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  1. How do we order through you? Just PMing you?
  2. Gotcha. I hear Tamiya TS-33 Dull Red is a good option for this color interior, but you went with what you had. Keep it up!
  3. Went to my local hobby lobby today and they had about 7-8 new kits. It was stuff I wasn't interested in so I couldn't tell you what they were, but they were definitely new. There's still empty spaces, but those appear to be from the Bronco and Camaro selling out. One interesting thing I noticed is that they had a new stock of discounted clear display boxes. I had gone a week prior and purchased what was then left. I wonder if they're going with a new brand of cases or if they're trying to discontinue them entirely.
  4. Ha! So true. He's taught some valuable tips on his page and I check in from time to time. But yeah, there's something about how he carries himself...
  5. I ordered from them for the first time about a month ago. It was for a long out of production kit that was listed at a very fair price. It was a great experience - fast shipping and great packaging.
  6. I have an extra unopened can of Phoenician Yellow. PM me if you want to set up a deal.
  7. A bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for the following items from this kit: -Chassis piece -Interior tub -Front seats -Dash (don't need the steering wheel or column)
  8. Hi Steve. Can you comment on how extensive the decal sheet will be?
  9. A great example of how to make a "simple" snap kit pop. Nicely done!
  10. Agreed! No need to strip the hood, just sand and reshoot the black and clear. For the hood, I would definitely use TS-13. I would set the hood aside until you can get some more Tamiya Black and Clear.
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