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  1. I'm thinking about picking up the Monogram 56 bel air and throwing huggar orange on it with the chrome rims. This is looking like it's headed towards a gasser, possibly with a hemi.
  2. I'm with you. The older style wheels matched up well in a mock up last night. I'll post some pics today if I get a chance. Thanks TonyT! I appreciate the compliment on the color.
  3. OK, this will be a tough one. Shoot I might drop a hemi in it and do the street look.
  4. Thanks Doc!!! I get a lot of inspiration to challenge my skill set and push myself to go further watching your builds and you tube videos.
  5. Awesome thanks for the advice. It's gonna be a tough touch. I might drop a chrysler engine in it LOL!!!
  6. It started out like this, After A LOT of sanding it's now looking like this. Not sure if I want to make it a gasser with the old school wheels like these or make it a street/strip cruiser with these Trunk was cut open, will have Optima batter and fuel cell. Engine will either be a 572 variation from VCG resins, or I might go to the dark side and try a Ross Gibson rat trap just to see how they are. Or I might lose my mind and throw a Hemi in it. Can anyone explain why people put hemi's in bel Air's?
  7. Thanks, the color is GM Huggar orange. I'm going to start a build by build thread on mine. I'm looking forward to watching you continue with this build.
  8. It's funny you posted this, this is what I'm currently working on. SO if it's ok I'll tjrow my stuff up here for some ideas for you. I cut out the trunk after smoothing all the lines. Going to drop the fuel cell and battery back there. Probably going to pull another 572 from vcg resins, or maybe a RG rat trap. I'm torn between making it a lowrider cruiser with custom wheels, or a street/strip sort of thing with rear slicks and old rims.
  9. Thanks Manny!! That means a lot. The 572 is dope on a rope.
  10. I saw the center post mistake after I got it all done. I need to be aware of that next time. Here's a whole car pic
  11. 572 engine block and headers from vcg resins. Holley carbs
  12. Thanks, I take it you don't like that paticular kit? Here's a side shot of the front suspension
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