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  1. will be watching this thread closely.
  2. now i can get with more builds like these. keep up the great work!!
  3. nice start! where are the wheels from?
  4. LOVE this build man you gotta do a tutorial for the flairs!
  5. i swear we have the worst dollar themed stores on this continent. I can NEVER find the steals and deals in these stores here. I've waited two halloweens and 4th of july's to see if any of them would get the fiber optic flashlights and they have yet to get them. I cant even find cheap legos to make my casting boxes.
  6. im sad to say i didnt have the same level of success using this method...the car might still be salvageable, but at this point, im not betting that it can be...
  7. man this looks nice...will be following this build...
  8. probably...but imo...$60 was a great deal... i will use this soley for my models so, it was worth it to me. but thank you for your input though...
  9. dang this is dope...really clean...
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