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  1. Nice! Very classy color combo.
  2. Really cool build. Especially how the rear fenders blend in. The air filters setup on your engine really caught my attention. Where did they come from? I would love to pop some copies of those.
  3. mrm


    Thank you. I want to run full hoods and be on the non-vintage side of things, so it’s kind of out of necessity. I like the Inglese setups on some of the current high end rods.
  4. Looking really good so far. pardon my ignorance, but what engine is that? Looks like a shortened first gen Viper.
  5. mrm


    Thank you. I’ve had that body for so long, that I had all forgotten about it, bought a second one, thinking it’s my first time getting one and then forgetting about both of them until the beginning of the year.
  6. Get an empty cigarette box and pull the foil from inside. It has the perfect texture for heat shields.
  7. I have built a Tamiya LaFerrari, which I superdetailed. Spent endless days and nights researching where every wire goes and what every hose does. Got every available aftermarket detail part for it - photoetch and all. And after it got put together you can’t see 90% of the detail I was obsessing about. To each their own, but if It was me, I would seriously consider what would be visible and what not and save a ton of time and effort.
  8. mrm


    Thank you. I have an amazing supercharged LS motor that is 3D printed in resin. And I can make it work, especially considering that it’s with a manual, but it just doesn’t look quite right with the rest of the car.
  9. mrm


    Saturdays are the only days when both my wife and I have a full day off and the kids have free day, so it is a designated family day. So usually I don't get any bench time on Saturdays. Today I got nowhere near as much done on the B400 as I would have liked, but here goes it. After the rear fenders got sanded smooth from their widening surgery, they were shortened significantly. You can see all the material removed on the right. The front cross member from the Wagonrod was grafted earlier and the supporting styrene strips were sanded and filled with putty. Now I can have a really nice bagged IFS. All indentations markings and sinkholes were filled so the frame rails can be sanded perfect before new crossmembers are made. Honestly, this is where most of my day went. Not in the frame, but researching and looking at different Deuce chassis from different builders. I think I have it figured out now. The second most time consuming thing was trying to decide on an engine setup. I don't want it vintage, but not super modern. Or maybe modern with a vintage feel. So far I came up with this - the SBC from the 31 Coupe with an intake from a sprint car motor I had, which will be a nice FI setup. Probably will use different air filters. This makes things a lot easier, because now I can use the floor from the 29 Roadster. The rear will be a quickchange, but with new axles and coilovers. As usual, the wheel/tire setup may change later on, but I am pretty much set on the body pieces. JF resin body, Phantom Vicky top hood with the smooth side hoods from the Dan Fink Speed Wagon and the grille shell from the Rat Roaster. I think it can get lower still on the front, but it would require different wheels/tires. Here are the new bobbed rear fenders. Normally I would have cut about half that much, but I am not putting exposed gas tank and just rolling the rear to cover the frame, so I think they are just right. Stay tuned and thanks for looking.....
  10. I love the color. I think it turned out great. I would definitely clear coat it tho. first it would bring more depth to it and make it even richer. It would definitely be shinier, which with a color like that is the way to go and last, but not least it would give it protection in more ways than one. Including during assembly. That's just my vote. Either way you decide to go, I think it is a great model headed in the right direction.
  11. This interior really came to live. Especially after the primer, when everything can be seen lot better. Looks like it's gonna be a killer model.
  12. mrm


    Thank you Dennis. That's a mighty nice Deuce there, on your picture. It is funny, how all the rodded B400s are black. I mean even the one Boyd built back in the '90s was black. And he did not build many plain black cars. I think it's the roof. And yes, I am aware of the spoke wheeled one Johnson's made. "Deucenberg" I think it was called. But that's the exception that proves the rule. I had a change of plans for the suspension by the way. I am going with the front from the Wagon Rod. For a whole bunch of reasons: -It's very well detailed, much nicer than the Phantom Vicky. -It's chrome plated. -I believe it is the perfect IFS for a full fendered rod. The Vicky one is neither here nor there for both fendered and fenderless applications. -It is air bagged and it is molded in dropped position. Which means that I can literally rest the fenders on the tires and be 100% realistic. -I have never used one or built that chassis for anything and it is a challenge. I have the front cross member already glued to the frame with the fenders, but it required quite a bit of surgery and right now is all clamped up. I will take pictures and explain what was done when it cures. Thanks for looking and stay tuned......
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