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  1. Tom Geiger


    Yes! My Covid project, logo is a local restaurant that did a lot for the community during shutdown. The Chevy pickup is in their dining room I gave them two and kept one for myself. Below is one of them doing front desk duty.
  2. There's an old story.... Here's my grandfather's axe. We've replaced the head 3 times and the handle 4 times!
  3. Tom Geiger


    Nice work Jim! I especially like the license plate wired on through the rust hole! Classic! Kurt brings up an interesting topic... "Regional Rust". I come from the New Jersey rust belt so we had the salt rust through. Kurt is from a dry area so he's more surface rust. I've consciously built both ways, depending on the theme of my model and the plate I'm putting on it! It's been said Jersey cars rust from the bottom up, but Arizona cars rust from the top down!
  4. Great tool! For thicker plastic.. the Evergreen we score and break, the grid on the bed will come in handy. True up the plastic against the top, and mark both edges at the cut mark using the increments engraved into the bed. Then cut the piece with your eXacto against your metal ruler. These were actually banned at one large pharma I worked at! We used the ones with the roller blade. They were tossing one out one time and I grabbed it. I had to do a minor repair but it's served me well for many years.. I cut mostly 60lb paper stock for my stamp collecting needs.
  5. Another issue of having the kits produced by a third party in China. No face to face oversight. Things like the mix in the plastic... we've all noticed varying degrees of workability with the different model issues. Tires would fall into that same crevice!
  6. My Hyundai was back in the shop over the holidays. The shop I use is in the background of the above photo. They share a lot with a custom car business. I got to talking with my shop’s owner.. Ike from the original Jungle Jim race team.. and he told me who owned the other shop.. turns out I know him and knew he was into cars, but had no idea he had a large collection and has this as a side business! All three of these are Ron’s! This would make for an interesting model. Light enough that a single guy pushed it back into the shop! This pickup is calling my name! I could build this!
  7. I remember reading that the average stay in the hobby is 18 months.. so in theory you could reissue every kit every two years and it’s a whole new audience. And the comment, “I see loads of that kit at shows for $5-10!” Doesn’t fly either since the target audience doesn’t attend (or even know about) our shows.
  8. That is really cool! I always liked the Turbine. Just sad Chrysler didn’t pony up the taxes on the fleet to save them!
  9. Ya know.. I’m on a stamp collectors board. International community and we can discuss world affairs within the bounds of decency. It remains civil. I like it since I indeed want to know what my colleagues around the world are doing with Covid and current affairs. I do understand where it goes off the tracks rather quickly. Some of our respected community are raving loonies on Facebook!
  10. I said exactly this on Facebook a while back and got a warning for making a terroristic threat! 😆 Great year in models Gareth! Just looking at that Chrysler's rear bumper I was thinking you'd need two guys to carry it! One heavy unit!
  11. Brief flurries this morning here west of Philadelphia... my wife started fretting over it until I informed her that it was 36 degrees out and the stuff would just melt as it touched the ground! And lets keep it that way!
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