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  1. Dragsterbus added a post in a topic 1967 VW Drag van(finished)   

    Looks great dude, i like the name too,
  2. Dragsterbus added a post in a topic 1967 VW VAN (INSANE IN THE MEMBRAIN)   

    You're welcome , no problem posting the pics, i'm a bit blown away that you guys are making models of my bus and i love any kind of creativity , just for fun i'm posting a video of a car i chopped around ,it's a time lapse video and i took the photo's over a 3 month period , hope you enjoy it !
    Wayne - oh look out for the grinders!
  3. Dragsterbus added a post in a topic 1967 VW VAN (INSANE IN THE MEMBRAIN)   

    Hi everyone , no problem in giving you info if it helps , here are a couple more pics , some of the writing in copper leaf , i didn't want it to be too perfect if that makes sense, i wanted it to look like it was done by hand - in my wonky hand writing ! oh there is a light purple (lilac?) pinstripe around the dark metal flake paneling that wasn't done when these pics were taken,
    I've added a pic of the chassis too , all the notches on the tubes were done by hand ! there's a lot of them ,
    The bus hasn't done a full pass yet as i started testing at the end of last season and the gearbox broke , (reverser gears fell apart)
    The beginning of this year has been a nightmare as my Father became i'll and died so family became the priority ,
    i have now renewed my race licence though and the gearbox parts should be with me next week so we should be doing a full pass soon ,
    Here's a link to a vid of the very first time i drove it


  4. Dragsterbus added a post in a topic 1967 VW VAN (INSANE IN THE MEMBRAIN)   

    Hi everyone , I was sent a link to this thread and all i can say is wow ! I'm flattered that people like my bus enough to take the time to build models of it ! Thank you,
    I thought i'd share some info just in case it helps ,
    The chassis is a one off chrome moly chassis built to sfi specs by me specifically for the split ,it's legal 6.29 seconds and quicker , it is not a modified chassis from a dragster , there are pictures of the bare chassis on facebook , just look up 'The Intergalactic Custom Shop' , there are also pics of the aluminium paneling which is diamond patterned.
    The wheelbase has been stretched from roughly 94 inches to 135 inches and the roof is chopped 8" , the cab is a stretched single cab pick up and the rear bed is scratch built, The Hemi in the model is correct and the injector is pretty close too, mine has a three speed lenco transmission , top fuel cars are direct drive so the trans from that model might be a bit short ,the wheels and tyres are correct from the fuel kit as mine is on 16x16" american racing trackstar pro series at the rear with 36x17.5x16 goodyear eagle slicks , the fronts are American racing torq thrust pro series, the paint is House of kolor kandy over silver metalflake (pagan gold and purple) and fat white borders ,the lettering is varigated copper leaf and the seat is gold metalflake diamond pleated vinyl.
    I will be running it in a couple of classes and will do a bit of demo stuff too .
    Thanks again for the interest in the splitty .
    Hope some of this info is of use ,