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  1. truckabilly added a post in a topic 1/16 Kenworth w/drop deck flatbed   

    Terrific! Just like real.
  2. truckabilly added a post in a topic 2 Snow plow Sicard = one 1951 and 2016   

    That´s awesome work so far. I like the details you put in your build. The trans cases do look great! It´s true that they won´t be visible too much once mounted in the model but I like your approach. Can´t wait to seeing more.
  3. truckabilly added a post in a topic BRBO Kenworth K125 **Finished**   

    Excellent! Just excellent. I mean..... WOW!
  4. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thanks a lot, guys. I added some wiring to trailer chassis as well. It´s not according to the real lines and valves. It´s just a few lines around the frame so that the space would not seem to be empty.

    I also added the steering mechanism to Peterbilt frame.

    This is few more details of the the trans case linkage. It probably won´t be visible at all, but you know....    it´s just for the feeling.

    The fuel tanks stripes are PE items of CTM.

    That´s it for now. Thanks for looking.
  5. truckabilly added a post in a topic ford CL9000   

    I´ve always liked this COE. It looks good in red - white combo.
  6. truckabilly added a post in a topic IH Transtar 4300 Eagle   

    Nice build. You have done a fabulous job. Nice and clean.
  7. truckabilly added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359   

    Nice rig! Looks good in the shop.
  8. truckabilly added a post in a topic Western Star Log Hauler   

    Some nice work was put in this re-build. It looks good for a saver.  
  9. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you all for your appreciation. I finally painted the chassis of both the tractor and trailer. I mixed two shades of gunze colours to get the buleish grey tone I was after. It turned out a bit dark for my taste. So, I applied fading technique using only white oil color. It helped a lot I think. Then I added some rusty and grimy spots. The weathering is not finished yet. I stretched some wiring through Peterbilt chassis too. I am not satisfied with the photos quality but this is how it turned out.

    Unfortunately, I found some geometry problems that I have to deal with. Some more cutting is inevitable I´m afraid. More to come, stay tuned.
  10. truckabilly added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    KW suspension question
    Hi guys, I need a little help or advise on the old KW Bullnose COE. I´d like to build a work horse Bullnose coupled to a low boy. I guess tandem drives would be  the best option. But what suspension I should use? I´d like to have torsion bars on it but is that a good choice for a truck with a low boy? What do you suggest?
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  11. truckabilly added a post in a topic How Many Projects Are You Working On?   

    I tried to limit myself to only one project even though I have ideas for lots of others. But the truth is that I have three trucks "in the making". The AMT 359 California Hauler standing still for problems with the paint job and 1/35 scale Diamond waiting for a paint job to be done.
    Recently I fully concentrate on my NASA Pete project. I didn´t take  pictures yet but the chassis of both Peterbilt and trailer are wired, painted and partly weathered.
    I also broke the ban that I put on buying another kit. My newest kit is Italeri´s Peterbilt 378 day cab.
  12. truckabilly added a post in a topic Mack DM 600   

    Very nice work on the engine Robert. The pulleys and belts are perfect. Nice to look at something like that.
  13. truckabilly added a post in a topic peterbilt 378 update 9/17   

    Nice looking rig. Can´t wait to see more. Will you mask the holes in the fuel tank some way?
  14. truckabilly added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Licensing is the most decisive factor, I think. At least they should have said what is feasible in that point of view. I´m sorry to say so but I have zero expectations as far as Italeri truck kits are concerned.
  15. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you all for positive feedback. I tried to find out if someone makes electric motors in 1-25, 1-24 scale but had no luck. So, I had to make them myself. It took a few weeks but finally I can present something again. I started with two smaller motors and pumps. Then there was the big Reliance motor which was quite challanging. The most of the material I used comes from Evergreen stock. Besides that, the sparkling pills packs provided me with the tubes I needed. Here is the real electric motor and pump on the Paul recharger trailer. Photos were taken by Jeff Lakaszcyck.

    And this is my plastic version.

    There is yet another small electric motor on the trailer with a pump, I guess. Jeff´s photo is not showing the detail very clear. Anyway, this is the one. I have yet to complete the pump.

    For the big Reliance motor I used two pills packs of different sizes, the Evergreen stock and Milliput putty. The motor main body is a smaller tube-like pack cut to length. The rear cover is made of the bigger pack including the bottom. I clamped this part to a hand drill and reshaped the tight corner so that the radius was closer to a real thing. The Milliput helped me with the rest of the shape. The mesh is cut out off the grill mesh for Peterbilt by Italeri, I guess. The front lid of the motor was made with a great help of Milliput again. The cooling ribs are made of Evergreen channel cut to length. I glued them onto the thin plastic stripes which I wrapped around the motor main body. Hexagonal rods of various sizes were used for bolts around the front lid and the rear mesh rim. All the other details are just Evergreen tubes and squares.
    The real thing:

    My attempt:

    And here is a complete trio of the electric motors:

    And now what? The paint job? Finally? I hope so.