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  1. av405 added a post in a topic Dodge Monaco to Plymouth Fury parts?   

    Ohhh thank you for that! I just purchased the Plymouth grill and the Coronet headlights. They look crisp and well detailed. Can't wait to get them!
  2. av405 added a topic in Wanted!   

    AMT Fire Truck
    Looking to trade my sealed, recent reissue of the AMT Aero Chief truck for the recently reissued AMT Pumper truck.
    Trying this thread since I didn't get much from the Trading section.
    Thank you. 
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  3. av405 added a topic in Wanted!   

    AMT Ford Galaxie Police Decals
    I'm looking for the decal set from the most recent reissue of the AMT Galaxie police car kit.

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  4. av405 added a post in a topic 1993 Chevy Taxi   

    Good job on getting the colors of the interior right. Most people don't seem to know that the 1991-1993 Caprice with tan interior had a brown dash.
  5. av405 added a topic in Trading Post   

    AMT Fire Truck
    Looking to trade my new and sealed AMT Aero Chief (from the recent re-release) for the just re-released version of the AMT Custom Pumper. 
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  6. av405 added a post in a topic US Border Patrol 1991 Caprice   

    Thank you all for the nice comments. Definitely a pleasant surprise to see this thread revived. 
    Bob, thank you for your advice with the pen. It's definitely something I can try to incorporate into my next build. 
  7. av405 added a post in a topic US Border Patrol 1991 Caprice   

    Thanks for the feedback! I saw your original post before you made your edit (I hope you didn't think I would take it the wrong way). I could never tell from the few reference photos that I have that the actual BP color was a light cream over green.
    Are you retired BP?
  8. av405 added a post in a topic TM Resins - contact information?   

    His stuff is nice but I wish he would have a website to order something instead of having to bid for it on ebay. I understand from a business sense he has every right to do this and it seems to be netting him some extra cash when bidding wars happen on a particular item. But it does become a bit inconvenient as a potential buyer having to do a song and dance to get an item when so many others just simply let you order through a website. 
    Just some thoughts. He definitely has the potential to become the "next Modelhaus" and that's a compliment. 
  9. av405 added a post in a topic Revell 76 Gran Torino Model Kit Review   

    Morgan Automotive Detail has some sets:
  10. av405 added a post in a topic Revell 76 Gran Torino Model Kit Review   

    Those stock/fleet hubcaps are available in resin. If anyone is interested, I can try to dig up the info of who sells them.
  11. av405 added a post in a topic Toys R Us   

    I worked the holiday season for them at my local store in 2013 and the problems were evident even back then. Our particular store didn't carry model kits, only diecasts. However, I recall seeing some of the Revell Build and Play Mustangs and Jeeps in other stores. That was about all I saw in the way of model kits. 
    The Lego brand is what has reigned supreme at Toys'R'Us for a while now. 
  12. av405 added a post in a topic Utah Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Taurus   

    Thread updated with new photos after the whole photobucket debacle. I have also updated the car with more accurately sized and detailed license plates.
  13. av405 added a post in a topic US Border Patrol 1991 Caprice   

    I just re-uploaded images that had been lost through photobucket. I ended up installing period-correct government license plates from a separate Chimneyville Decals set I had for the US Park Service and used a molotow liquid chrome pen to fill in some areas where the BMF refused to stay in place. I'm very happy with the results and you can't even tell the difference. 
  14. av405 added a post in a topic Rockford Files Diorama   

    Great work. I agree with one of the above comments, that has to be the best scale model representation of a GM truck that I've ever seen!
  15. av405 added a post in a topic Lindberg and Revell Snap Tite Police Cars - Same Model?!?!   

    niteowl is correct. The CROWN VICTORIA decals normally included with the Lindberg kits would be correct for the 1992-1998 models. 
    The Impala wheels look somewhat similar to the police steel wheels used on the 1998-2002 models, but not at all similar to the 1995-1997 models. For whatever reason, the overwhelming majority of the 1992-1997 Crown Victorias were equipped with the full wheel covers by their respective agencies. I'd say this is pretty unique among any generation of police cars. 
    The Revell wheels/covers are indeed extremely oversized. The Lindberg ones, on the other hand, are extremely accurate.