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  1. Looks good! I’ve actually seen girly cars that looked similar to that! Back when my daughter was 18, I bought her a bright red 1995 Celica GT convertible. She wanted to have it painted pink. Thankfully she couldn’t afford to do it!
  2. Combining those two magazines will only upset the current Fine Scale readers who will perceive they are losing pages to “just cars”. So now they’ve ticked off two populations. Kinda like having a magazine about dogs and they merged in a cat magazine!
  3. Very cool! You did well with that hunk of 1950s molding! I have one I’m adapting to be a Model A boat tail speedster minus fenders
  4. I once lost a shoebox full of early Falcon and Ranchero rebuilders and parts. It became a running joke in my club.. wherever my elusive Falcon box has toddled off to. It was missing for years and had never left the model room! I found it when I was packing to move. The bottom shoe box in the closet was marked “Matchbox Cars”. I realized it was awful light.. opened it and Falcons! It was marked “Falcons” on the opposite end facing the wall!
  5. I have found the CarMax, Carvana, Auto Sense and we have Auto Lenders here in PA/NJ are chains that focus on selling “as good as new” guaranteed used cars to people who are afraid of cars for near new car prices! Seriously for their no haggle high prices you could probably buy a new one if you negotiate well. Add in the zero percent interest incentives on new cars and you would make out. I have bought cars off eBay and Craig’s List, but used these sources like classified ads.. I went and saw cars and negotiated in person.
  6. On my phone I’ve had ads for five pairs of pink panties, the first bra free bra and cartoon porn!
  7. Yup.. there’s a dimension filled with model car parts, single socks and lost computer files!
  8. And the detail level of the model also reflects the technology and market norms of when that tool was created. We are blessed that some 50-60 years worth of tooling still exists and the kits get reissued today. So while your 66 Riv is a modern tooling, if you bought a 62 Buick it was originally tooled in late 1961 and will have a one piece chassis and other lack of detail that was the norm back then. Best bet is if you have a question about kits you wish to buy, float it out on this board and folks here will give you good information.
  9. Agreed! Most folks understand why we cancell d NNL East this year but we got a few emails and phone calls.. one guy saying it was his right to attend model shows! I responded that it was my right not to personally incur a $10,000 fine for breaking state law!
  10. It’s probably kit plastic.. this camper has been out as the Model King version only the box with the race hauler body. Shouldn’t be too hard to find
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