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  1. Looks good . Nice paint too . I just recently finished one to with the rocket bunny kit on it
  2. the kit it self is a tamiya kit i opened up the doors and made the jams . thanks for the good comment
  3. heres a toyota 86 (frs) that ive been working on for a while now . it started out as a stock frs then i added a resin rocket bunny kit to it . i drilled out all the spots where the rivets dimples where in the kit and added hobby design rivets. i also oped up the doors. the wheels are volk te37v's . i swapped out the boxer motor and put a toyota 2jz with a single turbo on it . the exhaust and intake manifolds are scratch made and the throttle body. seats are model meister bride vorga's and scratch made takata harnesses. i know its not everyones cup of tea but i like this style so i built one as id like the car . hope you like sorry for the crappy pics ill take new one with better lighting tomorrow
  4. looks good . nice and clean
  5. very nice . you always do it right no matter what you build
  6. the model kit is a aoshima kit and the body kit is a reasin kit from hobby design
  7. thanks and the resin kit is a hobby design kit . I got it locally
  8. heres a few pics of a mitsubishi evo x i did a little while ago . the stock body kit was changed out for a resin varis runduce kit . scratch made intercooler and exhaust.
  9. jdmfan

    evo x

    Thanks for the great comments
  10. jdmfan

    evo x

    Aoshima stretched tires .
  11. jdmfan

    evo x

    It's a aoshima kit. I don't think tamiya has made this kit yet
  12. jdmfan

    evo x

    well it has been awhile since i posted a build. been busy working and working on the new 1:1 . but i found a bit of time to do a simple curbside of my 1:1 . the intercooler is scratch built and the wheels are volk te37's .
  13. Nice clean build . Witch kit is this ? I want to get one and build as a replica of my 1:1 Evo x I just bought on sat
  14. jdmfan


    Nice . I like that .
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