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  1. Been awhile,but have been doing some lathe work. Injector stacks, oil cans, now magnetos.
  2. Most or all packages have a free amount of insurance. I am not putting it on my customer, but the Postal Service. And my customers have gotten results after referring them to the Post Office. If packed properly, it's up to them to deliver a package without damage.
  3. I've received my share of damaged packages, some due to horrible packing, others due to postal mishandling. But as a seller, it irritates me when a buyer contacts me to complain about a damaged package, that has obviously been crushed or damaged in transit. That is on the Postal Service!! Contact them, and they will take care of it.
  4. Finally got some progress to show. Chassis at pre-assembly stage, headers, oil filters, and some resin work.
  5. The Batmobile came with one! Just sayin....
  6. Not too bad to do, I have a tool from my slot car fabricating days that let's me bend them easily. Just getting in the groove of using it, material tolerances, movement, etc. Yes, that's shrink tubing. Thanks for looking!!
  7. I know right? A technique I found on here and I really like the look!
  8. Lot of work for a small update. One set of headers done.
  9. Could also just use the '75 front section or valance from one of the NASCAR kits. LMK, Karl
  10. I need to ask, what are salvinos kits, and where are they available? Thanks Nevermind, found them!
  11. PM'd you early about the Dodge Van, I have this die cast, plus tons of 1/64 size also.
  12. I was asked to build a replica of a 75 Monte, so my options are limited, as we all know. I am trying to see what's available that I will have to combine kit wise. I know the Stockers may also be an option. Is there anyone casting a 75 Monte? Does anyone have a 77 snap kit to trade or ?? Thanks, Karl
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