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  1. Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner
  2. Here's one that's more in our price range... saw it on Facebook today!
  3. The other night we were at one of our favorite restaurants... family sitting at a table. Parents and a boy about 12. All nose down in their phones!
  4. Cool! Consider me in with the Model A Boat Tail! I really want to build this one!
  5. For me it was 1967. I sorta remember my father had one of the Monogram classic cars.. which one had a golf bag door? It got creamed by my sister and there were parts in the toy chest. My dad was a Studebaker fan and wanted an Avanti. He had a kit.. not sure if it was AMT or Aurora. He got the idea that we’d use it as a pattern to build my Pinewood Derby car. He added a roof to the wood block and carved a crude Avanti.. picture it with those wheels sticking out! It got painted yellow and black because I had seen the movie, “The Yellow Rolls Royce”. I remember being at the Pinewood Derby and thinking it would be neat to have that kind of track for my Matchbox cars. There weren’t any more just then because we lived in Turkey and nothing was sold there. When we got back to the US in 1968, i saw Hot Wheels track and fell in love with that!
  6. Entirely my fault said my neighbor when he ran his lawn tractor into my basketball hoop post, sending the whole thing crashing down onto my nice Buick Lacrosse!
  7. Hey rules guys! I do want to participate since I’m pretty passionate about TROG. Last time I went to the Wildwood races I told my friend we needed to have a car for next time! Yeah we didn’t! Anyway, I didn’t see rules about starting with a fresh kit VS something started. I have this… It’s a body I was playing with. Auburn meets Model A, after seeing a few boat tail cars at TROG it got me thinking. Right now it’s just a body I was figuring out on a junker chassis. I still may have to shorten it a bit right behind the pilot. Sooo.. can I enter this? Or do I need to do something else?
  8. And this is the reason kits are $39.99... so every other week they can sell them at regular retail price! 😆 I have an eBay store for stamp collectors. Sales were pretty flat. I learned from a sellers group... I upped all my prices by 25%. Then I run a 20% off sale when you buy three or more items! Shipped 70 orders last week! There's a lesson in there guys!
  9. You asked for tips on working with plastic sheets.. I love this old Jeep with a fabricated body. And it’s all straight lines! Step One- measure off your project. Then cut and assemble panels from cardboard. You have no real investment here, and you may have to do it several times. Save the expensive plastic sheet stock! Once you are happy with your cardboard mock-up, take it apart and use the individual pieces for templates to cut the plastic sheet! Hope this helps!
  10. Carpet from home with two dozen cats, $100 or best offer.
  11. Patients can run away if they forget to lock the loony bin.
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