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  1. The Duplicolor paint will look heavy on the model when wet but will shrink down to show all the detail as it dries. I find the dry times between Duplicolor / Tamiya to be about the same. I've used both on the 24 Hour builds and have had no issues moving fast.
  2. Hey this one looks like a model of mine! Looks like someone is building a car at the curb.
  3. Tom Geiger

    Kit Values

    Very important! Anyone can ask any amount for anything, but the proof of value is when someone buys it! A couple of years ago I was contacted by a guy whose father had died and he wanted to sell the diecast collection. It was all 1/18 scale stuff, all mint in boxes. To his credit this fellow had created an Excel sheet with every friggin vehicle on it.... brand, manufacturers stock number, everything! There were over 300 vehicles. He contacts me very enthusiastically saying, "Some of them are selling for over $100 on eBay!". So I take a look. Yes, on a specific car, there are a few listed. One is over $100. There are a few lower than $50 and down to $10 plus shipping. I check the "Completed Items" and there are a few that have expired without selling at $10. I actually wound up on a phone call with the guy to explain the situation. And I let him know that the diecast ship has sailed, they're no longer that sought after. He said his dad thought of this all as an investment. He's disappointed. He asks me what I'd pay for the lot and I tell him I'm just not interested. I tell him the best thing he could do would be to take the who enchilada to a flea market and sell them for $10 each. That way they walk off without having to list / ship etc. He thanks me for my time and says he'll check a few dealers. About two weeks later he calls me again and asks me if I'd pay $5 a car... um, no I don't want them and a $1500 outlay for stuff I don't want. He then lowers it to $3 a car. Still no sale. I have no idea what he did. One bit of advise from me. A lot of sellers won't sell outside the USA. They think it's a big pain to fill out the very simple customs form. Especially if you are selling foreign kits, your heavy bidders may be from other countries. And some odd things may occur. Over time I sold two different Ford Maverick 1/32 scale kits. BOTH sold to Brazil. Turns out that Maverick's are very popular there. And 1/32 is slot car size, also popular in Brazil.
  4. Tom Geiger

    What if...?

    Looks like VW is moving forward from this concept. I've had this diecast a while. Electric van won't come until 2022 according to their site.
  5. Tom Geiger


    That's one kit I've never owned, and have seen for cheap at shows! It's the original sports car so I'll need to have one. Good progress, I'll be watching!
  6. The Fotki missing pictures lately is a Fotki thing, not this site. I'm seeing the same thing on the Spotlight board. If you refresh or click on the icon, the picture will appear.
  7. Report from Exton PA: I was in the store on Friday. They were resetting the kits, but when I asked they said they were just rearranging to add incoming kits without anything going to clearance. Then I noticed, in an odd location, a couple of the Prowler and the old Lindberg boat. I bought one of each, just because. I got talking with a manager and he told me something. He said Amazon has an app that allows people to scan a box and see what it sells for on Amazon. He says resellers are combing the entire store with it!
  8. Happy to comply! I have left this one the way the original builder did it because it was done so well. At first I didn't even notice that he removed the chrome strip from the top of the fenders above the door handle and port holes! I've owned this at least a dozen years. My grandparent's next door neighbor had a black '62 four door sedan.
  9. Great resurrection Bill! I'll be watching you perform magic! 🙂 See you at Super September Showdown?
  10. Very nice work so far! I will be watching. I believe Foose did the same thing with the front wheels, check out the Foose pickup kit. I like that you smoothed out the grille. The "teeth" are chrome bits only on the top end model, but everyone seems to leave them. I have removed them on my builds since the 1:1 trucks I referenced didn't have them. Keep it going!
  11. I am a major consumer of Duplicolor primer! It covers well and dries thin so it doesn't obscure details. I also use Duplicolor sprays for a lot of my models. Note on the can whether it's a clear coat paint or not, which usually follows how the 1:1 car it was made for was finished. Those will come out dull, but a clear coat will straighten that out. Anyone else notice a big price jump on Duplicolor colors? Pep Boys went from around $6.50 a can to close to ten bucks!
  12. Heat wave here in Eastern Pennsylvania... pleased that I have a pool. Spent much of the weekend sitting there with a beer in my hand. Expect to do the same later today!
  13. Neat! I love that kit and the fact that the tooling has survived! I also have an original built up convertible. Nice work and love your backdrop. I accidentally became a Buick guy... Back in the late 1970s when I got into real estate, I had a '73 Electra 225 four door hardtop. I eventually gave it to my father. I then bought a 1960 Electra 2 door hardtop which I had for over 25 years. Now we have a 2006 LaCrosse!
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