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  1. Can we see some scratchbuilt things?

    Fantastic project!!!!!!!!!
  2. That truck is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin
  3. Revell '30 Show Rod coupe

    Great idea with the paper clip tire holder! What amount of kick up did you use on the front and rear Zee's? This has a pretty great stance. Kevin
  4. 1946 VW Beetle

    You have done a nice job on your conversion! I am a big VW fan, so always like seeing this type of project. Just ordered some resin conversion kits a company that included an early ragtop bug, a Hebmuller, and a '49 split. Looking forward to getting them and hoping they are nice. I also picked up bodies for Nothchback and Type 3 Ghia a while back. Need tofind time to work on some of these projects! Kevin
  5. '29 Ford Roadster

    Motor has turned out super nice! Kevin
  6. Moebius '54 Hudsons

    Excellent job! So what steps did you take to lower the car. I want to lower mine but unsure how to go about it. I have not done one before. Just getting back into car models. I want it to be a correct lowering if possible. Thanks.
  7. VW Type 1 Motors

    I am going to be wanting to get in on these engines as well. I was consdiering doing whjat you did, b ut since you have done the work I would rather just buy from you. I have a lot of VW projects and have been waiting on a really nice engine from someone. Yours looks great! I will also be going and adding you on FB. I am definietly in!!! Kevin
  8. Really great build!!!!!!!!! Nice weathering work. Great presentation of pics too. All around great build article. Well thought out for sure. Kevin
  9. New Beetle.... Custom WIP !

    Loving your progress! You have done some really great chassis work. Loving the stance so far too. Kevin
  10. '60 Chevrolet Impala

    Have always loved this car! Kevin
  11. This is looking to be a great project! I will be following along. Kevin
  12. Roth Road Agent

    Doing a great job with this one!!! Kevin
  13. New Beetle.... Custom WIP !

    Very kewl idea! Much more aggressive! Kevin
  14. Revell Mysterion wip

    This is a nice build of one of the classic show cars. Watching with interest! Kevin