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  1. Got these in the mail the other day, Porsche 917/10 in 1/24 and 1/12 scale.
  2. I agree, that should be an easy one to modify. I would like to do one also.... some day....
  3. The same as with casting or other professions and processes, there are consumables and repairs. I would think it would be similar for either of these.
  4. His son still makes the wheels and tires... Modelhaus Tires
  5. For $10 you could start with this if nothing else is found.
  6. I plan to do a build thread, yes. I just got a notion try this build,I made some preliminary cuts, playing around with it here and there. I recently shortened my own 72 C-10 bed, so this is a good next step! Got a lot of projects this year around the house and at the bench. I've been waiting a couple years for some resins to be ready that aren't done yet. I know Robert Burns now makes one, but I'm not willing to put that much out right now, though a few years ago....
  7. My plan is to make a Suburban out of two bodies, but I have managed it in a way that the one body can still be used for something else. The pickup engine bay I have a solution for, I will eventually cast it.
  8. I'm comparing 1:1 dimensions given to the kit itself. Just wanted to see how prevalent this is among other kits. Seen many posts and heard many conversations about kit incorrectness.
  9. Actual OL=180.5", =7.22"@1/25 scale. The kit measures (without having it in front of me) 6 13/16- 6 7/8"
  10. I've never heard of the 1"=1mm method, of course that would be inaccurate. The mathematically correct way is to divide the measurement by the desired scale.
  11. I'm not looking for, "I am finding that..." I'm posing a thread to discuss the incorrect scale of the kit. Thanks though
  12. The discrepancies I have found.... The blazer, according to 1:1 dimensions I found online, is too short. The wheel base is right on, but short front and rear. The C10, from the bottom body line to the bottom of the panel appears different compared to 1:1pics. The bottom rear quarter angle is also different from 1:1pics. Let's not forget the engine bay is all wrong. As far as length, I haven't checked that yet.
  13. I may be a Johnny come lately, but has anyone else noticed that these kits are not to scale and out of proportion? How often do you find this in other kits?
  14. Then you should Google a pic of each year to see what year you remember working on/with.
  15. If you scroll down on his site, click on "trucks", them scroll through them.
  16. It's best to email him with what you are looking for. He fills orders as he gets them. Not sure of current lead time, he'll let you know.
  17. A guy on YouTube (Throttle Power) did an unboxing of the Ford 350 Ramp truck. LOTS of parts! Has some cool options! May have to get a couple myself!
  18. In my opinion, if the tape is painted, it will. But..... I'm not so sure if it will lay/adhere tightly. I've done it for racing harness branding, but nothing large scale like that.
  19. In the not so distant past, I remember someone making lifted/arched leaf springs, but the detail was only on one side. That lead me to start making my own from strip styrene,round stock, etc. A guy from Texas was making air bag and coil over set ups, but he disappeared on me and others, not sure why. Off the Sprue has a lifted leaf set up, looks nice, but very "universal". Also, I think Iceman now makes one, not cheap, but a complete setup. I have encouraged a few guys to offer these, because I would like to see it also. But if not, scratch building I will be.
  20. I believe mine came from Hobby Lobby, it's white with a five footed roller base. I finally got tired of base being in my way, so about two months ago I welded a corresponding pipe to a piece of angle (×2) and placed one by the hobby table and one by the lathe. Now I can easily take it from one work area to another. I have had it for at least 5-6 years, is not LED, but pretty bright. I also bought a second ring bulb to have, but haven't needed it yet. Hope this helps!
  21. The Revell stepside is 2wd, length should be same or very close. Also some 3D aftermarket parts are available.
  22. On the bedside,I chose to remove the front section from the front edge and rebuild the perpendicular parts that connect with the front panel. The rear section I removed right behind the wheel opening. This option created one less body line to putty smooth. The floor I tried two methods, the first one I cut the front,patterned from another floor. The second I cut thin and reattached to the main floor. The rear I cut to length and sanded smooth to create the edge for the tailgate. Hope this helps!
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