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  1. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    We already had nine model build weekends. The next one will be 10th... a little jubilee. Some came with the idea that it should last 10 days. Oh my...  
    I already had complaints about my pics not being displayed on the forum. I do not know  where the problem is. The pics are downloaded from the photobucket. Sometimes I do not see the pictures on my company´s PC (at work) because it is connected to a central company server and some pictures and videos just do not show.
    I doubt that because NASA did not bother to arrange for displaying one of the real units in a museum of transport. They are destined for an auction but without the special equipment. They do not consider them as objects of any historic value. 
  2. truckabilly added a post in a topic Needlenose Pete   

    Yes, I do like it. Plain and simple truck. But it takes some effort to make a model look like that. You ve done it just great. And nice trailer too.
  3. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    The past weekend I took part in our model building gethering which takes place twice a year. I took my NASA Pete with me and worked on the generator. I made the belt cover and the cable hanger.
    I tried the GSI black surfacer. They say that black is the best underlay for white. I never tried that before. I wonder how it turns out.

    It looks like I have all the major parts of tractor ready for painting. Time to start the trailer so that I can paint both vehicles at one time. There is even more guess work than it was on old Pete. So, till then...
  4. truckabilly added a post in a topic Cabs under construction   

    Nice cabs. Hope the casts (if any) will be just as good.
  5. truckabilly added a post in a topic Bill Signs Pete   

    Nice and clean. The Plano mesh has improved the looks a great deal.
  6. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Hello, yes I keep on working on this build continuously. Right now I am busy with the AC generator located behind the cab. I will take the pics when all the main parts are ready. Actually, it is almost finished. All there is to do is the box that sits on top of the main body and the belt cover. The back lid is the most complicated structure and it took me most of the time. Thank god it´s finished including the three pulleys.
    Sean, I did not have to heat the PE screens because CTM uses very fine material for their sheets and it rolls pretty nice.
    I hope to add some pics soon. 
  7. truckabilly added a post in a topic Steel Haul(no more concrete slab) - NEW Tractor unit UPDATE!!!!   

    Top class job on everything.  It´s as realistic as it can be. And cool idea with the load set up.
  8. truckabilly added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 & Great Dane Reefer Trailer   

    Very nice, man. Real eye catcher and not a circus wagon by any means. Wonderful thing to look at.
  9. truckabilly added a post in a topic Will Chandler's 1970 Kenworth K-123   

    Very nice 1970´s rig.
  10. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you all. I carry on with a pair of exhausts or smoke stacks if you will. They are made of aluminium tubes K&S, Evergreen stock and CTM PE parts. They are supposed to go to a 1-24 scale model but I think it is not that much difference.

    Some parts like the brackets and rain caps are still missing.
    The heat exchanger needed a tailpipe. I made mine out of aluminium sheet. It is going to fall off at least ten times by the time the model is finished, I am afraid 

    The steering box and assist rod is another story as I do not know how and where the assist rod is attached to the chassis. I made this strange looking pillar to hold it. Maybe it hangs too low but I shortened the pitman arm three times already.

    And one more detail. I do not know what it is but it is there.

    As always, photos of the real thing were kindly taken by Jeff Lakaszcyck of Kennedy Space Center.
  11. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Speaking of paint...   I am thinking of what colour I should use for the chassis. Photographed under bright sun it appears to be sort of greyish blue to me. Maybe something similar to what the marine war planes wear. Any tips or ideas? I´d like to hear them.
  12. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Well..., I got stuck in a fenders problem. I made a mistake in my very first step when I used the cross members part from the Revell kit. I did not think the cross members span would be of any importance untill I wanted to attach the rear fenders. Their holders should match the position of the cross members but it did not work on my model. I did not want to give up this feature so I cut one of the cross members out of the frame, turned it around to swap LH / RH sides and glued it back again. This moved the cross member closer to rear axles and the fenders now fit a lot better. I hope the picture explains it better.


    The exhaust system consists of solid and flexible parts and shutters that route the fumes to the heat exchanger. The best way to replicate the flexible tubing is using a straw. But I could not find a straw thin enough for 1-25 scale. So, I wrapped a copper wire around a piece of cable instead. It is not as good as a straw would be but I hope it does not look that bad.

    That´s the latest up date and I keep on working.
  13. truckabilly added a post in a topic Revell Peterbilt 359 *engine*   

    Excellent work.
  14. truckabilly added a post in a topic Happy Holidays   

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for your wonderful company throughout the whole year. Let the next one is just as good or even better.
  15. truckabilly added a post in a topic How does this power steering work?   

    Thanks for your replies, gentlemen. Some of you say hydro, the others say air. This was photographed by Jeff Lakaszcyck and it is one of the NASA Peterbilts 351 delivered in 1967. Sadly, their era comes to the end.