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  1. Another option.. the Checkers name and taxi stripes are in the RM 37 or I’d it 38, pickup kit. Dean Milano designed the sheet and wanted to see if folks would use it for a cab. He likes my taxi. The rest of the text is just inkjet decals I made myself. Black is fine for taxis. i do like that taxi decal sheet shown here too!
  2. Here’s the two I own. Above is the coolest old custom. I bought it at NNL East many years ago. Below is my original wagon built nicely with the six. Probably built by an adult, not painted but all the trim is perfectly painted in silver. Both are keepers. I will buy some new ones to mess with. I’m wondering how much of the old tool they have.. if the custom parts and six will be included
  3. Talking with John G at R2 awhile back he said there are a lot more they'd like to if it wasn’t for resources.. both money and manpower! Time to vote with your wallets boys!
  4. I approve as owner of threes Caravans in a row. Had an 84, 90 and still have the 96 Grand Caravan hightop! I built two of this kit, a CV commercial van without rear side glass and a Taxi. I did the rear wiper on that one! Lore is that Lindberg has a promo contract with Chrysler.. they did a convertible and Dakota pickup. Somehow the order was cancelled for the Grand Caravan, which was all new that year. So Lindberg had the tool done and proceeded with a limited run on the kit.. which to their surprise was a sellout, necessitating a second run. Great job on the Model.
  5. Seems around Two is hitting it out of the park! This, Nova Wagon and Falcon race team! Life is good!
  6. Good idea! Every time I’m at a show and a vendor is selling Tamiya sprays at a discount I’d buy a few.. to get home and find I already had unopened cans of the same colors. At least my taste is consistent!
  7. I’m just glad that the Alphonso commercials seem to have run their course.. and that AT&T brought back Lily!
  8. Hey Alan! Great project and I’m watching!
  9. Yup, anything but a Diet Coke tastes like sugar water... my wife will buy Coke Zero and I cannot drink it!
  10. I think it won’t be long because some enterprises resin caster will be offering a four door sedan. I will wait! And if we are real lucky someone will offer 68s as well!
  11. First progress shot for the new round! Finally got a decent coat of paint on the body. Hood still needs a few coats to brighten it up. Completed four cylinder engine sitting in foreground, wired. Couldn’t find the transfer case so I grabbed a fresh one from a kit and assembled the three parts. Otherwise the chassis could have been assembled. Will have to fit / fabricate the exhaust and drive shafts since the engine is foreign to to chassis
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