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  1. Nice truck. The only thing I can add is that the beaded edge on the front and rear clear glass is the window gasket. That should be black or you could BMF it for contrast.
  2. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Many years ago my wife's brother came upon me as I was changing an outlet. He immediately shouted, "Stop you can't do that! You aren't an electrician!" I explained to him that I knew how to change an outlet, and I had flipped the breaker so there was no danger. He replied, "But what about the electricity that's still in the line?" So I replied, "It's okay, I drained the line with that lamp over there." That satisfied him.
  3. Hey Lee! Nice work, especially noticed that you added some of the missing details to the engine bay! and a photo for a chuckle...
  4. Nice work. You took a low detail kit and really made it pop!
  5. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    If we are stuck on the sound of a real Porsche, I'm sure the on board computer could be programmed to provide it! Note that people felt something was missing on those CVT transmissions that don't shift, so they programmed in a shifting noise.
  6. Best Masking Tape to use.

    I'd beware of cutting a fine edge over styrene. The knife blade would cut into the surface, and that would result in styrene dust into your fine edge and tape adhesive. VS the knife gliding over glass. I have a heavy piece of glass as my work surface. It's evenly flat and when I clean the bench, I'll scrape it clean of glue and paint with a single edge razor blade.
  7. Best Masking Tape to use.

    One final tip I learned from auto painters. Never let your roll of tape sit on the work bench or fall on the floor. The side will pick up dirt and it will hurt your fine line. You will find my rolls of tape on hooks over the bench. I've trained myself to put them back on the hook each and every time! With the Tamiya tape.. buy the one with the dispenser. Next time you can buy the replacement bare roll. You need to protect that edge
  8. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    Cool. When you think about it, maybe 50 years from now you may need to do this conversion to drive on the roads at all.... IF they'll let you drive it yourself
  9. What did you get today?

    Ray- that sticker on your box looks like one of these old USPS routing labels. They were put on the top piece of mail in a bundle... "S" was for mail all going to the same state. Colors did vary.
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

    Imagine using your Life Line on this question??? Bill needs to adopt this kid and teach him a few things!
  11. Best Masking Tape to use.

    John, Tamiya tape will give you a clean painted edge. It is expensive by some folks standard, but worth it. You don't have to use it for the entire mask job. It's okay to use the Tamiya tape for the edges where it's important, then fill in the other areas with Painters Blue tape. Don't use a tape like electrical tape or anything else that will leave behind residue. Also, you want to be careful that you don't use a tape that adheres too well because it will pull the paint off your model.
  12. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Hey! It's a 50 year old Johan kit. The later kits included the plastic axles, I guess Johan cut corners on the metal ones. They also had plastic push pins in place of the chassis screws! The kit never was a 1969 Scrambler. The body is a 1966 Rambler American that was never updated. It has trim differences and never had the side lights.
  13. Another track closing

    When E-Town was built, it was in the middle of nowhere. Since then suburbia has crept closer and they've been fighting in court for years about noise levels. There are many developments close to the track and those are the neighbors who have been complaining. If I remember correctly, they were only allowed to race during certain hours, probably interfering with running a full race night. No mention of this in the articles, but probably a contributing factor.
  14. Christmas Amnesty Project 2017 - Valiant Stocker

    I'm back! My holiday season was quite busy, we spent a lot of time with friends and family. We slept away from home on three occasions that week. So I didn't get in a lot of bench time. But as long as I don't stop working, it's still the Amnesty Project. It's been one of those projects! When I pulled it from the shelf, I thought it would be fairly easy. I had a built chassis and engine, from an old builtup. Body mods had been done, I just needed to figure out an interior and put the whole thing together... yea right! As with the Plymouth Airport stretch wagon, I wound up redoing most of the work I had considered done. It's funny when you look at work you did maybe a dozen years ago. There were issues with the chassis and the engine so I started over and by the end of Christmas week, I was pretty much just back to where I had started. I have been working since when I can. Today I had a holiday but my wife had to work. Home alone? What to do? Spend the day in the model room! It turned out the biggest hurdle I had was to make a roll cage. This is attempt three, fashioned from the one in the Falcon Modified Stocker kit. It was sliced and diced in a dozen pieces and then reassembled a few times by drilling out and pinning the joints together. I finally got it to fit snugly into the Valiant. Last thing I did tonight was to prime the cage to see where I needed to work on it. Sharp eyes may have noticed two headrests in the last photo of the cage. Yup, we have two seats. I used the interior from the Fireball 500, since it originally was the Valiant interior. It fit right in. I thought I'd build it as an exhibition type modern car that may exist today. Why not take a buddy for a lap? The back of the cage is actually the back from two cages spliced together. Yea, there are a lot of pins in that roll cage. Here we are up on wheels. I shortened the 1971 Duster chassis 5 scale inches and modified it to fit into the Valiant body with hogged out wheel wells. I also created the exhaust system to fit the mount holes in the chassis from multiple parts each. I started out with a stray and abused Valiant body, and with the current parts situation losing ModelHaus, I wasn't going to sacrifice '63 Valiant bumpers from a clean kit! So I made some. These started life as '59 Chevy units. I spliced them a few times, to get what you see here. Side view. I did paint those wheels today too. Interior fit- I finally got the roll cage to sit where it needs to be. The Falcon cage was too wide and pretty much square, where the Valiant greenhouse tapers in on the sides. Dash board is not shown in this mock up, I'm using the one from the Hemi Under Glass. Rear View- Another 59 Chevy bumper set out from the body. So this is where I'm at today. Still a lot of work to go!
  15. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Happy Birthday Kerry! Hope your plastic wishes came true! And sorry to hear about the General!