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  1. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    Why not go through the register three times and buy all the kits at 40% off? I have the 40% off coupon bookmarked on my iPhone. Most times I have trouble finding anything I want to buy, many times I just buy another can of Testors flat black or dullcote with it. And if the lines are long, and I have to wait, it costs them a lot of money, because I let everyone on the line know about the coupon!
  2. What Pleased You Today!

    The Tri-State Scale Model Car Club had a great holiday party yesterday! We had too much food and everyone had a good relaxed time!
  3. Here's one I was working on back in 2015. First photo is a side view with the pieces that were removed. I didn't find the door thickness issue that Casey had, maybe because I pieced in the roof differently. Notice that my roof ribs are different from Casey's and he did a much better job of mating up his intricate pattern, where my ribs just stopped at that point. MPC changed the van every year to reflect what Chrysler did. Mine may be later date and they flattened the roof above the passengers so people could install sun roofs? I'll throw it out there.... Hey Casey! Let's have a build off! I'll finish mine if you finish yours!
  4. AMT '29 Ford TROG/Box Art Build

    Super Build! How did you do those spark plug wire ends? Very realistic. I recently attempted this myself, not so good!
  5. How would you do these seats?

    Sigh! A Viper Dave post! It's great that people we've lost can live on in the their posts. I'm pleased that the photos are still visible too. Still doesn't answer the question as to how he did the interior!
  6. What Irked You Today?

    The world is going crazy. Maybe it was always crazy but the Internet gives the loonies a way to get their views out there! Anyway, my chuckle of the week is the jack who announced he wasn't going to play "Baby It's Cold Outside". It has resulted in that song being played everywhere, probably the most airplay it's had in decades!
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Bob has been going through some very hard times with elder care and hasn't been able to put much time into the business. So it's not that he "Cant be bothered". He has a few new items drawn up and hopes to get them out soon.
  8. 1974 Snap Cuda

    Very nice work! I'm happy you took off those oversize door handles, that is one of the short comings of that kit and the glue versions before it!
  9. What Pleased You Today!

    Ha! I like the way they used the air space by putting a totally unrelated apartment building on top of that historic building! Only in New York! Unfortunately for most people today, photography is now done with their iPhone. It's going the way of hobby shops... My father was a professional photographer in his early years. He put himself through college shooting weddings. He had his dark room in what was originally the coal storage area in my grand parent's basement. He taught me how to take pictures when I was young, focusing on centering the image and getting a good result. No cut off heads or feet in my photos! He died right before I got my first $800 Mavica digital camera. I've always wondered what he would have thought about that! I still have some of his cameras and equipment.
  10. Grandpa again

    Congrats to you and your family Alan! I have a one year old grand daughter who is the new love of my life! When she sees me she immediately wants to go to grandpa and crawl all over me! Just melts my heart! And... on Thanksgiving my daughter announced she is pregnant again! Good life on the way! Enjoy yours! It sure beats model cars!
  11. Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis

    Cool! I don't believe I've ever seen one of those chassis in person! Old story time... when I was a kid we live in foreign countries since my father was US Army. The post exchange had a Sears counter where you could order and receive Sears catalog orders. That left us kids living our dreams through the Sears Wish Book Christmas catalog every year. Around 1969-70 they had both the V8 and Chassis. I asked for both for Christmas. As a kid I believed this would be big enough to drive around. I drew pictures of the modern roadster body I would build for it. Sweet dreams. Christmas came and my father just got me the V8, no chassis! I was devastated. We built it together that winter... which means he built it while I watched... and I was disappointed that it just sat on it's stand and whined when you ran it. I wasn't into it. I don't remember what ever happened to that V8, but I do have a Revell Slant Six apart and missing parts in a box.
  12. What Irked You Today?

    That is why I use it! It doesn't have a nasty smell, smells like lemon! Snake, I wouldn't think to use it as a thinner since it's pee yellow. I've never tried it on model paint.
  13. NYPD Tragedy

    My father was military and the US Army promoted seat belt use early on. He bought seat belts and installed them in cars that didn't come with them. I always remember wearing a lap belt as a kid. Mandatory in my dad's presence! It became a life long habit before it was ever legislated. And fortunately in my 60 years I haven't been involved in a crash bad enough for this to come into play! Knock on wood.
  14. What Irked You Today?

    I've stripped a lot of chrome in my day. Mostly because I didn't want the parts chromed... things like the entire rear end in the AMT '57 Ford kit. I've also stripped and rechromed because the chrome was bad, old, faded or had awful mold lines across it. I am very good with BMF, I have wrapped entire bumpers. I've also used Alclad in the spray can successfully. My tip for stripping chrome. Mr Clean kitchen floor cleaner. Put some in a clear glass juice glass. Put bumpers in and you can see your progress through the glass. I usually just leave it overnight. It's most times clean at that point. Dump Mr Clean back in it's bottle for the next time!