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  1. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    I have no idea how the names and such got above this post!  I was quoting Dan from the post above mine!
    And a smart move that was!  Round 2 is owned by Tom Lowe who has always followed the TV and Movie market.  That's a much bigger audience than the model car hobby.  There are memorabilia shows all over the country, professionally run, advertising guest appearances of old stars, and making our model car shows look like lemonade stands.   I wish the model companies published their sales numbers because I'll bet the Batmobile outsold any of the recent model car kits!
  2. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Where do you work on your semi truck models?   

     I remember that picture. But that table is not just the kitchen table, it looks to me like the Formal Dining room table!!! Which we used all of two times a year Thanksgiving and Christmas!
    I have a dining room  like that.  Most unused room in the house!  
    The picture was from an ad for some computer  maintenance software back in the 1980s...  the ad had two pictures, both with the clock at 7:30pm.  The second one was the same guy slaving at his computer at work... the premise was that if you bought their software, you could be having fun at home instead of working late!
  3. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic 25 T Fruitwagon   

    another thing that I am deleting is the fake roll up curtains that they molded in over the fruit  basket. 
    I agree that the fruit and curtains are unrealistic, but no more than the rack of pies in the back of the Pie Wagon. Remember that these kits were created for kids back in the day... actually we were those kids!  I think the fruit could be made convincing with some detail paint.  Or buy a sack of bird seed. It contains all kinds of types of seeds in different shapes that may mimic fruits in scale.  You still will need to do some painting. 
    For the curtains...  take a piece of wide masking tape.  Spray Testors Dullcote on the glue side. It will neutralize the glue like it was never there.  Now you have a decent piece of textured tape that you can use to make things like roll up side curtains. It holds paint well.  I've done this successfully in the past.

    Here's a box of neckties that I made from masking tape in a grand variety of colors. The truck is representative of a restaurant I used to frequent that would cut off your tie if you wore one there.  Old visual joke.
  4. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    Murphy's Law Of Modeling:
    "You can have 2,000 kits but your next great idea will involve kits you do not own!"  
  5. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Glue bomb   

    Yea, there is no educating the general public!  I just say "no thanks", smile and walk away.  Back in the days when I was going to save the world I would engage the seller, but for the most part it was down the road to no good.
    I remember one time I spied a kit from across the way. It was one of those AMT curbside truck model derived from a promo kit from the 1980s.  The ones you can find at model shows for $5-10.  There it was, I think it was the Ford Expedition kit, with the boxed bleached from sitting out in the sun way too long at flea markets. The shrink wrap was tattered and blowing in the breeze, box top sagging in the center.  As I approached, the seller, a big Grizzley Adams kind of guy got up and was a fixin' for a sale.  He had no price on it, and as I looked he confidently said, "$50."  Then he added that it was over 30 years old!  I told him it was a $10 kit,  maybe $5 due to the deterioration of the box. He got upset like I was trying to rob him. I told him I didn't want to buy it, I already had too many.  He started following me down the aisle yelling to the other vendors to watch me, I was a thief!   Lots of fun!
    Another one of my favorites was a flea market guy who had an AMT 1953 Ford pickup kit,  built by a kid with no paint and that full tube of glue look. He wanted $25 for it.  When I told him it was a current kit and could then be bought sealed in a box unbuilt for $10,  he countered that his it was worth more because you saved the time it would take to build it.  An optimistic kinda guy!
    Then there was the time I literally got kicked out of an antique shop.  They had 3 or 4 kits in their showcase, all marked like  "Genuine 1957 Chevy kit".  They were all fairly recent releases of kits of old cars.  The seller immediately got mad and I tried to explain that the kits were maybe 10 years old... and that they didn't have zip codes or bar codes in 1957!
    I learned the hard way!
  6. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic How About Some Light Commercial?   

    Ah the Yorkshire BTL trucks!  The Bell Telephone Pioneers Club was a group of retirees who did social services. My wife worked for AT&T and the Pioneers often had tables of items for sale as fund raisers, and they had Yorkshire do the series of trucks for them.  So I believe I have the whole set, as my wife would bring me home the new ones as they came out around Christmas time,  kinda like Hess Trucks.
    Hosted on Fotki
    They called this the delivery truck, first of the series in 1983.
    Here's the Lineman Model A. This was number 2 in the series, dated 1984.

     Pole digger Dodge Power Wagon. Number 3 dated 1985 This one is a bit small. Guess they did it box scale.
    The Model T platform truck Tom Az showed was Number 4 dated 1986.  The platform actually telescoped on this one. This and the Power Wagon were the coolest of the series.

    This is pretty much the same as your covered truck with the side curtains, but issued as Number 5 in 1987, your truck was Number 6 in 1988. And I believe that was the end of the line. 
    The BTL Pioneers also commissioned Ertl to do that Bell Telephone version of the old Model T van with the black and white image on the box.  Lore is that the people who did the order for the Pioneers didn't understand it was a kit, and Ertl got stuck with a bunch of them. Which is why those are plentiful to this day.
    Some or all (I don't know) were also done in red paint for Bell Canada.  I've seen them but don't own any.
    Yorkshire also did... (I'm not sure if these were done as fund raisers or just for public sale)

    Model A mail truck. 
    Hosted on Fotki
    Model TT Tank Truck. This one is generic and the box is marked "Ninth Edition" so who knows how many Yorkshire models I've missed.
    A few words. These are a bit crude both in casting and finish, but are cool in their own right. Don't be spending big money on these, they appear regularly on eBay pretty cheap... they also appear at $50 or more!    
    And a reward for those who stuck with us... bit-0-trivia... our own Dean Milano once worked for Yorkshire!
  7. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic 1964 Mercury Marauder   

    I like it!  A clean period build.  
  8. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Where do you work on your semi truck models?   

    Hosted on Fotki
    This thread just reminded me of this old photo I had saved... yea, that guy's gonna be in a lotta trouble when his wife sees him working right on the table surface!  
  9. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Trabant Universal Lieferwagen   

    Hosted on Fotki
    Geoff- Here's how I did the bed.  As you said, I don't have any information and am assuming it would be a ribbed surface.  I used an Evergreen pattern for this.
  10. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic How About Some Light Commercial?   

    Perfectly fine to post more diecast vehicles in this thread!   Post on!
  11. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic No Photos, No fun,   

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    Oh, I just posted an image!  
  12. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Yea, EZPass is something else! The accounts are held by the vendor, not the state, so the vendor is profiting from all that cash on account. They charge fees up front, into your account and subtract the tolls out of there.  You are underestimating a bit,  the bite they take from my checking account each time is $135.  We use over $100 a month in tolls! 
    And any time they decide you have a violation, they subtract the "fine" from your account and you have to plead your case to get it back!  
  13. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic How About Some Light Commercial?   

    Here's a pair of metal Explorers we never got in plastic...  I believe these were Maisto.  

    The Ironsides Ford van.. only NOT in 1/20 scale. These appeared at Walmart for a blink of the eye!

    And a pair of Jeeps! I bid low on two at the same time and got lucky. I reasoned that I'd resell one... then I got them and loved the colors! 

    And while on the subject of Jeep... a decent starting point for any Jeep model. I believe this one is Ertl.

    While not light commercial, I liked this one a whole lot. I believe it's Maisto. And for $10 I had to have it. If car companies were doing promotional models today, they'd look like this!  Highly detailed diecast, it's the available technology.

    And since we have driven this train off track from light commercial, I'll share this trio.  It's a Pontiac Solstace,  Saturn Sky and Opel GT, the version GM sold in Europe.  Yup, the only Opel ever made in the USA and shipped off to Europe!
  14. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic Johan 31 Caddy   

    I built the towncar WAY BACK in Early 70's!!
    looked good for a few days, then sat in the back window of our 70 Impala
    on a trip from Pittsburgh, Pa all the way to Bryson City, NC!!
    Needless to say, It Deformed badly!!!!!
    Ya know something... we have all done that at one time. Learned the hard way.  And it's not our fault!  Those pesky model companies CONSPIRED against us to melt our models, so they could sell us more models!   There should've been a warning printed on the box!  Like when you get your suit back from the cleaners and the clear plastic bag has a warning "Do Not Place Bag Over Your Head!"   I feel a class action suit coming on!
  15. Tom Geiger added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    I love your vistas Ed!  This is about  as far as I can see out my back windows....
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