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  1. What kit is that? I owned the real thing, altho it was '89 model. I built it up and it almost killed me. The real car that is. Altho iconic in 1985, it's a horrible car in many ways. I would still like to take a stab at this kit, especially if it's 1/8th scale.
  2. Sweet looking interior.
  3. I'll second both the opinion about the looks of the truck and the question about the wheels. Also where did the headers come from?
  4. Nice woody. Did you use the body from the '31 woody? What did you do to the cowl?
  5. I like the pink. For some odd reason. I would never have a real car in that color, but on the model it looks very cool.
  6. Rodney, this is one of the best Vicky Deuces I have ever seen in scale. Absolutely fantastic. Tell us a little more about it. I looked over the pictures, but it still gives me no idea what front axle did you use, what did you modify on it? What are the wheel and tires combos? and where did the quick change setup in the rear come from? Thanks for the great additions and keep'em coming.
  7. Great build and really cool color. Suits the car perfectly. I would just touch up the front shock towers and the radius rods' brackets with the orange color, to make them look as part of the frame and separate then visually from the chrome parts "bolted" to them. It would make quite some difference.
  8. The BMF trim was a game changer on this model. I really like it. Silver in general is tricky to make look "wet". It just absorbs light and hides reflections. I think the model came out great.
  9. Pretty cool. It's crazy how many models are coming out of the woodwork, that have not been shown before. Keep'em coming!
  10. Tamiya never made a 512. And "these old school kits" easily put to shame the modern Revell or AMT kits. I am pretty sure Robustelli are long gone. They were never really all that great in the first place anyway. Where they were irreplaceable was the 1:18 scale diecast. They made kits that would transform a Bburago toy into a decent model. Simply because back then (late '80s, early '90s) there were no high end diecast models. Great kit you have started there. Few pointers if I may. I would join Alex on the color. A Testarossa has to be red. Altho I would agree with you, it's one of those cars that look great in any color. Except in yellow. I grew up with yellow Testarossa near my house. As much as I loved the car, it just did not look right in yellow. About your engine parts. Considering how these cars were used and maintained to this day, you will not find one with engine parts in the colors you used. The valve covers and the red parts on top of the plenums need to be flat red, not glossy. And then the block and the plenums themselves should be just a plain flat aluminum. A very light dull looking almost white color. If you have, or can get, a spray can of Tamiya AS12 - Bare Metal Silver, it would be the perfect color for it. And I would not use any wash or anything. These engines never got oily or dirty or anything like that. About photoetched parts, there is plenty to be had on e-bay. Just search the seller "globaltoy" and search "ferrari" in his store. It is in China, but buy with confidence. Good seller I never had issues with. A couple of sheets of his emblems would cover your Ferrari builds for quite some time. I personally would stay away from photo etched wipers. They are total pain to fold to create a 3d shape and then the plastic kit part from Tamiya, still looks more realistic. I would just hand paint the mufflers with Detail Master Stainless Steel buffing metalizer and rub it out. Have fun building this kit, which with not much effort can be greatly detailed.
  11. Beautiful build Tim. The engine arrangement is definitely something else. What is the paint on it?
  12. I absolutely love seeing the vintage stuff. Maybe I have to dig some of my old stuff. They are not not great by my current standards but still hold a special place in my collection.
  13. I love it. Really clean build and the colors work very well. It definitely needs the black trim around the windows tho.
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