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  1. Thank you. Yes, I love the utility look but the parts are rarely there to represent an accurate "base" version of many kits. The Rookie Resin hubcaps are actually outdated for the year I'm going for, but it's the best I have on hand. These hubcaps would be truly accurate:
  2. I'll be building a circa 1986 Ford Econoline Coca Cola van using the Coca Cola kit. I'm going to keep the build mostly box stock, but it will require some cosmetic modifications since the kit itself is a 1975-1978 model. I'll be using a 1979-1982 resin grill from Models by Dave and some 3D print wheels and hubcaps from the now defunct Rookie Resin to give the truck more of a "utility" look. The only difference between the 1979-1982 grills and the 1983-1991 grills is that the latter have the Ford oval on the center. The Econoline remained mostly unchanged from 1983-1991, so I'm going with 1986 as a general year. Stay tuned for more updates.
  3. I will send Charles the bed for scanning. It sounds like that would be the most accurate option. Plus I figure if he's offering to print, it would also help even more. Charles, I have sent you a PM. Another question: How easy is it to make bumpers for existing kits? I was specifically thinking of these two to make base model bumpers for the kits. I could also provide the kits for scanning if that would help.
  4. Fair enough, thank you. What would you need from me to create the design?
  5. Would you by any chance be able to make a camper shell? Looking for this for my AMT Dodge Ram 2500. I have a lot more photos and measurements for how it is supposed to fit on the truck bed.
  6. Jim, thanks for the honest response. I can get behind that. For the record, I received notification today that my item was being shipped.
  7. I appreciate your post. I wish communication was better but it is what it is. I will continue to wait.
  8. I placed my first order through their website on April 22nd. The website says that normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, but that it can be longer. I sent a follow up email on May 15th asking for an update but have not received an answer thus far. I don't mind waiting, and I certainly understand how long resin turnaround times can be. But the lack of response so far is starting to worry me.
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