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  1. I found this one in a Hobby shop, after the owner of the shop bought a collection. It is the Johan 1960 Plymouth Police Wagon. From the mid 50's to the late 60's, Mass. State Troopers patrolled the Mass Pike in Chrysler wagons, that doubled as ambulances, similar to my Plymouth version here. New bumpers, glass, wheels and tires, to name a few from Modelhaus. A widened and lengthened chassis from the Lindburg A330, which also donated its running gear, engine and tranny. The before and after pics are about 2 years apart, but I tried to stage the "after" pics in the same manner as the "before" ones.
  2. Reworked MPC 1/16th version. Auto'd by Catherine Bach and Sonny Shroyer.
  3. Fantastic build and creativity. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the ghosted 01 on the doors. What scale is this?
  4. What a save!! While we are all our own worst critics, I'd be thrilled with the final result. I'll take a glue bomb resto any day over a fresh kit. I have a Johan Plymouth police wagon I did a similar job on a few years ago. Judging by the colors, build style and generous use of glue, I wouldn't be surprised if they were both built originally by the same builder.
  5. This model started out as a Galaxie 500 Promo, donated for this project by Tom Sheehy. Next month, this car will be on permanent display in the Mass. State Police Museum and Learning Center. This promo was the only one out there that has the correct roof for the Ford 300, which is what our 1:1’s were, back in the day. Aside from having to sand off all of the extra trim, and fill in the fender spears, I also had to scribe out the seams between the front fenders and rockers as well as the front cowl. The rest of the seams were also opened up. The most tedious job was to build the window frames. Not fun and very fragile. I have three AMT 63 Galaxie kits missing various parts but they each have the custom rear taillight/valence piece, that I had to heavily modify to replicate the base 300 look, as opposed to the much more ornate chrome egg-crate piece that came on the promo. The grille section is original to the promo and faded enough to replicate a stainless appearance. I cut it away from the original bumper. I then used an AMT bumper. This allowed me to paint the small filler between them and have a more accurate looking front end, that isn’t straight shiny chrome. Rims and tires are also from the AMT kit and the hub caps are resin pieces that Tom also donated. The Ford emblems are photo etched and the door locks are actually styrene rod, that are inserted thru a hole in each door. Better than a paint dab I think. The interior is painted in an actual Ford interior color and the radio gear are parts box resin pieces. The bubblegum machine and spot light are also parts box pieces and the antenna is scratch built. I painted this in my usual two stage basecoat/clear process, with real French and Electric Blue. The clear laid down perfectly, with not one spec of dust, so it required no sanding or polishing out.
  6. Thanks for all your tips men. I have a few extra grills for my '63 ford that I can practice these techniques on.
  7. Greetings gents, Anyone have any good tips/results with making molded in chrome headlights look more realistic? Perhaps a paint trick or something else? I always hate seeing these, rather than separate clear lenses. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Good morning gents, Does anyone know if a decal set exists that has the ford thunderbird type 390 engine logo? Thanks in advance
  9. Matt, that looks pretty good to me. If your skills as a builder have progressed, maybe a light resto/update is in order. But from the pics, it looks fantastic!!
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