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  1. Very cool so far! I’m following. I always wanted to build a rod with a W motor. I have four model A coupes planned, I just need to find the time. Plenty of motivation on here.
  2. Very very nice. I'm waiting on two of these bodies to arrive too. Will be following.
  3. Nicely done. There is a guy who is a regular at the local cars and coffee. His wife sometimes comes driving a GT like this - yellow with two black stripes, except that the stripes are the body work's carbon showing through. It even has all carbon wheels. Her interior is all black tho.
  4. Such a beautiful vehicle. I wish that model companies would make a model of this iconic car instead of making new tooling for cars that have been issued time and time again. This build is off to righteous start. Can’t wait to see it develop into a finished model.
  5. Hobby Lobby started carrying these japanese markers that are part of the Gundham series. They have super fine (0.25mm) ones that may be your ticket if you are referring to detailing the black lines inside the light clusters.
  6. I have done a lot of carbon in scale. I mean tons. I understand that in real life carbon comes in many finishes. What I was saying is that in scale, once clear coated carbon looks far more realistic. I have used many different clears, including lacquers and 2k. 2k works best. For some reason Tamiya’s clear dissolves the colors in Scalemotorsport carbon. Not the decal itself. Some Tamiya paints, just paticular colors, interact different. I am just trying to be helpful, that’s all.
  7. Nice job on the carbon. If you clear it, it would pop and become way more real like. Just don’t use Tamiya clear, as for some reason it eats these decals.
  8. Outstanding build. Everything on this truck is just perfect.
  9. Such a gorgeous car. Very nice job on the model too. You don’t see these built very often.
  10. This would be a great project, however the judges may give you hard time over the body. Based on your previous builds, I would expect that the frame rails and the front axle are going to be about the only parts left from the ‘29 kit. The way I read the rules is that it has to be more or less a 29 roadster, no matter how modified. Either way, I’m following this one as I have been playing around with the same idea in my head, except on a ‘32 base.
  11. Now this is different and very cool!
  12. I know it was said more than once already, but I’ll repeat it again. This chop is just perfect! I personally liked it better with the smooth hood.
  13. Well, the exhaust is solved. After many different scenarios and quite few mock ups, I settled on something that I believe I'm happy with. This should be just loud enough without being obnoxious for a family hot rod. Very clean and simple in tune with today's trends. I started by cutting the mufflers from the Foose pickup and grilling holes where the exhaust goes in and out. For the pipes I'm using solder. Next I sanded the mufflers smooth and wrapped them in BMF. I added just short pieces of solder for exhaust tips, which I curved and the end and then drilled. I cut up a pin to make exhaust attachments and got some photo etched nuts to detail them. After they were installed you can't see anything, but oh, well...I know it's there. The front portion of the exhaust was also made from solder and attached to the headers, which really tested my patience. making everything perfectly curved to match all desired angles w a major PITA. It all worked out good at the end tho. I forgot to clean up a sink mark right by one of the air bag mounts, which I just noticed. The solution? Make an access panel and play with photo etched screws, which are the size of a pinhead. Getting these suckers off that rubber backing is an exercise in self control. You just breath wrong and they are gone somewhere never to be found again. I thought a couple of them flew away, but miraculously I found them, which left me with extras. So a second panel was made. Why not? I think it looks cool. That brings the photo etched pieces count to somewhere about 75 so far. Other than the shocks and some touch ups, the underside of this bad boy is finally done. Stay tuned and thanks for looking.
  14. I wish I could say I laid down some clear coat and show you pictures, but I just did not manage to do that, because my son had a hockey game that I had forgotten about. What I did manage to do on this model tho, was to add the chrome trim around the fire wall with some BMF and to add some subtle pinstriping. When possible, I like to put decals and BMF under my clear. I also barely attached the beauty rings on the wheels, which I will clear coat over and that is pretty much it. Stay tuned and thanks for looking.
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