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  1. Not here its getting much colder. Thanks Alberta clipper
  2. Why don't blind people sky dive? It scares the hell out of the german shepherds
  3. What did the ladder say to the step ladder? You're not my real dad!
  4. The ballast resistor went out in my over head light so to replace it cost just as much as a new light. So I bought a new light. Upon trying to replace I can't back the screws out because the molly fasteners and screws are turning together . All I can think of is trying to pull everything down. Any ideas please
  5. I already have two cars I love and restored my 51 dodge with a 392 and a four speed and my high school 87 camaro which I ditch the 2.8l I now have a $5000 5.7L engine in which I built myself. Edelbrock efi intake.wilwood disc brakes front and back. I finally fixed the the rear hatch self locking/lowering mechanism. The camaro is my baby. I do plan on selling the galaxie to fund my packard clipper. If my wife had her way it would be a beetle to get next
  6. the first pic looks like its posing for playkitty magazine lol
  7. Wife is making me sell it because she says I have to many cars/trucks as it is.
  8. gator McClusky in white lighting/gator I know I just got the car
  9. I couldn't remember if it was L.S.TSB. or snatch
  10. I wish mine was a manual but my 51dodge is a manual so that's fun with 392 I put in it. The pushbutton chrysler is fun to leave with valets most the time it is sitting in the same place I left it. So if I went with a big block like a 460 or something is that taboo to ford guys and would I have to upgrade the tranny to a c-6
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