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  1. Flintstone Flyer Too....x3

    Got some engine assembly started so I could make the motor and trani mounts. Had to enlarge the trani hump and fill in the front frame rails to make them straighter and functional.I have been tweaking the body work and trying to figure out the grill. The kit 'grill' was an insert, and is incorrect. I will have to set it and blend it, then make actual grill insert. Have had trouble loading this update for a week or so. I found some mesh at show yesterday that will work for the grills. Also got driveshaft and traction bars made.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got my Ford GT, some mesh for the Stude projects, and some misc. items from Buckeye Scale Model Show. Also won a kit and an airbrush, after a friend left early and gave me his door prize tickets!
  3. Copying the VW Bus emblem

    Great idea! Nice clean lines it pulled from the kit.
  4. Alternative to spot filler

    I have used the Bondo brand of spot filler or glazing, didn't seem too bad. But hobby brands, I use Squadron and sometimes Tamiya. Beware, the Tamiya shrinks.
  5. Verdoro Green

    An automotive paint store can do an exact match and some will load into a spray can. MCW also can load into a spray.
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    No I don't agree with the first part of it, bit since that discussion is not for this forum, I'll leave it at that. But, everyone have a great day!
  7. Drag class decals ?

    Parma had made some, technically stickers...being a shade thicker, but I don't know if they are still produced, since they went out of business a few years ago. These were for slot cars. Maybe check pinewood derby section also.
  8. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yes, got them for $28 each. Shipped in three individual very thin boxes ,with no packing material . They offered 15% refund or return for full...but not worth sending back to UK if they are ok. I haven't opened them yet, waited until I heard back from the them
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got these today from UK..... Highly dissatisfied with the shipping...

    Working on Stude motor, mounts, and front suspension so I can locate in frame rails.
  11. Warped body

    Oops what was I thinking, thanks!
  12. Warped body

    You can certainly try the dehumidifier, but I highly doubt that it will get hot enough to let the plastic relax. But, maybe some brands of dehumidifier will...
  13. Warped body

    I think they are both salvageable. I use dry heat, as in a hair dryer, not a heat gun. Some guys I have heard use warm to hot water. I like the dryer so I can control the heat and manipulation better. You need to tape it down to something flat and similar size, you may need to do this in stages for the really bad one, but remember to 'over straighten' a bit as it will spring back a small amount. Heat body evenly, slowly and be patient, when finished a round of heat, you can hit with cool air to set it, but let it taped up for a couple hours at minimum (or overnight) to set a new memory within the plastic,
  14. Frame/roll cage

    I have used the styrene from the guy on eBay, which was suggested by someone else on here first, because it keeps shape after bending. Even used to make the headers shown in pic. I use a wire bender from my slot car scratch building tools. No heat!

    Lots going on, a bit messy, but it is Saturday.