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  1. Awesome work indeed. It's just so impressive how crisp and clean all of the detail and craftsmanship is.
  2. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    Thanks guys. When I first envisioned this build I wasn't sure what to expect as the plan pretty much came together as I went. Now that it's done I couldn't be any more happy with the outcome.
  3. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    Calling this one done. Yes, I still have to add the clear coat for it to be 100% complete but I'm waiting for better weather before going forward with that. Meanwhile, it looks close enough for finish pics.
  4. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    A lot more completed on this one. All of the wiring, plumbing is done. The last few components have been assembled, painted, detailed and attached. All that's left is to add the brake lines, clear coat and body fasteners.
  5. Lions Drag Strip Photo Backdrop

    This is looking awesome.
  6. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    More updates. Front suspension is all in place, fuel tank is painted and installed, fuel line and fittings are run, fuel fittings are installed and painted on the carb., working on the details for the cooling system including a mounting bracket made from brass sheet for the radiator and the steering rod is mocked up. It's starting to look like something now.
  7. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG

    Here are the completed pics. of my latest build. It's my first official Tamiya sports car build so there were some small challenges to it. I also had a time with some challenging decals, especially the side panels so I ended up adding some subtle weathering to help minimize the flawed decal application. It was so much of a different, fun build than what I'm used to building I'm looking forward to attempting another one real soon. Oh, and yes, the paint job is part gloss and part matte finish.
  8. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG...Updated 06/02/18

    The interior is done. Didn't go overboard with any added detail other than what comes in the kit. Once the body is installed it's hard to see into the interior anyways. I left the passenger side panel off long enough to snap a few shots.
  9. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    Thanks guys. Happy with the results so far. Should have more to update soon.
  10. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG...Updated 06/02/18

    Slowly working on the passenger side decals. A much slower process as I'm breaking the large decals down into smaller pieces before applying and then giving ample time to dry before moving on. It's coming along though. With the front end decals completed I was also able to apply the lower front carbon fiber decals.
  11. Super Comp Dragster...Completed!!!!!

    A little more progress. Headers are painted and installed along with the carb and attachment for the scoop. I also started mocking up the radiator/electric fan assembly.
  12. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG...Updated 06/02/18

    Added the white decal film to the inside of the side vent and the last couple of stars. Also started on the opposite side decals. Will update those when I'm further along. I also made a purchase that just arrived. It's carbon fiber contact paper/film, adhesive backed. I figured it would look cool as a display base. Just size it, peel and stick and your good.
  13. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG...Updated 06/02/18

    Another small update. Finished the detail painting on the exhaust and added more decals to the drivers side and rear of the car as well as painting the rear spoiler and adding decals to it.
  14. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG...Updated 06/02/18

    Since my last update I have had some ups and downs with this one. I got started on the decals and immediately realized that these were not what I expected them to be, for the price that was paid. The quality and registry of the decals are superb but they are very thick so when it came to getting the large side panels to conform to the contours the decal has fought me every step of the way. Ample amounts of setting solution seemed to have minimal affect on them. I posted on Facebook about the issues and numerous folks chimed in with similar stories and stated that the best way to apply these larger panels was to cut them into smaller pieces. Now, I'm not trying to sound negative about the decals because they are very nice graphics and the site where they were purchased is the only source for these decals. Just having never used them before and running into this kind of challenge was initially frustrating. So, as I kept moving forward I was able to change my mood as each new decal added made the progress look more promising. I've had to touch up some areas along any of the openings because these decals are so thick they don't want to slice easily and fold under with setting solution. I also took a couple liberties with adding decals that don't exist on the real car to hide a couple of touch up areas. At this point I'm much happier than where I was two days ago and when I get to the other side I will have a better outlook on how to approach putting on the decals. I also have the tires and wheels attached and mocked up the rear spoiler to see how it will look. Coming along.
  15. Riley #33 Mercedes AMG...Updated 06/02/18

    Got the body finished in a matte finish and I'm happy with the results. I also decided to go with masking the gloss blue rather than decal film. A couple days to cure and I will be ready to start the decals.