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  1. socalbuckeye added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Saleen Transkit?
    Just curious if anyone makes a transkit to turn the Fox body Mustang LX into a Saleen?
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  2. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic Ariel Atom 3D print   

    OMG. Awesome. I looked into this a couple of years back as my brother has a MakerBot, but the resolution wasn't there and I shelved the idea. I will definately need to revisit it.

    Question, what/how did you laser scan your Atom to begin with?

    Seems like this would take out a lot of the upfront work and get the proportions dead-on.
  3. socalbuckeye added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Dry Transfer Decals
    Anyone out there used/run across dry transfer decals as opposed to water-slides?

    I have been working on a IMSA Mustang, whose decals have seen better days. Many were totally unusable.

    Anyway, in rummaging through my stash to find appropriate (if not accurate) sponsorship decals, I happened upon a set of dry transfer decals I had bought and used with my son on his pinewood derby car last year. So I said why not.

    Below is a pic, where the VHT logo is actually a dry transfer. I have to say it was stupid easy to use and very thin (no visible ridge).

    The only downside I can perceive is that the color does not seem to be as vibrant (in this case the black isn't as black...). I dont' know if this is indicative of dry transfers in general or just the set I have.


    While I am at it, i figured I would post a pic of my project so far. I ended up painting the red body accents as the decals were totally gone. Still needs some detailing and a spit shine.

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  4. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic 98 Saleen Mustang   

    Nice. Love the color. Very similar to the 1 of 1 "Molly Pop" color that Saleen did for his daughter. I have one of these on a shelf...I think I am feeling inspired.
  5. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic 1964 Prince Gloria Super 6   

    Love that interior
  6. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic Split Personality GTO - update 2/1   

    Awesome ambitious build. I will be follwoing this one.
  7. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic My take on the Monroe Handler   

    Very cool. I have one of those Monroe Handler kits around here somewhere...I think I am feeling inspired.
  8. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix   

    seriously diggin it!
  9. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic Show us your 2012 builds   

    Wow! I managed 3 this year (I will get them posted once I take a few pics), I don't think I have built 48 in my life...and the cool part about this list is seeing models I didn't even know existed...seriously who knew they made a Ford EXP!
  10. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic 1970 super bee   

    Awesome ride! My son said "oh...that's a model...it looks like a real car!"

    Ben Grasso would be proud...http://plumfloored.com/1970-dodge-coronet-plumfloored/

    I have been wanting to build the green version of this car for a while but haven't gotten to it.....http://plumfloored.com/1970-mutant-bee/

    Spectacular work!

    Question, where did you come up with/how did you make the fuel injection set up?
  11. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic Dodge Monaco R/T pro-touring   

    WOW, who knew these could be cool?...Amazing work and vision.
  12. socalbuckeye added a post in a topic What car videos are you watching on youtube?   

    a little BMW

    and a little good ol' fashion neckcar

    variety is the spice of life.
  13. socalbuckeye added a topic in General   

    FatKidd Rocks!
    A big Thank You to FatKidd for helping me out on my Porsche door handles.

    Your generosity is much appreciated!

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  14. socalbuckeye added a topic in General   

    Need Help - Door Handles for Porsche Slant Nose 1/24
    I have a Monogram Porsche 911 Slant Nose kit that is missing the door handles. Any suggestions on what might make an acceptable substitute or scratch built solution?
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