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  1. Great work love the patina weather treatment looks top notch
  2. Nice combo can't wait to see more of this project thanks for sharing.
  3. Wow these are beautiful looking cars cant wait to see more of them.
  4. So I haven't built or completed a kit in who knows how long so recently well this year decided to "start" again. Well I painted this one earlier this year and then moved and its been in box for 4 months. This site slowly motivating me to get butt back into gear. 67imp.MOV
  5. Love this great work on this conversion. I might have to do this idea at some point.
  6. Wow this one looks perfect nice stance and simple clean great work
  7. Oh cant wait to see this one getting more work nice build loving the progress so far.
  8. Killer stance on that one cant wait to see it all completed thanks for sharing
  9. Wow great work I never thought about parting out a couple 55 chevy's i have for the headlights great idea love the car project
  10. Looks very nice and subtle cant wait to see more of this one
  11. Very inspirational build this is kick starting my motivation to build again. Thanks for sharing this amazing build
  12. Looks great like that I can see why you would wanna replicate it
  13. Like it please continue to share the photos
  14. as usual James your builds make me wanna start tinkering with my kits again. I have been in a huge slump then see your builds and get excited again
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