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  1. My experience with the putty was not a good one. I was trying to level a large area, and it kept sinking to the point it kept bowing the styrene underneath. Carefully check after primer to make sure it doesn't sink. ( Mine actually sunk before any primer). Maybe it's me, see what others think. Good luck!
  2. No quarantine for me.... working 58 hrs a week since it all started. Getting back into it, smoothing interiors and front clips, constructing firewalls, roll cages.
  3. I have a sealed kit I am willing to trade or ?
  4. Got the new 67 Impala 4door, and a 59 El Camino for future projects
  5. I have been trying to locate one of those for several years now. Nice find!
  6. It came from eBay, sold as OOP Modelhaus, it looks awesome! There was two left, after I bought mine, the other didn't last long.
  7. Got several resins over past couple weeks...'59 Impala wagons, 4dr, 2dr, Brookwood, SD, 61 Impala wagon, 49 Ford wagon and SD, 69/70 Dodge PU, retro camper, plus a few others. Also got these yesterday,thanks USPS!😒
  8. Haven't gotten a lot done, tedious body work. Thinning body, front clips, firewalls.
  9. Bid on this '59 Impala wagon, now to find a '59 Elli chassis!
  10. Finishing shock installation and got rubber mounted.
  11. After checking out this post, I decided to look into what I want to do for mine. Found these in my for sale pile, same height as original tires. Just need spinners... maybe.
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