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  1. Hello from Long Beach.

    Hobby Lobbys are probably the best bet as far as getting kits and supplies from a brick and mortar at a decent price. They have everything you need to get you started off. I believe there's two HLs in close proximity to Long Beach, but I'm sure you know this by know. The go to shop in the LA metro area is definitely Burbank's House of Hobbies in Burbank. You won't regret taking a trip there.
  2. That's great news. I was just looking over how many of their hubcaps I had and realized I didn't have enough to cover the amount of cars I plan to purchase. Thank you.
  3. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    I went to my local HL and I wouldn't say most. There were about ten automotive kits on clearance. Definitely not a bad deal though. I picked up the Dodge Ramcharger for 6.75. The best deal is probably the AMT Aero Chief at 12.50! I would have picked it up but I already have one. I was hoping to get another MPC GMC Deserter but that one wasn't on clearance. No matter, I'm very happy with the deal I got on the Dodge.
  4. Did you make the camper shell?
  5. Amazing. Are those the Modelhaus wheels/hubcaps? I bought a bunch of those right before they closed in anticipation of this project (don't say I didn't believe in ya Dwayne )
  6. Excellent work as always! I love what you did with the headlights and taillights. How much did you pay for the decals from speedway?
  7. Thanks Snake. I ended up looking at Troy'sToys and they seemed to have the best prices and inventory selection.
  8. I recently started getting an interest in 1/64 diecast, specifically front Greenlight. I know that Hobby Lobby and Toys R Us sell them. With HL's higher pricing, even using the 40% off coupon results in pricing similar to that of Toys R Us. Does anybody have recommendations for online sites that sell Greenlight cars at a good price?
  9. AMT Fire Truck

    I do indeed want the pumper. Foreverfords, I've sent you a PM.
  10. I'm embarrassed to say I missed that post Very fine work!
  11. Great job! What's the source of your decals?
  12. Revell Caprice Parts

    PM answered. Thank you.
  13. Revell Caprice Parts

  14. 2019 Ram

    I don't like the headlights on the Limited model. They're too small in comparison to the grill and remind me too much of a Toyota.
  15. Revell Caprice Parts

    Hello. I'm looking for some parts from the Revell Caprice taxi/police car kit. Specifically the driver's side mirror, interior Radar set, and the Chevrolet badge for the hood and the rear trunk. Anything would help. Thank you.