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  1. 1320wayne added a post in a topic 71 MOTOWN MISSILE WIP   

    Great looking progress. Black is one of the hardest colors to lay down and from the looks of it you nailed it.
  2. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Decals   

    I purchased my first, and last set of decals from Slot Car Fever a few months back. On the positive side the quality of the decal was good as far as application goes. The negative side; the decal was sized incorrectly because I found out that this person does not use any kind of template for getting details even close to the correct size. I bought a decal for a modern Nascar and the hood logo, roof number and side numbers were all extremely undersized, so much so that they made the decal unuseable and totally worthless. 
    Don't know about any of the vintage stuff he creates so if you decide to try it out hope for the best but expect the worst. As far as wait time I made my purchase from Ebay so the wait was not long at all. 
  3. 1320wayne added a post in a topic looking for a generator...   

  4. 1320wayne added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Magazine subscriptions
    This is for all those folks who get magazines in the mail. If you've ever received your magazine and it's all torn up I can now say how it happens most times. 
    I have been driving a truck now for almost 4 years and I finally got my first US mail load down to West Palm, FL. It was a media load which is pretty much catalogs and magazines and assorted advertising. I'm watching some of the employees here unloading trucks and they could honestly care less about how they do it. They're running over magazines and spearing catalogs with their forklifts and simply throwing the items back onto the pallets that they fell off from. And these are all items that are addressed for personal delivery.  So there you have it folks. Minimal wage at its finest.
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  5. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Don Grotheer   

    Very nice build, John.
  6. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Bill Jenkins' Black Arrow 1965 Belvedere   

    Superb job Jim. I myself can't wait to get started on some subjects from these kits. In recent weeks I have been corresponding with Gene and Becky at Slixx regarding more decals for these kits. There's talk of them reissuing the 5 and 50 decal sheet for the sedan as well as looking at other viable options for this kit; even some subjects from more modern times. Only time will tell. 
  7. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Bob Glidden's MotorCraft Thunder Bird   

    Very nice job on this build.
  8. 1320wayne added a post in a topic brand new Warlord Camaro decal   

    Check with Southern Motor sports hobbies as they have been the exclusive seller for Chucks decals and still may have this one available.
  9. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Ramchargers 1972 Challenger FC   

    Looks good.
  10. 1320wayne added a post in a topic MPC "COSMIC CHARGER" : On the Workbench 10/14/15 "Outside" finished pictures 12/23/15   

    Outstanding work John. Extra added details are superb and the paint and decal work looks awesome.
  11. 1320wayne added a post in a topic .   

    Good stuff Chuck. I was actually going to approach you with the task of producing this decal along with the Warfish car but it looks like you are ahead of me.
  12. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Yankee Peddler   

    As nice as this looks in pictures it's even better to have seen it in person. Awesome build.
  13. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Red White & Blue Models   

    And I forgot about the change that I'm working on on the dually pickup from above.

  14. 1320wayne added a post in a topic Red White & Blue Models   

    Here are mine.

  15. 1320wayne added a post in a topic The Honker 65 Dodge AFX   

    Home this weekend so I was able to get a little bench time. Worked up some engine bay side panels along with getting the hood painted and decaled.