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  1. matilda66 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    truck kit prices
    well im in shock, this afternoon down here while most of you's blokes were still snoozin zzz on e-bay Australia i saw a /BJ'and the bear go for AUD 385.00
    a /Revell VIT kenworth australia AUD 215.00
    a / """ K100 aerodyne AUD 105.00
    there where a few other extremes and each to there own at what your willing to pay ,....but i find these prices rediculous, to bad i spose if they rerelease them tommorow.. heads up MATILDA
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  2. matilda66 added a post in a topic w-900L   

    i've actually e-mailed both revell and italeri about doing a W900L as i think a modern up todate truck is needed badly....ie Ice road truckers big fan base but all i got was, not a marketing something or another not until 2014 maybe,oh and thanks... me, we dont even have em down here, but something similar, but i would love to see a W900L...

  3. matilda66 added a post in a topic Mid night rider 99%done   

    A 1:1 version would be awesome but guess we'll just settle on this ride for now............ way cool
  4. matilda66 added a post in a topic Kenworth   

    yer what about the air intake tubes,but boy it does look rather nice and pretty,its nearly ice road trucker blue,speaking of which just finished watching it on tv down here.............NICE BUILD
  5. matilda66 added a post in a topic Cuttin' up a Kenworth   

    got one of these kits a few years ago paid a fortune for it from the states to australia the orange issue never even built it dont even know were it went. but i see there is some serious cutting going on here ,love the paint job on those rims...

    MMM i might be to old before i see a new kenworth kit PLEASE W900L
  6. matilda66 added a post in a topic Where I can find a wheel like this???   

    spyders were always the more common tyre ,rim combo here in Australia but seems as though the aluminum 10 hole alcoa is now the prefered type seen on our roads less weight etc but yes they are dangerous i had splitrims on the old land cruiser not anymore

    most AMT/ERTL mack kits came out with spyders and i think the road boss and old gmc kits did as well
  7. matilda66 added a post in a topic h 61 mack   

    i once wanted all the wiring diagrams pluming etc for a superliner... MACK in brisbane where our Macks are built were more than helpfull. not sure if there still up there, rocklea i think is the suburb
  8. matilda66 added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    australian trucks ref
    heres a site that i find has quite the full house when it comes to australian trucks so i thought i'd post it for those interested..enjoy

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  9. matilda66 added a post in a topic bubblenose pete   

    that photo of the coe and harvester hood would be a great project for someone ,looks the part too....
    and thanks guys
  10. matilda66 added a post in a topic bubblenose pete   

    would these old girls be as wide as say a modern truck ? forgive me but where would one start referance wise dont see to many round here.. maybe Mr peterbilt Tim could pass on some measurements of a resin cab if he dont mind.... ,the truck i plan building is lets say a hot rod stretched frame rails, scratch maybe, a 377 sleeper on back those cool flares over the back wheels not to forget those big custom stacks finished off with a wild paint job the cab dos'nt seem to hard to build just need some basic measurements to get the ball rolling thanks again

  11. matilda66 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    bubblenose pete
    there does not seem to be to much info on these trucks via the net,would any of you guys know if it is possiable to get a resin cab over in the states...seriously thinking of scratchin the cab..but if i can get a hold of a resin cab that would be good

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