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  1. The Revell stepside is 2wd, length should be same or very close. Also some 3D aftermarket parts are available.
  2. On the bedside,I chose to remove the front section from the front edge and rebuild the perpendicular parts that connect with the front panel. The rear section I removed right behind the wheel opening. This option created one less body line to putty smooth. The floor I tried two methods, the first one I cut the front,patterned from another floor. The second I cut thin and reattached to the main floor. The rear I cut to length and sanded smooth to create the edge for the tailgate. Hope this helps!
  3. I did mine by using real dimensions and scaling the difference between an 8' and a 6' , removing some from both sections. Do a search on YouTube, I watched a guy do it after I did mine, he used a little different sectioning method, but it works.
  4. Nice, I will follow your progress. The Studes are of interest.
  5. Well, it's been a long time for an update, partially due to figuring out chassis issues, wheel options, and just plain couldn't find my posting. Finally had to search my attachments. I changed the wheels back to earlier choice. The front suspension parts from Iceman Collections are nice, but are too wide. Even both drop chassis I got are too wide also. Maybe a 1/24 scale truck might work, but how many are in 1/24?? I modified them some, but still ended up too wide. Not changing them again. Made the airbags from scratch on the lathe. Sooo....here it is.
  6. Almost time for the summer Sharon, PA model swap meet. June 18th, doors open 8AM I'll be there with kits, Hot Wheels, misc.
  7. Still looking for a couple sets of these, if anyone else comes across some. Thank you!
  8. Got this Polar Lights '66 finished a few weeks ago. I was working on other projects, and got an itch to do a Batmobile. Pics also show part of my collection. The '89 is currently a slot car, I may change it back some day.
  9. Correct. The decals look basically the same, slightly different placement.
  10. I'm looking for a set of or a source for these decals. I need a set to replace the old ones in my Heller kit. Thank you, Karl
  11. Great! For some reason I hadn't realized he had a full blown webpage! More drooling and future money spent!! I have some of items already, and yes they are top notch!
  12. Just looking for the Watanabe style, thanks
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