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  1. mrm added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Foose FD-100
    I really expected to see one of these on here already, but apparently I'll be the first one. 
    I received the kit a couple of days ago. My first impressions are great. I must say that the immediate feel I got, for whatever reason, was that it feels like a typical Japanese kit. Pretty simplified, but well done. 
    I did start it and most parts are already in primer that is drying, so pictures will be coming up. There are some really cool features, some silly ones. Some unexpected "extra effort" and some plain odd misses.
    Stay tuned. 
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  2. mrm added a post in a topic '32 Vickies (the more than three day project)   

    I am happy to say that I am back on this one. I am seriously trying to finish it up this time.
    Pictures coming soon. 
  3. mrm added a post in a topic '37 Ford   

    I love the color combo and the choice of wheels.
  4. mrm added a post in a topic Chopped Phaeton - April Update!   

    Very nice. I am working on a couple of Phaetons too, but nowhere near as close to the finish as yours. 
  5. mrm added a post in a topic QUICKIE BOX STOCK '30   

    Thank you guys.
    This is slowly but surely coming together nicely.
    Here is the body with the paint being cleared, buffed and polished. The decals are from the kit. 

    The dash fitted.

    Almost there.....

  6. mrm added a post in a topic QUICKIE BOX STOCK '30   

    Sorry this is coming together so slowly. Couple more hours on day four and the interior is coming together. 


    And the chassis has the drivetrain and the radiator in.

  7. mrm added a post in a topic Hot Rod "A" Coupe UPDATED 3/19/17   

    Love it!!!!
  8. mrm added a post in a topic QUICKIE BOX STOCK '30   

    I don't have much time for models, so I do a little bit at a time after work. Couple hours here, couple hours there........After a couple of hours on day three.....
    Engine is almost completely done

    and the chassis, missing only the rear shocks.

    stay tuned....
  9. mrm added a post in a topic QUICKIE BOX STOCK '30   

    So after day two, here is the score:
    Frame and drivetrain is painted in very dark blue. It is almost black. 

    The body was assembled, including the fire wall before it was painted. The color was chosen by my wife and it is a Tamiya aircraft color. 

    Then I decided I wanted to add a accent color to the beltline as seen on some trendy 1:1 rods. 

    It actually looks a lot better than on pictures. The reflections are making it look very uneven.

    The interior frame was also painted Tamiya "bare metal" and the radiator is wearing flat aluminum.

  10. mrm added a topic in On The Workbench   

    After quite a bit of time off model building, I need something to get me going again. I figured that the now really hard to get '30 Model A from Revell would be perfect for that. 
    So here is the plan:
    Build the kit box stock. Definitely outside my usual preferences, but much faster and easier.

    I am building it with the model A frame and the body channeled over it

    I am going for the NA tri-carb option and it will stay chromed. 

    Wheels will stay chrome too.

    Stay tuned
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  11. mrm added a post in a topic T - Touring   

     One of my cats got hold of the motor and did quite some damage to it, so I have to redo it. Also I was working on the interior and that is where I got stuck. I am not far from the finish and I definitely have to update the topic with some fresh pictures.
  12. mrm added a post in a topic T - Touring   

    Yeeeyyyyy....Wiring time...

  13. mrm added a post in a topic ProTouring '70 Roadrunner Revell   

    Very nice! I will definitely follow this one up.
  14. mrm added a post in a topic 64 Impala Lowrider !.... FINISHED ...   

    Lowriders are not my cup o'tea, but I always appreciated the craftsmanship that goes into building one - both in scale and in real life too.
  15. mrm added a post in a topic T - Touring   

    Some engine details starting to take shape.