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  1. How about a real simple, out of the box, AMT 68 Hemi Roadrunner? Minus the resin wheels and caps everything here is straight out of the box. Some aftermarket decals and my oh so most favorite thing to do to a model, Bare Metal Foil, (realize the sarcasm), and this thing is done. Oh, and before anyone says it, yes, the taillights in this kit are hideous and I'm working on ideas to fix that.
  2. Yes. Everything was designed to use the kit glass.
  3. I started converting an old Revell Dodge Nascar truck kit body a few years back to bring it to a more modern era style. I finally got around to making a mold so I could cast multiple bodies if needed. The first build with the body is the Brendan Gaughan truck using some old artwork created by Thad Brooks and after adding some missing decals I printed everything out on an inexpensive inkjet printer. Because of the simplicity of the printer the graphics are not as crisp but still look good enough to me.
  4. The original poster passed away a few years back so I would imagine that his photo site has since been dissolved.
  5. A bit more progress. Drivers door is hinged and I pulled out some surfboards for the build.
  6. That's exactly what I'm using. Thanks.
  7. Also using some older Detail Master spun aluminum and photo etch wheels.
  8. A number of years I took a builtup 48 Chrysler Town and Country and tore it down to rebuild it. It was originally built with an older resin body that needed extensive cleanup, that didn"t happen in the build, and was combined with an AMT 41 Plymouth for the chassis and engine. Here is the original build. My plans were to make wholsale changes to the rebuild. I started by subframing the chassis by using the front clip from a Lindberg 64 Dodge kit. I slightly tubbed the rear to fit some wider tires. I got this to mockup stage where it went back in the box. Now, years later, I decided that it was time to get back to it. The build will have real wood inserts and opening doors, hood and rear hatch. I had to rebuild the top of the rear hatch from styrene as the brittle resin fell apart. I just finished hinging the passenger door and the hood along with getting paint on the chassis.
  9. This one is done and ready for it's new owner.
  10. The back half including the wheel tubs along with the firewall is from a Revell pro stock kit. Everything else is scratchbuilt so far.
  11. Next project up on the bench. Pro Stock Dodge Dakota using a Lindberg kit as a base. Lots of scratchbuilding ahead.
  12. Excellent build, Very clean and superb detail.
  13. Almost done. All that's left is the passenger side door, blower linkage and a few small minor detail items.
  14. Drivers side door is completed and all of the interior detailing is finished.
  15. Front and back glass painted and installed. Also got the drivers side door hinged
  16. Added the fire bottles, ballast weight, one header done so far and started working on utilizing the stock door panels.
  17. Got the doors cut open, paint applied and decals done.
  18. More work done. Engine is installed and wiring and plumbing is in full swing.
  19. https://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_shows/2020-shows/florida-mopar-nationals/
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