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  1. As I have always been told, and I may be wrong, you want to use the same material primer as your color coat and clear.
  2. Your weathering and detailing are always on point! The paint is outstanding as well. Superb work once again.
  3. Thats awesome. I know Mike and his car is super kewl. Actually all the cars in that group are amazing. Can't wait to see it finished.
  4. Thanks yeah I seen that one but not correct for stock appearing grill with screen mesh over it like what you have there. I'll have to keep digging.
  5. Well you nailed it! Looks spot on with the 1:1!!! By chance to you remember who's or where you bought it from?
  6. Super nice collection! How did you detail the grill on that Earnhardt Lumina? Looks spot on and couldn't quite see from the thread with the pics in it.
  7. Thanks! Those are super nice and would love to use them on a build I'll be starting shortly.
  8. Thanks for the tips. Gonna have to look into those options. I have sanding sticks but need to replace them. Kinda worn out. LOL
  9. I have a model that I'm going to be needing to do a lot of sanding on and was wondering, is there something out there that would allow me to "block sand" panels? I know there normal sandpaper and sanding sticks but I can never seen to get a smooth and unified finish to what I'm working on so thats why I'm asking. I'd imagine there has to be a something out there thats more rigid and allows for flat finishes
  10. You wouldn't happen to have a link to the hood pins would you? Can't seem to find them anywhere on the google search.
  11. Well the aluminum tube exhaust is dynamite looking. Never been a big fan of the kit exhaust on these Luminas. I dunno what issues you're speaking of as it looks perfect to me. I actually used this scheme in the online sim racing world bunch of years back. I was a huge Earnhardt fan growing up but always love how bright this scheme was and how it stood out on the track.
  12. Simply outstanding! The colors, paint job, stance, weathering, added details... All completely amazing! Absolutely love the detail treatment to the wheels and tires.Are my eyes playing tricks on me or do you have the kit exhaust on in one pic and in another looks like you redid it with aluminum tubing. Always was one of my favorite paint schemes but I've always been too nervous to try that paint job meself.
  13. Very well executed. That's the stance I'm looking for on my build. Gonna try lowering the front end by moving the spindle pins up about 1/16" and trim the rear springs down 1/16" to get the rear down. Thanks for the heads up on the interior color. Seems the general consensus is mixed on these builds. You have your die hard red people and then the Chevy Engine Orange peeps. Gonna do some spoon test spray outs on my own to see which my eyes like best and go from there on my build. Who's hood/deck pins are those and what is the 2 part clear coat you speak of?
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