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  1. Thank you all for the compliments!
  2. El Paso Police Department (TX) Chevrolet Impala. I used the Revell snap kit, policedecalsanddeals/Rhonda Keraly decals, MX7000 lightbar from the Lindberg Crown Victoria kit, aftermarket pushbar, and a combination of Tamiya paints for the exterior. During my research, I found slight variations in decals and light bars as used on real EPPD Impalas. I went for the variation that I could do with the decals on hand. As I was not able to verify what interior color EPPD used on their Impalas, I chose to replicate the Regal Blue interior that was popular at the time. I did not enjoy painting the exterior plastic cladding and trim and this is where most of my mistakes occurred. The panel washes are a bit dark, but I went down that route to cover up some mistakes. Real photo is posted at the end for reference.
  3. Thank you! Regarding the stripes on the doors, I've seen two variations - they stop at the front doors and continue onto the rear doors. Here's an Impala where the stripes continue onto the rear doors. That's how I'm doing mine:
  4. I finally got a chance to continue working on this project. The interior is done. I took the kit's prisoner partition and modified it to more closely reflect the one found inside EPPD units. I used a Krylon color that came close to replicating the Royal Blue interior color option offered on Impala police cars of this generation. Push bar is done: Front grill is done: Wheels and chassis are done:
  5. Looking for this style steering wheel. It was most recently released with the AMT 1988 Mustang. I don't necessarily care what kit it comes from as long as it's this style. Thank you.
  6. I'm using the Revell Snap Tite Impala police car to build a 2004ish El Paso Police Impala. I've started off easy by painting the headlight and taillight lenses and assemblies.
  7. Nice work so far. I'll be closely following your work on this.
  8. Hmm...I bought one at HL yesterday and it was $26.99. After 40%, it was $17.61. Still a great deal regardless, and even $26.99 is a steal!
  9. I just bought one at HL. After using the 40% coupon, I paid $17 and change for it. Even the retail price was cheap. It doesn't get better than that.
  10. av405

    Rays Kits question

    Agreed, I have had no luck with PMs lately. We used to talk a lot before but he hasn't answered back in a while.
  11. Hi Michael. I have the hubcaps, only need the one measly wheel lol. Unfortunately, I don't have any available that I'm willing to part with. I will try to figure out where I originally got them from and see if they are still available for you.
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