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  1. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '69 Charger R/T   

    Great job. Love the interior touches.
  2. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic Lindberg Michigan State Police charger   

    Very well done sir.
  3. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 1971 Torino GT - For a friend   

    Great back story! I love tribute builds and the stories behind them. Great job on the model and nice save with the wiper/oil filter issue. Interior is gorgeous.
  4. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 69 COPO Nova COMPLETE, Finally (PIC HEAVY)   

    Beautiful!! First photo looks like a real car. Amazing build!!
  5. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '68 Mass. State Police Fury   

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. This project was a real bear, no pun intended. While I am not anxious to do another, I likely will. I have a vintage 70's Revell Monroe Handler Mustang with a very in-correct ladder frame. I also have an AMT Special Edition '89 Mustang GT. You see where I'm going with this?  Thanks again and Happy New Year.
  6. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas Highway Patrol   

    Beautiful. Very well done.
  7. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 1948 Ford Sedan Coupe Super Deluxe   

    Wow!  Looks like 1:1. Amazing!
  8. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '73 Dodge Charger   

    Amazing! Looks like it just came off of the track.
  9. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic Utah Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Taurus   

    Very well done. Especially the interior!!
  10. Rdkingjay added a topic in Under Glass   

    '68 Mass. State Police Fury
    Finally complete after 11 months. Once again, thank you to forum member Tom Sheehy. Tom is a kit bash master for these old kits and he gave me some good advice at the on-set of this project. I picked this kit up, un-assembled but open, along with my recent '60 Plymouth wagon MSP build, about 3 years ago.  Like the '60 wagon, I opted to do a chassis swap to get a more detailed look, over the curbside chassis provided in the kit. My '60 wagon used the Lindburg 64 A330 chassis and was an easy drop in. Such was not the case for the Fury. I used the chassis, suspension and engine from the '68 Revell Special Edition Charger.  Right from the word go, there were issues. The Fury's interior tub had to be cut behind the back seat to allow it to sit on the Chargers chassis properly. The top of the Chargers chassis floor then had to be ground down as well, for proper fitment of the Fury interior. The Chargers chassis then had to be widened and lengthened behind the rear wheels to meet the inside of the Fury's rear quarters. Then, I had to cut the round front fender wells from the original Fury chassis and adapt them to the Charger chassis to achieve the proper look of the engine compt.  Fury's did not have the typical boxy engine compartments that most Mopars of this era had. I opted to use the Chargers firewall, due to the amount of detail it provided and because it was a relatively good fit in the Fury body.  Other than the above mentioned items, not much else was modified. Detail was then my goal. The engine is wired, has a fuel line and filter (hard to see), cooling and heating hoses, battery cables and clamps, washer reservoir hose, wired wiper motor and wired siren and horns. I also cut mud flaps for the inner fender wells from very thin cardboard. The header panel for the hood spring and striker is scratch-built and the grille has been hollowed out and filled with very thin metal rods to simulate the grill. The interior uses the kits supplied radio gear, but the mike cord is coiled wire. The seat material is actually 3M Micropore medical tape that when painted, gave the seats a material, rather than vinyl look.  I left the front door windows out and "rolled" down the rears. The chassis has a very unfinished look and it drives me crazy. It was sprayed in gray primer. then fogged along the edges with the french blue, as if the car was built as a french blue car. Then the Electric blue was sprayed in with "not the best" tape lines under the rockers, as it might have been, when the Electric blue was applied later at the factory. The rear of the chassis and front sub-frame where then fogged with semi gloss and flat black to simulate the black chassis finish and under coating. The lack of clean tape lines makes me a little crazy. The front lower control arms are done in a color I mixed up, to look like the cosmolene rust inhibitor finish.  The finish on the car is standard MSP livery. Authentic French and Electric blue. Three coats of clear then polished out. Fender numbers did not appear until the early 70's. The hood and trunk "Plymouth" scripts were BMF'd prior to painting then, following each coat of paint, I removed the paint from the letters with a Tamiya q-tip, then cleared the car. The result is nice chrome letters. PE'd parts include, hood ornament, valve stems, wheel weights, door locks, hood striker, wipers, radiator cap, battery clamps, battery hold down and tray and window cranks. Scratch built items are the spotlight arm, antenna mast and turned down exhaust tips. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I share my tips and tricks. Thanks for looking and take care.

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  11. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury. Mass. State Police UPDATE 8/25/16   

    Charlie, there are a couple of co.s making them, but these are custom made decals that I had in my stash.
  12. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury. Mass. State Police UPDATE 8/25/16   

    Finished the BMF and decals today. Following some minor touch-ups and detail painting, I should be ready to clear it this weekend. 

  13. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 1964 Cadillac 'Superior Coach' Ambulance   

    Unbelievable work Mike.
  14. Rdkingjay added a post in a topic 65 Belvedere Kansas Highway Patrol, updated 12-26   

    Progressing very nicely Steve.