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  1. There is a 47 woody prototype that nearly made it to production. It was abandoned in the woods at the Studebaker Proving Grounds. Later discovered and restored. I believe it’s in the SDC Museum. Great looking model!
  2. Unsavory characters sometimes lurk on the board, but the mods chase them away
  3. Cars are the only reason we are on this board
  4. And this is how it builds up if you don’t follow the directions.
  5. Customers can be great, but some of them can really suck!
  6. It's a funny thing... I have a resin Divco that was done by Ron Cash way back when. I was looking for a chassis and how to scratch build the interior, find suitable decals etc. Then Danbury Mint came out with their Divco. I bought it and ya know, there is no way I could top theirs as a model. So that just scratched my itch and I'm done!
  7. Nice work! I guess that mechanic needs to fix a few more cars to save up for gas pumps!
  8. You can do a simple resto that retains the character of the original. Here's one of my old customs
  9. I hate to see a classic damaged or destroyed. The other evening my wife had Judge Judy on and some poor guy with a 2000 Honda Civic, all done up, got hit by an uninsured driver. The guy wanted the maximum $4000 the court is allowed. He said it would cost more than that to fix the car but he'd have to eat that. Judy drilled him a new one as sarcastic as she gets. She had her bailiff look up 2000 Civic in a used car book and came up that the car was worth $1800 and that he was a scammer because you don't put $4000 into a 20 year old car! Not a brain cell about her!
  10. It's great to build your old cars! I have my father's red Beetle and my '56 Chevy going right now! My memory of that era Tahoe. My family and my wife's brother's family were staying at a waterfront hotel in Wildwood, NJ. We are all asleep and suddenly around 5am there are sirens everywhere. We go out on the balcony (which also served as the exit) and 4 stories down we are seeing a Tahoe nose down, run off the bulk head wall that ended the street. Drivers door open, cops swarming everywhere. Turns out that someone robbed a 7-11 with this stolen Tahoe and ran out of road. My brother-in-law and I went down to catch the news and found out the perpetrator had jumped from the Tahoe and ran off down the beach. Cops came back with a boot and a bag full of money. Seems the gentleman got away! So we return to our wives upstairs. They ask what happened, so we told them that they caught the guy a few blocks down on the beach. If we had told them the guy was loose, they would've wanted to go home! 😀 We figured that the guy high tailed out of there and was anywhere but near us!
  11. "Sandwich?" She asked, my grandmother was always trying to feed me when I visited her and Gramps
  12. Even the small stuff! I used to think nothing of tossing a few parts in a box if it helped someone on the board. Gratis, just pass it on to the next guy! But lately those little parcels cost can cost $5-10 to send. So now I only do so to people I know, who I know need the parts to finish a project! Remember the early days of eBay? The Priority Mail 2 lb box was $2.99. Now that's a $10-12 shipment!
  13. Nice matching set! I like the trailer you mastered
  14. Elves deliver ganja since it's totally legal in New Jersey and everyone there is now permanently stoned
  15. We all know the 1970ish Econoline was done in 1/20 scale. I do have a diecast of one in 1/24 that was very nicely done. I'd buy a Transit Connect in diecast or kit!
  16. Since we're talking surfboards, here's a postcard from my collection.
  17. Revell Roth Surfite has one
  18. Yup! Once the decal wrinkles all up, DON"T TOUCH IT! Just walk away, come back an hour or two later and it will be just fine! Try a spray. I've used Testors Decal Bonder, which comes in the same can and line of paints as their regular spray paints. I have good results with my decals. Same papers you are using, my Cannon Inkjet printer, wait a day, spray with the Testors, wait a day....
  19. Be careful with the red ones! Unless painting red! That plastic does tend to leach red straight thru primer!
  20. Kits usually follow after their momma bobcat
  21. Nice colors on the Bronco! Second paint job should be the charm!
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