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  1. unclepine added a post in a topic Help with Payhauler 350   

    WOW...THANKS MT, just the ticket...!! Now if I can only find some pics of the tank itself 'cause this will be a HUMUNGOUS chunk o plastic to scratch...!!!
  2. unclepine added a post in a topic Help with Payhauler 350   

    Oh for sure Justin, email direct to me THANKS a heap...!!

  3. unclepine added a post in a topic Help with Payhauler 350   

    Heeeeyyyy Justin, WHAT a FABULOUS idea....!!! The links are good but the idea of that tanker has REALLY got some great potential...THANKS man, will start looking into the neccesary parts for this.

    Cheers, Laurie aka Unclepine

    if you come across any more "stuff" on the tanker, you can forward to me at spitfire21@mymts.net
  4. unclepine added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Help with Payhauler 350
    Hey guys, haven't been here for ages, but thought it the logical place for some advise.

    I am starting in on the AMT/Ertl International Payhauler 350 for an upcoming Con this spring. I like the standard Cat yellow but might try doing the lime green.
    It looks like the complete truck is painted one color, with a few items picked out in black, steel etc., for plumbing and hydraulic cylinders and stuff.

    I was hoping someone had a source for close up shots for doing some detail work...? I plan on having working head/tail lights, illuminated dash, and if the servo boards work, I'd like to try and have the dump bucket raise and lower...! Pretty ambitious I know, but I am going for the kill shot in the competition againts all those boring German Panzers that show up year after year... ;-)

    I have found some decent pics using 'images' search on bing, but I was hoping one of you great truck chaps might have something better...?

    Also, has anyone ever built this kit and could offer up some hints/tips on the build itself...?

    I know I'm askin a lot, but after working on aircraft for so many years, this is a whole new ballgame...!!!

    Any help GREATLY appreciated,

    Regards, Unclepine
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  5. unclepine added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    New guy needs a little help...!
    G'Day mates, just signed up on the last weekend, and was hoping to see if the trucking community might help me out. I picked up the AMT International Payhauler 350 as a change of pace from my usual Warbirds and GP Bikes...WHOA is this thing BIG...!!!!

    I was wonderin if anyone knew of some sites/photos/info, etc, that would help me to detail/weather this behmoth, as it is surprisingly well detailed and a perfect candidate for some "dirt 'n muck" here and there...!!

    Any help MUCH appreciated..

    Cheers, Unc
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