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  1. Ok.....so back to a fresh start for number 3
  2. Sure, send some pics, and I'll ask. I appreciate it.
  3. Yeah, checked all the go-to places already.
  4. I have a young man looking to build this ship for his grandfather, who served on it. Anyone know where I can find one, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Great idea! Would this be an open time limit? I still have some of my "original" builds, repurchased a few others, it would be timing for me
  6. DAAM show in Warren , Michigan .... Nov
  7. #3 front clip, removed the paint via wet sanding. Never really happy with the trim on the resin body, plus got a little flat while sanding. So here are pics of removed trim, and one side replaced.
  8. Thanks everyone, looking forward to getting them all done. I will post more pics of #3, I am actually removing the paint from the front clip, and fixing or replacing the molding. The main body, I haven't decided yet how to fix...or remove the paint. Just not happy with it. I will check in later!!
  9. I should have kept my slot car jigs. Look up slot car chassis jig, especially for drag cars, it's a longer unit.
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