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  1. kittesvsr71 added a post in a topic Removing Chrome Plating   

    Hi all, its been a while since I posted on here, my hd crashed and long story short, I finally got back on here. I screwed up my black and gold paintjob on my 1982 trans am (both colors I used Testors Spray Can Enamels), and I got the Dawn Power Dissolver yesterday at Wal Mart. But my question is this - do I need to just spray the Dawn Power Dissolver on the car body all over and let it set, or do I need to put the car body into a container and remove the spray attachment and just pour it all over the car letting it soak and possibly submerge the whole car?

    All help is Greatly Appreciated
  2. kittesvsr71 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    T-Top Headliner
    Hi all, I was just curious to the ones who have done T-topped cars what did you use to make your T top headliner? I want to make my 82 t/a model look as realistic as possible and I figured a T top headliner would really seal the deal so to speak hehe. Yes I had thought of just painting the inside t top plastic but its not realistic looking to me. I own a actual black 1984 t/a with t tops so I know how the inside of it should look and I want to recreate that with the 82 t/a model. Any and all suggestions are Most welcome.
    Thank in advance
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