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  1. Bill Elliott 99 QPC McDonald's Taurus...Complete!!

    This one is now complete. Done as a curbside with the option to come back later and add the engine if need be. Older Three Amigos decals went on great. Also added some small Slixx detail decals for the windows and hood pins along with a newer kit window net and a couple of rooftop antennas made from photo etch and piano wire.
  2. Bill Elliott 99 QPC McDonald's Taurus...Complete!!

    Clear coat is added and rubbed out to a nice shine and I got the tires and wheels completed and mounted. Still working on the exact ride height.
  3. A100 Super Gas....Updated 08/29/18

    Thanks John.
  4. A100 Super Gas....Updated 08/29/18

    More framerails, more rollcage and I was able to get the drivers door hinged and working.
  5. Brutus Mustang funny car

    Looks great Charlie.
  6. A100 Super Gas....Updated 08/29/18

    More work done. Got some motor mounts created and more framerails added.
  7. One thing I"ve always found that works for shaping small pieces like this is to use a small block of wood that you can measure and draw out your shape, tap in some brad nails to use as a jig and go about shaping your piece. The hair dryer trick definitely works as it"s usually hot enough to soften but not hot enough to melt. Great job, by the way.
  8. A100 Super Gas....Updated 08/29/18

    I added some wedge to the body sides along with more chassis pieces and wheel tubs.
  9. I forgot to add pics of the trailer. It"s a Galaxie 45 foot with openings cut out for large side glass.
  10. The fenders started life as the fenders from a Monogram Ford dually kit.
  11. Here's what's under the body. Unfortunately, most of the added detail goes unseen with the body in place.
  12. This has been a long awaited rebuild project. It's actually a rebuild of a rebuild. The original was completed way back in 97 and was not anywhere near my best work since I was still honing my skills (which is a never ending process) then I rebuilt it around 2006 and I was still not happy with the results so here is the third incarnation of this build, completed. The trailer is still in the works and I just posted the beginnings of the rebuild on the race truck that will go with this in the drag section.
  13. Here is the wip rebuild of the A100 drag truck that will go with my dually and Galaxie trailer. It is being done in a Super Gas or Comp. Eliminator style. The body is a Jimmy Flintstone chopped A100 and the chassis is being upgraded to resemble something a little more accurate than what I had originally built so many years ago. In the pics below all of the styrene in white is all new pieces being added. I also cut open the doors to be hinged later on.
  14. WIP: Chase Elliott's '16 Napa Chevy *FINISHED!*

    Another excellent build from you sir.
  15. Jimmie Johnson’s 2016 Championship winner

    Awesome job Jay.