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  1. The perforated section has a 3-1/2" Dia.
  2. Back up for trade is this vacuum former by Mizzy. I traded for it awhile back on here, and discovered I just don't have time for it. Also, here is a more complete description; New(as I was told)Mizzy Air Vac , comes with everything pictured. It is a 230v unit with a Shuko plug. I researched the plug,( which is European) and found the receptacle on Ebay, and not very expensive at all. It will also require an air source for the vacuum function. It is a heavy built unit, I just don't have time to deal with it. It was claimed to be valued at around $400, but my trade value was not that much, so let's talk. PM with trade interest and offers.
  3. Wow, my reply didn't go through. Let me know what you are interested in, then I can go from there.
  4. Need for a future project, just putting a feeler out to see if one might be out there for trade. Or, a complete chassis. Thanks, Karl
  5. I have used this on the Flintstone Flyers, it doesn't do bad. You must be careful, even coat(s) are a MUST, as it is translucent. Takes awhile to dry, and make SURE there is no dust or debris, it will show. Material stays on top like paint, doesn't soak in like a dye.
  6. That depends on the connection style used per kit. Metal axel, shaft on back of wheel hub, protrusion on axel that slips into hub... With say metal axel, you can use round stock or tubing cut to simulate a ..hub..and glue on back of wheel center, drill if necessary. I have (because I am blessed to have a lathe) turn out disc brake rotors with a stub to shove into the axel housing. With protrusions on the axel, you can also kit bash to find wheel backs to fit the axel, and make adjustments as needed. Here's one example..
  7. There's also these, metal cutting blade available or may come with some. The harbor freight one does. I have used mine even for brass for the slot car chassis.
  8. I might suggest also covering the surrounding area, but use the same method of spraying to achieve similar/same consistency of metallic. Light coats, build it up.
  9. A little progress, lots of work... Turned brake rotors and made calipers. A partial mock up...
  10. Ok, more backpedaling. While fitting the second front clip, realized some how the axel was too far forward. Refitted the whole front axel and repainted the entire chassis to look uniform. Finished one intake so far.
  11. With all due respect, I don't look at this as a ... score.
  12. My nephew's father passed away early in January. While cleaning out the house, he found these kits and gave them to me. Thankful for the gift, it makes it special when they are from someone you know.
  13. Well, I thought someone would chime in. I believe there was discussion about his items before, but I could be wrong. A few years ago I had a couple items from him, they were ok. But I read feedback on eBay from other customers, because he casts the Corvette Summer Vette, which I recently purchased, and I must say it's pretty nice. And yes, I posted pics of it on here already. Hope this helps.
  14. Had/have some back peddling to do, forgot a detail on the firewall, plus tweaking the front clips to fit and tilt. Here's one...
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