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  1. Cody60D added a post in a topic Making my 1:1 1:18-Shrinking A CORKER-Update 4/1-Coupe Body Dismantled   

    The 318Ci arrived! Not being one to wait around, I cracked the model apart, but not without a few pictures first.

    However, the model wasn't without it's small flaws. Nothing some Jasco paint remover couldn't remove or so I thought.

    Ends up the motor from the Kyosho 328Ci convertible I bought wouldn't fit in the 318/328 bodyshell without major modification

    No matter, as I quickly bought a correct motor for the molding.

    After these photos were taken I texted my girlfriend that I spent my afternoon with a stripper, much to her bemusement.

    I have had problems getting the paint off without steel wool. The clear coat came right off, but this base coat still remained steadfast.

    No matter. I bought brake fluid to fix it.
  2. Cody60D added a post in a topic Making my 1:1 1:18-Shrinking A CORKER-Update 4/1-Coupe Body Dismantled   

    Update for 3/30

    I did a test earlier today-I peeled both lenses off my E46 328Ci and did a scientific test-A small jar of acetone, and a jar of denatured alcohol. Both given identical time to do their thing. The alcohol worked beautifully. Ends up that alcohol is the solution to my problems.

    I have already repainted my test headlight to the appropriate shade for my needs. Who knows the fate of my 328 body!
  3. Cody60D added a post in a topic Rehabilitating a Broken 1:18 993 Turbo-Update 3/30-Body primed   

    Update for 3/30/15

    On Saturday, I stripped the paint off the body. I forgot how nasty that paint stripper was! It hisses and sizzles as it eats the paint away into little bits.

    The more I went on and the more misfortune befell me (Acetone ate part of the wheels) I decided a pseudo-rat rod style 993 would be the best decision for this. I abandoned the straight-mod idea after I found that I didn't want to disassemble the back of my prized Porsche 993 Turbo to make a resin casting of the spoiler. I decided to spraypaint the wheels matte black and soldier on. I cut down the window frames on both sides since the windows were damaged on each side.

    Painted wheel here-

    Here's the primed body parts. I primed the body parts before I primed the body.

    Here's the body as it's drying in a disused bird bath.
  4. Cody60D added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Rehabilitating a Broken 1:18 993 Turbo-Update 3/30-Body primed
    Last week when I bought a 993 Turbo for $13, I had no guess what I was getting myself into. I saw in the photos that it was missing an engine cover and a turn signal. However, what I got was something on several different levels.

    Oh? I was surprised to find that the package was left in the mailbox. I knew at worst I would have wasted $20 and had something to post in Diecast Disasters. Something in such a small box? Goodness.

    Anyways, I soldiered on, splitting the box open like a fish.

    Oookay? The only sign of a car is the weigh. Otherwise-had I been duped?

    Oh-thank goodness. It's in better condition than I expected. It is down a headlight but has a whole side window that wasn't shown in the listing, with the other one broken half off after the smoker window.

    BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! The paint on the hood was beat.

    During disassembly I used the youtube technique of a screwdriver and broke off the wheel attachment stub on one of the wheels. In an act of panic, I cut out the broken wheel stub.

    Here's a "Glamour" shot of the rear of the car.

    I then went to a hobby store and bought some 3/16 inch carbon tubing and cut off a tiny section and put it in the now clean hub. With some sand paper I was able to file it down to where it is almost flush with the wheel, so that it will fit like the old one did. Sadly I had to spend $8 on the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH tubing!

    Anyways, with that fire out I was able to continue on. Scanning through the hobby shop, I planned the repaint. I didn't want to repaint but seeing the chipped paint on the front and other scuffs justified a full strip down.

    Hmm... what color? Since I didn't want to lose what the beautiful red interior offered me, I had to work around the colors that were already there. Royal blue? I found a beautiful can of Tamiya Racing White paint for this car. This will be my repaint I am focusing on legitimately doing right as opposed to spraycanning it and just having sorta glossy paint. One of the things that is good about diecast is that it's gonna be easy to polish it up compared to plastic!

    Today, when I get home, this will be stripped off with epoxy remover now all the plastic is gone, and the wheels with a pretty bad degree of wheel melt will be cleaned off with oven cleaner. On the rear wheels I do need to know how to clean off the rear wheels without stripping the paint off the brake discs.
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  5. Cody60D added a post in a topic Making my 1:1 1:18-Shrinking A CORKER-Update 4/1-Coupe Body Dismantled   

    Made a test printing of the decals at the size I need them to be. Used an E46 M3 GTR model since it for all intents and purposes is just like my car.
  6. Cody60D added a post in a topic Making my 1:1 1:18-Shrinking A CORKER-Update 4/1-Coupe Body Dismantled   

    That's a really useful tip! The funny thing about this Kyosho which is a higher end diecast is that everything is either glued in or screwed in. The doors are screwed onto their hinges and the same with the hood parts.
  7. Cody60D added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Making my 1:1 1:18-Shrinking A CORKER-Update 4/1-Coupe Body Dismantled
    How early is too early to create a custom thread? Anyways my first serious project for a custom model is recreating my 330Ci in 1:18 scale. I am fortunate to drive a BMW 330Ci which was also coincidentally my first car (the BMW was the car that made the most sense for me to get from a repair logistics point and also my dad insisted I own the car that saved his life from someone who ran a stop sign 10 years ago).

    Anyways, she's been a lovely automobile to own. I slowly started to change the rules I made when I got her as a lucky find right after I got my learners permit, such as no bumper stickers (Broke that a few months when I got a New York Mets sticker to honor a friend/mentor/teacher who died unexpectedly)

    For my build, I bought a BMW 328Ci which is not only Titanium Silver Metallic like my car, but has the right BMW Style 68 wheels. However, it was a convertible. I was able to find one with a broken windshield frame which would be brutally cut apart for its wheels, motor, and exhaust. However, I needed a coupe for my build, as my car is obviously a coupe. I scanned ebay for a few days, looking for various E46 coupe models. Green and blue 328Ci's with tan interiors. I then remembered Kyosho made a 318Ci, with a piddling 1.8 liter inline 4. In addition, it was steel blue metallic. However, the interior is the right color for what I need-Gray. My plan is to send the body off to the man who runs www.modell-dealer24.de and have him repaint it Titanium Silver Metallic as I don't have the skills or facilities to do it the right way like he does. His website shows a resprayed 8 Series with a beautiful repaint job. My idea is to use the motor, exhaust, and wheels of the 328Ci and put them in my car. In the meantime I need to learn how to turn amber turn signals clear, make/find an automatic shifter, have my stickers reproduced as decals, and try and find someone who could help me get a decal/laser etch part of my car's badge all for a smallish budget.

    Today, the 328i I bought for the Style 68 wheels arrived.

    As soon as I opened the box I knew why I bought this damaged model-to hack apart!

    The wheels are now off!

    Here it is, with the interior removed.

    Now, it's all apart. I am currently wondering if I can use the same undertray from the 328 Cab with the 318 body.

    Those are all the posts I have on DiecastXChange up to now for the thread. When the 318 Coupe comes in I will post the dismantling and test fitting of that car before the stripping.
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  8. Cody60D added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Last week I tore down a 1:18 Kyosho 328Ci for a build of my 1:1 BMW 330Ci.
  9. Cody60D added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    How to make already painted turn signals clear

    I am returning from a long hiatus to ask a question. I am kitbashing a couple of 1:18 Kyosho BMW's to make my real life car as a diecast model. I have browsed DiecastXChange looking for tutorials on how to remove the amber from the corner lights. Here is a picture of the headlight from my source model:
    And a photo of the headlight lens showing the amber end

    And my car for reference
    Thank you!
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  10. Cody60D added a post in a topic Photography questions   

    Hate to brag, but I have a Bridge (Halfway between a DSLR and a P&S) which has a big lens and a small sensor for super macro work,
    Canon 60D DSLR for larger work (Big pictures) for better pictures, and an old 20D DSLR for places I am afraid of taking my 60D.

    Invest in a good bridge camera, as they will pay you back for many years. I recommend the Canon bridge cameras personally. Awesome super macro modes, and awesome functions
  11. Cody60D added a post in a topic Poor Revell QC   

    Link Please?
  12. Cody60D added a topic in General   

    Poor Revell QC
    For once, my lack of skills haven't left me upset in a build.

    I opened the bag of tires this afternoon for my Ferrari California kit, and laid them out to organize them by fronts and rears. I saw immediately that I had 3 rear tires, while I only had 1 front tire. I am extremely annoyed, and I don't know what to do at this point. Email them?
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  13. Cody60D added a post in a topic Porsche 959   

    Excellent approach to an awesome kit! I recently finished mine, which was my first Tamiya kit. Keep up the good work!
  14. Cody60D added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Revell Audi R8 here, being that the 612 is mostly finished
  15. Cody60D added a post in a topic Why Do We Build Models???   

    Because I decided that sitting all day on the computer during summer break isn't a fun way to spend it. I decided after 4 weeks of doing nothing, I wanted to make a model kit. The best 3 AM decision I have made to date. This current (and my first) real kit since 7th grade is going better than I would have ever imagined