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  1. mrm added a post in a topic Revell '29A Hot Rod Roadster QuickBuild UPDATE #4 - Final Photos of Completed Kit and My Final Thoughts   

    I went to my hobby shop two days ago and asked for the kit. The owner told me that they are not out yet. I had a conversation with him about it close to a week ago. So two days ago when I was in his shop, he told me that as a matter of fact he just got response from Revell the same morning. They told him that there are only about 15 kits out there that were sent to special people to review them and to magazines. I told him I heard otherwise and he got aggravated and told me I can argue all I want, but these are not out yet. I did not say anything and laughed out loud when I found my copy of the kit in the mail today. I got it from  Mark Twain Hobby Center in Saint Charles, MO, for $21. 
    I would classify the kit as simply impressive. 
  2. mrm added a post in a topic Revell '29A Hot Rod Roadster QuickBuild UPDATE #4 - Final Photos of Completed Kit and My Final Thoughts   

    I have a question for the guys who are around street rods all the time. I guess it goes for both this kit and all the '32 Fords. When you have a triangulated rear latter bar suspension like this, do you HAVE TO have a panhard bar or the triangular geometry of the rods is enough? The reason I am asking is not to question the kit, but rather to inform myself for a future build as I have one of these on its way to me. All the pictures I have seen on the net with set up like this have leaf spring and plain shocks. And the ones that have coil overs always have a some sort of pahhard bar. I personally like the plain more modern look of Tim's built. I am just curious, would it be authentic if I leave it like that?
  3. mrm added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    Apparently, this is already out. My hobby shop told me they have about four on the shelf.
  4. mrm added a post in a topic 32 Ford Tudor Sedan   

    Love it
  5. mrm added a post in a topic T - Touring   

    I am still building it. 
    I just had to put a hold on my plastic projects for a little, in order to take care of some far more important things. It will be back on the bench real soon.
  6. mrm added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    I'll be buying some if htey followed in the steps of the other 32s. What I mean is that every reissue had something new/different in it. I would love to see a new valve covers/intake option or an I-beam axle. And dare we dream of a quick change rear…..
  7. mrm added a post in a topic Revell & Foose poll for 2 new kits   

    So, Are there any news about this? Rumors? Inside info? Educated guesses?
  8. mrm added a post in a topic What do you suppose this is ?   

    It's obviously a four door.
    But I don't think it is a Ford and I would be surprised if it is 1:24/5.
    This is most like a military 1:35 Citroen or something like that.
  9. mrm added a post in a topic '32 Victoria finished at last   

    Pretty cool. That's a sick motor.
  10. mrm added a post in a topic clear sprays...tamiya or testors wet look...whats the best...   

    Yes, some plastics bleed through. The main reason I switched to two part automotive primers. I built a lot of diecast models. Did a lot of Ferrari 355s. Both made by UT of Germany and by Hotwheels in 1:18. Started with red models as donors. Stripped everything down to find out everything is metal except the bumpers the rear lids and the mirrors. The mirrors were very flexible, rubber like material, but black in color under the paint. The bumpers were molded in a brittle red plastic and the lid molded in very flexible hard plastic.
    Had to paint one in white and the other in yellow. Both of them were done the same way. Strip all old paint, wash very well, air dry, tamiya grey primer followed by Tamiya white primer and then tamiya color. Everything decanted from their spray cans. In both cases primer was first perfect grey, then perfect white and then the colors were pure and as intended. Then sprayed Tamiya clear and everything changed……only at the bumpers. Both cars retained their color beautifully, except the bumpers. Funny thing was that the engine lids that were also molded in red plastic, but visibly a different kind did not bleed through. But I had a noticeably orange and pink bumpers.
  11. mrm added a post in a topic A Special Delivery   

    Yrs it is. I am not sure of which kind. I had some left from loooong time ago.

    No problem man
  12. mrm added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    Thanks for the great pictures Dennis.
  13. mrm added a post in a topic A Special Delivery   

    Thanks for the comments guys

    I actually looked at that birch plywood and was not a fan of it. I'll try the Balsa and if I fudge it up, I'll go the plywood route.

    Hi Shaun, everyone is saying go with the two doors at the back and it was what I was thinking about too. So probably that's the way it will go. I would not cut the roof tho. I don't think it would look good on a C-cab. About the steps - it already has two steps at the rear and one on each side.

    I need to finish a couple of other models I am building for people first, before I come back to this, but stay tuned…..
    Thanks for looking.
  14. mrm added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    The real one also has a roof rack, a different shape of the wood work at the back and numerous other differences. I still think it is a great kit. I've built a few of them in different variations and still have three more on my "started, but will they be ever finished" list.
  15. mrm added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    A really cool model with a lot of cool parts in it.
    I also believe this was the second release of the '32 Fords, right before the roadster. I consider the rat roastered a completely separate model from the roadster and not a reissue. Every single part on it, with the exception of the suspension is a new tooling.
    They are coming out with the '29 now some suspension parts that I am sure will find their way into more '32 reissues or hopefully new kits. I wouldn't mind (and it wouldn't surprise me) if they come up with a Phaeton, a Vicky and a B400. The Phaeton can use most of the interior from the Tudor and would need just a new body. The vicky and B400 can use the interior from the Speed Wagon and just need new bodies. And if they introduce little new details in each new release, they will definitely sell. A new motor here, a quick change there……We may even live to see a Deuce with a decent independent suspension.