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  1. Revell 2019

    Ya know guys, give Revell a break! We went from no Revell a few months ago to the possibility of a new Revell US division coming back. So ya'll went from whining about no Revell to whining about the new emerging Revell! Amazing! It's a brand new start up, it's not the old company. This will take time and money. The venture capital company that bought Revell is a white knight that buys and grows companies in different markets in Europe. Diverse as a paper company in Spain and electronics parts manufacturers. The fact that Ed Sexton, one of the most talented and passionate guys in the business is involved, is a really positive thing. Now don't go ticking him off!
  2. Ford Escort mk1 "Mexico", Airfix 1/32

    Very nice build! I love the old Airfix 1/32 line, many of you know I lived in Germany when I was growing up in the late sixties / early seventies, so they figure rather prominently in my model building memories. I still have a few that I saved all these years, and when I got involved in modeling 30 years ago I found some at shows for $5-10 each and I grabbed them up! As eBay makes everything global, those old 1960s bag kits go for $100 now a days! I saw two that popped up in my feed the other day!
  3. Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire

    This is tragic. It will be rebuilt. This isn't the first time Notre Dame has had calamity. In fact it was severely damaged during the French Revolution and then was used as a warehouse. Napoleon returned it to the Catholic Church in 1801, and it wasn't restored until 1835. Much of the artifacts from before 1800 were already lost. I can see how this happened. During the current renovations, there was a safety failure regarding hot work. Once work is done for the day, a fire watch is supposed to occur. The fact that the fire was noticed after 5:30 pm tells me that the fire was smoldering for some time. Either they didn't do a proper fire watch, or the fire was undetected until the watcher left. Somebody and their insurance company is in a lot of trouble!
  4. What did you see on the road today?

    and you reminded me of a tourist story... I was headed home from work one Friday evening and spied a large Fiat motor home sitting in a supermarket parking lot. I stopped to take a look and a family was sitting in lawn chairs eating dinner. The man spoke English and he liked that I was interested in his vehicle. He asked me if I knew a good place to park overnight where he could hook up to electric... I thought for a minute and replied, "My driveway!" This was before we carried cell phones or had email so my wife was surprised when I pull up with this motor home following me. We invited them in for the evening, and it was interesting. The man and his wife sat with my wife and I and he did the talking, and translated for his wife. They had a daughter with them and my two daughters got a kick out of entertaining her, although they couldn't communicate! I asked him if he was concerned about driving a Fiat in America regarding spare parts and service. He said that it was very reliable and he didn't expect any issues, but it had the same chassis and diesel that the Ivecko trucks Fiat was selling there at the time. The next day we loaded them in our minivan and showed them around Monmouth County... took their photo out front of the Stone Pony in Asbury Park and some spots they wouldn't have thought of. It's good to know the locals. One of those spots was the Keansburg boardwalk, where they still have 1930s antique rides. Introduced them to boardwalk sausage sandwiches! They stayed a second night and were gone when we woke up on Sunday. They were headed towards Philadelphia and then Washington DC. And interesting enough last evening my wife and I went for a bite at our favorite local pub. There was a couple from Belgium sitting at the bar with us. They were doing the tourist thing and wound up in Exton for the night just out of luck!
  5. 71/72 AMC Matador resin

    As is always said, "If you see it, buy it, because you never know if you'll see it again!" Who knows what occurs. This one could've been a guy who produced the mold because he wanted to build one, then sold enough copies to pay for the mold. Then the mold tore and he was done!
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    Reminds me of a story... One year I was driving back to New Jersey from the Toledo NNL on Route 80 across Pennsylvania. It's like six hours across the state. I came upon a 1960s VW van. Typical hippy van, Vermont plate. As you said, chugging along at maybe 50 mph! I passed it and kept moving at around 80 mph. I'd stop at a rest stop about once an hour. And shortly thereafter I'd pass that same van again! It happened several times. That driver must've had an iron bladder because I don't think he had ever stopped.
  7. What Irked You Today?

    Tax Day! I'm sitting here avoiding writing a rather sizable check! Maybe I should just do it and get it over with!
  8. Car Model History in My Hands!

    Too cool! I've read both yours and Mark's threads. I was in conversation with Mark Gustavson yesterday and forwarded him the links as well, so he can add to the museum's files that these cars all still exist. I'm wondering if any of these cars are on the museum's Clone The Past list. And we generally assume that these old models are long gone, but they keep appearing! Mark sent me a photo yesterday of an iconic model that was thought to be long gone, but was found and restored. It will be revealed at GSL so I won't steal his thunder! As you know, I just love this stuff! It is all of our history!
  9. Car Model History part deux

    Very cool Mark! Great bits of history rediscovered.
  10. What Irked You Today?

    Cars! Gotta love them! I just had all of the brake hard lines and hoses replaced on my 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan. It was at the shop a while as I had to find the hard lines, and then my garage agreed to do the work at a reduced rate when they had idle time. I got it back two weeks ago. I go out to take it for a spin the next day... battery dead! Won't take a charge. So I went and bought a new one! And now my Hyundai has a slow leaker front tire!
  11. The Lindberg Line - Little Red Wagon

    Yes it is a fiddly old kit! You did a pretty good job on her though! I found it best to glue the doors shut and add correct size non-working hinges to it. Even then, nothing is perfect! Mine with the doors glued shut. Kit working hinges removed and scale hinges were made from round plastic stock.
  12. I vote for Dad's 58 Chevy!
  13. If I Ran Revell....

    Bingo! We'd all go and tool up that one car we want that nobody else would understand! Funny thing though-- the owner of Moebius actually is a Hudson guy. He tooled up what he liked and somehow made it work.
  14. Here's the Dodge A100 version that was at the Philadelphia Car Show in February! You can see it's not an exact replica of the cartoon car or the model. The graphics are a bit different. I've thought of modeling this version.. I have a Jimmy Flintstone A100 van body that's not doing nuthin'!