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  1. How Old Are You

    Sorry, I don't have a feather and ink for you old farts
  2. Future of the hobby

    A lot of good (and maybe not so good) comments in this thread. I'm 27, and I seriously got into this hobby in my late teens. However, I built my first model kit at the age of 9 in 2000 (yeah, go ahead, feel old). That kit was the Lindberg Crown Victoria police car. I saw it one day on the store shelf and being a 9 year old with dreams of becoming a police officer and seeing the car that I saw patrolling the streets every day, I had to grab it. So what's my point? Despite having a Game Boy and other distractions, I saw a car I was able to identify with, asked my mom to buy it for me, and here I am now. As many have pointed out, the companies simply aren't pumping out new kits of current or "newer" subjects that people my age and younger can identify with. I'm glad you guys can have your reissues, but in a perfect world, we would be getting a balanced combination of newer subject matter and reissues that are guaranteed to turn a profit. With that being said, there's a lot of really great stuff in the pipeline as far as 3D printing goes. For those of you on FB, check this page out and look at the possibilities: https://www.facebook.com/Too-Many-Projects-1669710309751941/ . The hobby in the US will continue, but perhaps in a downsized way. I would be happy to order a made-to-order 3D printed kit if the price compares to a regular plastic kit. I'm excited to see what this technology will produce in the coming years as I don't intend to leave this hobby anytime soon.
  3. I know Dwayne is a perfectionist, but I'm surprised he didn't like the Modelhaus designed hubcaps. Those are pretty spot on as far as I can tell.
  4. How Old Are You

    27. Which so far puts me in the 1.42%.
  5. Absolutely amazing work so far.
  6. How can I order your decals? I checked out your ebay page but you don't have your whole selection listed on there.
  7. What did you get today?

    I recommend you watch this excellent review on youtube. The guy bought all of their newest offerings and he's good about showing all of the decals and pieces clearly. Watching this video convinced me these would be good purchases: Almost, but not quite! I searched different vendors online until I found Scale Hobbyist. They definitely had the best prices, especially when taking shipping into account.
  8. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. Great job fellas! I'm truly loving the collaborative aspect of this.
  9. dose toys r us have model kits?

    When I worked at a suburban Los Angeles TRU 4 years ago, we didn't carry any kits at our particular store. You could, however, order certain kits through our website. I distinctly remember the Revell 1977 GMC pickup being one of them. Apart from that, the only kits I've ever seen recently at some stores have been the above mentioned Ecto 1, Revell 1999 Civic, and the Revell Snap and Play Mustangs.
  10. Revell car transport trailer.

    Wow! Not to hijack, but any more pictures of your setup? I love what you did with the Crown Vics.
  11. LAPD Ford Crow VIc

    Nicely done! You decided against adding the division numbers on the trunk?
  12. Hello from Long Beach.

    Hobby Lobbys are probably the best bet as far as getting kits and supplies from a brick and mortar at a decent price. They have everything you need to get you started off. I believe there's two HLs in close proximity to Long Beach, but I'm sure you know this by know. The go to shop in the LA metro area is definitely Burbank's House of Hobbies in Burbank. You won't regret taking a trip there.
  13. That's great news. I was just looking over how many of their hubcaps I had and realized I didn't have enough to cover the amount of cars I plan to purchase. Thank you.
  14. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    I went to my local HL and I wouldn't say most. There were about ten automotive kits on clearance. Definitely not a bad deal though. I picked up the Dodge Ramcharger for 6.75. The best deal is probably the AMT Aero Chief at 12.50! I would have picked it up but I already have one. I was hoping to get another MPC GMC Deserter but that one wasn't on clearance. No matter, I'm very happy with the deal I got on the Dodge.