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  1. My copy came in yesterday, and all I can say is unbelievable!! I haven't bought a whole lot of resin, but I do have a couple of Modelhaus products, and believe me, this one is in the same class. I won't go into all the details, but you guys hit this one out of the park!! Can't wait to see what you guys come out with next!!
  2. The biggest problem I have with this kit is the wheels. AMT cheaped out and molded the wheels to fit the regular kit 15" tires, where on the real truck the wheels I think were 17s. The kit wheels look, for lack of a better word, "dinky" on the truck. I got frustrated and just put it up, but then, I took one of the AMT wheels and modified it to fit a hogged out Monogram 1/24 wheel rim that fits the Goodyear Gatorbacks they put in the Mustangs and some others back in the 90s. Takes a lot of time, so I put it up again and moved on to other things. Once I found out about Joseph at Fireball Modelworks I contacted him, told him what I had done to modify the wheel, and he said he would cast me some. I'm going to send the one I have and get it done, and told him I had no problem with him offering them on his website if he thought they were good enough. He declined because he doesn't have a tire to fit them. However, once I send my modified wheel to him, I bet if any of you would like a copy he would cast some more, but probably only if there was some demand. Now that the kit is coming back, there may actually be some demand. I'll let ya'll know when I get around to sending it to him, just been very busy lately.
  3. I would buy a 12-16 Caprice PPV!! I currently drive an 08 Pontiac G8 GT, next best thing to a V-8 Caprice or Chevy SS!!
  4. 1967 Chevy Biscayne 4dr

    He Del, it occurred to me the Starsky and Hutch Torino wouldn't be too tough to convert to a 4 door!! Used to see a lot of them back in the 70s, even though the Nova was much more popular. Just what you need, right, more suggestions to create more work, LOL!!
  5. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Ah! That's my favorite beacon ever, the good ol' Federal CJ184! I know somebody that's making them from scratch, does a really nice job! His name is David Parsley and he had a page on Facebook if you want to check it out.
  6. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Another bang up job on this Nova Dwayne! I'll be in the market for one when they are available. I was with Lake Wales PD in Florida from 87-2014, they had Novas before my time, so unfortunately I never drove one, but the "old" guys swear by them, still say they were the best cars we ever had!! They had them in 77 and 78, all with the 350, the local sheriff's office had Novas too, but with 305s. Of course our guys would regularly blow their doors off any time they got the chance. You mentioned the 84-85 baby LTD somewhere in your thread, any thoughts of trying to fashion up one of those? FHP had those for a couple of years, fast little cars, but some of the guys didn't like 'em, said they were too small. I had a couple of 85 LTD LX sedans, they were quick too, like you said, 4 door Mustang!! Back to the Nova, I have a junker I tried to convert to a 4 door years ago, if there is anything you might need from it just let me know. I think it's the AMT but not sure.
  7. Let's see some police cars

    Actually not so fictional, FHP has a 40 Ford that some of the guys restored and it is seen at fairs and other public access events. May not look exactly like yours, but they do have one.
  8. new for 2018

    Forget the guard, I want a model of the truck!!
  9. new for 2018

    The Boss 302 will have a re-tooled front end, I've heard from a couple of guys it is much improved. I have an old AMT 69 annual, they were the only ones to get it right, but this Revell offering is supposed to be good.
  10. new for 2018

    I have three, but wish they had done the newer version, and I would love to see a 17-18, they are beautiful!!
  11. Looks very nice in white! I have one, but when I started it I was so disappointed in the kit wheels and tires I put it back in the box. Later, I modified one wheel to fit the Monogram Goodyear Gatorback Eagles, and it looks much better. I recently got in contact with Joseph at Fireball, and agreed to cast me a set. I've just gotta find the time to send it to him. He does not plan to market them however because he doesn't have tires to go with them. But, if you wanted to get some I imagine he would cast some more.
  12. AMT called it a 460, which like a 429 is a 385 series. It's closer to an FE, 360 or 390, other FEs weren't available in trucks. Nice looking truck by the way, love the color!!
  13. I bought one, too, and it's not bad, but also far from perfect. If you have ever seen the old Sam Walton F-150 that was made by a different company, this one has many similarities. I have one, and have compared the two side by side, they are exactly the same size, the Walton truck is missing the upper trim on one side of the bed, and the tailgate is very similar. The Walton version goes for BIG bucks because is was supposedly very low production, but I got a bargain on mine since both front wheels were broken off and the tool box lid was loose. I fixed the front wheels and just glued the toolbox door on, so now it looks decent. The two look so much alike I can't help but think the Motormax version was derived from the other one.
  14. Tim Boyd says they did, and someone else, sorry can't recall name, built the box art model. He said we will be very happy!!
  15. Lickin' my chops over this one. I'm retired LEO, but went back to work at a smaller University department (hence larger hobby budget LOL). At my first department we had 3 87s and later 2 89s, everything else was a Diplomat. No take home cars at the time, so we "hot-seated" everything. We would get to work early to grab a Vic from a guy getting off, cause we liked them better and dang sure didn't want to have to drive a Dip!! Later I had an ex-FHP 89 for a personal ride, one of the best cars I ever had, and a rare example that had clean seats and NO holes in the dash. Really looking forward to this car, one will be an FHP unit, love the black and tan, and the other probably my old personal car, in white. In reference to the tire discussion above, I would be happy to use the Fireball tires if the size is close, possibly even the old Monogram GT Radials, they looked fine on the Revell Caprice. Keep pluggin' guys, can't wait!!!!