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  1. It's on the long list of things we'd like to do. When we were asked to put on a historical display of NNL East at the NNL Nationals final event, that's when I realized how little we have from the first few years. I attended NNL East 3 as a spectator and was involved with the show from 4 onward, and that's where we have the memorabilia!
  2. Wow! The work on this chassis is incredible. Here's to showing the mere kit assemblers what goes into creating a real model!
  3. Very nice project! I love light commercial vehicles. Here's a pair of old Valiant taxis from the Netherlands.
  4. I don't consider that cheating, it's called "using all the available tools". I use scrap book double sided tape to hold in glass!
  5. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw that the Revell Porsche tractor was back in stock, so I grabbed one. Used my magic coupon and it was less than $14. Yes, I had one but I wanted a second one to use for parts on projects...
  6. Per Bill's comment, here's a bunch of diecast I own in 1/24 and 1/25 scale. I mainly buy things that we don't have and probably will never see in plastic kits. Not only is it nice to have these in scale, but they also are good starts for modeling projects. Some of the parts, like old truck wheels have been resin cast.
  7. Very nice Michelle! Surprised to see you working on something not Mopar! But old Matadors are cool too! I have a couple of those kits
  8. Winter is coming, I finally gave up and turned the heat on this week. Only needed it to warm the place up in the morning so far! The leaves are falling quickly too!
  9. Ray's son was at NNL and introduced himself to me. I told him the story of the last time I saw Ray, he was a spectator at NNL East and he seemed really happy. He was pleased with the memory!
  10. Tim it was truly a magical weekend! I'm still smiling ear to ear! And with all the photo sets on the Internet, I see all the things I missed!
  11. Agreed! Thank you very much for the many years of NNL. It is a special thing! We hope to do it proud by continuing the tradition as best we can!
  12. Something went wrong with my two posts containing photos yesterday! When I open them up now, I don't see thumb nails at the bottom, so I redid all the photos in both posts! Let me know if you can see the photos now. All I can think of, is that I used the site tool to resize the photos. This time I resized them before posting.
  13. Yes! The book was called "Travels With Charley" so the poodle is Charley
  14. white plastic spoons are good because they are curved so you can see how the color will look over model body curves. A lot of guys will test not only for compatibility between say primer / base coat / clear coat, but will also experiment with different primers and under coats to achieve different results.
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