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  1. rkeel

    FHP 02 Camaro

    Nice job! Those were one year only, and most Troopers liked the speed, but disliked the uncomfortable seats and the downtime in the shop! I built one and presented to a great Trooper friend at his retirement party. I'll have to get with him someday and get some pics of it.
  2. rkeel

    FHP 02 Camaro

    You are partly correct, for years FHP only used blue lights. Based on some studies a while back that showed a difference in visibility of red and blue depending on daylight or night, they started using a combination of red and blue. The lights either flashed blue only or red/blue, and a sensor in the lightbar controlled that. This first started a few years ago, not sure if they still use this system. Either way, when the lightbar is activated, there will always be blue flashing because in most states in the south blue indicates law enforcement.
  3. It is in the Motion kit, but it's one piece
  4. Happy to hear this, always liked the full bumper better
  5. Tim, did you see a 70ish full bumper Camaro coming from AMT?
  6. I saw a pic of their display of new and upcoming kits from a show on another board, looks like the early 70s full bumper Camaro Z-28 is on it's way too
  7. Absolutely, cause they bring big bucks now on the bay.
  8. The bed is from the Revell 56, had one lying around so I used it. Only modification I did to the bed was to lay down the bed rails, I just like them lying flat instead of angled. You might want to do that to yours, the 78-79 were the only years (I think) that had the bed rails flat instead of angled. And thanks for the comment!! Yours is coming along nicely!
  9. Here it is, figured out how to do it...kinda
  10. I built a 60 Flareside a few years ago, I would post a pic if I knew how LOL. Bought the 60 model on eBay, the bed had already been removed and poorly shortened, so I decided to go with the step bed. Raided every parts box I had and made a pretty cool "modern-retro" 4x4 with big block FE power. Turned out pretty nice, very happy with it.
  11. Kris Morgan makes a fantastic 73-79 Ford bed, pm him on Facebook or here. His website is Morgan Automotive Detail, but not sure if the Ford beds are on there. I'm all for the 59 Ford front end, of the 57-60 Fords it's always been my favorite.
  12. Can you share your method of fixing the passenger side tires so that the directional tread is correct? Very nice job on this one!!
  13. Looks good sir!! One suggestion, before you button that light bar down, might want to lower it a little closer to the roof. I drove several police cars with that very same Federal JetSonic, and they mount very close to the roof. So close that you couldn't really clean under them LOL!!
  14. Check the last post on page 2, get one from David Parsley, best I've seen. He makes the domes from real glass, so they will never fog!
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