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  1. I had a tube of Squadron once that seperated or never mixed properly to begin with. I had to through it out. The Tamiya is nice, but in any kind of larger areas or in needs of any thickness, it shrinks alot....In my experience. Also use the spot putty for small areas, even used light Bondo for heavier sculpting.
  2. I may have that chrome tree, let me check later.
  3. Saturday September 21,2019....8am-4pm. Check out there site for details! I will be there with a couple tables full of kits, parts,built ups, and Hot Wheels. Hope to see you there!!! Karl
  4. I'm sure he means, not two people offering trades, multiple choices per person is welcome.
  5. I'm thinking one of two or the combination of both. I've noticed some paints have a window for re coat, you miss that and you have to wait 24 -72 hours. I don't think I would consider clearing much of anything 2 hours after any paint job.
  6. Why is Gravity Paint out?
  7. Not sure where the upgrade stands, but I haven't been getting any notifications for a couple weeks now. Also, thanks for the hard work!!
  8. Was this ever released, I'm not on facebook and I don't see it on the website?
  9. What about using the wire, but painting it with a metal color ( gunmetal or lighter) to make it appear thinner? Also, piano wire that I use when building slot cars and models is much more rigid.
  10. Ok, send your address
  11. We can wait until then if you want to, save on the shipping! I'll bag it and set aside
  12. I have a set of springs and axle. do you want the tie rod also?
  13. Hey Vince, I have a couple I've been parting out, let me know what you need Karl
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