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  1. Everyone's building these killer trucks. I have to get in on this. Great looking mods so far, I'd personally love to see the build up of the frame. Keep it up.
  2. I like pro street cars but i don't usually look to much into the builds on here. Then I came across this build and I couldn't stop looking. I went through all 10 pages and the two things that really kept me looking was the cool detail you were putting into the motor and the color combo. The color combo is so different, especially for a pro street in my opinion but man it just works. Very nice build.
  3. Another killer build of yours I'm glad I found. Some very nice work your doing here sir. I look forward to the updates.
  4. Wow! Just wow! The custom stuff and craftsmanship your doing in this build is crazy. A lot of inspiration and stuff to learn, I'm glad I finally came across this build. I'm pretty sure I might have seen it on Facebook or Instagram but can't remember where. If so lmk where I can check em out at. I was also wondering how you got the license plate holder and gas cap to pop up and stay up? Just a killer project. Can't wait to see more.
  5. Any build that starts out with "it will be on the ground" always makes for a good start. Liking the motor compartment and the rear end so far. Can't wait to see more.
  6. Very nice build. Love the tire and rim selection. I used to drive a slammed 83 blazer in high school. Still by far my favorite body style.
  7. If this goes right along with your 1:1 builds I'd love to see some photos.
  8. What a beautiful build! Stance, wheels, and how everything looks just as wet as the day you sprayed it. nice work.
  9. You got a lot of killer projects going on here at once. I don't know how you work on all at the same time. I work on one at a time little by little..haha. I'm diggin the Bellum build, love the headlight bezels. I'm also really diggin the Fames new grill with skull. Did you make the skull from scratch?
  10. Then I had to make a piece for the open area. This seemed to be a lot harder then it looked. It was such a funky shape with some weird angles. Think I did alright tho Started with a flat piece. Little by little I bent and shaped it as I went along. After I glued it in and did some light sanding. Still needs body work and more detail. That's it for now. Let me know what you all think. Thanks for looking.
  11. The whole purpose for the motor cover was to incorporate the hood emblem. I lined it up straight, outlined it, and started cutting. I cut the front mount off the emblem and made a bracket for it that gives it a floating look.
  12. Haha alright alright. I'm trying to be better at this so here's an update. Thanks for the support fellas.
  13. Really liking what you did to the bottom side. I was a big fan of the first rear rims that were deep dish because it's exactly what I want to use on my 32 ford sitting on the bench. Then you whip out the current rim setup and they end up being a perfect fit for this build, especially after you black washed them. I have a lot to learn. Can't wait to see more.
  14. Awesome! This has been a huge help. Thanks again for all the advice Richard. Looking forward to the rest of this build and all the rest that follow.
  15. Looks good Andy, it's getting there. Can't wait to see it all finished and laid out.
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