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  1. Well, I dont want to go too crazy. I'd say around 2-3mm would be enough thanks for the info btw. Appreciate it
  2. Good day Guys, I have been a silent reader, then I decided to purchase my own model kit. I started with a Honda S2000 Mugen made by Tamiya. Before I decided to start, I know from the beginning that I want to lower the suspension. Looking at the instruction, I don't think I can do the shortening the shocks route because the shocks seem to just stuck into place, not part of the structure. As you can see, the wheel and disc brake assembly is attach to the subframe, which then attach to the main chassis. There's no way to lower the subframe, CMIIW. Can anyone share a method or two here? I'm pretty desperate. At the moment, I only have very basic tools. And also this is my first build, so I'm no expert. The simplest solution is prefferable. Thanks guys
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. Really help me as a beginner. Unfortunately, I can only find some common tools and materials, which are not specifically for model builders. By common tools I mean like sand paper and car paint polish. If I can summarize, steps to achieve good paint finish are as follow: 1. prep the body by sanding (can anyone suggest which grit I should use?) 2. Several layers of primer (maybe 2? wet sanding after each layer, again any suggestion on the grit?) 3. Several layer of paint (wet sanding after each layer, again any suggestion on the grit?) 4. Several layer of clear coat (wet sanding after each layer, again any suggestion on the grit?) 5. polish using paint cutting compound Do you think my steps have the potential to achieve good paint job? I'm not looking for a contest-winning paint job, but at least I can achieve display-worthy finish cheers
  4. Hello guys, I'currently building an Aoshima Mazda RX7 and I've been looking for a complete tutorial on how to paint properly. Can anyone here direct me to websites or thread that has exactly what I'm after? I'm not looking for a contest-winning result, I just need the very basic painting method (from primer to paint, to clear coat and poliSH) cheers guys
  5. Thanks alot for the comprehensive tutorial, mate. Really aappreciate it. I did a bit of fiddling around today, and decided to try ur method. If possible, i might try cutting the boss neatly and move it to the lower control arm so than i don't have to make a new pivot point
  6. Wow.. Awesome answers.. Thanks alot guys. Can't wait to give it a try. One question, can you please show me the 'spindles' you are referring to on the picture? Sorry for the stupid question
  7. Sorry, didn't know how to add comments at first Thanks for replies guys As for realism, i dont care too much as long as ithere is some suspension Any other takers? Any opinions are appreciated
  8. Hello guys, A little intro, I'm very new in auto modelling world and I'm interested to learn how to build one and also how to modify them. I just bought myself a Mazda RX7 series 4 made by Aoshima and I also bought a set of aftermarket wheels. So my plan is simple, lower it and put the aftermarket wheels on and hopefully I can make it as neat as possible. Since I just got the kit a couple of days ago, I haven:t had a chance to build it, but I did look at the suspension part since I'm planning to lower it. Now here's my question. In this Aoshima kit, the wheels and brakes are fixed to the subframe. One lowering method I know is by cutting the spring shock assembly. But in the RX7, the setup is different. The brakes and wheels are fixed to the subframe. The srping and shock assembly is not part of the subframe. Can anyone help me with this? Is there any other method I can use to lower this kinda setup? Any tips are very much appreciated. I apologize for the lack of photos. If needed, I can post pics of the parts or the manual book Thanks in advance
  9. Good day fellaz, I'm new in this plastic modelling world. Currently I'm building a Golf GTI MKV by FUJIMI with BBS LM wheels by Fujimi as well. No other mods apart from the wheels, unfortunately. I'd like to use this opportunity to learn to customize plastic model kit. At the moment, I'm in painting stage. I have several questions regarding painting the model. 1. I;ve just finished painting the body, but unfortunately orange peel is showing up on every part of the body. I'm planning to spray clear coat on top of the paint later on. Do I need to sort out the orange peel now or after the clear? 2. If I have to do it now (before the clear), will the clear be able to stick to the paint? the reason i ask is that in order to smooth out the orange peel, I need to use some sort of polishing liquid. Will this allow the clear to adhere to the paint? thanks again, fellaz.
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