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  1. Tim08

    Maisto 70 nova

    I see what you mean about the roof and quarters Snake. Both lines are just flat. I just blackwashed the wheels and put it on a trailer. The two that Geno has look much better. I do have the body and other parts of the Old Pro Nova. Im gonna have to dig that out sometime and fiddle with it. Thanx guys
  2. This car came up in conversation a day or two back. I got it at walgreens for about 10 bucks. To me the front grill and headlights look kind of funky. The engine, well, I'll just keep the hood shut. But otherwise it looks like a Nova to me. Looks ok on the shelf on a trailer behind my diecast 48 ford. Anyway, here it is.
  3. Ahh, the late 70s novas that rode sideways down the road. thanx faust
  4. what cobraman said...firecrackers and pellet guns. oh well
  5. awsome. got a couple maisto bikes. really looking forward to the parts pack dirt bikes
  6. Tim08

    69 Sleeper Dart

    Love the sleeper look!
  7. My wife got me a nice big ol comfy robe. My parents gave us a skyline chili gift card and 50 bucks each...LHS action there! As for plastic, we got our yongest girls plenty of barby, monster high stuff to keep me in clear window sheets for a while! Merry Christmas all!
  8. I owned a 72 years back, loved that car. I'm sure your uncle loved it. Nice job on it!
  9. Only seven, I think everybody was packing up by time we got there. Forgive me all, but I'm new to the show thing. It was interesting. Scored a 65 Impala kit while we were there too. I'll be better prepared when a show comes closer to home!
  10. Just got home. Was there a little late, Rained 99% of the trip, but got to see some very cool stuff, and met Donn Yost. Nice guy, and a very talented builder. He won several awards. His painting is beautiful. Awsome builders there. Got a few pics before my camera died. I'll charge it up and post them in a few.
  11. My Wfe and I are headed out right now, probably an hour from us. My first show. Wanna see what goes on at these.
  12. Hey Richie, try DAPM...Dayton Area Plastic Modelers. I've not been there, think it's mostly military stuff, great builders.
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