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  1. As far as the 40% off coupon.. I’m figuring it one of two ways.. either they used it to drive traffic until they built the chain to a certain growth goal -or- they’re doing well during the pandemic and figure they don’t need to offer a discount. Time will tell
  2. I made the mistake of watching one of those once... I watched the story of Robert Pickton, the Vancouver killer of 50 women. He had a pig farm and fed the bodies to the pigs.. nasty stuff that still makes my skin crawl.
  3. That does lend itself to working well. Results? I much more usable truck
  4. I guess they soon realized it wasn’t a great idea! How does that sand? Many years ago I was at a show with my friend Chuck. He held up a body like that from a dealer’s junk box, I took one look and told him he was better off starting fresh than trying to fix that mess! He took my advice and tossed it back... and eventually built his own!
  5. My father was sent to a nursing home from the hospital and died there within a week. We got a bill for toe nail clipping. We seriously doubt anyone saw him, probably just sent that bill to all residents families..
  6. Hobby Lobby has the parallel universe thing down pat! I’m amazed as I go to different stores and see things on the exact same hook! Spooky!
  7. Great models as always Dave! Those are some of my favorites!
  8. Lookin' good Tom! Hope all is well with you and yours!
  9. Gotta love when a casual project takes on a life of its own! It becomes an important build! I get that. My newest build goes in the "place of honor" on the shelf in our den with my big screen TV so I can look at it during commercials! When I'm building and cursing at the project, it's just a sum of it's parts along with the warts and issues... once I step away a day or so and look at it anew, that's when I really can take in a new project and enjoy it as the car I intended to build!
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