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  1. My user name? My parents came up with it! Before I was born both grandfathers wanted the first grandchild named after them.. and my father didn’t want to name me after himself because I’d suffer Junior syndrome. I was named Thomas because it was totally neutral! I narrowly escaped being Alfred, Hubert or Little Artie. It’s a good thing.
  2. My round trip commute is 12 miles. (Na Na Na Na Na! 😁). I live in the Philadelphia burbs where traffic regs are merely a suggestion. This morning I’m on the road leading to my office building. There is a one way tunnel / underpass and I have to stop as the oncoming traffic is closer, thus has the right of way. Suddenly there’s a blaring horn behind me. As I start driving I see the front of a Chevy van at the rear bumper of my little Hyundai… I turn into the office complex and he follows.. I’m thinking I have a road rage psycho. I park and he parks. I look over and see it’s my electric contractor’s van and one of his goobs is the psycho. He looks my way and gets a sheepish look on his face as he realizes he’s been tailing the boss. I get out of the car and gave him a good tongue lashing. His boss wasn’t on site today, but he will be aware!
  3. In the 1:1 Slant 6 world a fellow named Doug Dutra designed and produced a split header for dual exhaust. I always wanted it for my 65 Barracuda, maybe I’ll make one for a model someday!
  4. Agreed! Both of these would be enthusiastically purchased by everyone from stock, custom, drag builders right through Low Rider fans!
  5. Neat VW and story! I’m working on my dad’s old red Beetle, using the Round 2 Spider Man kit.
  6. Tom Geiger


    Do you know what kit these came from?
  7. Very cool model! Per the comments on production… remember that the Mustang was a runaway success and Ford was having trouble keeping up with demand. They wouldn’t have had manufacturing capacity to add a wagon to the mix. Also this was the 1960s. Perception of wagons was different then too. What’s cool today might have hurt Mustang sales then.
  8. The gold is far superior to the red. Good call! Beautiful models!
  9. I don’t know what the life of these is supposed to be and of course those of different brands and quality. Are you getting paint on it? Originally I noticed I was and moved it.
  10. Back in the day before they merchandised everything to death! As a kid I would’ve loved to have a Speed Racer model or Hot Wheels car but none was available!
  11. It makes sense to do the Green Hornet as long as they have the licensing. Did anyone say it was coming from the original 1964 tooling? Today it may even be easier to produce that curbside kit as an all new tool. And as the Whine-Fest develops, note that this kit isn't aimed at us car model geeks. It's going out to the TV and Movie fans, there are large conventions all over the country. Most of the kits will be sold to this market, and many will never have the shrink wrap broken. And it makes business sense...
  12. Nice work! I just bought that kit. Chassis looks interesting, how does it build?
  13. Back when I was young my friend and I were like Richie and Potsie from Happy Days. We were 17 and seniors and I had a car. Two Junior girls, who were trouble, asked us if we wanted to go to a party with them.. uh, yes! So we drove them several towns away. One of them had a fake ID so we pulled up out front of a liquor store and gave them money. They went in and we waited.. and waited.. finally took a look and found they weren’t there. Liquor store has a back door! We were ditched and scammed!
  14. I like the Dart project, I'm building a few old family cars now myself. I have my old 56 Chevy and my dad's 64 VW on the bench. That Dart kit is a good one, especially that chassis. Perfect for replacing old one piece chassis on older kits. I have a few tucked away for that purpose.
  15. I build 1/24 or 1/25 exclusively, pretty much because my eye is trained to that scale.
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