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  1. Heartland National in Kansas City

    I’m going too. Hope this time I’ll make it on time. Not bringing much, but will still make the trek. Leaving Friday night.
  2. Thank you. As of today, Thursday, the body is buffed out, the interior is painted and the engine is mostly done (need to plumb the carbs). I’m finishing it tonight, together with some other models and tomorrow night I’ll be driving to Kansas. I will be there this weekend for sure, so you’ll see it.
  3. Don't have much pictures of the progress to show, but here is one. Flames were corrected/touched up where needed and then wet sanded and cleared again. This is what it looks like after after this was done three times.
  4. Very nice. I love the detail and I think the color suits the style perfectly.
  5. Thank you. Glad you like it guys. Working on the engine right now. Its gonna be a supercharged SBC with Edelbrock goodies and some extra detail. I already touched up the flames and cleared them once. They are curing and tomorrow I'll sand them and clear them again, hopefully for the last time. I hope they will end up smooth. Stay tuned
  6. Thank you. Working on it. I have like 5 models to finish by next Friday.
  7. Just got done unmasking the flames. This paint job truly tested my patience and taxed my back. I used Tamiya colors for the flames and altho it is not really immediately apparent, there is Chrome yellow, Camel Yellow, Bright orange and orange in the fade, which is so subtle that almost looks like one color. There is a lot more work left, like touch ups here and there, light sanding and then the clear coats with sanding in between in order to smooth everything out. I am hoping to get it done in time for next week's Hartland Nationals. Honestly, I am not 100%satisfied with the flames. The fade is exactly what I wanted and so are the colors. I think the flames could have been more scaled down, so to speak, and "stretched back" more. Still not bad I think. Escpecially considering that I freehanded them with exacto knife.
  8. And of course, every crazy paint job starts with a crazy masking job..... Bare Metal Foil for the win!
  9. Flame job time This will take a day or two....
  10. Sorry for the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH pictures. Not some of my best
  11. I am using the Rat Roaster body. But I glued the side hoods to the body and to the grille. From there I sanded everything smooth and then rescraped the lines for the side hoods. It does create issues of the grille not sitting perfectly square, but after all the sanding and modding I've done, everything is fine. Uploading pictures now.
  12. This is moving along, altho I have not posted for over a year. I did not like the modified coupe body on the fenders. The more I looked at tit, the more out of proportion it looked to me. So I cut up a regular roadster body to accept the Phantom Vicky windshield and went from there. The frame started as Phantom Vicky, but end up getting so tweaked and modified that even tho it is immediately recognized it is actually about 60% different. Fot the rear end I scratchbuilt rear axle. It is made from aluminum tubing with quickchange that I cast in resin. I don't remember what kit the master came from, but I know I had to modify it, before I made the mold. The brakes are from 32 Roadster kit and the bottom radius rods are modified pieces from the ZZ Top Eliminator. Top ones are going to be scratchbuilt. The "horns" of the front fenders have been greatly modified to eliminate the spreader bar and to accept the grille which has been sunk into the fenders. The skirt under the grille also had to be very much reshaped. The reasoning behind all this work is because the fenders are slightly stretched and the whole nose of the car sits further back in the fenders. It is a subtle change that is not immediately noticeable if not pointed out, but it does miracles for the stance of the car, as the center of the front wheels is now almost in front of the grille. Speaking of fenders, the running boards have been filled and the rear fenders have been bobbed. They are not quite as high as the bottom of the body, but definitely much closer to it than the originals. At this point it has been painted with Kreatex acrylic paint and cleared with 2KClear, to create a workable base for the masking of the flames. Will keep you updated...........
  13. Collection pics!

  14. Pretty much, this is the look I'm going after
  15. Thanks guys. About wheels/tires I have not desided yet, but I want something timeless, traditional, but modern. Definitely staggered and raked.