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  1. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 1964 Cadillac 'Superior Coach' Ambulance   

    VERY impressive work so far Mike! So much work involved in producing an accurate piece. Great job documenting the build up. Because, as I have come to realize, a lot of that work will likely go un-noticed on the finished piece by the average observer. I consider that a compliment when someone does not notice all the work put into a piece, because it looks as it should. I'll be following this build.
  2. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury. Mass. State Police   

    Outfitted chassis.  (aside from forgetting to glue the torsion bars down)

  3. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury. Mass. State Police   

    Tom, the decals will be those that are for the most part, readily available thru most decal sources. The era correct license plates will likely be custom made, as the color and style of the plates changed frequently during this period. Will have to check my stash first though, as I may already have them. Just a couple of quick updates, the basic chassis is shown in its final finish, save for outfitting. I attempted to give it that factory oversprayed look, while also trying to present neat and clean detail. It was sprayed in a gray primer first.  I then fogged in the French Blue along the rocker areas, letting it overspray onto the passenger floor area. I then sprayed semi-gloss black to the front subframe and wheel house areas and flat black to the rear sub-frame areas to simulate under-coating. Some of the semi-gloss black areas where not completely covered underneath, just fogged, as was the undercoating. For an area that is not typically taped off, I used a lot of tape to "guide" the oversprayed areas. The next photo shows the changes to the front spindles to achieve the proper wheel base. The pins were removed and moved forward, necessitating the relocation of the brake caliper to the front of the spindle so they will align properly with the front discs. Lastly, all four rims are complete, with wheel weights and valve stems.  These are the Charger rims with the Fury kits hub caps. At this time the chassis is completely outfitted. Just nit-picking it and doing touch ups.  Photos will be posted soon.  Thanks for looking. 

  4. Rdkingjay added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '68 Plymouth Fury. Mass. State Police
    Good morning all,
    I have decided to finally pull this kit out of the closet and give it a try.  It is a re-pop Johan '68 Fury police car, that I will build in Mass. State Police livery. To the best of my knowledge, we never had these in our fleet as marked cruisers, but as far as unmarked ones go, who knows, our fleet was all over the map during this period.  I will be mating the chassis, suspension and drive train from the Revell '68 Special Edition Charger to the Fury. As most of you know, the Furys chassis has molded in suspension and exhaust components, lacking detail and making detail painting a real bear. The first mod came to the Fury's interior bucket, which had to be cut to fit the charger chassis. The fortunate part is that the cut-outs are hidden by the back seat and they are also hidden, once installed on the chassis. Secondly, due to the fury not having the typical "boxy" engine compartment, I had to remove and greatly modify the Furys wheel houses from the Fury chassis and mate them to the Charger chassis, after closing up the top of the Charger chassis' front sub-frame rails. The Charger chassis also fell short of the fury body in the trunk floor area, so that was rectified with sheet plastic and styrene strips. Lastly, the Chargers rocker panels will be widened to better meet the Fury's body.  
    Its a fair amount of work and I'm not sure if using the '64 330 chassis again would have been the better choice, but I like the continuity of everything being 1968 this time.  More to follow and thanks for looking.

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  5. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 1968 dodge charger straight axle gasser with flipfront   

    Outstanding Richard, simply outstanding!!  Nice save.
  6. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 1970 ELDORADO by Cadillac (JO-HAN)   

    Beautiful paint job!
  7. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic Massachusetts State Police '60 Plymouth Wagon   

    Thank you all for your comments  This was a long build (almost two years) that I was very happy to complete. 
  8. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic "The Car"   

    Yes Lance, i believe your right, satin black or at least filthy enough from all the dust and dirt roads to appear satin.  There was one scene however, when the town Sheriff found the car in his garage and it appeared to be very shiny. This was also the scene when the mysterious red glow can be seen in the interior.
  9. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic "The Car"   

    Agreed! I have not been able to solve that one yet though...
  10. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic Massachusetts State Police '60 Plymouth Wagon   

    The before shots.

  11. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic Massachusetts State Police '60 Plymouth Wagon   

    More pics.

  12. Rdkingjay added a topic in Under Glass   

    Massachusetts State Police '60 Plymouth Wagon
    This started out as the Johan Plymouth Police wagon. I bought as a built kit. with the intention of restoring it to its present form.  Now, for those of you, not in the know, from the time the Mass Turnpike opened in 1955 until sometime around 1968, the Troopers patrolled  in Kelly Green and white Chrysler wagons, that also doubled as ambulances. Clearly, this is not a Chrysler. But my objective was to take a glue bomb in dire need of restoration and make something of it.  The chassis, suspension, entire drive train and engine compartment were all sourced from the '64 Dodge 330 kit.  I disguised the 383 to resemble the 361/395 HP Golden Commando.  The interior tub from the Johan kit was greatly modified. I removed the flat floor and transplanted the floor from the 330 kit, to get the transmission tunnel/hump. I also removed the third row, rear facing seat and "folded" down the rear seat for clearance for the gurney.  I was able to save the original radio equipment, just detail it a bit. The rest of the emergency equipment came from the AMT rescue van, but some of the equipment appeared to be out of scale, so I had to modify them a bit, Most notably, the fire extinguisher. The wheels/tires, new front and rear bumpers, glass, rear view mirrors and tail lights all came from Modelhaus. PE'ed parts include the hood letters, window cranks and battery clamps. This was a difficult build, primarily because ref pics were very hard to find and all were B/W. I would like to recognize the following people for the their assistance in helping me give this car a new lease on life. When I post the "before" pics, you'll understand what that means. They are Tom Sheehy, Dan Danahy, Hervey Cote, Dave Mackay, Bob Bricker and from our MSP Museum and Learning Center Tom McNulty and Mike Slepetz. 

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  13. Rdkingjay added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    "The Car"
    Grabbed this from ebay a couple of years ago and while the rarity of these things has jacked the price, I was very disappointed in the final finish of the model. It came with its original box and base, but I wanted to display it,  so I completely disassembled it, sanded, then re-cleared it. I followed that up by a three stage polish process. While the car was in pieces, I decided to light the headlights and give the interior a red glow that one of the real movie cars had in a scene of the original movie. Which coincidentally, is also one of the few scenes in the movie, that the car has a very clean glossy finish. Hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

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  14. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic "Not another General Lee?! **11/24/15 ENOS STRATE AUTOGRAPH**   

    Another autograph, from none other than Deputy Enos Strate!  He made an appearance at the Hazzard Hoedown at the Cabbage Patch in Port Orange this past weekend. Unfortunately, I was not able to be present, so a trusted friend took my general to the event. Sonny was very talkative and personable and while I'm thrilled to have gotten another cast member autograph, I'm pissed that i couldn't be there in person. Just Like Catherine Bach, he was very careful with the car, as you all can see.  Now I know some of you are cringing at the thought of black Sharpies being dragged across my paint job, however, I could not be happier and I will continue to show this car as model shows come up. Take care and thanks for looking. 
  15. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic Ponch's Firebird from "CHiPs"   

    LOVED that car and series. Great job on your model.