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  1. Cool story. Why can't this happen to me? Thanks for sharing!
  2. Congratulations! Are you sure you didn't get a model building room with living quarters.
  3. In Canada we are protected by the Good Samaritan rule. A person who helps someone generally can’t be held responsible for damage caused by the help. This is called the "Good Samaritan rule". I think someone forgot to tighten up the bolts before the test drive.
  4. Cool idea and it looks great. Poor old Desoto!
  5. Great job with the paint and opening trunk Darrell! Are those the tires that came in the kit? You did a great job on the white lettering!
  6. Those wheels look great on the C-3.
  7. Absolutely amazing detail work Gary. I could spend hours looking through these pics!
  8. Wow Stray, you definitely still have it! Very nice detail on the engine.
  9. Nicest job I have seen done with this kit.
  10. Nice job restoring a glue bomb. It looks like it is leaving a little rubber on the table.
  11. Gorgeous! I love the details under the hood and the flawless paint.
  12. It varies depending on where it is shipped from. Assuming you are talking about shipping from the US it is generally in the $20 - $25 US dollar range. Add in the exchange and often shipping will cost you more than the kit itself. It sure has gone up quite a lot in the last couple of years.
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