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  1. NNL East 32 Report

    Rest is highly over rated! We started planning next years event a few months ago so there's always something to do throughout the year!
  2. Bulk Photo Resizer

    Yup, I use Irfanview for all my photo editing needs.
  3. Spotlight Hobbies sells model car promo boxes. See the link below: Tom Carter is a good businessman and ships quickly. Model Car Boxes
  4. Palmer model kit history?

    As mentioned, Palmer box art is interesting and fun to collect. Many years ago in the hobby you'd see them at swap meets for $5 or $10, so I started to collect them...
  5. NNL East 32 Report

    Now that the dust has settled and we've gotten a full night's sleep, here are the results from NNL East, April 21, 2018 Many thanks to the Tri-State Scale Model Car Club members for all their hard work and dedication to producing the best show we possibly can. The official NNL East Photo Album is up and running! See the link below: NNL East Official Photo Album
  6. Scale Motorsport Stuff

    Ron, Scale Motorsport will be doing their final sell off at NNL East tomorrow. They are not "going out of business". Matthew is shutting down a thriving business for other pursuits. He had offered the business for sale, there was interest, but nobody came through with the $$
  7. NNL East - - April 21st - - Are you going..???

    I have confirmation that our British friends are already at the hotel. Our annual French visitor flew into Montreal today. It's on!
  8. What Irked You Today?

    Ya know, nothing ever goes smoothly! I took today off to finish up some NNL details. I have been working at remote locations lately, which includes dedicating Sundays to travel and returning home late on Fridays. First thing in the morning? My wife wakes me up to say there is no hot water. I go to the basement and find the furnace room flooded, a saddle valve someone else installed for a long gone furnace humidifier had sprung a leak right over the water heater. So there went my morning! Replaced the valve, vacuumed all the water and am still waiting for water heater to dry out enough to relight the pilot.
  9. Hillibillies coupe

    Very nice! I believe you have seen the one Alan Barton is building! Here's mine:
  10. NNL East - - April 21st - - Are you going..???

    Last year we had 100 rooms and sold out. This year we have the whole hotel and sold out. We have gotten a lot of emails asking us to book additional hotels. People are not aware that we have to sign a contract with specific guarantees with each one of them. If we don't make the forecast, we pay for the rooms out of our pockets. So it's not that easy and not worth the financial risk. We already have all the work we can handle!
  11. any good model stores within 2 or so hours of nj

    In Wayne, New Jersey there's a place with two full gymnasiums worth of new kits, old kits, resin and aftermarket parts and decals from the best vendors in the country. It's called NNL East. There will also be two gymnasiums full of display models built by the best builders in the country, who will be happy to meet you. It's this Saturday, and if you are in New Jersey there's no excuse not to be there! Full details on the website: www.nnleast.com
  12. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Agreed Dave. Here's some bits from their website. They aren't a slash and burn company. Give this some time. https://www.quantum-capital-partners.com/en/ QCP is a responsible investor and seeks to engage in long-term, sustainable investments that offer maximum value for all parties concerned. We acquire businesses with significant potential for improvement, growth and development. Our investments are not limited to a specific industry. We work with the management to develop strategies for a sustainable and effective turnaround. We take over: Businesses and responsibility for staff We create: autonomy after take over We invest: Capital and experience Companies they own: Aviatube SAS As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality aluminium tubing in Europe, Barcelona Cartonboard S.A.U. The Catalan paper factory on the Iberian Peninsula is the market leader in the production of recycling cartonboard. Leesys - Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH Leesys is an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) system supplier, developing and manufacturing electronic modules, components and plastic products. Leichtmetall Aluminium GmbH The core business of the Hanover-based foundry is hard aluminium alloys for the aerospace industry. SICA2M SAS The French company SICA2M was originally part of the Dürr Group, for which it still manufactures and supplies industrial washing systems. Quonex Groupe SAS As an experienced systems integrator, the french corporate group develops holistic solutions for voice and data communications, clouds, security and surveillance systems, radio communications as well as cabling systems. SECAN SAS The Société d'Etudes et de Constructions Aéronavales [Association of aeronaval studies and constructions] - SECAN for short- was founded in 1941. Since then, it has increasingly specialised in the development and production of heat exchangers, and cooling steam systems for the aviation, aerospace and automotive industry. SLIM S.p.A. Over the course of 40 years of corporate history, the Italian company has specialized in the production of aluminium rolled products. Today, SLIM manufactures a wide range of aluminium sheets, tapes and foils for the packaging, automotive, transport and construction industries. SLIM Fusina Rolling Srl At their facility in Fusina, Venice, the Italian company produces a wide range of rolling mill products made of aluminium. SoProNem SAS Across Europe, the French company is one of the largest manufacturers of detergents and cleaning agents. TeleAlarm SA TeleAlarm is a medium-sized company based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, that develops and sells home medical alarm and nurse call systems. Vauste Spain SL Vauste Spain SL based in Gijón, northern Spain, produces shock absorber systems for the automotive supply industry.
  13. NNL East - - April 21st - - Are you going..???

    The model display room is two full gymnasiums. This is an old photo. We now have tables the length of the room under the windows on the left. The vendors are in two other rooms the size of gyms.
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Maybe Chicken Little was a bit premature?
  15. What Pleased You Today!

    I'm pleased that many people showed up at our club meeting yesterday to stuff the NNL East goodie bags! We set up an assembly line the length of the church gym and got all 900 bags stuffed and ready to go for next Saturday! We have some really cool swag in the bags this year! You'll just have to be there to see! WWW.NNLEAST.COM