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  1. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic 60/40 seat ID   

    Modify a pickup bench seat...  not too tough to do.  You will need two seats...

    Not too difficult to do as you will use the finished ends from two identical seats.  In your case you will need to do the same operation on the seat bottom as well.

  2. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    I'm pleased to be back!  I have been in Jacksonville, Florida  running a corporate conference event (go figger!) for my main client.  Worked all my waking hours, and I slept 12 hours last night!  Everything went very well, I love when a plan comes together!
    The one evening I took for myself in  Jaxx was to have dinner with a friend of mine from my stamp collecting world.  My buddy Ernie and I had corresponded via a board for a couple years.  He helped me with group restaurant selection and some Jacksonville logistics.  It was great to finally meet him in person, we laughed all evening and had a great time.  The highlight of my week fer shure!
  3. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Cool Peugeot Break  Steve!   We don't get those here in the USA, nor are there many wagons left in our market!
    I did notice one universal thing in your photo... 2 car garage, no room for cars!  Same here but I carved out a small space for my Geo Tracker  (Suzuki Vitera to you)!
  4. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Revell 1971/73 Ford Bronco   

    Andy, as someone who does see things objectively, can you tell us what's wrong with the rockers?  And how we can fix 'em?  That would add greatly to this very informative thread.  Your work on the '57 Ford was beneficial to the board and the hobby.
    Personally I  am very pleased and excited to see this kit.  Detail level and parts count look great,  check out those open hood vents and grille !  I'm seeing a lot of kit design parallels to Revell of Germany, specifically the Trabants and VW Beetles recently released.   
    And the lesson here is "never say never"!  We would have bet money on kit manufacturers avoiding new truck kits based on stories of their poor performance in the past! We do live in exciting times.  Let's enjoy it!
  5. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Mike Dowd   

    Everytime I see a thread that just has a person's name as the title, I cringe.
    Very sorry to hear about Mike's passing, he was a pillar of the modeling community.  My condolences to his friends and family.
  6. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Truckers, Tell a Story About Stupid Drivers..   

    I'm going to take some equal time here...
    I'm a car driver and a few times a week I'm victim of this....   on my way to work, the first 18 miles of the PA Turnpike are two lanes each way. Normally traffic scoots along at 80 mph in the 70 mph zone. My beef is slow moving trucks.  Those that stay in the right lane are okay with me. What is a pain in the tail is when one of them decides to pass another and the two of them just sit there side by side, totally blocking faster moving traffic,  at 50-60 mph.  I don't know if these trucks have regulators on their speed, but it seems the one in the slow lane just refuses to be passed.   This can go on the entire 18 miles!  Drives me friggin nutz.
    Second story.... a guy I know from the model circuit is a truck driver.  He does local deliveries of full trailer loads. He is one of the laziest guys I know, and he has a bit of Ralph Kramden in him, thinking he's outsmarting the system but a wee bit short in the brains department to pull it off.  When I tell him the story about slow moving trucks, he tells me his story.  He refuses to get back to the depot before quitting time.  He says if he comes in a half hour early, they'll make him do some work around the warehouse.  He also says that dispatch can see when the truck is in motion or stopped.  So he figures out on his GPS how slow he needs to drive to get back to the depot exactly on time.  So if he needs to drive 40 mph on the Turnpike, that's what he does.    Argh!
    And for equal time... I saw the results of an accident on the same PA Turnpike a few months ago.  An 18 year old girl moving slowly, pulled directly in front of an 18 wheeler who slammed on his brakes to avoid her. It sent him veering to the right and up an embankment, turning the truck over onto it's left side, directly on top of the girl's small car.  All I saw as I passed by was a bit of a car sticking out from under the trailer.  She was killed instantly.  No winners here,  a young life cut short by a stupid moment,  and an injured trucker who will never forget that day!
  7. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic 1982 Dodge Cargo Van   

    Looks great Chuck!  The only thing that stands out is the gas cap. As much as MPC did to upgrade the van kit every year, they missed the gas cap. The actual van had a fuel door protecting the cap by 1982.   The older vans had a chrome cap with a black handle.  Add some fuel spill black flowing downward as well!    
  8. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic '80 Dodge Ramcharger   

    I know Al and can tell you that this is the problem with the whole deal --  he started this to experiment with resins and perfecting molds.  He was selling the tires for about the cost of the resin rubber to help guys get tires they wouldn't find otherwise.  He cast a few wheels I loaned him that came from diecast trucks, ones you'd never get for model building.  He has one pressure pot that he can fit about 6 tires into.  It has to run over night.  That means his production per evening is SIX tires.  He also travels extensively for his business, so he's not home a lot.  So between being away and the limited production on nights he has the energy to cast a few...   
  9. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic New item: GM Door Handles--> Now Mopar!   

    I also bought a bunch of these door handles.  I can endorse them, they are beautiful!  
    I'll never accept the molded in blob door handle on one of my models again!  
    One tip. Drill out the button end and insert a small length of straight pin to use for mounting.  Of course drill the matching hole in your door prior to painting. Then when finishing your model, you can mount the door handle and glue it on the inside of the door. 
  10. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic A Studebaker Story   

    Great Studebaker story!   My father was a Studebaker man,  having fallen in love with the '53 Lowey coupe.  He bought a used '54 4 door sedan and that's the car I was brought home from the hospital in when I was born in 1958.   In 1962 he traded it in on a new Lark sedan.  That was our family car until 1966.  
    Many years later I bought an identical Lark sedan.  I took it apart for restoration and found it's rust had rust!  The car was so eaten away that I wouldn't attempt to restore it.  I tried to sell the project, with all the NOS parts I had collected and found no takers.   So I advertised the parts, and sold them for much more than I wanted for the entire project car.  I then sold parts off that car, including the six cylinder drive train to a fellow who wanted to put it into an old Stude pickup.  I let him roll the carcass away! 
  11. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Possibly the worst thing Ive ever seen.....   

    and ambitiously priced too! 
  12. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic eBay for Parts, What Do You Buy?   

    I have one enroute from eBay now.  I'll post pix when I get it!
  13. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Throwback   

    I did it enough to suck at it!   
  14. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    With my Plymouth Breeze, the alternator light would come on from time to time.  It would stay on the entire ride, but wouldn't be on when I turned the car off and back on again. Tested the voltage a bunch of times, seemed normal.  Belt was tight and in good shape. 
    I gave the car to my 17 year old nephew and a week later the light is on constantly and the car won't start.  Alternator must've been going...
    (of course his father, my wife's brother calls me up like I offered him a 100 year warranty on the free car, no good deed goes unpunished!)
  15. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis   

    It's no doubt long gone!  It wasn't a big seller when new because it was very expensive in it's time.  I remember it was in the Sears Wishbook when I was a kid. I wanted that and the Visible V8. Being a kid I thought if I had both I could drive it around.   Like most kids I got the V8 and not the chassis!