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  1. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    Prior to having a local Hobby Lobby I used the Michaels 40% off coupons.  If I didn't see anything I needed, I'd find a lady in the store with a big item in her cart and give her the coupon.  Instant smile.   Once the new Hobby Lobby opened here in town earlier this year I was standing in the model aisle and there was a guy in his 30s looking at a ship model. We got talking, and I showed him the coupon on my phone.  He said he was debating buying the kit because it was expensive, but the coupon sealed the deal. He also bought paint and supplies for the kit.
    I like to think I'm a fair person, so I've always felt disdain for those who try to beat the system, The last time I was in Hobby Lobby I bought two cans of paint. One at 40% off and one at retail.  I remember one guy bragging on the boards that he'd bring his two small kids along with him and all three get on the check out line, each with a kit and a coupon.  It hit me that it was setting a real good example for those kids... Dad teaches them how to scam a store, watch Dad take care of himself, and neither kid got anything!
  2. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Jeep J10 Gladiator   

    I understand if you have a 3-D printer all you have to do is scan that picture and the printer will produce a perfect 1/25 scale kit on sprues and all!  
  3. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Now THAT'S service!   

     I subscribe but I haven't seen mine yet.  Expected to see it Saturday,  and with Monday being a holiday it will probably come on Tuesday. My post office seems to deliver magazines late
  4. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    Guys-  I couldn't find current listings but here's everything he has put on eBay...
    Note that he has no negative feedback but 3 neutrals in the past month:
    "Okay casting, lots of flash not removed"
    "Poor quality casting"
    "Disappointed in quality--fidelity of product doesn't match picture"
    His poached products are aimed at the tuner market.  That and the fact that he's using his mother's credit card tells me this is a kid. Probably doesn't understand that he cannot copy other's products.   With the poor quality now noted in his feedback, he won't be around long.
    Sad fact is that there is that a lot of guys in this hobby don't understand right from wrong.  One past caster / poacher I confronted on the phone told me that once he bought a resin product, it was his to do what he wanted with.  From his tone, he actually believed that.  And others believe if they change any small aspect of that part, that it's now their design.
    He is local to NNL East, but we have no record of him every attending the show.  
  5. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    Hey Bill, you haven't lived until your daily life includes strapping babies in car seats in the back of a 1973 Barracuda!  Been there, done that!  
  6. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    People on this board need to understand that we "over enthusiastic" model folk represent a small fraction of the US model car kit market. That's why we gained the title, "The Lunatic Fringe". What seems perfectly logical to us, appears like those guys dressed up in Star Trek uniforms to everyone else.  
    Pick up a Hallmark calendar of cars. Look through it at the choices of the photographs. Those are the cars the general public recognizes.  Same thing when they go into the hobby shop, they see a '57 Chevy, a Corvette or Ferrari on the shelf, they recognize it and decide it would be a fine pastime to build the model.  These guys represent 90% of the kit market and decisions tend to be made in their favor.
    Do not use the logic of what was issued in the 1960s as proof of marketability.  Different time, different market. Millions of kits sold versus today's tens of thousands.  Back then the bumper crop of annuals we received were dictated by the automobile manufacturers, voting with their pocketbooks, as they financed the tooling by ordering promotional model runs.  As they were making the tool for the promos, the model companies planned on converting that tool to produce a model car run as well. Nearly free tooling, with kits sold in the hundreds of thousands to a huge fan base.  So many of the sedans and wagons we saw back then were actually choices made by the car manufacturers than a demand by model builders.  
    And note that there are stories about how kits came to be.  For instance the 1977 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan came about as a companion to the wildly successful Dukes of Hazzard   General Lee.  That was the first kit to do over one million copies.  So they took the existing Dodge Monaco 2 door (which was a financed promo) and converted it to the sedan to become Rosco's Police car.  That was a cheap and easy decision and sold well as a companion to the General Lee.   
    Today the model car companies have to be very careful with what they do. If you follow the market of  Revell and Moebius, you will see them gambling on tried and true classic hot rods.  These are cars people will build over and over.  Just note how many Model A and '32 Fords you will see at a model show. Eternally popular and guaranteed that the tooling won't fall out of favor in the future.  And they make sure that they will be able to do multiple versions to maximize their investment in the tooling. Note that these kits sell in the thousands, rather than hundreds of thousands or millions as in the heyday of the hobby.
    Before someone jumps up to mention the Moebius Hudsons,  important to reveal that Frank, the owner of the company is a Hudson fanatic.  It's good to be king.  And Moebius has no less than eight versions of those kits to market to earn back that investment.
    The kit manufacturers also understand who is their market.  Kids aren't building like we did when we were kids. In fact the kids of the 1960s ARE the same people building today, although in much limited numbers.  As an aging herd, we baby boomers are either retired or headed to retirement.  We have time and the money to be model builders. So the manufacturers are serving this market and the subjects that this age demographic remembers.  
    And as said before in this thread.  We are talking the US kit market.  We have no influence on Japanese or German kits.  Those are aimed at their markets and sales in the USA aren't even a blip on their screen.  Those folks don't have the allergies that our herd does to sedans, so you will see more of that.  Many of you may not know that 2 door and convertible cars were heavily taxed as luxury items in many countries, so their staple was the 4 door sedan.  And they'll collect and build what they remember from their youth just as we do.
    And that Euro / Japanese market has heavily influenced today's US car market. Today's younger car buyer has no problem with 4 door cars. They are normal.  Where our herd will scream that a Dodge Charger "NEEDS" to be a 2 door hardtop, they outsell the 2 door Challenger by a large margin.
    Note that I'm just like you guys. I buy every sedan and wagon kit produced. I buy a lot of resin conversions too, you just have to be willing to make that investment if you want the subject matter.  I also am a student of the business end of the hobby.  So I try to understand and respect the decisions made based on the market.  These folks aren't stupid.   
  7. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Very sad news   

    I am sorry to hear of Miguel's passing!    I met him on his trips to NNL East and GSL. A very nice guy and great friend to the hobby
  8. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Pro-touring Plymouth Volare 340   

    Looks like a good start.  Be careful with the relationship between the transmission and the hump in the interior bucket.  Note that the interior has no pedals so steal those from the Duster as well. The chassis is simple but can be made to look convincing with some work.  I used the kit rear and springs, but cut out the driveshaft and added my own.  The front end is non-existent though. It does have the torsion bars, and unfortunate that there isn't a better chassis with these.

  9. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Land Rover   

    Perfect!  I love everything you did, the rubber gasket on the roof windows was the final detail.  At first I thought your side glass needed edges painted, but I looked at a few 1:1 photos and saw it to be exactly what you did!   
    Now RM... where the heck is this kit?  I'm sure this would be a good seller not only here but as a Revell of Germany release for Europe.
  10. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic How Do You Select Your Projects?   

    Yea, those voices in my head win every time! It's often when I get far enough along on a build that I'm past any perplexing challenges and I can squint and see what it will look like finished that the voices are satisfied and try to point me in another direction.
    And that's why I started the Christmas Amnesty builds better than a decade ago. I had so many 3/4 completed models that I had to force myself to sit down and finish them. At least I get to one every year that way!
    When I'm in the zone, there is no amount of work or cost that's too much.  Once I bought 5 different cans of Duplicolor red until I found the right shade. I'll do a ton of research and sweat and artistically feel every detail. When I get a phase correct,  I'll celebrate and leave it mocked up on my workbench and look at it every morning as I pass the model room on my way to get ready for work.  And I'll daydream about it during the day.  Finishing those models is almost a let down because the excitement of the build is done.
  11. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic concord stage coach   

    Wow! That is one great model.  I'm sure Harry will be pleased to see it.
  12. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic AMT's Horizon TC3- Loser from the past, out of box!   

    Aha!  You've discovered that the Horizon is much scarcer than the Omni kit!   Still, when found they can be had at a reasonable price. I have a few of them bought right.
    Note that the 4 door as actually a pretty close clone to the VW Rabbit down to the engine.  I always had planned on taking one of the Rabbit kits and converting it to a 4 door Omni or Horizon.  Now I need to get one of the Motormax diecast to see how close they are scale wise. Maybe that Rabbit chassis and drivetrain would fit under it?
    For the 24 Hour Build I chose another loser car,  the Dodge D50 pickup.  Again, typical of MPC new cars of that era it's a nice little kit.  Very good engine, drivetrain and chassis detail. I'm very pleased with my $5 purchase.  
  13. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Winter Weather   

    Wow!  And we got almost nothing!   Your neighbors have been watching too much Ice Road Truckers!
  14. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic friends   

    And a lot of us have been motivated to attend model shows to meet each other.  In another thread, that appears to have disappeared, someone wrote that "99% of the people on this board will never meet".   I replied that it wasn't so, that many of us know each other.   It's a good thing to finally meet someone you have corresponded with for years!
    You didn't list in your profile where you reside,  but there may be people or a club in your area.  Or a model show within driving distance.  You will find the same reception in person.
  15. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Winter Weather   

    Another media "Storm of the Century" come and gone.  Funny thing it was 60 degrees yesterday and a major northeaster forecast with 10" snow for today! People went bonkers doing the milk and bread thing, all the schools closed and even major companies announcing closings yesterday.  Last night it was raining here, so the concern was that it would all freeze under the snow, which is the worst situation.
    This morning?  I might have 2" here.  Not enough snow to fire up the snowblower.  My driveway and sidewalk has already melted clean.  The big inconvenience? I am running a two day class, yesterday and today.  The company is closed today.  I had to make provisions for our day two to be Friday.  And the worst part is we have out of town people in local hotels.   All for the storm of nothing!