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  1. The State Farm commercial with the girl Parker delivering pizza. Aside from being really cute.. I always laugh at “and a side of ranch”.
  2. The body was gloss green that was wet sanded to expose the layers of color under it. The body wasn’t dull coated until after the decals were applied. The decals were done on white decal stock.
  3. To finish the story- I did finish the additional two trucks and I delivered them to the restaurant in the middle of Covid! They were doing take out orders only with drive up trunk delivery for no contact back then. I had the two trucks packed in a box and I had the carside service girl take the box out of my trunk. Then we weren’t able to go back to the restaurant until recently.. and what do I see on the Hostess Desk?
  4. Kinda drives ya nutz! I stop by the board and I see I have a reply! I get excited and click on it only to find “someone reacted”! Bummer!
  5. Hawk had a couple of these pseudo cars. Guess they wanted to sell models and not pay any royalties!!?
  6. Here's my laugh of the day. I always see interesting old vehicles coming and going up near the ancient mill on the road leading into my development. You know the place... the 56 Ford pickup, Rolls Royce, Old flat black Cutlass and the Porsche with the tribal paint job... This week they drag this one home. I saw it as I was rushing home the other day and made note to go back and get a photo. Then each time since I passed there I either had frozen or hot food, it was raining or I was in a hurry. So a few minutes ago I was checking my Facebook and what do I see? The guy put it up for sale on Marketplace! He wants $10,000 ! 🙄
  7. I agree with you that the second release was planned from the beginning. I don’t agree with your parts pack idea. First some of the extra engines etc are on the same trees as the standard kit. The trailer is its own tool, it once was issued solo as a Blueprinter special. Lastly from conversations with industry folks. The costs of producing, boxing and shipping a parts pack is about the same as a full kit but sells for much less, thus not profitable. Nor do parts packs appeal to the casual modeler, which is the bulk of the market. The extras like the trailers, mini bikes, go carts etc put into kits entice extra sales, especially from folks who may already have a previous release of the host kit. No sooner will this kit with trailer hit the shelves, you’ll find copies for sale on eBay and at shows for the kit minus the trailer! Round 2 will have sold a complete kit.
  8. Been thinking the same! We have an enormous house here in Pennsylvania. We are looking to relo back to New Jersey to be near friends and family. In NJ there are a lot of 55 and over communities of single family houses. These neat little houses all in a row, I call them Monopoly houses.. my wife was pushing this option. These little houses aren't cheap. Could easily buy a much bigger house in town on property for what they sell for. I was not happy. Finally she realized we couldn't do our thing in one of these restrictive communities... she recently said we needed to buy a real house. Just smaller than what we have now!
  9. We went to our favorite local pub and when we came out this Polaris 3 wheeler was sitting there. My wife spotted it. I turn around and what’s right behind it?
  10. No, another low end competitor!
  11. I was thinking about this thread the other day as I was putting stamps on envelopes! Each stamp shown here would carry a first class letter anywhere in the USA back in it's day! Today the 7 of them equal the current 58 Cent postage rate! It would take 14 4 cent stamps, which is more than would even fit on an envelope! (all US stamps are still valid for postage) The postage rate in 1962 was 4 cents. So if I invested $100 in stamps back in 1962, I would've gotten 50 sheets of 50 stamps. This investment wouldn't have faired well at all. Way too many people saved huge amounts of stamps. I currently buy $100 worth of mint stamps from a dealer I know for $50 or 50% of face value! So that $100 investment is worth HALF! If I had invested that same $100 in 1962 Revell annuals, at $2 each, I would've bought 50 kits. Each one of those kits, mint in the box, would sell for $100-150 each! So settling at $125 a kit average, I'd have $6,250 today. Can't complain about that investment at all! So quit your complaining! 😄
  12. Wow Miles! I didn't even know they made new Vespas! Good luck with it! It does look fun!
  13. Walter I remember seeing that $ 10 Mercedes! I was at the show too. And here's the two pieces I bought. Nothing I didn't have... The 30 Ford Coupe is sealed, and I grabbed it for $20 because I'm hooked on that Monogram Model A series. I do have a few of them already, including a $5 built up that is becoming a Race of Gentlemen car. I do have a big tub of those '53 Ford pickups, but I didn't have that box, so for $15 I bought it. I'm planning on using the '53 chassis under some 1958-60 Ford pickups, so I can use the part too. I could've bought more but I spent too much time talking! It was great to see everyone after nearly 2 years! In fact one dealer had two 71 Duster kits at $15 each. I use those for updating old Valiant chassis. It was someone I knew so he engaged me in conversation, I forgot about the kits and walked away! When I remembered and went back, they were gone! Story of my life!
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