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  1. Revell

    and why exactly is this in "on the workbench"?
  2. Thanks for the interest guys. So here is a little mockup of the engine. It is the Tudor block and transmission with its belts and generator, but the heads, intake, carbs, fuel pump and air filter from the '48 ford. I have not decided about the heads yet. I may use the Ardun ones from Revell's '50 truck. It all depends if they fit without sticking outside the frame rails. The frame got it's regular engine mounts cut off and it was pretty cleaned up and puttied. Now it just needs new motor mounts for the flattie and to be sanded smooth. The body got its cowl removed, rear inner fenders in place and the AMT Vicky's firewall installed. Now I need to transfer the cowl from the Vicky and I am pretty much done with the body work. Usually , no matter if I am doing a Deuce with or without fenders, I would roll the rear and have no fuel tank in sight. In the very rare occasion I would leave the tank in its stock location, I would at least fill out its outer edge. No this time. It is staying stock and eventually getting a spreader bar. And here is a quick mockup of the whole Deuce, which will pretty much give you ZERO idea of what the final model would look like. Stay tuned.
  3. Tamiya Toyota Supra: UPDATE 6/15/17

    Been there, done that. Project for the most part don't end up exactly as planned. At least that's how it is with me.
  4. So....what we have on the picture? Frame and body from Revell's '32 Roadster. Fire wall from the AMT '32 Phantom Vicky. Dashboard from Revell's '32 Rat Roaster. Wheels and tires from the '32 Rat Roaster. Flat Head motor and radiator from Revell '32 Tudor Sedan. Heads, intake and air filter from Revell's '48 Ford Convertible. What is not in the picture is the Duval windshield that will most likely come from the Phantom Vicky, the I-beam axle and finned brakes from Revell's '29 Roadster, hairpin radius rods from Revell's '32 5-window and the quickchange rear from the Paddy Wagon. And in case you are wondering where the "Black Widow" part comes from - it's the model Car garage Spiderweb grille and "hoods", which will receive a corresponding spiderweb steering wheel. It will be all black with a little red of course. Stay tuned.
  5. I already have like a million projects going, but one more can't hurt much, right? So this one has a somewhat clear plan for it. Keep it simple. Make up with as much kitbashing as possible for aftermarket pieces or hard mods. Keep it old school. Paint it in simple colors. Detail it well, without going bananas. This picture will give you a slight idea where this will be going.
  6. Looking for Doyusha showrods

    As the title says, I am looking for the four Show cars Doyusha released years ago. The Pink Panther The Invader The milk Truck The Bathtub I am not a collector of box art or a speculator looking to make a profit. What I mean is, that I am looking to actually build these kits and enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed - by building them. So they don't need to be in perfect condition, as long as all the pieces are there. I don't even care if they have boxes, as long as they are complete. Thank you in advance.
  7. AMT '40 Ford Tudor: 1959 Style!

    Beautiful build. I love the paint.
  8. '29 Model A highboy

    You are right. My mind was totally on Ford only track.
  9. '29 Model A highboy

    I am pretty sure this is not a 37 grille on the picture above. It is more like 35/36 grille.

    Thank you Wayne. And rest assured, it will be smooth. The "dimples" you see are actually splatter, because I left it on the kitchen counter, closer to the sink.

    And this is what the color looks right now, before it's polished. This will also give you an idea of the stance. This picture shows where the inner fenders had to be cut up in order to fit the front clip from the Foose Caddy frame up into the body. Engine color matching the interior. The engine compartment was all smoothed out.

    I found some pictures, to give you an idea of the color. An extremely nice and patient gentleman from Canada asked me to make copies of his Mustang in 1:64, 1:43 and 1:18th scale. This is what the color looks like.
  13. Very cool. I'll follow also.

    The red on the body has been applied and has been watersanded (paint corrected). Currently it awaits polishing, so showing a picture will not do much to show the actual color. However, I can tell you that in spirit of keeping this all Ford, the color (same you see on the chassis) is original Ford Mustang tri-coat. I had two cans mixed for me (one base, one top coats) when I repainted a 1:18 diecast for the owner of the real Mustang.