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  1. That is stunning! I'm happy to finally see one built up.
  2. I think that's the first time I've ever seen a key put into the ignition on a model. Keep up the good work!
  3. Yellow tags at Hobby Lobby

    I'm sure that having Sundays off helps with retention.
  4. I don't think those are real. If you notice, the Pepsi logo is still visible on the door. But realistically, the final design will probably be similar to this. Just the way the Pepsi box art was a direct copy of the 70's era Hertz truck cover.
  5. They're slowing coming back into stock: https://upscalehobbies.com/124-125-street-cars/740-125-85-oldsmobile-442fe3-x-show-car.html?search_query=revell+oldsmobile&results=142
  6. '96 Ford Crown Vic Tyler TX Police

    Thanks for the group shots. My favorites are probably the 1992 CV and the recent Caprice you just did. Adam, that's the Lindberg Crown Victoria kit.
  7. '96 Ford Crown Vic Tyler TX Police

    As always, impressive. Have you ever considered doing a "family" shot of all of your Tyler cars?
  8. 2017 Toyota Camry, Whats In The Box

    I'm still trying to understand what was harsh about the replies. He asked a question, people answered. It was all very direct and mature.
  9. Let's see some police cars

    Robert, what colors did you use for the Mustang? They look great!
  10. I'm still hoping the NYPD decals are accurate for the era. I could use them on other projects. Because the box art doesn't accurately depict what an NYPD van would have looked like in the 1970's and 80's. And yes, I do realize that they just took the old box art and added the NYPD stuff.
  11. '95 Chevy Caprice Tyler TX Police

    You knocked another one out of the park! Do you have a link to the Shapeways light bar mounts?
  12. That’s a big mistake. But if they have the Flareside tailgate tooled up, does that mean we can expect a Flareside re-release in the future?
  13. Casey, here's an old thread you can check out to compare these two kits. I had already brought up the A & J kit up before: This thread has excellent pictures of the Modelhaus Impala kit: http://www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=55803
  14. Yes they do. It appears that the front clip and taillights were modified to look like those of the Caprice, but that's it. I thought about buying this kit in the past but the high cost , combined with it not being a complete kit and having inaccurate headlights, made me pass.
  15. Police Decals Wanted

    Just wanted to thank misternemo for coming through with some of my requests. He did a great job of packaging the decals and sending them over. Still looking to see if anybody else has any of these decals. Thank you.
  16. Police Decals Wanted

    Looking for a set of the following 1/24-1/25 decal sets: Chimneyville Arizona Highway Patrol/New Mexico State Police Accuscale/Code-7 Los Angeles County Sheriff Accuscale/Code-7 California Highway Patrol I'd be willing to work something out through PM if need be. Thank you.
  17. I’m almost certain they took a Modelhaus Impala body and modified it into a Caprice. That’s another red flag.
  18. Moebius F100 4x4- Out of Stock?

    I just ordered one from Upscale hobbies.
  19. Same here. They go down just as good as TS paint.
  20. custom decals

    You might have to be a bit more specific than that. Many individuals do custom decals. Greg Wann does resin bodies, so I don't think that's who you're looking for.
  21. Round2 for 2018

    Makes sense. I'll be anticipating the NYC decals as well then. Thanks Casey.
  22. Round2 for 2018

    Between having a few of the Louisville/C-600 delivery trucks already, I'm not exactly looking for another one. But with the Hostess logos, I just might have to. If it's a newly acquired license, might we expect more re-releases with Hostess decals from Round 2? Just like the current Coca Cola fad? Also, what are the NYC decals?
  23. Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!

    Can you provide a link to the ebay listings?
  24. Police Decals Wanted

    Thank you all for the responses. I spoke with Joseph and he no longer does decals. Billbozo doesn't have what I'm looking for. It looks like misternemo is going to come through with some of my requests. I'm still looking to see if anybody else has more.
  25. Police Decals Wanted

    I didn't realize he did decal recreations. I know he does stuff with tires. I'll have to get in touch with him then.