint you, but all my models are curbside. I build engines as separate models, and I'm working on a big block Chevy, but it'll be a Can-Am version. A full-model Cheetah is in the works too, with complete drivetrain. I've built a Porsche 917 engine, a Ford 427 FE and a Ford GT40 engine. @ David: At least I had a body to start with, doing everything from scratch like the Cheetah and the Cobra is even harder. All the parts on my models are scratch built, usually starting with 3d printing, finishing and making silicone moulds. I've got quite a selection of tires and rims right now. But those Torq Thrusts look good on almost any car!
  10. Hello everyone, a long, long time ago I posted the WIP of my C3 here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/45463-1969-corvette-c3-wip/ It's a heavily modified Monogram kit. During the build, the windscreen got damaged by solvent leaking through the masking tape and it took me a while to make a new one. On top of that I wanted to fit "bullet" style rear lights and had to make them first, which took quite a while too. But I think it was worth the wait, what do you guys say? Big hello to everyone who commented on my WIP all that time ago!
  11. Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a merry Christmas! Just wanted to tell you that Dominique posted some great WIP pics of the engine here: http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/showthread.php?108261-1969-GT40-Engine-Fein-Design-Modell-1-8 Have some nice modeling days between the years!
  12. If anyone is interested in very good pictures of the kit's contents, check Dominique's kit review here: http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/showthread.php?106836-1969-GT40-Engine-Fein-Design-Modell-1-8-REVIEW
  13. Hello Joe, their site is tdrmodels.com and the sell 3d prints of various car model components. Since you get 3d prints, bear in mind that you might have to pay a relatively high price and you'll have some surface finishing work to do.
  14. Thanks for the praise Scott! Pete, the 427 version is in the works, but you can actually buy a 427FE from TDR in 1/8 scale, so I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to make a kit of it. Nevertheless I'm building the GT40 MkII engine for myself, but with a crossram intake system like on the Lola T160. Peteski, yeah, I would have done that too, but our customer chose to not plate them, for reasons unknown to me...
  15. Check this out - this is the first finished engine we get pics of, from an Italian customer. Very nice build I think, and he was very quick too!
  16. Oh well, I'd really like to do a F40 engine, but it's really hard to get decent reference material on Ferrari engines. I thought several times of buying a Protar kit and souping it up, but the low level of quality on it always stopped me cold... Those aluminum valve covers were very important for me since no other trick achieves the effect of those polished letters and lines like the real thing. Can't wait to see someone from here doing a WIP, building the prototype was something else
  17. Just found this post and I'm glad that this kit gets so much attention, for I'm the one who built the prototype. Don't mean to brag though, well, maybe a little bit If you'd like to see some more pics of the prototype, look here: http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/showthread.php?90296-1-8-Ford-GT40-302-Gurney-Eagle-sbc-engine I think the pics there should answer some questions, especially the one regarding the quality of the parts: They are originally 3d print, yes, but I put in a lot hours to make the surface look right. Plus I have to say that the guy responsible for casting the resin parts has done an absolutely outstanding job - I haven't found bubbles or mold flash yet. About the pricing let me tell you just this one thing: with all the detail parts this kit is worth every cent. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know the work of producing something like this.
  18. I was planning to do a Prostreet C2 one day too, and I have an almost finished '69 C3 with a lot of scratchbuilt parts on the bench (see her here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45463&st=40 ). One of these specials is a Hooker sidepipe system which will look good on a C2 too, so if you want one, I probably have some spares somewhere... Same goes for a Talbot mirror, a Le Mans filler cap and several Rim/Wheel combos (Kesley Hayes Strippers, Cyclones, Mag Stars, Halibrand, Lola T70) . I'd really like to post that Vette in a finished state here, but I am working on another car right now... On top of that I'm working on a Chevy 327 small block engine with several intake options: Single Holley Quad, Quad Dual Webers, Crossram Dual DCOE Webers, Rochester FI. I really don't want to brag about my bits box just wanted to give you some more options for "spares"... And I'm really glad for every nice 1/8 project I get to see (especially Vettes!) and I'd be glad to support fellow modelers with parts.
  19. @ Trae: You're the man to ask. I'll rely on you when I start that '65 C2, ok? She'll be red, I promise maybe with a little black, though! I'll check if I can change the emblem on my C3 to the correct one, I think it would look better on her. But first I've got to get her some kind of chassis finally Soon, there will be some new pictures with the final changes I hope... By the way, don't tell me you actually didn't notice the missing chrome strips on the side window frames?!!
  20. Hello jbwelda, Colin Chapman is the man, and I can only quote a German motor journalist when it comes to the Elise: "Sexy, just like a miniskirt." The one on the avatar was just a test drive, sadly. One day I'll own one for real. For now I have to do with the 1/8 model of a 111R I've got lying around here somewhere... You'll see her on this forum one fine day
  21. Hello Casey, those wheels are actually only temporarily installed. I don't have the hubcaps or bolts ready yet, and the chassis needs some work too. Basically, I use a modular method of combining one-piece tire and wheel rim parts with interchangeable center spokes. On my Cobra http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45461 there are the same tire/rim parts, with different centers. And I changed the rear tire writing from "Eagle" to "Blue Streak Speedway Special" by hand. The master pattern of the parts was made via Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing), and I made silicon moulds of all the parts afterwards. Right now, I'm making some BF Goodrich Radial TAs for my next car, don't want to use Goodyears all the time. And the painting was done after assembling the wheels, with gloss black primer and Alclad II. And about those headlights - I have prepared them to have LEDs installed, let's see when I get to that If you want some too, they should fit on any Monogram C3 Vette in 1/8 with a little work, and I've got moulds of all the parts.
  22. Hello Trae, always nice to hear from you! Yep, the Stingray emblem is 3D print, shows what can be done if you know some tricks... The bumpers are actually handmade from acrylic glass, no RP at all. The nose emblem was a makeshift solution, having to finish the car at three o'clock in the morning in time for an exhibition Actually, I don't know what the correct emblem would have been... can you tell me? (Surely And to all you guys looking at the car and telling me those nice things: Thank you!!!
  23. Oops, I really should've mentioned it in the title. It's 1/8. Thanks to all you guys looking, and thanks for all the praise
  24. Hello Bill, apart from the sills which are made with chrome foil, all other chrome parts are painted with Alclad II, no cover paint. The windowframe, top grilles, rims and the sidepipes were primed with th same glossy black 2K as the body, while all the other parts have no primer underneath - I molded them glossy so that primer wouldn't be necessary. I make my silicone moulds always like that to avoid the primer work. Actually, it's possible to mould the parts in shades of grey to achieve an effect range from silver-looking to steel-looking chrome with Alclad paint, which is translucent. I think you can't tell from the photos, but this difference can be seen when comparing the sidepipes with the bumpers. Oh, and I hope the PM I sent you made it through? That Camaro of yours ROCKS! Greets, Michael
  25. @ Cato: that's because we 1/8 builders help each other out once in a while, right Karsten Really beautiful finish on that one. And I'm sorry for the delay with the engine parts!
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