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  1. Here you go. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b165/tom...yer2006wSUB.jpg
  2. Here is another couple that I built a few years back. O.k., I have taken up enough space on this post. I hope this inspires you to attempt a build such as this. They are time consuming but a lot of fun.
  3. David's is awesome. Here is my version of the same car. It seems to be a popular build between mine, David's, the buildup in Model cars mag and another created by Aaron Baldea. Unfortunately my pics are not of the same quality as those from David.
  4. Very impressive. Should be a beautiful piece when finished.
  5. That is excellent. Love the paint. The finish work is perfect. The wheels fit the body style perfectly. Where did they come from?
  6. It's cool to see how many people out there attempt (and succeed) at replicating Jairus's art work into model form. Dave your's is coming out great. Those wheels are indeed excellent work. I'm sure that the final piece will definately be up to your standards of excellence. I am including a pic of our most recent model club meeting from last week up here in Portland. One of the members just completed the same project. It looks really cool. Please excuse the grainey photo; my digital camera is not the greatest.
  7. Hey Dave, glad to see that you made it over here.
  8. So this guy Jairus approaches me and offers me $50 dollars to join this model forum and I say "what the heck". Actually I am just kidding. I had to pay Jairus $50 dollars to let me join. O.K., so I'll never be a stand up comedian. Actually, I just joined here and I think that the forum is awesome. We can never have enough venues to get together (even if it is only on a computer) and meet and greet new people, share secrets, learn new tricks, pass on some tricks and just have a great modeling experience. If you click on the web link below it will take you to my photo hosting site to see what I build. I will share one pic, though. This is a project that I built a few years ago after seeing the real thing in a calendar in Street Rodder magazine. It is a 47 Chevy custom. I had the Galaxie kit and wasn't sure what to do with it until seeing the picture. I had the dubious honor of winning the Model Cars mag "Best use of color as a design element" award at Salt Lake back in 2003. To date it is still one of my proudest awards to ever bring home from any show. I hope you like it and I am very happy to be on this forum and now I have one more thing to do while I am on line.
  9. Wow!!!!!!! Awesome work. That body looks good as a wagon. You did an excellent job on everything. Your detail work and paint is most excellent as well.
  10. Awesome work, Brian. Excellent detail work and the paint jobs are phenominal.
  11. Steve D., Jairus gave you some good info. for this kit. Let me indulge with some additional information. The kit in this latest release from AMT is indeed the 66 variant with, unfortunately, the wrong box art. In reality there were a few different Hemi Under Glass Cudas. There were 68/69 versions that varied from the black and gold paint scheme to a gold and cream color (like that on the box art) to an all gold version. The 69 version ran for many years thereafter wearing the paint scheme that is shown above provided by Jairus's research. I actually had the pleasure of seeing that very car perform at New England dragway in New Hampshire in 76. At that time the car was still being driven by Bob Riggle whom was a pretty popular player in the exhibition racing game. He also drove the Hell on Wheels tank wheelstander, the Paddy Wagon. Pinto wagon wheelstander and avery wild vehicle called the Maxi Taxi, which was based on a dune buggy body. The Hemi Under Glass kept running into the 80's by a father/son team of Jack Ehrmantraut and son running fiberglass Camaro bodied wheelstanders. If you want some good research pics for the 68/69 version all you have to do is refer to the first or second issue of Model Cars magazine for a very good photo spread of that very car. I hope that this has been some help to you.
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