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  1. Same here, definitely disappointed it doesn't match the box. If I find another one cheap, I may do a surgical correction. That does look good though mrmike.
  2. I bought it because I like the length and was going to convert it to a Suburban, guess not now...without major surgery and two kits. Oh well, moving on...thanks for the info!!
  3. I may be a ' Johnny come lately', but what was Revell thinking? I just noticed the obvious incorrect wheelbase and overall length of this kit. Is this a Yukon revamped or ??
  4. Got a set of Terra Tires and Impala police wheel set from Modelhaus Tires. Don't even have a project in mind, but just liked both sets. Quick shipping and amazing quality.
  5. I have an old Ford kit at home, I will check in a few hours.
  6. He meant Fab Resinworks, they have it on their site
  7. I have two of the Modelhaus hoods, and yes they are too thick and the underside looks just like the one pictured above. I plan on carving out the underside to match the actual hood bracing. My neighbor I grew up with had one, then sold to my brother, which again was sold. Now my same neighbor bough another a few years back, a very nice show car. Great to have one close by for reference.
  8. Also glad to hear you are still at it and doing as good as possible. If we could get this pandemic under control, I would love to get back up to the DAAM show in Warren,MI.
  9. These came today. Chrysler Turbine and extra boxes for loose resins, also shorter boxes to stack more...I mean stack them better!
  10. I'm not buying the covid-19 or post office issues anymore. If he ordered in May, and I in June,both getting the same initial response of '8-10 weeks', then later... 'I'll ship it next week', and still nothing... something is up. If he's has issues, health or otherwise.... that's his business. I do hope all is well for him. We just deserve an honest answer and time estimate. May till October is not just 'behind' ,there are no shows to stock up for either.
  11. Well, finally have a progress report. Still working a lot of hours, plus ....life. These resins require a lot of work to get them in good shape. I have the front clips about 99% ready. Started filling in original firewall/inner fender areas. Oh, and my big fingers broke out another vent pillar, hence the tape on both cars now.
  12. Quite possibly moving to Richmond, next year. Asking to see if anyone in or nearby as a fellow modeler and any shows near also?
  13. I've seen his quality at shows, I know it's worth it. But just be honest about what and when, don't give a timeline, then not keep it. If there are issues, let us know.
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