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  1. truckabilly added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Licensing is the most decisive factor, I think. At least they should have said what is feasible in that point of view. I´m sorry to say so but I have zero expectations as far as Italeri truck kits are concerned.
  2. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you all for positive feedback. I tried to find out if someone makes electric motors in 1-25, 1-24 scale but had no luck. So, I had to make them myself. It took a few weeks but finally I can present something again. I started with two smaller motors and pumps. Then there was the big Reliance motor which was quite challanging. The most of the material I used comes from Evergreen stock. Besides that, the sparkling pills packs provided me with the tubes I needed. Here is the real electric motor and pump on the Paul recharger trailer. Photos were taken by Jeff Lakaszcyck.

    And this is my plastic version.

    There is yet another small electric motor on the trailer with a pump, I guess. Jeff´s photo is not showing the detail very clear. Anyway, this is the one. I have yet to complete the pump.

    For the big Reliance motor I used two pills packs of different sizes, the Evergreen stock and Milliput putty. The motor main body is a smaller tube-like pack cut to length. The rear cover is made of the bigger pack including the bottom. I clamped this part to a hand drill and reshaped the tight corner so that the radius was closer to a real thing. The Milliput helped me with the rest of the shape. The mesh is cut out off the grill mesh for Peterbilt by Italeri, I guess. The front lid of the motor was made with a great help of Milliput again. The cooling ribs are made of Evergreen channel cut to length. I glued them onto the thin plastic stripes which I wrapped around the motor main body. Hexagonal rods of various sizes were used for bolts around the front lid and the rear mesh rim. All the other details are just Evergreen tubes and squares.
    The real thing:

    My attempt:

    And here is a complete trio of the electric motors:

    And now what? The paint job? Finally? I hope so.
  3. truckabilly added a post in a topic My next scratchbuild.. Mack DMM W Theam conveyor   

    First, congratulation to your beautiful daughter. Make sure you keep all the modelling stuff out of her reach. Your work bench might be a great attraction for her. But Dan is right - they grow up fast.
    Your project is very interesting. I cannot remember ever seeing a mixer with the belt conveyor. But they are over here in Europe too. Though. the concrete pump is more common, I guess. This work body sitting on a Mack chassis is a perfect combination. I cannot wait to see more but I respect your Jennie´s right of way.
  4. truckabilly added a post in a topic ice road truckers   

    I like the IRT show even though I agree with the BS part. But apart from the blockbuster greedy narration and fabricated scenario, the video shots are cool. Nice trucks, severe conditions, exotic working enviroment... no reason to complaint for me. They could give more info on some work details there rather than the soap opera intrique acts. But it´s their money (TV channel´s) and hopefully they know what they are doing. I prefer facts from plots but more people probably want something else.
  5. truckabilly added a post in a topic Day & Ross Freightliner FLD120 & 53' Great Dane   

    Very nice build.
  6. truckabilly added a post in a topic Weathered Cat   

    And if the hair spray doesn´t work, there are two kinds of fluids by AK Interactive. One for worn effects and the other for heavy chipping. Tried that, works great.
  7. truckabilly added a post in a topic Revell Kenworth heavy hauler   

    I very much like these tri-drive kits. But do they represent something from the real world? I mean......
    I´ve seen the tri-drives of this era only as day cabs, usually as tankers or dump trucks. I know that later Peterbilt or Kenworth model lines are bulit with set up like this. But I haven´t seen the 359 (or 353) tri-drive having a sleeper cab. As for the KW COE, I´ve seen just one pic of a real truck like this. So, I just wonder if those kits were inspired by something you could have seen on the road back then or of they are just great looking model trucks.  
    Does anyone know? 
  8. truckabilly added a post in a topic What kind of builder are you?   

    I agree with the idea that model building should be fun and relax. But fun and relax may be different things for each one of us. A model truck ( or car, or train, an aircraft... whatever ) is a scale representation of something real. I always try to make a model that corresponds with reality. For instance, if Bill Signs kit have a short hood and in-line 6 Cummins underneath it, while the real truck has extended hood and 8V CAT, I wouldn´t be able to sleep sound if I hadn´t changed those components.
    I don´t remember me counting rivets but if I find some inaccuracy in the kit, I try to repair it by modifying or replacing the kit part with something more realistic. I scratch build a lot of things, do a research for my projects, listen to those who know better and obey the basic modeling rules. I can´t stand visible seams where there should be none, I hate wobbling wheels and childish murals of some Italeri kits.
    I am a slow builder, I take a break if things go wrong. But I am also stubborn and keep trying till I get what meets my idea of a satisfactory part or subassembly. I like the challenges that come with this hobby. I learn a lot of things about big rigs and hopefully improve my model building skills.
  9. truckabilly added a post in a topic Big Rig Exhaust System, Help Needed   

    I always wondered the same thing, do the straight pipes have muffler somewhere on the way? And is it legal to go without a muffler at all? 
    Bill Signs model has also sort of straight pipes even though the lower part is bent. But there´s a little tubing section of slightly bigger diameter under the frame, which I considered to be a silencer. That might be just another possibility for the straight pipes.
  10. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you all for your positive feedback. As some of you might know, NASA´s spacecraft Juno has reached the Jupiter orbit on, I guess, the 4th of July. It carries three passangers on board, special aluminium made LEGO figures of the god Jupiter, his wife Juno and Galileo Galilei. I hope they find something interesting up there before they become a part of the planet.
    Meanwhile, down on Earth in Liberec, Czech Rep., the NASA Peterbilt mission continues by dressing the trailer with more details. Such as the three tubes that hide electric cables inside. I made all the bends above a candle flame. I don´t know where and how they end up underneath the chassis. I just attached them to the big box. I also made a reservoir which is in the front part of the trailer.

    I added some details to the big tank like the top lid with the handle and bolts and the bottom brackets that carry the whole tank. There is still some more details to be added.

    As always, the photos of the real thing were taken by Jeff Lakaszcyck. I hope my mission with the NASA Peterbilt won´t take as much time as the Juno mission since it was launched back in 2011. Till next time, stay tuned.
  11. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you all for your kind words. I keep on adding parts to the trailer. Besides fenders and their brackets I have completed various boxes that hang around the frame. I have no idea what´s inside. Probably some tubing, valves, pumps and controls. Mine are empty, of course.

    The fenders shape is not much accurate and axle spacing should have been a bit bigger. I copied the suspension parts from AMT´s Fruehauf flatbed trailer and didn´t realise that the spacing on Paul recharger trailer might be different. But the suspension cost me so much time and work already, that I´m not going to fix it.   
  12. truckabilly added a post in a topic BRBO Kenworth K125 **Finished**   

    Tried a few times to scratchbuild the fans myself but they looked awful. Yours look great.
  13. truckabilly added a post in a topic BRBO Pete 359 Logger   

    Nice work on the frame. Walking beam - that´s the way to go loggin´. 
  14. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thanks a lot everyone. I keep on working on the trailer. Unfortunately, I don´t have any reference of certain trailer parts. Like the air tanks location. This is just a pure guesswork.

    I didn´t have any idea where to get the big tank. I thought of buying the whole tanker kit but then my friend gave up his project and sold me his parts. He actually cut the trailer tank in two pieces and the short one is exactly what I needed. All I had to do was to get rid of some surface details. This is the camparison of the cross section before and after modification.

    I had to add the inner lip to the cut off end so that the cap would fit okay.

    A few pics of the whole unit.....

    That´s the latest progress.
  15. truckabilly added a post in a topic Phantom 309   

    Ha - ha. Got the same song by Jake Brake and the All Trucker Band. They say that´s the original, but I don´t know.
    What I found like 3 days ago is The White Knight LP by Cledus Maggard and The Citizen's Band. It´s 1976 LP but I´ve never heard it untill now. I like that CB lingo even though I can´t say I get everything the guy says. But it´s fun anyway. With all respect to them serious truckin´ songs I can´t help having a lot of fun listening to this hilarious guy. Look him up, he´s worth it.