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  1. Picked this pile up at Sharon, PA show. Always a good time buying and selling there! Another cheap Nova kit for the chassis, Batmobile is started, but was $10, the Rambler ambulance was a good buy as well. Of course, some more RMR resin!! Ramp trucks are because I want white bodies, not red ones(Coke version), not pictured, but a chassis from a 75 Nova for $2.
  2. He shut down temporarily to catch up, and as it states... he was involved in an accident on New Years eve.
  3. This was posted even back in 2019 as a problem. Did a Google search, it brings up the forum thread about it. modelhaustires@gmail.com
  4. Interior is done, made some shocks, reworking wheels, investigating color application.
  5. Foil and taillights finished. Next is glass install, then body to chassis. Finally concentrate on front clip.
  6. Body is now painted,cleared, and polished. Front clip still in process.
  7. Ron at RMR has a good selection of trucks and COEs. Check his site and email with request.
  8. Decided to give him an "Optimus" battery, built from scratch.
  9. No..no.. I've been there! Just keep watching the guys on here and experiment, learn, have fun with it. I'm still trying to improve my finish painting skills...now that can be frustrating! Thanks for the compliments, it's been going well this time around.
  10. Yes, the 2 in 1 kit. Thanks for the comments, it's been going well since I restarted the project.
  11. Updates; lowered the stance in front, made new springs in rear to raise it a bit. Inserted motor, fabricated entire exhaust. Now working on the interior, fabbed the roll cage, adding racing seats, and customizing the dash and console.
  12. I started this in 2017 for the Cannonball Run Comm. Build, and just got busy...or...?? This is the '67 Camaro Bumble Bee. Conversion parts are from C1 Models, and scratch building the rest. I made a jig to etch in the side detail that is missing from the kit body and removed the front seam lines.
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