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  1. 1320wayne added a post in a topic SMH question   

    Never a problem. Just purchased two sets of decals. Received them in two days.
  2. 1320wayne added a post in a topic 83 Hurst Olds   

    Bodywork looks great. Can't wait to see more.
  3. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Whoopiekat site updates   

    No problem. I was just curious that you even received the email. Thanks. Hopefully there will be plenty more to add to it as I have quite a few of your decals to be used one day.
  4. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Whoopiekat site updates   

    Alan I sent you an email a couple of months back with photos of my completed Telstar build in hopes that you would add it to your gallery. So far I haven't seen it listed. Did you receive the email? 
  5. 1320wayne added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Pro Mod 71 Cuda
    Here are the completed pics. of a contract build that I've been working on for about a year and a half. This is a build for Jon Stouffer and his 71 Pro Mod Cuda. 
    Started with kitbashing a WJ Superman Firebird chassis with added scratchbuilt chassis and suspension components. The body is a resin piece that I created specifically for this build. Lots of resin, scratchbuilding, added detail for electronics, fuel lines/plumbing, etc. The build was done to replicate the real car as close as possible. Even down to the carbon fiber billboards on the sides. 









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  6. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Hurricane Rail Dragster   

    Good looking build.
  7. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Police interior parts needed   

    I have molds for some modern components like console, radio handset, laptop computer, walkies, etc. Send me a personal message with your email address and I can send you some pics.
  8. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Tom "Mongoose" Mc Ewen: 1/16 Silver Bullet Coors Corvette F/C on the Workbench 6/12/2017   

    You know John, out of all of your outstanding craftsmanship, added details, weathering, fantastic finish, etc., the one detail that stands out to me the most is the fact that you took the time to create the Jaime Sarte trademark pineapple portholes in the tinwork. Not to sell any other builders short but I believe that most folks wouldn't have even known to go there. Superb work yet again. 
  9. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Pro Mod narrowing and streching question   

    Scott pretty much gave you the basics of modern day Pro Mods, including a lot of the basic measurements to follow. From there it's up to the builder of the car to determine just how far they want to go with altering a body from stock trim to trying to create something that is relatively aerodynamic out of something that more or less resembles a barn door. The cool thing about pro mods is the varying degree of body styles that so many racers utilize. 
    I have been creating pro mod masters for resin casting for more than 10 years now and each one has been a learning experience. What I've found is one of the best ways to create a body is reference material of the real cars. Not neccesarily exact measurements but basic body styles and areas of the body that has been altered to achieve the look desired. 
    Since you are interested in the Cuda body mentioned I will show you some of the steps I took in creating one of my latest bodies a few months back. In a lot of cases there are multiple steps involved in creating the body such as raising the rear deck area, stretching the wheelbase, wedging the side body profile, tilting the nose downward for aerodynamics, sloping the a pillars backwards and arching the hood area for added spacing for blowers, high rise manifolds and turbos. But as Scott mentioned the final piece is what makes you happy when you're finished.
    Here are the pics.






  10. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Whoopiekat new releases some ready now some soon   

    And one more, that would be more involved but this Bob Marshall car is one I've wanted to do for years.



  11. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Whoopiekat new releases some ready now some soon   

    Not to bombard you with too much but here are a few other ideas that aren't too involved.




  12. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Whoopiekat new releases some ready now some soon   

    How about a nice set of decals for the Cotton Perry Pocket Rocket? And/or some more modern SS Hemi decals for the Darts and Cudas? I've been wanting a sheet of the Jim Pancake 68 Cuda for years. Keven Ellis of Bad Habit Decals did a sheet years ago but no one has any that they would be willing to part with.


  13. 1320wayne added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for decal
    Hopefully this finds someone that can help. I am in search of a Slixx decal that is listed as Mom and Pops #2. It is one of their sheets with all sorts of generic and sometimes real sponsor or business names. This sheet has large Freds Resin Workshop logos shown as FRW. 
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  14. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Don Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    I think the bottom line to anyone's argument about this kit, yours, mine, etc., is the price of a kit that is a far stretch from accurate, especially for those of us that care about accurate representations of specific cars. But, until this reissue the alternative for building this exact car was either a resin body along with aftermarket decals, which would most likely run you upwards of $45 to $60 just for those two components, plus everything else to pull off an accurate, detailed build. At the least you would be looking at scratchbuilding the body plus the aftermarket decals and all of the other components to pull this off and that still adds up in the money dept.. I stopped adding up the individual dollars and cents for every build years ago. If I worried about that it would make this hobby (in my mind) a lot less enjoyable. So to me the $30 price tag for a good baseline kit, plus decals, to start with, is irrelevant. 
  15. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Don Prudhomme Wedge Dragster   

    I agree that there is no justification in paying $30 for an old, somewhat antiquated design like the Prudhomme kit, even with the few new items added, vs. a superbly designed and detailed kit the likes of what Meobius is turning out. But, I don't think this kit is as bad as you make it out to be. Personally, I'm at the age where I treasure seeing reissues of kits that haven't been reasonably available for so many years that I also missed out on because I wasn't old enough when they were originals. I'm willing to forgo the lack of detail compared to today's offerings for just that sake. And as far as being a stickler for detail I don't have a problem having to go that extra mile to make a build just a bit more accurate than how it comes straight out of the box.
    Now, here are the pictures I promised.








    Overall the kit isn't bad. Even though the tampo printed tires look good they are actually some of the worst tire selections that AMT ever provided in kits and I would simply throw them in the parts bin. 
    For my build I will stretch the chassis along with the body panels to make a more accurate wheelbase. I'm torn about messing with correcting the taper on the wedge body because I think they did a nice job on the molding process. However, for all you rivet counters out there.........the molded rivets are all wrong, hahahaha. 
    The general casting looks nice and crisp and the decals appear to be very good, even though I will most likely mask off all of the white to avoid any red bleedthrough.