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  1. Not from original drawings which wouldn’t exist today, but reversed engineering off a surviving kit. Pretty elementary work today. And right on the MO of Round 2, Tom Lowe started the whole enterprise by reverse engineering the old Aurora monster kits under the Polar Lights label. If this is successful, then anything is possible!
  2. Some putty and sanding on the boat tail body! More putty drying on it now, hope to sand and prime tomorrow.
  3. My favorite series of Model As! I have a bunch of these, always one in progress!
  4. My wife and I had that for our Thanksgiving dinner. We splurged and opened a third can! 🤪
  5. Yes his work is amazing, and let’s not forget Dwayne who mastered them! Absolute sculpture with no compromises! My Vic will become the car in the photo. My grandfather’s last car, that I wound up driving over 200,00 miles.
  6. I need to get one of those! I have the 89 Vic. Back in the Day the Aberdeen NJ police department drove those Novas! My friend’s father was a cop there and on occasion gave me a ride home from school. Neighbors thought I was in trouble! i could see your second car as a taxi 🚕?
  7. The first one I saw with fenders was done by the late Dave Dickash using 34 Ford fenders Here’s a photo of it from 2001 Staten Island show
  8. Looks great John! Hope to see it in person once we get past the Corona mess
  9. Just checked and notice says temporarily closed, but it’s all of them within the area, so I think they’re just easing into that.. done with them anyway. They ticked me off this summer and this is final straw
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