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  1. av405 added a post in a topic Tower Hobbies free shipping?   

    I haven't actually tried to figure out if there's a pattern but as far as I can tell its random. Every 1-2 weeks they'll do free shipping for orders of $49 or more and that's what I'll take advantage of if I want/need something. 
  2. av405 added a post in a topic RMR SSR Suburban   

    I emailed them about a year ago regarding one of their bodies. I never received a reply. I'd be nice to know how to get in touch with them.
  3. av405 added a post in a topic 1979 Dodge Power Wagon Brush Truck   

    Nice work! I think your headlight work is very convincing.
    I wanted to comment about the light bar you would need. You should definitely try to get in touch with Dwayne Larriviere, a fellow member here. He is the only one who, to my knowledge, makes the light bar you need. Check out his work here:
    The bad news is that he hasn't been on since September and he hasn't answered back to my last PM. I thought I'd provide his info anyhow for your project.
  4. av405 added a post in a topic Lindberg Michigan State Police charger   

    Great build, looks very clean.
  5. av405 added a post in a topic New Chevy/GMC Truck Rally Wheels   

    I can't see them on his site. Are they there or would I have to contact him directly for a set?
  6. av405 added a post in a topic 94-01 Dodge Ram 250   

    The AMT kit is definitely the best bet. Way back when, there was an extended cab available in resin, but the odds of finding one are slim to none right now. Like Michael said, you're going to have to use two of the AMT cabs to make an extended cab truck as seen in the movie. 
  7. av405 added a post in a topic L/F Florida Highway Patrol Decals   

    If you aren't able to source a pair of decals specifically from the Lindberg kit, why don't you try aftermarket? There's currently numerous 1/24-1/25 scale FHP decals being sold on ebay:
  8. av405 added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas Highway Patrol   

    Absolutely beautiful, nice work!
  9. av405 added a post in a topic Meng Model Hummer H1   

    Nicely done! Did you buy a second one to do a Border Patrol version?
  10. av405 added a post in a topic Utah Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Taurus   

    Yes, the ride height on these kits is yet another glaring error. I left it under the "good enough" category on this one but I will see how I can improve on it when I (eventually) do my next Taurus. 
  11. av405 added a post in a topic Utah Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Taurus   

    Thank you all for the kind remarks on the build! And thank you to my fellow  LEOs for the warm welcome.
    I actually started this project off with the intention of doing it as an AZ DPS car. They were, as far as I can tell, the most prolific users of the 1990-1995 Taurus at the state level. I have the decals and light bar but I was desperate to finish this build and didn't want to scratch build a push bar so I went for the simpler Utah car. My next police Taurus will be an AZ car, followed by a San Diego Police car.  Even though the kit leaves a lot to be desired, I like how uncommon these police cars are, both in 1:1 and in the modeling world.
  12. av405 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Utah Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Taurus
    After a very long dry spell from modeling that saw me finish school, become a sworn peace officer, and just grow up in general, I finally got to sit down and finish a model. Here is my 1990 Ford Taurus police-package car in Utah Highway Patrol markings. The Taurus is the Rescue 911 version of the AMT Taurus as it has the correct 1990-1991 dash and steering wheel that the real police versions had. Resin wheels are from Custom Squads/Models by Tony, decals from Chimneyville, police equipment is a mixture of stuff from the Taurus kit, the Lindberg Crown Victoria kit, and the Revell Caprice kit. The Ford decals also came from the Crown Victoria kit and the slotted grill vents came from the 1989 "Police Car" version of the Taurus kit.
    About the kit itself, it wasn't exactly the easiest to work with. First and foremost, the AMT Taurus is not a true police package/base model kit but a SHO version. To make the car more accurate, I filled in the "SHO" emblem in the rear bumper, sanded off the corner signal lights on the front bumper, and cut/sanded down the car flares surrounding the bottom of the wheel arches. The front bumper is still technically incorrect but I decided I didn't want to push my still-developing skills. Also, the front headlights didn't fit properly but I didn't notice until it was too late. The wheels were also a pain in the behind and the front passenger side one ended up not fitting very well, even with extensive modification (as you can see below).
    As for the final product itself, I was pleased given the custom work I had to perform. I got a chance to practice some new techniques and figure out some do's and dont's. I did not polish the paint job, but that is something I will definitely tackle on my next build. Oh and I accidentally dropped the car near completion, resulting in some minor scratches near the front passenger side wheel well 
    Without further ado:

    I used pictures I found on the internet and reruns of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol to piece together a fairly accurate interior of an early 90's UHP car: 

    The inspiration:

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  13. av405 added a post in a topic 1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Vic/1987-1989 Chevy Caprice   

    I'm beyond excited for this.
  14. av405 added a post in a topic Chrome Headlights   

    I ended up spray painting the headlights with Tamiya Pure White and then brushing Tamiya Smoke over the white once it had dried. I think it came out okay. I'm almost done with the model so I will post pictures once it is complete.
  15. av405 added a post in a topic This is a joke, right?   

    Bill, I have to hand it to you, I respect you for coming to that realization and posting it here.
    Replace the video with one of an adult modeler trying to sell an equally bad build as "pro built" for some serious cash and then maybe we can have some laughs.