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  1. bigblock10 added a post in a topic Wip C5 Truck   

    Please tell me thats not a dryer -vent for the air-intake !!!

    good job on the model look's killer

  2. bigblock10 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    widening wheels/rims
    Well i have used the search button but no such luck, I did see a nice thred on widening tires but not the rims, could you guys help me with the best way to widening wheels/rims for the pro-turing look "you know the deep dish look with wide!!!!! rims.

    thanks guys for your time

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  3. bigblock10 added a post in a topic Model Master Laquer   

    Thanks for the help guys, what would i do without this forum?
  4. bigblock10 added a post in a topic Model Master Laquer   

    would you happen to know the ratio is to thin it, I have the testors lacquer thinnner but it does not say hoe much to use.

  5. bigblock10 added a topic in General   

    Model Master Laquer
    Hey guys,

    I picked up some Model Master Laquer by testors and there is no mixing/thinning info, i tryed the web site but no luck there, the guy at the hobby shop said it should be thinned is this true?

    thanks for the time guys

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  6. bigblock10 added a post in a topic Badillac   

    i love it... makes me want to build it in scale..
  7. bigblock10 added a post in a topic paint stand   

    cool thanks guys. also for the link all the shops here have closed down, i guess i will have to finde a new shop to go to.. thanks for the help guys
  8. bigblock10 added a topic in General   

    paint stand
    hey guys!!! what do you guys use to hold the parts that you painting? ex hoods body and all the small stuff, airbrush keep blowing the parts. lol is there something you can buy or build... thanks guys

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  9. bigblock10 added a post in a topic 572BB Stuffed In!   

    I run 2 1/2" duels to flowmaster 40s its not that bad at idel but when you get on the pipe you can tell its a v8!!! lol. i have a blower/nitrous cam in it"work's sweet with boost and juce, it realy makes a big diff. but it keeps it quiet at idel and streeteble
  10. bigblock10 added a post in a topic 572BB Stuffed In!   

    dont know why my bed cover is off but o well here is some pics

    the truck also has a 4 link that me and my dad built. also with 12 way qa1 coilover shocks. the thing hook's lol thats why i need more power, the paint is a caddy pearl like on the newer cars. i am thinking about doing a 2 tone with pearl orange on the bottom. i dont know how much time i will have this winter tho... i am going to school right now for custom painting.. some day you will see me on overhauling with chip... lol i wish
  11. bigblock10 added a post in a topic 572BB Stuffed In!   

    I did't have to do that much hittin to get it to fit. but if i want to take the th350 out i have to pull the motor/trans at the same time. cant get to the top bellhousing bolts. but i dnd't want to have a big mess with the hammer. as for the headers i have sanderson's for the sbc s10 swap. i know that hedmen and some others make them. if i were to do it allover i would make my own :shock: ill try and get some pics up for yea guys. i had a set of race ported sportsmen heads and a 144 weiand blower on it but someone offerd me mor money then i had in to the parts. so now i am going with vortech heads and 125hp shot of nitrous, while i build a short block that can take 15-20 pis from a t-70 turbo :roll:
  12. bigblock10 added a post in a topic 572BB Stuffed In!   

    I have a 1:1 86 s10 with a small block in it and wow its a pita to work on thing's i have seen a few bbc in them. i just dont know how the guys do it.. i would go crazy. you would understand if you ever had to change the headdr gaskets.. but hey the truck looks good keep up the good work
  13. bigblock10 added a post in a topic Deep dish wheels   

    wow cool thank you. you would't happen to have any pic's would ?? 8)
  14. bigblock10 added a topic in General   

    Deep dish wheels
    Does anyone know where i can finde a set of Deep Dish wheels for like a pro turing set up ?
    i was thinking 20-22 out back and 18 up front maybe something like this

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  15. bigblock10 added a post in a topic My Bench the last few days...   

    look cool, i just started a 66 chevelle. keep us posted on the build would ya ?