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  1. hobby lobby

    Back in the day there were a lot of counties that had the Sunday closing laws. Most of those laws fell as big chains moved in, stating it was religion based and therefore unconstitutional. Bergen County, NJ still does. I don't know how they have been able to sustain it, Paramus Mall which was the first mall in the USA and one of the largest is there. In New York City you will find businesses owned by Orthodox Jews closed on Saturday as that is their religious observation.
  2. What did you see on the road today?

    Super sad to see those one. Looks like it was a very nice car. I saw this in a rest stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike yesterday. Roof flat, looked like it was rolled good. Not a straight panel on the entire car. This wasn't on the flatbed right after the wreck, it was on a transporter headed somewhere.
  3. Modelhaus Shasta w/ 60 Chevy SD resin build thread ..

    I'm digging that Caravan project! Nothing like TV and movie cars! And that is the Brookfield diecast I was thinking of. I was hoping that someone cast it!
  4. Do a cost analysis of time and materials prior to offering any product for sale! The curse of the aftermarket is people who have not done so and sooner or later realized they were selling product at cost or a loss. Note that in this market with everything being produced by hand, there is the time factor. The downfall of a lot of producers is that they have attracted many more orders than they can fulfill in a reasonable time frame. And customers are unforgiving. They will hold you to eBay instant turnaround and will scream bloody murder on the internet if you are slow to deliver.
  5. pricing at swap meet/show

    Can't be said enough... 'PRICE EVERYTHING!" If you don't have prices on kits, people will assume you want too much and won't ask! And price them on peelable labels... even if you have to buy them! I know one goob who was having a broke sale... he priced everything on the box front with a Sharpie in large letters! He couldn't figure out why nobody wanted to buy his stuff.
  6. 70 454 Caprice coupe

    Nice conversion! I assume Caprice emblems from Model Car Garage? Or?
  7. LAPD 1978 Plymouth Fury

    You seem to have overcome those shortcomings but wouldn't the goodies from a Joker Goon Car have been good substitutes? I know, scale, but how bad could it be?
  8. Revell

    and I have no sympathy for them!
  9. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    and that was the strategy of the Revell new tools under Ed Sexton. No one shot wonders, all quality kits of vehicles we will build over and over!
  10. Celebrity Crushes?

    Christina El Moussa from Flip or Flop. Gorgeous and knows it, thus the attitude. Her voice drove her first husband insane! Okay to watch in 1/2 hour doses, any more and you want to put a pencil through your eye! Joanne Gaines from Home Improvement. Bonus points because she is genuinely nice. I knew there was something exotic and different about her. Found out her mother was Korean and father was American.
  11. Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

    Wow! That looks like a Palmer version of the Deora! I look forward to watching!
  12. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    They’ll only produce a new tool Chevelle AFTER Kelson pays big money for an old one. 😀
  13. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Actually no. You can sell stuff from anywhere in the world today. I manage operations in China, Japan, Italy, France, Ireland, Puerto Rico and mainland USA all via Skype on my kitchen table. When I need to print things... be it a banner to complex manuals, I print simultaneous in six languages from USA, Netherlands and China. I can deliver in 48 hours to all locations.
  14. Okey Spaulding - Mr. Johan

    Okey's email is okeyisnow@gmail.com.