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  1. Nice change of pace! Good to see you back on the board!
  2. I once bought a bag of parts for the Revell large scale slant six engine. I recognized the valve cover, and even though I didn’t even own a kit I thought it was cool to own the bits for $10. A year or two later I found a “complete” slant six in its original box on eBay and was the successful bidder. Upon receipt I found it wasn’t nearly complete. But oddly it needed most of the parts in that bag!
  3. Everything deteriorates over time. It is interesting to hear this about a finished resin model. I have noticed tires shrinking on regular plastic rims on some of my older builds.
  4. Best to you my friend! Hope things are done and over with by April. Always look forward to seeing you!
  5. Welcome! Your models look great and that's a wonderful way to make use of your time away!
  6. Don't delete them, just mark them as traded. That way we can keep score as to how many trades, what was traded and by whom. That will help stimulate more trades and give us reference once the vehicles start to be worked on and posted!
  7. For me, I never got organized enough to place a Modelhaus parts order while they were active! When I'd see them at shows (we hosted them at NNL East for many years) I'd usually buy one of their complete kits. And when they announced the end, again I didn't go through the dozens of old built ups I have looking for missing parts to order. I did place a "last hurrah!" $300 order for a few kits. So for me, it was just the comfort of knowing that they were there. Here's a photo of a group of kits I once bought as a lot on eBay around 2006. I remember that the lot was poorly described and I was amazed when I got it with a low ball offer. It's all early 60s annual built ups in boxes. I was equally amazed when it arrived that nearly every kit had a complete set of Modelhaus chrome in them. I figured that alone cost the original owner more than I paid for everything. So I wonder how much of that Modelhaus gold will never get used on restorations anyway. And as others have said, I don't think we will see a vendor of this class again.
  8. Kids! Gotta love them! Bet he glued on skirts too!
  9. Oh yea! Reading threads on Facebook is enough to make you wanna scream!
  10. Thanks Art! One of our TSSMCC / Diversified Cruiserz members is coming out for NNL West. Look out for Jorge, he’s bringing NNL East cards with him!
  11. J and J resin makes a four door Chevy of that era.
  12. Before my twin granddaughters were born, my older granddaughter went to daycare and was always sick. Now that she is being watched at home along with the twins she no longer gets ill! Still, my daughter teaches first grade so she has to be careful!
  13. Good start! I glue chassis stops in many kits just for that reason. Makes for a sure fit and great glue points
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