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  1. Front suspension close to done.
  2. Racing harness and fire extinguisher completed. Added leg extensions and padding to the seat.
  3. It's a Flashpoint Resins body. No longer available unless you find someone selling a previous purchase on Ebay or something.
  4. Started work on the dash and interior.
  5. Rear suspension is close to done.
  6. Decals are all complete. Started work on the suspension and fuel cell.
  7. Got started on the decals. Easiest decaling process I've done in a while.
  8. I'm pretty sure that I've posted the beginnings of this build way back when but it's been so long I figured that I would start over. I started this build over 7 years ago and like so many other projects it stalled out. Now, I've made a mid-year resolution to dedicate myself to completing some older, started builds. This is a 91 Dodge Daytona IROC build using a True Value promo (plastic) kitbashed with an AMT 90's era chassis/suspension and a whole bunch of scratchbuilding and added detail. I cleaned up the body and then made adjustments to the chassis to make it fit. I am hinging the hood and the rear hatch. When complete it will be a full detail build. After just getting back to it I have finished the prep on the body and it now has color. I am also getting started on some of the small detail areas like creating better gauges for the dash. More to come.
  9. This project is now complete. Revell kit with resin cast body of a newer version of the Dodge Ram along with homemade graphics done on my computer using an inkjet printer. They are not the most crisp images but the final build will look good sitting on the shelf.
  10. Thanks for all of the compliments. For the sake of this build it's just going to sit on a shelf so the taillights won't really be seen. If I ever build this one again I will visit Missing Link for the correct ones.
  11. MCW Crimson Red. Reasonably close match to Tor-Red.
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