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  1. Yes. They are available from Chuck Boerner. Check him out on Facebook for ordering info.
  2. It's time for change of pace. I've had this plan in my head for some time now and I'm ready to get started. I'm building a Rat Rod Rollback using a Jimmy Flintstone rat rod Peterbilt body as the base. The resin body comes with the interior, seats, and grill. The tires and wheels are also resin items. They were some extras from a resin cast 67 Dodge crew cab that I have for a future build. The rollback bed is from a diecast piece. The chassis is being kitbashed from multiple kits including an A100 and an F350 dually. The engine will be a 413.
  3. This one is done. I had some issues with the clear coat on the passenger side of the car so I added some Slixx tire scuffs in the problem area. Not a big deal as this was simply a glorified shelf model anyways.
  4. When you lower the stance on these builds a lot of adjustments factor into it sitting right. If you don't make any adjustments to the interior tin, side panels, front body brace or account for the front steering linkage and radius arms that can affect the final stance.
  5. Check his name, Chuck Boerner, on facebook. He has a page there that showcases all of his work as well as seeing new stuff that he's doing.
  6. More done. Engine is installed and the tires and wheels are permanently attached with tire lettering. Also test fitting the seat and locating the fuel cell.
  7. Tim, as you well know it's risky to go with a finished body early in the build for just that issue that you mentioned above. Handling the body so many times to do mockups and check clearances can be a problem with a finished body. Me personally; I get extra motivation for continuing on a build once I see what the finished product will most likely look like. That plan of attack has back fired on me plenty of times as well. The body is finished only to find that you didn't leave enough room for this part or that part and now you have to try and make adjustments without destroying a paint job. It's not the best way to go but it's how I've always done it so I guess I'll never change.
  8. Back to work on this one. Clear coat is done and I started mocking up the engine and interior tin to make sure everything fits well and that it sits just right.
  9. Good looking build John.
  10. The biggest negative is that the decals are sized for bodies that he created so they may not fit too well with any main stream available kits. For the most part they are easy to work with. In some cases you will have to cut his decals down into smaller segments for easier application. I was able to get a bit more done. Clear coat is complete and the tire/wheel detail is done.
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