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  1. mrm

    32 Ford sedan

    Not my style, but very cool nonetheless.
  2. mrm

    T - Touring

    Now that the Delivery Deuce is done, I decided that next model I would like to finish is the T Touring. This will give me a short break from '32 Fords and will get this project, which started almost 5 years ago, finally finished. The engine is the chassis, after fixing whatever damage my cat did years ago and the body is affixed to the chassis. Of course before that the body got the usual wet sanding and buffing. Next, I had to build a new PE fan, the old one was long gone. The old belts survived and so did the accessories. The steering linkage as also painted. Thanks for looking and stay tuned....
  3. mrm

    T - Touring

    Thank you Alan. I would be happy if y ideas helped you out with your 1:1 project.
  4. Wow! Thank you guys. Everyone seems to like it. I wonder why then, we don't see more of them built. It is a great kit.
  5. Nothing too low?!?! It couldn’t be any lower! 😂 and just to give you heads up. Those “plates” sticking out on top of the frame by the front suspension need to be body color. So, if you are painting the body in different color than the chassis, you may want to address this now, before you go any further on the chassis. 😉
  6. mrm

    32 ford

    I understand very well what you are saying, but your woody (great looking model by the way, altho a little too long) is a completely different style and looks from a completely different era in hot rodding, than what Bruce is showing do far. My Seeet Victoria model has it’s wheel base stretched about 3 scale inches. The main reason for it was accommodating that big motor and it is still very tight under the hood. But what Bruce is doing is moving the firewall slightly back, moving a flathead V8 considerably back and moving the crossmember and grille considerably forward. That would be far more than 3 inches in real life. I am the biggest fan of the Boydster look (which you have achieved with your woody model), but this here is nowhere near in the same spirit. It is rather hinting at a different supercharger arrangement perhaps, which is why I was asking what is Bruce hiding up his sleeve.
  7. mrm


    OK guys, the Delivery Deuce is officially finished. I had a lot to deal with this past few days, so I didn’t take any more progress pictures, but a got it all done. I had few hiccups along the way, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. For some unknown reason, it turned out the engine was not perfectly straight in the frame. Correcting that after the model was pretty much finished was a very uncomfortable task. But after some sweat, sailor lingo and a bourbon or two, I managed to correct it without destroying anything previously achieved. Next, my OCD kicked in and didn’t allow me to get over one of the sparkplug boots sitting a touch higher than the rest, which opened a whole new can of worms, but now that is also corrected. The set of shocks I made turned out so bothersome, that I didn’t even attempt to correct them and cut them up in million pieces in my anger. I just made new ones, which are not 100% perfect, but I figured my sanity was more important, so I let it go. Now, weather permitting I will take pictures tomorrow and show off the Delivery Deuce in “Under Glass”. I hope you enjoyed the WIP and that you will like the end result. I had a blast. Thanks for looking and stay tuned.
  8. mrm

    32 ford

    Looks good, but a little puzzling to me. Why mount the flathead so far back and then move the front crossmember forward? Stretching the front hood would be in tune with something post Boyd era To accommodate an inboard shock arrangement or to accommodate a 12 cylinder. With the very traditional, so-far, style with bomber seats, flathead V8 mated to that tranny and skinny old school wheel/tire combo, it kinda doesn’t jive. I am not criticizing, but being curious. Are you hiding something up your sleeve?
  9. Many years ago, I displayed a model at a contest with a nice trophy it had previously won. And it disappeared right from the contest table. Not a doubt someone took it very well knowing it did not belong to them. I had the instructions for a model in "Box Stock" class disappear from right beside the model before judging, hence disqualifying it on technicality. So, as much as it pains me to admit it and as much no one wants to admit it, there are people like that at shows. Now, having said that, in this case it is very possible the staff found it and threw it away as trash. To us these are valuable stuff, but to many, like my wife for example, it could totally look like someone's junk they left behind. There is also the very possible scenario, that your box is in someone's basement, without them even knowing it they may find out they took it by mistake at next years show. I took a model to the Heartland Nationals in 2018, which just the other day I found out that I have no clue where it is. Did it disappear, or did I pack it in some box somewhere/ I don't know. It was over year and a half ago. Either way, Stuff happens and we shouldn't rush to blame people and even less so, to give up on the things we love. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I saw the movie with my two boys and I was very pleasantly surprised that it actually exceeded my expectations. The acting was great from all the actors, but in my eyes Bale stole the show. The only thing that irks me about this movie is actually the title. This movie is as much about Ford vs Ferrari as Million Dollar Baby is about boxing or Seabiscuit is about horses. This is a drama about two great friends and their struggles, failures and triumphs. And that’s why it is a great movie to watch. The FvF theme is barely a background to the real story in the movie. Shelby and Miles. But “Ferrari” Stamped on anything sells. Now you put Ford vs Ferrari (USA vs Europe) combined with some creative advertising and every rusted Mustang owner in US will go pay for the admission and popcorn, so they can drive home after the movie, dreaming they are behind the wheel of a Ferrari-beater. As far as pure cinematography, Rush wins hands down. It also wins bonus points for not being named McLaren vs Ferrari or Lauda vs Hunt. Also, someone commented that Roush was about J.Hunt, which Really made me laugh. The movie could easily have been named “Lauda”.
  11. I just bought the issue yesterday in Hobby Hut in Grand Junction, Co. I admire the persistence that led to this issue finally coming out and I am more than happy to finally have another Model Cars magazine in my hands. This contest issue has an overall improvement in quality of pictures, but to be 100% honest, still has ways to go to match the printed quality of the competition. Perhaps not rushing the printing process and obtaining a “ready to print proof” before the actual production could eliminate the problem of submitting really nice pictures and ending up with black cars that were actually green or purple or three models in three different orange shades that came out looking an identical red. My main issue is that this forum is so great, that makes it literally ages ahead of its paper counterpart. There is so much great folk on here, willing to share info, knowledge, experience and tips, that going through an issue with pictures from the beginning of 2017 leaves one asking “what’s the point?” The other issue is the choice of pictures and models. I have a stack of all the contest issues of both mags dating back to late ‘90s. There are amazing models in all of them and some models a true masterpieces. I am not going to comment the personal choice of a modeler bringing the same model to the same show every year for a decade, but publishing the picture of the same model in every issue (sometimes covering it multiple times under different events) is just plain irking. John Teresi’s models are beyond creative and nothing short of inspirational. The guy deserves every bit of recognition he receives. But making a special feature about him (really cool) and then using half the space for the coverage of one of the biggest shows, to show his models again (with the same pictures non the less) instead of other contestants is just poor editing. I did not participate in that show. Nor at any event for over year and a half. So I don’t have a horse in this race. And I really don’t believe that it was done intentionally. I just think it was rushed and I personally, would rather wait two extra weeks for my issue, if it meant it was properly edited and printed.
  12. mrm


    I don't know how great of luck you are going to have finding "make it suede". It's been discontinued for a wile now and you may as well rename it to "unobtainium". LOL
  13. mrm


    ....until the fat lady sings..... I believe the saying goes. LOL
  14. mrm


    Thank you kindly, Sir. I really tried to put some personal touches to it that I hold dear.
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