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  1. Very nice build. Excellent detail and paint work.
  2. Thanks guys. This is a resin body that I created. There were a lot of changes made to the body but I don't believe that I widened it at all.
  3. Almost 10 years ago I started on this build. It's been on and off the workbench multiple times in that time span. The body has been through two complete re-paints in that time as well, for different reasons. Now, it's finally complete and on the shelf. [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [
  4. Finished another out of the box build. Only the second Indy car style build that I've ever done. Chose this one to go with all of the other STP builds that I've been doing lately. This is the Monogram kit built with the kit decals. The only change was switching the head of the driver with a resin cast piece and finding some parts box decals to add to the driver as the kit decals didn't come with any markings.
  5. Another recent completed build. Revell Ferrari 612 Scaglietti built pretty much out of the box other than lowering the stance. I went with blacked out wheels and a custom color of Nissan Orange Mist
  6. Here's my latest Nascar build. Kyle Busch 2007 Lowes Spectracide Monte Carlo. Pretty much out of the box with a lowered ride height and aftermarket decals. [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [
  7. Thanks guys for all of the compliments. I haven't been on here much lately as my PC gave up and it's taken me this long to finally get a new one.
  8. You my friend do some amazing work! I'm very curious about the newer funny car and top fuel cars you have done and if you happen to know if they are still available and easily aquired? Thanks for any help and again your builds are some of my favorites that I've seen

  9. I did this one years ago using an AMT kit that was modified along with a Revell/Monogram chassis and engine. Decals were pieced together from different sources including a Nascar Motorcraft Ford kit. I sold it a few years back with the intentions of doing another one with better overall detail.
  10. I shaved the top of the carb down to get the air cleaner lower.
  11. Here is my latest. Neil Bonnett 79 Armor All Olds using a Salvinos Grey Ghost kit and Powerslide decals.
  12. Out of the ashes rises an old build that never got finished. I pulled it from the box a few months back and the more I looked at it the more I decided that I wasn't happy with the second paint job. So, once again, I started over. Before repaint I made the hood opening smaller and then came up with yet another paint scheme different from the last two. Now it's time to get this one finished so I don't have to change my mind again. All of the decals are on and clear coat added today.
  13. Casey, Jeff Faris and Dave Holmes have been working with Atlantis ever since a hint of this reissue was talked about. They are doing an entirely new tooling for the tires along with possibly a few other parts, if I read correctly. Also, Chuck Boerner is doing the decals for the kits.
  14. Almost 40 years of building and this is my first completed Richard Petty build. I used the Salvinos 83 kit with the vermilion decals. Other than lowering the ride height it is built straight out of the box.
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