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  1. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic thank's R-M.   

    I believe I remember that the Johan and Lindberg molds were odd size and J Lloyd had the proper smaller injection molding machine to use them.  We know they sold the Lindberg line to Round 2 but it seems they are still producing the product under contract to them.
  2. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic '81 Plymouth Reliant 12/10/15 final mockup!   

  3. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic I'am depressed   

    I graduated in 1976.  When I joined Facebook about 10 years ago, it wasn't an hour before someone from my class contacted me. They had a "Class of 76" page. It was interesting and that first year we had an impromptu reunion at a local pub.  We've had three other get togethers, including an official 40 year reunion.  Now I banter with these folks on Facebook daily and I have more friends from high school than I did in high school.    
  4. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic '81 Plymouth Reliant 12/10/15 final mockup!   

    You didn't tell us the response to this magnificent gift !  
  5. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Harry's current condition   

    Jim and Sue, the very best wishes to you!  
  6. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I live to serve the hobby!     But I didn't get nicked too bad, it was about $40 delivered.  I wasn't sure if it wasn't in Heller's current catalog, or just not sold in the USA.
  7. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    This one came in the mail today. I've had it on an  eBay search for a long time. Finally one with a reasonable Buy It Now so I grabbed it!   Taking a quick look in the box, this appears to be a very nice kit.  The body is flawless!
  8. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Great Jaguar.  Welcome to the team! Here's mine... 2000 S Type,  Carnival Red,  around 30,000 miles now.

  9. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic looks like ive been copied   

    Probably block you!  Check out his feedback.  Someone left him a positive and said, "Low quality but for the price its OK". He responded by blocking them!
    Jeff, report him to eBay for copying your product.
  10. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Old blade disposal?   

    I'm from New Jersey!  We just throw them on the beach to keep the tourists on their toes!    
    I wrap mine in masking tape and toss it in my model room trash can.  I don't use enough to affect the world steel supply.
  11. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    I heard that every time someone asks Ed the same tired old question, Revell puts production off another month!   
  12. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Ray, I've had good results giving things away on Craig's List. It was important when I lived in NJ and you had to pay extra to have a large item taken by the garbage company. Once we had a desk I listed for free, and someone didn't show up. I got mad and put it on for $100 and wouldn't ya know, someone came and paid it!  When we left New Jersey we gave away most of our furniture as we bought all new for our Pennsylvania house.  At our new house, there was a huge wood swing set... we found out it was actually two sets melded together. Put it up for free and two guys came and spent a whole day taking it apart and dragging it away.  Saved me a lot of work!
    Last month my daughter got new living room furniture.  I told her to put the old set on Craig's list.  They had moved the old set out front to clean the carpet, and a neighbor knocked on the door asking if it was available.  Gone!
  13. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Can Bare Metal be cleared??   

    Like Steve and NIck, I don't clear over my BMF.  As part of creating the illusion that your model is a 1:1 car, there are minute differences in the "shine value" between bare BMF and clear coat.  Clearing over everything destroys that.  If you don't understand that, or if you simply don't care, carry on!
    I've never had BMF come off a model.  I have BMF jobs that are 20-25 years old and are perfectly intact.  When people have complained that it comes off, I question their application.  I generally find that these are people who lift BMF to reposition a too small piece,  use the portion that their fingers have touched, or peel off the excess and return it to the sheet for reuse.  BMF should be placed on a model  ONCE.   If you relift it, reuse the excess or touch the adhesive with your fingers, it's toast.  And that's why your BMF comes off.
  14. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic what impala's are needed to kit bash?   

    Rick- Why mess around when there are kits of those years?  

    1968 Annual convertible in restorable condition

    1969's  black one is a kit, white one is a promo.
    Yes, a mint in the box kit is selling for upward of $200 but restorable annuals show up on eBay all the time. It's a matter of setting up a search agent that sends emails to you when one is available and patience.  There have also been resin copies of both years,  I believe R&R did them, I have a 1969 wagon of theirs.  Out of print, but eBay again!
  15. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    I'm off to "The Big Sit",  a get together by the Philly Boys.  It's the anti-show.  Just a bunch of guys talking models, with their models on display but not registered and no awards of any kind.  And it attracts over 50 people... more and more every year.  Looking forward to seeing folks who have been hibernating all winter.  And it should be 75 out today!  I have my short sleeve club shirt on!