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  1. Life is on hold

    Very pleased to hear your son is progressing so miraculously!
  2. 1950 Ford junker - Learning curve thread

    Since springs came up in this thread. Here's a reference photo of the interior in a '49 Ford. Note there is a lot of things happening here. There are a few different types of springs all within a wire frame, an "S" wire on the back. Here's my attempt. I believe ballpoint pen springs would be too large. I simply wound flexible wire around a round dowel. I wasn't all that pleased with this result, but once you add some random wire, rust it all and add bits of fabric and stuffing... and it will be sitting down in an interior, it may be convincing. Also mentioned was the layering of paint, then sanding down through the layers. Good technique, I wet sand mine. It comes out better than dry sanding, and without sanding marks. Here's a tool I use for rust. This is a set of acrylic chalks, the earth tone set, easily found at Hobby Lobby for something like $6. Sand the sticks to make dust. Then you can either apply the dust to your model dry, or as I prefer, paint with it using Testors Dullcote. I can create a post explaining my process if there is interest.
  3. Mega Millions.....

    Pete I agree with you that the numbers they are hitting are excessive.. note that in my post I said 1.6 Billion was more than anyone could ever spend in a lifetime. I'd like to see some reasonable limits on the winnings, and several winners instead of one person coming into all that. There are some well grounded and reasonable folks on this board. Unfortunately the lottery has ruined some folks lives. People who spent like drunken sailors and wound up broke again, and I remember one guy who gave his granddaughter loads of money and she ODed on drugs she bought with the windfall. He certainly regrets winning the lottery. Deep down I know I will never win the lottery. But it's worth $2 a drawing just to dream about it. Eventually there will be a winner. Some goob just like us, so why not us?
  4. 1932 Ford Coupe

    Very cool rod.
  5. So...you think you have a stash????

    How? You buy 22 models a month for 50 years! Some of us are on their way there! It's not hard to do, it's having the space to store it all.
  6. 64 Chev bench

    Dave makes the plain Jane 2 door sedans. I believe the bench seat is part of those kits. You'd have to ask if he'd sell one separate. IS-64 1964 Chev. Biscayne 2dr. Sedan (1/25th scale) $37.00 (stock body, trunk lid, door panels, seats, wheels & vacuformed glass) (use Revell Impala Ht. kit for all other parts needed.) http://www.mcwautomotivefinishes.com/resin/resinlist.html
  7. What Irked You Today?

    The hobby shop in NJ indeed had the K&S Brass rods I needed! Yippee! Now I can finish those Model As and have enough brass rod to last the next several years of projects.
  8. Mega Millions.....

    Last evening we were sitting, eating at the bar in our favorite pub. Picture Cheers, where everybody knows your name. The lottery was the topic of the evening. Phil, a retired banker started talking about taking the cash option, the percentage of taxes and how to invest, etc. I stopped him. I basically said that was enough money that you could put it in a non interest bearing checking account and still not be able to spend it all in a lifetime! Seriously, 1.6 Billion is way too much money! I'm not equipped to live the life of the rich and famous. I have solid middle class values. I can see living pretty much at the level we do now, only we wouldn't have to worry about money anymore. I'd still drink Yuengling Lager. I'd immediately pay off college loans for all my nieces and nephews. I'd pay off all of our family's mortgages. Nobody would get a million dollars, everyone would still work for a living and instill those values in their children. I would not take the sense of achievement away. But they all would have a safety net that would guarantee they'd never be homeless. There would be a family fund for all future college educations. Me? I'm 60 and would be lost without a schedule and a project. Only I'd find something more interesting, that wouldn't need to show a profit. Maybe relocate the International Model Car Museum into it's own building in New York City? Who knows. Maybe restore some historic buildings just for the fun of it. I would take some time to wander. A few years ago my wife and I were unemployed at the same time and I suggested we sell the house, buy a camper and roam the USA for a year. She thought I was crazy. This time we'd do it. I'd take a month's drive across Australia and visit all my friends there. I'd bring back a Valiant VC Ute, I've always wanted one of those. I would attend the NNL in Australia and South Africa. And it would be nice to fund social projects. My daughter showed me a video of a drug intervention program in our NJ town, started by a guy who she went to school with. He had overcome heroin addiction and started a program to help others. He'd get some funding! And there is the downside. You'd forever be chased by people wanting money. You'd have to worry about relatives being kidnapped and managing the money. When my daughter was little she said she wanted to be rich and famous someday. I explained that rich was good. Famous wasn't such a good idea. Just like Bruce Springsteen cannot go in public without being spotted. Nothing is easy and without consequences!
  9. It's looking really nice so far! Keep on going!
  10. Great work! I like a cool light commercial model!
  11. Lookin' good! I'm a fan of these!
  12. Anyone want an Indian Jeep?

    If it was street legal I can see a Roxtor being a fun little vehicle to own just for play. I've held onto my 1991 Geo Tracker because nobody has ever produced anything like it. For instance if Kia did a 2 door convertible Soul or Nissan did the same with the Juke, I'd be all over one as a daily driver.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Yippee! I got my brass rod! I'm in NJ at my daughter's new house this weekend. Stopped into "The Hobby Shop" in Aberdeen, NJ and they indeed had a K&S rack! So I bought all the sizes of brass rod I could ever want! I believe it's the #8160 I'll be using to make the Ford Model A radiator / hood supports.
  14. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I first got the reissue of this kit and the Double Dragster kit the same evening at a club meeting. I got home, opened them up and nearly freaked! You could build like a thousand variations between those two kits! No wonder that was the heyday of modeling!
  15. 67 Nova Post Apocalypse recon vehicle

    Very cool model! Loads of imagination in this one. Perfect to do battle on the New Jersey Turnpike!