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  1. I had considered changing it over to a single four and intake but I also considered that there are/were racers out there that use the same car for both Super Gas and Comp. eliminator. There are so many cars that run Super Gas that have the potential to run high 7's, low 8's.
  2. Finished the hood and painted the bumper along with adding the remainder of the decals including the tire lettering. Started on the engine as well.
  3. Also, there is a seller on Ebay that I've purchased many decals from. Very reputable seller. I believe he goes by the name of Repols. He does a much better set of decals for this car. Fremont decals are good but this other set has the correct foil lettering, pinstripes, correct colors and the message that is printed across the trunk.
  4. Your progress looks great. You are also correct in that this was a 4 speed car. I see that your color choice is deep metallic blue. The actual color on the car was a teal blue color. Dupli-color BGM0440 Bright Aqua Metallic is an almost perfect match.
  5. Thanks. I cut the pin from the front spindles off and raised it higher. The rear was lowered by opening the spring mount on the chassis so the spring would sit higher up in the chassis.
  6. Certain vacum cleaner belts are useable. Some are thin enough and they are cogged so they represent better than flat rubber or electrical tape.
  7. Decals are done on both sides. I also lowered the rear suspension just a bit as well.
  8. When you have as many unbuilt models as I do not every build can be a 6 month, over the top, detailed build. You've got to build some out of the box stuff from time to time. My latest is a Revell 57 Chevy done up as a Super Gas class build using a set of decals that I've had for years. Started by mocking up the chassis with a lowered front suspension as these kits sat way too high in the front for my liking. Primer, paint and started adding decals. I've never used Upscale Graphics before this and I'm pleasantly surprised that these decals are awesome.
  9. Here are pics from this past weekends IPMS contest in Jacksonville. This group puts on a great show every year that just keeps getting bigger each time. https://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_shows/2020-shows/jaxcon-2020/
  10. More progress on this build. The body is primed in white and I fabbed up a seat and added the Racepak electronics to the dash.
  11. Here is another 2020 completed build. I placed this here because even though it's listed as a Peterbilt the build is more of a street rod/truck than a big rig. This build started life as a Jimmy Flintstone resin body and interior and morphed into what you see here by utilizing a lot of scratchbuilding and kitbashing. I used more different materials on this from brass, resin, styrene sheet, old necklaces for chain, Bic pens for exhaust stacks and a little bit of 3D printed parts.
  12. Engine, with a bit of wiring, firewall and radiator painted, detailed and installed.
  13. Making more progress. Added a spare tire, the rear driveshaft is installed, support chains hanging off the sides of the bed, winch and the load secured.
  14. Thanks Jim. I know it's not "shiny" like you like but at least the rig it will sit on is shiny. Oh, and even the door decal is from the parts box. An old AMT 3 in 1 decal sheet from the 60's.
  15. Here is another completed 2020 build. Or at least part of a 2020 build. This is a parts box rat rod Ford built solely from the parts box. It was a fun build using just a mess of assorted parts to create a subject that will eventually be the load on the back of a rollback build that is also ongoing. I'm not sure which kit the body and chassis came from. I'm thinking possibly a Lindberg kit but I don't know. The tires and wheels came from a 1/28 scale 36 Dodge diecast bank pickup. The engine is from the parts box and the seat cover is a felt Mexican blanket from a sheet of assorted blankets. The shifter is a resin piece from Bandit resins. The weathering was done with a Realistic Finishes kit from Michaels.
  16. Awesome build. Love the paint scheme.
  17. Thanks. I actually have a sheet of felt Mexican blankets. I don't remember where I got them but they work great.
  18. I'm sure that you are referring to a resin caster using the Moebius body to convert it to a sedan and then cast it but there have been plenty of other resin bodied sedans available over the years and I would imagine that it wouldn't take much massaging to make them work on this kit. I have a case coming just for such matters as I have had bodies ready to go for a while now and this kit will speed up the building process from having to use resin chassis and kitbashed suspensions. Here's a few examples of what I have waiting in the wings.
  19. Sox and Martin ran both an auto and a manual trans.
  20. Nearing completion. Radiator attached, engine wiring, shifter, seat blanket and glass. I still have to finish the front suspension, rear shocks and fuel filler neck.
  21. I like Pattos. My first experience was a learning one. My first attempt was a full wrap build that went horribly wrong and had to start over. I learned a lot about using these decals from that. The quality is very good and they go on great. The layout is best worked when you break the decals down into smaller components for application. The reccomendation is to only use Future as a clear coat. I experimented with 2-part clear and it works great as well. Testors, Dupli-color and other clears like that; not so much. They will make the decals wrinkle substantially. If you decide on a scheme that has background color and you can paint it instead then simply order the decal without the background color and it makes it easier to apply. Here are others that I have done with Pattos. Jimmie Johnson Superman scheme. Full wrap and this is the one that I had to order a second set and start over. Harvick Busch scheme. Ordered the decal without the orange background. Kasey Kahne Pitch Black Mtn. Dew. Ordered the decal without the black background.
  22. Here are pics. of my first 2020 finished build of Jimmie Johnson's 2013 All Star race Gen6. Revell snap kit with Pattos decals along with Powerslide goodies decals.
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