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  1. Outstanding job! That is a beautiful paint job.
  2. They're not black, I think it's just the lighting that makes it look that way.
  3. I used Tamiya polishing compounds on the roof and Meguiars on the trunk. The hood is untouched. Once I had burned through the roof, I decided to experiment on the trunk with a different brand. Your advice on multiple coats is duly noted. Oh, I know from experience. Though having a take-home car helps 😉
  4. So just to give some back story, I spray painted this car with Tamiya Primer and then 3 coats each of Tamiya white and black. I was happy with the paint job, but for the first time I decided to try to polish out the paint. I know some recommend to use clear before polishing to act as a barrier, but I didn't in this case. Long story short, I polished the white paint to the point that I burned through it. No problem, lesson learned. At least I got a chance to practice my polishing technique. I was originally going to strip the car and start over, but wondered since the original layers of paint are already there, should I just sand and add additional thin layers of paint and then clear? If so, what grit(s) should I use? Thank you in advance.
  5. Custom Squads is still up and running: http://www.customsquads.com/ However, I can tell you that they are out of stock of the particular decal sheet you're asking about. I think I have an extra sheet lying around somewhere. If I do, I'd be willing to trade you the CHP portion of the sheet. What do you have to trade?
  6. It has the 2008-2010 exterior. Not sure if some of the engine/content options limit it to a more specific year.
  7. Possibly the most underwhelming video yet for us 1/24-1/25 plastic guys.
  8. Very nice. Did you use the decals for the interior as well?
  9. As some of you may know, Revell introduced an absolutely gorgeous decal sheet on their most recent release of the 1976 Chevy Sport Pickup Truck kit. This decal sheet includes various interior and exterior decals that should add some great detail. Has anybody attempted to use these decals on the MPC Deserter or any of its previous incarnations? Specifically the interior/dash decals. I know the MPC kit is 1/25 while the Revell kit is 1/24 but I figured I'd ask before I gave it a shot.
  10. This is the closest I could find. Some of the elements of the light bar appear to be similar, but with some differences as well. Good luck with your project!
  11. Just got this through ebay a few days ago for what I thought was a reasonable price. It has all of the windows and major pieces and the body looks straight. I think there's some broken/missing pieces, but I can always use one of the recent re-releases of the Chevy Van to piece it together. I hope it was a good investment.
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