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  1. Cool! I like multiple builds. I built three of the same 1950 Chevy pickup at the same time.
  2. Nice save! If you need door handles, half a staple works well. I've done it!
  3. I used to drive the Garden State Parkway to work every day with a car pool mate. There was a guy at our work who had a red Miata. The parkway is 3-4 lanes. Sometimes going fast and coming to an abrupt stop. And it didn't matter which lane, each lane would slow down and or stop from time to time. We realized it equalized. So we'd stay in our lane. The clown in the Miata was driving a road race! He'd zoom from lane to lane, whichever one was fastest at the moment, then cutting someone off when his lane stopped. In the end, we'd be side by side with him when he got off his exit. For all the aggressive theatrics, he gained exactly zero ground! We'd just laugh!
  4. Working on a replica of my ‘56. I had this car back around 1978.
  5. We had my daughter’s doggie this past week while she was on vacation. It exhausted out on the deck. My wife forgot about it, told me the next morning.. I went to retrieve it and it was GONE! Figger one of the other animals you mentioned might have ate it?
  6. A parallel story.. I had a triple brown 1978 Ford LTD II that was a salesman’s car at my father’s company. Two years old and had 100,000 miles on it. Filthy inside and out, no wheel covers. A New York City car. Bought it for $600. My friend detailed used cars at a dealer and he made it look brand new! Since it was the then current model, and the odometer showed a few thousand miles people thought I had a new car. It was my customer car when I sold real estate. Then I started a job at my father’s company and we commuted in it for years. The NJ State Police used this same car at the time so we looked like an unmarked car. People would get out of our way! We put 220,000 miles on it with nothing more than maintenance. We sold it and about two years later saw it on the road! Figure it went 300,000! Who knows, it might still be out there!
  7. You did a nice job on that Ramcharger. I have one I did a while ago to practice a two tone, a simple kit that does look nice when done!
  8. Me three! The first thing you checked when the Valiant wouldn't start! And yea, I always got a kick out of TV shows where sound effects would use a Chrysler starter on another make.
  9. I had a Dodge Caravan with red plastic that I painted light blue. It was Duplicolor gray primer / Duplicolor light blue... worked fine until I added the Testors Wet Look Clear... the red seeped through. I did strip and repaint.. Duplicolor gray primer / Duplicolor metallic silver and was ready to add the blue when I thought the silver looked dandy! I added Tamiya clear over the decals and silver with no issues.
  10. if it's the 3D printed interior for the '56 Pontiac, Okey already posted it on Facebook
  11. I got my free preview of retirement via Covid and didn't like it. I felt like a house cat. I built more models than ever before. And it started to feel empty! So September of both 2020 and 2021, I got calls from colleagues to do short term projects. I jumped at the chance. Then I had a head hunter call me about a permanent gig. I figured, heck toss my hat into the ring (nobody hires 63 yr olds!). And guess what? They hired me!
  12. Who ya calling an old man car! 😀 I bought this 2005 LaCrosse for my wife to drive daily and for the 2 hr trips between PA and NJ. It was an estate car, son traded it into an Acura dealer. Paid $9000 cash for it back in 2014 with 23,000 miles on it. Eight years later it just hit 90,000 and has been a pleasure. Recently had it in for brakes and the garage relays the message that another customer asked if we'd consider selling it for $10,000. Um nope, my wife loves it!
  13. Yeah! I'm off the hook for spreading rumors!
  14. Modelhaus did resin copies of these. Put an eBay search out for that and you'll get an email whenever you get a hit! Although Modelhaus kits have been offered for big dollars, these pickups might be flying under the radar. When Modelhaus offered everyone one last chance to order, I got the '58 cab... my birthyear.
  15. Shocking! I know he sold AITM to Doug Warner as of January 1. Another good guy gone! RIP and condolences to his friends and family.
  16. Nothing like coaxing a car all week so you can get to work and home again, until you could fix it on the weekend! Back in the early 1980s when I was a new homeowner, with a stay at home wife and a new baby, I was working second shift CAD for Exxon R&D. I had an hour drive each way, coming home at 12:30am. I bought a 1967 Valiant with 25,000 miles on it for $450. It was the bare essentials... 170 slant six (the little one) with a 3 on the tree, manual everything! I had patched the holes in the floor, under the rubber floor mats.. no carpet! It had that awful silver blue paint that peeled. Someone had Earl spray blue over that, and it all peeled. It was the ultimate rat pile of junk. When I did battle on the Garden State Parkway, the other cars would back down because they knew I had absolutely nothing to lose! I had a friend who would stand next to it and scrape my peeling paint off with his laminated drivers license! But it was very reliable! It started every time. It got decent gas mileage. When the awful little Carter carb flooded and stalled at a light, I could move it to safety by cranking the starter. Working second shift, I kept a tool box, floor jack and a selection of parts like a spare starter, alternator, battery and solenoid.. I actually had a second coil mounted on the inner fender. And I had a trunk full of tires. One time I came out of work and someone had flattened both tires on the drivers side. No problem! Jacked it up and changed them! And the car being so basic, I once changed the starter with a good shirt on. The worst breakdown was when the water pump went. I didn't have one at 1am. I called my father and woke him up. I had a water pump in my garage. He went to my house, got it and brought it to me. I'm in a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway and a State Trooper decided to mess with me. He wanted to have me towed as a non-opp vehicle. He gave me a 1/2 hour to get it moved. I already had the radiator out and the old pump off. My father pulled up and I quickly installed a new pump, and was topping off the coolant in the radiator-- with the car running-- when the trooper came back! The car had one quirk. The drivers window was held to the assembly with plastic grommets. They'd fail and the glass would fall inside the door. I got really good at getting the door panel off quick and putting the window back in place. This was when the state troopers had a crackdown on drunk drivers. They would stand on the toll booths and talk to every driver. I was pulling through the toll at 1am one morning, and the trooper spied the Playmate cooler on my passenger seat.. my lunch or dinner bucket! It was empty. As I tossed my coins, he reached in and grabbed the steering wheel... YOU OFF TO THE SIDE! As he did this, his arm hit the top of the glass and the glass fell into the door. I started yelling, "You broke my window!" and he told me to get out of there! I did drive that pig over 75,000 miles. One day I saw it listing to the right and realized the torsion bar was ready to let go due to rust. So I parked it and managed to sell the motor and trans for more than I initially bought it for 3 years earlier!
  17. And not to forget that Fotki is in Estonia, a country with a similar history as Ukraine. They are part of the European Union and use the Euro currency. It is a NATO member.
  18. Just piping in.... Back when this series was just a Dave Burket pipe dream, he had visions of creating the entire series. Dave is a Ford guy so this was his focus, not the other deserving brands. He pitched the idea to Moebius and even self funded the versions you see as Model King releases. If it was up to Dave, he would have done each and every year. In fact the work box that just came out first started with my model Pyrite's Paddler 53 Ford pickup. Of course business happens and times change. Moebius changed hands and there were some growing pains there. We didn't know the mindset of the new owners. At least Dave Metzner is still involved and the trucks keep coming. For the Chevy guys, Round 2 has the 55 & 57 pickups. Popping out a 56 would be nothing more than adding the different emblems from the 55. The 58-59 trucks used the same chassis, and the interiors are even close enough. With tooling of new bodies etc. these could be brought to market fairly easy!
  19. How about a good laugh? We thought the model car guys were nutz on Facebook? Well the vintage stereo guys had a meltdown over Equalizers! 😁
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