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  1. I was thinking of this project last night. I was watch this weeks “Restoration Garage” off my DVR and a guy demonstrated all the working features on a Westfalia camper from the early 1960s. He assembled the side tent, which included a private area for a portable potty. The middle seat broke down into a bed, while the front seat became bunk beds. Interesting demo!
  2. It’s really cool that you finished it for your brother. Very nice custom! That’s a superb build for the era! I collect old custom builds from the 1960s. Some need restoration and others that were never completed need finishing. I just see them as the folk art of our youth
  3. Here’s a pair for ya! I built the green Vicky as my first contest model some 30 years ago. I bought the sedan delivery on eBay. I did as many mods as I could back then. I opened and hinged the doors with doll house hinges. The inner door panels are VW Beetle, the window surrounds are window frames cut from a second Vic body used on the opposite sides. I even had working Deora buckets inside. Paint is Pactra RC colors with clear over it. I even scratch built a baby seat in the back seat. People would smile when they saw it. I did my first tilt nose and added the working trunk from an Anglia. And put a full VW chassis under it. I wanted to be trick and different. It wasn’t well received 30 years ago. People didn’t have open minds back then! It never even placed. I remember one contest judge telling me he disqualified it because “that was disrespectful to Ford”. Times have changed!
  4. Great collection Alan, you have many more than most of us! Good to seeing you posting. This is an old survivor, probably built from the first issue Vicky back in early 1960s. It’s just classic so I had to have for my old model collection. And a very interesting innovation, a working flip top! The original builder glued the wheel wells to the tires so it is hinged by rear axle! A keeper for sure!
  5. Hobby Lobby and all other nonessential businesses are closed in Pennsylvania. And in essential businesses there is no shortage of idiots who think they can take the entire family out shopping, so stores are limiting entry to one and two people per family. My grocery store says one person per cart, so my wife went alone yesterday. i was watching the special on CNN last night and they showed a chart how this current quarantine is helping the spread exponentially. Be safe, stay home and build something.
  6. Wow! The world is surely ending!
  7. Thanks! The bus was built to showcase the NNL East decals. I wanted to do something different for the nose.
  8. Today’s progress on my Corona project... We are up on wheels and engine is glued to chassis. Still playing with weathering and little details. We are at the stage of the project where we “do one thing, wait for it to dry”.
  9. When I was working in Washington last summer the marijuana store was right across the street from my hotel. I watched those coming and going. I stayed in Kirkland... little did we know!
  10. I had some projects I thought I’d do someday but stopped and said to myself, “ today is that day!” I always said I’d build a camper so I did it. And I have started to concentrate on finishing old projects that fell into that definition. Just now I’m building a 50 Chevy pickup for a local restaurant that’s been on my wanna do list for at least a year. I do want to do a diorama one of these days. Maybe a period used car lot.
  11. I’m hearing lawn mowers and noticed landscapers still working in my neighborhood here in Pennsylvania. My own consulting work dried up at the end of year and I had some great prospects, thought I was maybe a week away from starting a new project when this all hit. And it’s come to a screeching halt.
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