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  1. agreed Steve! We both constantly post build threads and finished project photos! I'd say we are in the minority on the board. And some folks don't understand that it takes time and effort to take the photos and write the posts. And they'll criticize our efforts like we're television.
  2. Thanks for posting! Interesting models! I'm not about to give up yet. There's two weeks to go and I'm hoping to push one or both of the builds on my bench over the finish line before year's end!
  3. Love your TROG racer! (first photo)
  4. Same here Bill, That final "last call" of left over parts had severe technical difficulties! I pretty much set up an order of a lot of Valiant kit parts, and couldn't get it to process!
  5. Pictures... hey, I remember back when I started building as an adult some 30 years ago. We had no pictures! There were cameras that used this stuff called "film" and it took real skills to coax decent model photos out of them. And you really didn't know how you did until you got the pictures back from the developer, which cost money. Then digital photography came about... it was like magic! I bought one of those $800 Sony Mavica cameras and it paid for itself in eBay sales. Today? The camera in your cell phone is better than any digital camera I ever owned. So today anyone can take pictures effortlessly. If my wife wants me to buy a specific product at the grocery store, and shows it to me... I'll snap a quick picture. It's just become a way of life. So just don't take it for granted. Someone asked me how you get 5 good photos of your model. I told him to take 100 and at least 5 will come out good! Kinda funny but true! And it costs you nothing to do. My progress shots? Are going to be on my messy work bench. I will try to get decent focus and lighting. But if you can't live with it, don't look. Finished model photos? In my back yard, which is shady so there is no direct sunlight. I have a board I covered with model railroad roadway spray paint. And that's my back yard in the background. Not the best, but it's what I can do!
  6. That can occur with tire shrinkage over time. I've noticed it on two of my 30 year old builds.
  7. I worked in Pearl River New York and traveled the Garden State Parkway with a carpool mate. The parkway is one big stop and go mess. There was a guy who worked at the same place we did (we didn't know him) who drove a gray Mazda Miata. He would do that very same thing. There'd be times he'd get a bit ahead of us, but we always wound up side by side as he turned off his exit! And that was entertaining for car pooling.
  8. In other words, mail your windshield to Bill! 😃
  9. Interesting! I was looking at a resin hardtop body with thoughts of turning it into a 4 door sedan. The doors looked right for that application! My family had a 1962 Lark 4 door sedan when I was a little guy. I owned one in the 1980s... can you say rusty?!
  10. Congrats to everyone who finished! That alone is a win! And congrats to Old Mopars! I watched every step of the way. Fantastic job!
  11. If you don't find your door handles, here's an idea. This car just has bent wire as door handles. Drill out your holes all the way, glue in the bent wire. A cut staple would work too. Door handles of this era are fairly simple.
  12. How about "out of scale accessories"? When guys use things like doll house accessories, which are 1/12 scale, on their model or diorama. I remember seeing things like huge newspapers etc in built 1/25 scale models.
  13. Two sources... This board, put your need in the "Wanted" section. Someone may be able to send you one. eBay.. there are sellers who break down kits and sell the parts.
  14. Yup. I've never had my wallet in my back pocket, always in my right front pocket! Also, office ergonomics tell you to take a 5-10 minute break per hour. Get up, walk around, do some stretches.
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