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  1. white00gt added a post in a topic New style superchargers in resin??   

    1:1 KR Does have a whipple and the Super Snakes used the Kenne Bell 3.2 Mamouth Super Chargers
  2. white00gt added a post in a topic Turbonique!   

    Just don't add peroxide....Pretty interesting that they used peroxide to fuel that thing, wonder how many mishaps they had correcting the mixture- peroxide can be very dangerous if played with
  3. white00gt added a post in a topic '03-'04 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Conversion or Parts?   

    The hood scoop went on the car in 01 as did the rear spoiler change, the rear of the 99 cobra kit might have to be modified for your car a little(dont really remember) I think it has the cut out for the dual exhaust, the V6 rear doesn't have any cutouts(as you know).The power problems for the 99 Cobra was due to a problem with the manifold that sparked a recall and the power problem was fixed .I would also love to see a conversion kit so I could make a copy of my 1:1 2000 Mustang GT.I would also love t osee a conversion kit to make the 03-04 Cobra, great car can make 400 plus HP with just a exhaust change and a tune close to 500HP with a pulley change on the supercharger- there are a few Cobras in my Mustang Club that make Dyno proven 600 plus horsepower with easy mods on them
  4. white00gt added a post in a topic Which Resin Part(s) or Conversion Would You like To See?   

    I would like to see a 99-04 Mustang GT ,
    and more casters(not just reliable resin) taking on the 82-93 Fox Body Mustang LX Coupe/Hatchback
  5. white00gt added a post in a topic Revell Hot Rod Mustang Street Machine. ( McLaren )   

    Nice job ,
    I had a 1:1 Capri that I converted to a 93 Mustang GT I loved the way the flared fenders set it off

    I think the Mclaren that the kit was based off could be the ASC Mclarens made by the same people that did the ASC Maclaren Mercedes Benz
    see the links:
  6. white00gt added a post in a topic MY VERY FIRST MODEL IS DONE :]]]]   

    Excellent Job, keep up the great work,
    my first model didnt even have paint on it-lol
    very impressive work!!!
  7. white00gt added a post in a topic 2009 Plymouth Cuda   

    Great job, and great concept- how about painting it Plum crazy purple ?
  8. white00gt added a post in a topic Jada's '06 Camaro Concept   

    Car looks amazing, love the wheels- how can I get in contact with Bob Dudek? would like to ask him to make a set of wheels for me
  9. white00gt added a post in a topic 2008 Mustang 'Bullitt' in-prog   

    Amazing detailing - great job love those Bullits(well love any Mustang with a V8) would have given my 2000 Mustang GT up for a Bullit quick(quicker for a 03 and up Cobra of course-lol)
    Just a suggestion - go to http://scalefinishes.com/ and order the exact highland green paint for your car
  10. white00gt added a post in a topic '99-'02 Ford F350 crewcab   

    FYI Drago and All,
    that link that's posted has a Virus attached to it : Drago You might want to re-post
  11. white00gt added a post in a topic Pro touring wheels   

    Great job, what are you using for masters, existing designs or custom work (might have a request)

    would love to see other designs you may have
  12. white00gt added a post in a topic No Fooling ! For Real......... Reliable Resin is Celebrating our 7th year Anniversary   

    Just read the post from the other forum and I think it's sad that one person has a bad experience and right away they want to jump up and scream fraud and flame someone,
    although it's been a while I have purchased items from Don, the quality was excellent and the service was bar none- he gave me his number and we spoke on the phone several times to discuss products he was selling and the arrival time of my products-

    I was also the one who started the thread requesting the fox body mustangs( ironically due to hand injury I still have not purchased one from him) if I did not have confidence in him I would not have asked him to make a product. So for those who start flaming and posting links to fraud alerts lets try and realise that the postal service as well as other delivery services may also play a role in issues with deliveries and there may be circumstances beyond anyone's contol

    I know it's not my fight but can't stand when folks jump up and try to bring someone down just because of one bad experience.....

    BTW Don time for a 99-04 mustang GT and a 99,03-04 cobra kit as well

    Keep on bringing us some new stuff Don,

  13. white00gt added a post in a topic SVT 1993 Cobra Street Machine   

    looking good so far, keep up the great work!
  14. white00gt added a post in a topic 1941 HOLLYWOOD GRAHAM - Posted for George 53   

    Nothing more to say but WOW!!!!!

    Amazing work Tree someday hope to have 1/4 of your skill(hey found something else to say )
  15. white00gt added a post in a topic 60's styled 2005 "RETRO-VETTE" COUPE   

    Amazing work/detail

    I know this has been covered a million and one times(now a million and two )Sorry did a search but couldnt find any tutorials
    but what thickness did you use for the leather and how did you get it to stay on without any glue "bleeding through", lastly where would you get leather pieces like that?