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  1. I didn't mean to personally challenge you, but ratter make some sort of a group build challenge, where a few people build a Tim-Boyd_themed 29APU. I think it would be interesting, because from what I see, even though you are trying to build a billet style rod, your traditional style is taking over. and it will be the same way with me. No matter how traditional I try to build a rod, my high tech style takes over. Either way, I'll take on the challenge.
  2. Definitely following this build. I've been contemplating building one of these trucks for a long time. Now I am inspired and motivated. Maybe make it a challenge for a "Tim Boyd Tribute group build".
  3. I love it. This totally my kind of build. Following.
  4. I got two of these bodies too and I can attest the the great quality. These bodies are just as good as the kit's part f not better. I have not started mine, but I have started work on the moredoor Duce, which is of the same great quality. To anyone who's thinking about ordering products from DragCity, all I have to say is order with confidence. Great quality product with equally great customer service.
  5. I've always loved that kit.
  6. No problem. I knew it was a long shot. Thanks anyway.
  7. I know this is like five months late, but I moved states and then the whole Corona thing, so all my hobbies (other than the bourbon LOL) were put on the back burner. I am still interested in that kit if it is still available.
  8. mrm

    Ferrari 312T

    I am pretty sure you can pull it off and you will have a blast doing it.Half the fun of these little gems is their simplicity and the great result achieved. They are super simple to put together, requiring no glue or paint and they display really well. This is what they look like in their package. Seven pieces if you count the two screws that hold everything together.
  9. mrm

    Ferrari 312T

    They are Japanese market only and have made pretty much all Ferraris. At least the significant ones. They come in series and the best way to buy them is if you find a complete box/set for sale on evil bay. They come prepainted and decaled already and are a total of like six pieces or so. Each kit comes with a tiny screw driver, as they assemble pretty much like a hotwheels car, except instead of rivets you have two little screws. They can be a lot of fun and display very well. hey can also get really pricey for certain models.
  10. So, what happened to the model A coupe?
  11. Interesting choice of color. Looks good What's up with the black windows?
  12. Lose the front axle and make front shocks. Will look way better. That's what I did with mine.
  13. Yes, correct. 1:24/1:25 for all the items mentioned.
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