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  1. Sorry Jason, but Chuck passed away a couple of years back.
  2. Chassis is all painted and the suspensions have been attached.
  3. Superb work. They both look great sitting together.
  4. They are 3d decals from Archer Fine Transfers. They make all kinds of detailed decals such as weld beads, lines of pop rivets and such.
  5. First time ever attempting to use Archer transfers. Added some styrene panels to the chassis and then the added detail of the weld seams. I painted one side with Testors metalizer titanium to see how it looks after paint. They are not the easiest things to work with but once you get it right I think it adds some great detail.
  6. Rear suspension is painted and the wheelie bars have been attached.
  7. Both front end spindles are complete.
  8. A bit more progress. I've got one of the front spindles/springs built and mocked up.
  9. Since I was in the area I decided to knock out the wheelie bars as well.
  10. Thanks. The wheels are 3d printed from Ron Olson (3d Specialties) and the tires are from So Real(Pegasus).
  11. Scratchbuilt springs for the rear suspension. Mocked up for final fit. Once the painting is done the rear suspension will be installed using Scale Hardware.
  12. Started on the suspensions so that I can get the chassis sitting right before I go any further with the engine and the turbo plumbing. The rear suspension is made up of some resin pieces that I make along with photo-etch from Dirt Modeler. I ran out of chassis mount brackets for the four link so I decided to make my own out of styrene. I've also completed the first rear spring which is mostly scratchbuilt. The rear wheels are painted and mounted on the So Real slicks. The cool thing about these one piece 3d printed wheels is that when they are installed on the So Real tires the fit is so tight that they feel like they actually have air in them.
  13. Started the work on mocking up the engine and turbo setup. First time doing a turbo engine. I scratched a couple of mounting brackets for the turbo locations.
  14. Here's more progress. All of the graphics are done on all sides. I also tacked all of the body panels together for the sake of the graphics job and now that it's done I was able to separate everything again. Now I can dive into what's under the body panels.
  15. Thanks Daryl. Clanton's car was the inspiration for this scheme.
  16. Significant update. Paint and decaling is well underway. I mentioned that the color scheme was going to be wild and I think that I accomplished that. Only a little added paint work and the rest of the scheme is decals from multiple sources. Slixx, Powerslide, homemade and a few other sources supplied all of the decals that I layered to create the look. I still have to complete the passenger side. I use a lot of sources for the contingencies and some of these came from a Slixx Warren Johnson decal sheet and if you look closely at the front fender you will see a mistake that I have since corrected. In the middle of the fender decals there is a Grand Am logo that I missed removing before applying. I'm kind of partial to a lot of the wild pro mod paint schemes seen today which is why I went this direction.
  17. A bit more progress. Bodywork is done, primed and the body is based in white. I've got all of the clearance issues with the engine squared away so I'm moving along with the paint at this stage of the build.
  18. There are some replicas floating around. Not sure how many. I saw this one at a truck stop in Mississippi about 4 years ago. Talked to the owner and I forget where he said he was from but he told me that he uses the truck sometimes to haul goods but mainly shows it around the country.
  19. For what you get yes, I think the cost is worth it. Will I go crazy spending money on 3d chassis? No. I can create the same thing for a lot less. It takes a good bit of time to scratchbuild your own but for me that's the way to go.
  20. New project. This is going to be my first time diving into a twin turbo Hemi powered engine combination. It will be going into a 70 Cuda Pro Mod. Here's the beginnings of the build. The body is a resin piece that I created. I spliced in an AAR scoop for added height for the turbo setup. The chassis is a 3d printed piece available from Shapeways in the TDR Innovations store. It is designed to fit a 68 Camaro body but with a few small adjustments it si going to work just fine here. The turbo components are also 3d printed items created by Ron Olson. The engine shown here is strictly for mockup. It will be powered by a modern style pro stock Hemi. More to come soon, including a wild paint scheme that I've cooked up.
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