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  1. Bob- my trick on hood fit is to tape the hood to the body. Then glue both the radiator shell and body in at the same time. Once in position, tape the hood to the radiator shell as well
  2. Right down to the Tamiya stand in the paint booth! Was scale mentioned?
  3. Hey, my father was an army officer!
  4. Many years ago a friend at work was looking at an island beach scene on a calendar. She said something like, “I’d rather be there than in the office.” I replied, “There’s nothing stopping you from being on that beach this time tomorrow”. Think about that one! I’ve sat in the airport watching the thousands of people scurrying by.. thinking how incredible it was that they’d all be sleeping thousands of miles apart that night. Of course that was pre pandemic!
  5. Ya know.. there’s that poetic justice that he got to go into space for real. Me? I’m happy they brought him back! 😀
  6. Totally screwed! Im hearing the same in my other hobbies.. multiple categories people depend on smashed. And we’re all getting emails with new mandatory fields in “item specifics” that must be updated that make no sense at all. For instance in my selling category of stamps/ historic covers (used mail of historic significance), I’ve been ordered to add an attribute of “Color”.. um, envelopes are generally white and nobody would ever search this category by color! So do I update 400 listings or bow out? And the thing that absolutely makes no sense is that eBay will auto fill these fields without telling you! For instance I listed an item with a Blue River, Kentucky postmark. EBay decided the color was “blue” and then copied it onto my next 20 listed before I noticed. My user name has “turtle” in it… so they started filling in the theme field with turtle. Then I had people asking me what my item had to do with turtles. Their work is being done by people who no doubt have no experience in the hobbies, nor have ever sold anything. And I’m believing it’s by off shore people who don’t even speak English!
  7. Welcome! I love the PT! Then again I own a 1:1 PT Turbo Convertible in red. Your model makes me wish mine was yellow
  8. Absolutely correct.. not a political statement, just a fact. 100-200 years ago people weren’t as mobile as today. Back as early as the 1500s it was realized that the plague spread through inter port travel. Sailors on merchant ships were bringing it home with then. The Italians decided that incoming ships would sit at anchor in the harbor for 40 days. If nobody got sick, they’d allow the ship to dock and unload. Thus, the word quarantine actually comes from the Italian word for 40.
  9. I have a new client and spent the past week at their location.. actually since I’m on Lap Two of Tour de Pharma, it’s an old employer of mine.. I actually have a pension coming from them! Anyway, it’s a nice drive on backroads and through small towns here in PA. Old repair shop had a 49 Chevy in the lot Same place.. there’s another flat front bus behind this one. Calling card for a barbecue place! Made a mental note to try it someday as we don’t have a decent rib place! And in town.. this was just a photo waiting to happen! And an artsy shot of my company car with neon.. I saw the glow and just wanted to see what my iPhone camera would do with it!
  10. OR a Nostalgic Racer with a fiberglass body either wrapped or painted weathering! 😅 Funny thing... that comment led me to build my rusty Corvette. I've had a lot of fun with that one!
  11. One of the benefits of getting older. Every time I open a box, I find models and parts I swear I've never seen before. Like Christmas morning! 😁
  12. Since we are all sharing... here's my 53 Stude Miss Deal Funny Car... when I first posted it on boards there was one guy who decided to chastise me... "Don't you know anything? Funny cars are fiberglass and don't rust!" 😅
  13. Interesting times! I was at a major Pharma today and was shown a large conference room turned warehouse with several thousand new laptops and iPads.. I was told that the manufacturer told them they needed to take their annual contract all at once because they couldn’t guarantee any future availability.
  14. I don’t think I do anything today that I did as a kid! When i got back to building at age 30, my models looked like the models I built when I was 15 because I still only had that skill set. Bummer! I figured that was as far as my talents would take me! Then I found and joined a club. Several members took me under their wing and taught me how to build better models. It wasn’t raw talent I was missing, I just didn’t know the materials to use! And the tips and tricks! My models improved exponentially!
  15. Nice work AB! Funny thing, I just shared your Aurora 1/32 album with Rick Hanmore this week! Maybe someone will find that Aurora Chevy truck mold... be worth it just to hear guys on the boards have their coronaries! 😀
  16. Yes. Rich had heart surgery in 2020. He hadn't built in a while because he couldn't get to his workspace in his basement. After that I was pushing him to build something, and he just wasn't feeling it. He never complained about his health. For those who don't know, Rich had a stroke some 20 years or so ago. Prior to this he created the most intricate multi colored interior flocking. He was the king of flock! He stopped driving at that point and sold his 1959 Dodge... the Ram Fins. He got back to the workbench as part of his therapy. With every model he got better and his friends quietly celebrated each of his builds! So sad to lose him!
  17. I know both Doug and Rick, in fact I just saw them both in September. I remember at the last Toledo NNL when Doug and his son were taping the interviews for this new series. I watched the interview with Steve Hinson with a tear in my eye. When we saw him in Toledo, we had no idea it would be the last time. I'd see Steve at national events like NNL and GSL, and we'd talk NNL issues. So sad to lose him. And this is why the work Doug is doing now is so important!
  18. Apartment electric story- when we got married 40 years ago we moved into a brand new apartment complex. We were the first occupants of our unit. The apartments were all electric and advertised as $80 a month on the budget plan. Well we moved in and never had that low a bill! It started at $120 in the summer and climbed to $600 in the winter. Outrageous and we felt it was a truth in advertising issue. The rent was only $360! So we bought a house and broke the lease. I sent the owner company a letter to justify our leaving. I included copies of all the electric bills. About a month later I got a letter from them. I anticipated it would be about their intent to sue us to collect all the lease amount. But I was shocked.. It said they did an investigation of my claims and found our apartment had been the original model home. As such they had wired all the complex common areas.. such as all the parking lot lights etc to our meter. They included a check for the entire amount of my bills!
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