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  1. Tires and wheels are from a diecast. I got all of the glass made and installed, side view mirrors mocked up, cab is permanently in place and did some weathering on the bed and chassis. Also got the fuel tank painted, foiled and installed.
  2. A little more completed. Fuel tank is painted foiled and installed along with the cab visor. I also did some weathering to the chassis.
  3. More to update. Grill mesh and hood pull skull painted and installed. Running boards are painted and installed. Roofrack is painted and installed with toolbox and tarps. Light rack is also painted and installed along with side chassis mounted toolbox.
  4. Tim, did I notice that the AWB 65 will come with two sets of stacks? Both short and tall?
  5. Excellent idea Rickard. I've used these wheels a couple of times now and didn't have major issues but this definitely simplifies the application process.
  6. Got clear coat on the cab, started working on the interior. I decided to go with a rat rod style trans tunnel made up of old Auto World, 61-62 era license plates. The shifter is resin skull and boot from Bandit Resins. The paint is texture light tan and flat black. I also upgraded an old parts box hard hat to go in the interior.
  7. Yeah, even though the wheels are superb they're not complete without the decal.
  8. Like you stated there are a few sheets already available for this body style, from different sources. Hopefully there is also a plan to do the 65 sedan as well as there were far more teams that ran that body style as opposed to the hardtop.
  9. I don't get many opportunities to attend shows much lately but I plan on going to the NNL in Atlanta in two weeks after an eight year absence.
  10. A Facebook posting from Dave Burkett's page says late 2019, early 2020 for a release. Hopefully that's true as so many of us have been waiting a while for this.
  11. Scratchbuilt a toolbox for the drivers side and started adding marker lights for the bed.
  12. They are resin items that came with a resin cast 67 D700 crew cab that I picked up years ago.
  13. The one other consideration with these kits release is that hopefully Slixx will be on board to create some added decal sheets for different drivers.
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