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  1. Post the oldest kit in your collection

    The oldest kit in my collection.... I didn't build it. And people have the nerve to complain about new kit releases today!
  2. Revell 2019

    I seriously wonder how many modelers will actually even notice the rear end? I know I'm as anal as most of the guys on this board, and I cannot tell rear ends apart. Once it gets down to the general public, the consumers of 99% of kits, it's immaterial.
  3. https://public.fotki.com/modelcitizen/11_car_reference_library/light_commercial/mobile_home_deliver/ I think you are further along than needing my help, but here's a photo set I took back in 2005. This truck came to my work to take away a construction trailer.
  4. Models cars at San Francisco Airport

    Thanks and a good coincidence! I will be flying United through SF on Wednesday! BTW, this is hanging from the ceiling at the Seattle airport. Came through there on Sunday!
  5. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Thanks! Until I read this, I was about to post that I'd have to decline! I've been way too busy lately with my new job and am in Seattle this week! July looks like a lot of travel too!
  6. Citroen

    Very cool! I have the original release, not the food truck version. They restored one of these on Wheeler Dealers, you may be able to find the episode. And there is a company in South NJ that imports the 1:1s
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have a similar one. I found it sitting out front of a house on bulk garbage week. I had to drag and pivot it into the back of my Geo Tracker convertible! Still stuck out the back swinging door, had to tie it open. Scratched up my interior! Mine had bad wood grain contact paper on it. I've had shelves made for cabinets in the $10-20 range per shelf. Get the front edge rounded. Extra cost but well worth it!
  8. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have one similar, maybe not the exact same year though. Mine came to me with three holes drilled down the center of the engine cover. Yup, right on that character bump!
  9. funny thing happened

    Back when my kids were young and involved in town sports, they made all the fathers work two Saturdays as “Field Day”. They just took these untrained office workers and set them loose on equipment! They had an International Harvester large mower that was essentially a small tractor. On my day they asked, “Can anybody drive a tractor?” I got the job because I was the only one who could drive a clutch! So off I went to mow the fields! On a day when I wasn’t working my family and I were headed up the gravel path towards the fields to our game and here comes the tractor the opposite direction spitting rocks at everyone. I jumped up on it and disengaged the blades. Nobody had told the guy how to do that.. he didn’t even know he had to do that!
  10. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Oh no! Not a Pepsi person! And I liked you! 😱
  11. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I was just looking at the Coke version of the 32 Ford sedan delivery.. phenomenal decal sheet of Coke logos of different eras!
  12. Where are all the built up kits???

    I have my settings so I see all posts in all categories with replies I haven’t seen. I like to follow in progress threads for just about any subject. I build some odd stuff and I’m aware that some folks Just don’t get it. A person can post photos of an unpainted Camaro or Mustang with wheels posed under it and get a bunch of attention. I think people look at my builds quickly, and say to themselves, “Not a Hemi” and click elsewhere!
  13. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Bingo! We, as a group, probably account for less than 5% of kit sales. We are the guys who show up at Star Trek conventions dressed as Mr Spock. Over enthusiastic and very demanding. The model companies do respect us, but take us with a grain of salt. The majority of kits are sold to the general public. For a better idea of who and how they are building kits, check out Facebook groups. These are full of guys asking very elementary questions, perplexed when their hardware store paint jobs fail and not knowing the very basics of fine kit assembly. And these are people enthused enough to post on the internet! There's a whole dimension under this of people who merely will assemble a kit with their kids on a rainy Saturday. I don't know a single modeler in my town, but the kits in our Hobby Lobby turn over regularly. Then add in any kit with Coca Cola reference, any connection to TV or movies and you have a whole new audience of collectors who will buy these and never open the shrink wrap. There's a lot of money in this market. Just check out a TV and Movie Memorabilia show! Actually bigger and more monied than our model shows! I remember reading that this group of buyers / builders turns over every 18 months. So when a kit manufacturer brings back a kit after 3 years, it's all new to a good part of their audience.
  14. 1964 GMC

    Super nice truck Bill! The more I look the more I see! Wonderful and I'd be up for the GMC conversion parts once offered. I just created some seat covers. I was over thinking it but tried something simple. Design printed on ink jet printer, glued with Elmer's glue. It went on very well and adhered to all the curves on the rounded edges of cushions I created. Paper got wet enough to comply, but dry on the print side so there were no runs or other issues. I was very surprised!