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  1. Up Scale Hobbies did an unboxing on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/upscalehobbies/photos/pcb.2227949300797078/2227948450797163/?type=3&theater
  2. That looks pretty darn good! Have you thought about giving the wheels a black wash? I think that would bring the wheels up to the detail you put on the rest of the build.
  3. NJ, I could hook you up with measurements of the AMT 2nd gen Dodge Ram if you want to tackle Jordan White's idea. I have both the regular an dually kits.
  4. I'm just waiting for you guys to take my money!
  5. Sounds like he at least has the intention to take another stab at it. Hopefully he does sooner rather than later. Thank you.
  6. Please let us know what the response is!
  7. hoppersbazaar on ebay used to sell resin 2WD conversion sets made of the original MPC parts. I bought a set about 2 years ago but I haven't seen him list them in a while. Perhaps you can message him and ask if he still makes them: https://www.ebay.com/usr/hoppersbazaar
  8. It's looking good so far! Glad I was able to help.
  9. Round2 for 2018

    Does anybody know what police options came with the original police van? Just what’s shown in Casey’s attachments? I really like the shotgun/rifle rack for the dash. That’s a piece that is always neglected in every police kit.
  10. Round2 for 2018

    I’m excited to see what extra goodies come with the van. I’m hoping it comes with that rear step bumper. I hope they get the NYPD decals of the era right. The kit could prove to be popular just for the sheet if it’s accurate.
  11. Ford F-150 Nite edition decals

    He’s working on doing the whole package. I will be sending him measurements for the AMT 1992 F-150 shortbox tomorrow.
  12. Ford F-150 Nite edition decals

    I can confirm forum member echoxrayniner is working on Nite decals, plus many other goodies for the AMT F--150 trucks. He sent me some test shots and they look good. Out of respect for him and the fact that he's still tweaking them, I will not make them public. But pay attention to this thread and he will be posting them soon: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/127945-crafting-up-decal-sheetsfor-mostly-late-70s-80s-90s-models-so-farupdated-may-20th/
  13. That particular body was made by Robert Burns. It stemmed out of this thread that I created back in 2015, before I knew of DEL's project. I think the competing projects speak volumes about the desire for this type of vehicle in 1/24-1/25 scale.
  14. How Old Are You

    Sorry, I don't have a feather and ink for you old farts
  15. Future of the hobby

    A lot of good (and maybe not so good) comments in this thread. I'm 27, and I seriously got into this hobby in my late teens. However, I built my first model kit at the age of 9 in 2000 (yeah, go ahead, feel old). That kit was the Lindberg Crown Victoria police car. I saw it one day on the store shelf and being a 9 year old with dreams of becoming a police officer and seeing the car that I saw patrolling the streets every day, I had to grab it. So what's my point? Despite having a Game Boy and other distractions, I saw a car I was able to identify with, asked my mom to buy it for me, and here I am now. As many have pointed out, the companies simply aren't pumping out new kits of current or "newer" subjects that people my age and younger can identify with. I'm glad you guys can have your reissues, but in a perfect world, we would be getting a balanced combination of newer subject matter and reissues that are guaranteed to turn a profit. With that being said, there's a lot of really great stuff in the pipeline as far as 3D printing goes. For those of you on FB, check this page out and look at the possibilities: https://www.facebook.com/Too-Many-Projects-1669710309751941/ . The hobby in the US will continue, but perhaps in a downsized way. I would be happy to order a made-to-order 3D printed kit if the price compares to a regular plastic kit. I'm excited to see what this technology will produce in the coming years as I don't intend to leave this hobby anytime soon.