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  1. That color combination looks great. This is sure to be a head turner when it's done.
  2. Great work on both. I really like the fact that you painted all of the graphics on the McDonalds car.
  3. Very nice build. The engine detail looks great. I really like the blower belt idea. Always looking for new and improved techniques for reproducing engine details.
  4. All your stuff looks great, especially the cool altered wheelbase Edsel.
  5. Excellent build. It takes some work to make that kit look that good.
  6. Here are some further pictures of my progress on my latest project. The engine is now ready for some intense detailing to include ignition wiring, fuel lines, oil lines and all on-board electronics as well as linkages. Front brake detail The decals honor the recent passing of funny car driver Eric Medlen. Stay tuned for further updates within the next few days.
  7. This is what I love about this forum. Changes with it's members in mind. Here are some contributions from my workbench. Pro Mods Top Fuel
  8. The rear wing is from an older Revell top fuel kit. I cut down the wing braceing from the same kit and attached it to the body.
  9. It is just a regular Revell funny car chassis that has been shortened in the front and all of the body attachment rails have been removed in the back and new ones for the altered body are still to be made.
  10. Well, here is my next project already in full swing. I have had this one mocked up for a couple of years now and I finally decided it was time to get back to it and get it finished. It is a retro phantom build of the original Rat Trap altered. The body is resin with a few modifications and the decals are from Slixx. The next step is to start adding all of the engine and chassis details. Stay tuned.
  11. Here is the link to a series of pictures from the first Model Car Mecca held in Surrey, B.C., Canada. It was an excellent turnout for a first time show that was put on by Jeremy Mahovolich and his group. A very professional job was done. If the first is any indication then future shows will certainly grow in size and in reputation. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_sh...model-car-mecc/
  12. Here you go. A couple of decent reference albums to use. http://www.lookoutmodel.com/albums.html
  13. Well, the 37th annual Portland Classic model contest is in the books. This show is the longest show (to the best of my knowledge) ongoing in the U.S. today in conjunction with the 51st annual Portland Roadster show. The show is open for viewing and entry over the three day period. This years show was no exception to the ongoing success and participation that the Pacific Northwest has to offer in the modeling hobby. Three highlights for this years show. 320 models entered into the show with thousands of people filtering through the show room over the three day period. Ron Martinolich, president of SABA (Scale Auto Builders Association), host club worked tirelessly along with Bob Paeth throughout the three days to put on a splendid show and Ron was even able to procure the services of Miss Oregon 2006, Donilee McGinnis, to be the honorary trophy girl (queen) and help to distribute the awards to all of the winners. And lastly I must say that the ladies are taking over. We had four very competitive females participating in the adult categories (no ladies class) and 3 out of the 4 were able to walk away with first place awards and one of these fine females walked away with the best engine award; justly so. A good time was had by all. We had a very good turnout of Junior participants for a change and a ton of goodies were given away with the awards. I have included some teaser pics. but for the whole show please go to the link provided. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_sh...portland-class/ Bob Paeth, Miss Oregon, Ron Martinolich Makes you wish Summer were here already. When's the last time that you've been to the demo derby? The new "Garth" Mobile? HO scale....Awesome detail...One of the ladies! For more pics. check out the link above.
  14. The opening hatch is part of the kit. And yes, the Krylon paint is the same rattle cans that you can find at hardware stores. I like to use it when I am looking for some more uncommon color choices.
  15. You don't have to go through Ebay if choose not to. Just contact Fred Sudlow at www.fredsresinworkshop.com and he will sell directly to you.
  16. O.K., here is the latest piece from my workbench. It is a current Monte Carlo funny car body. Since I am still just getting my feet wet with the whole resin casting business I decided to turn this one over to a professional. Fred Sudlow from Fred's Resin Workshop did the casting and it came out great. Fred will be marketing the body, although you probably won't see it on his web site. He did this as a favor and it wouldn't really fit into his line of superb modified and dirt track racing components. He will be carrying this at shows that he attends as well as selling them through his Ebay store. I am negotiating right now with trying to get some decals produced for some of these cars. I hope you like.
  17. Nice work. Here are a couple of pics. of the one that I built a few years back using the original AMT Firestone pickup truck as a starting point. I really like the work on the bed. If I had taken more time back when I built this I would have made some changes to the overall look of the bed myself. I recently changed out the tires that I had first used on the build to include a pair of the Irocs that I also picked up from RPP Hobby.
  18. The paint looks awesome. The low look is definately the only way to go with this kit.
  19. Well, it's finally complete. It didn't take too long after getting the paint issue corrected. The kit builds into a pretty nice replica of a Dodge Magnum. One thing that I noticed though was during final assembly it was discovered that the half shafts for the rear axles do not exist in the kit. The center section is there but nothing else. It's amazing that Revell could miss a big detail such as this. Anyway, here are the final pics.
  20. I get my flocking from a local hobby store. You can also get it from Detail Master and probably many other mail order sites. The kit is from Revell.
  21. Nice work. I just started this same practice mid way through last year and I have been having a blast molding parts for future projects. It's great knowing now that I don't have to buy a kit simply for one part. Just cast it and make as many as you, when you need them.
  22. That is one beautiful paint job. I love the subject matter also. Great job!
  23. Here in Portland, this weekend we had the 9th Annual Portland Rod & Custom show. Along with the big cars we also have a model competition. Although overall attendance was down with the adult ranks there was a junior entrant that stole the show. This 13 year old was at the show for the three days because his dad is an automotive painter and had a couple of 1:1 cars in attendance. This young man brought some very nicely done entries and he cleaned up in the awards categories. What was more impressive was that he spent three days around the contest area sitting with one of the more accomplished modelers in the area learning how to chop a top on a 49 Merc.. The following pictures are his work. The only help he received was guidance as to where to lay out the chop and where to cut. He did all of the cutting and piecing back together and all of the fill work and sanding. He did an amazing job in a matter of days. And, on the final day of the show he even stepped up and helped out with the "make and take" that lasted about three hours. We had over 50 kids take part and this young man helped out as many as he could. His name is Austin Conley and he is to be congratulated for his efforts. Not only did he clean up in the junior categories and take Best in Show Junior but he also received the celebrity pick from Car Crazy's Barry Macguire, and Barry had no clue that he was selecting an entry done by a junior. Best in show junior Celebrity pick, hard to see in the picture but the paint is a beautiful metal flake lemon yellow. And here is Austin cleaning up on all of his justly earned awards.
  24. The trunk bed is flocking. I also used the same flocking on the seat inserts. I need to take a couple of pics. of the interior before completing the model. All of the color graphics (including the yellow) on the first paint job was decal. Thanks for the comments.
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