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  1. 5-th wheel dumper

    Hi guys, I´m looking for details of the 5-th wheel dumping system. I´ve found some pics and vids but they don´t show too many details. I wonder how the whole thing is attached to the vehicle, how the hydraulic rams are anchored to the structure and where the hydraulic pump should be located. Basicly, I´ve found two designs. This one: ... and this one: I like the first one better even though it´s more complicated detail wise. I would appreciate more detailed pics. Any tips where to look for them? Thanks.
  2. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    Classy build, nice and clean. Flawless paint job.
  3. Bumper question

    Hi fellows. I wonder what is the reason for using the cut-off style bumpers like those in the photos. Is there any practical reason for that or is it just a fashion? I plan to use this feature on a beat up Mack DM 600 truck. But if I do I´d like to know why do some trucks look like that.
  4. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    Thanks Mike. The rope is just an ordinary cotton thread. My wife has a few in her sewing kit, I just picked one of the rope - like color.
  5. The M972 Flatbed/w Excavator

    Top class work, as always. Among other details I like the ash in the excavator cab and the greasy deck. Marvelous!
  6. Ford L9000

    Shaping up nicely. Keep on working like that.
  7. KW aerodyne wrecker - decal time !!!

    Nice work on the boom and winch.
  8. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    Yeah, I can imagine. I wonder if they reissue the fire truck some day. Meanwhile I painted the hoses. The yellow turned out much too intense for my taste. I wanted a paler shade. But I also knew that most of it would be covered by a canvas. So, I just let it go. The real truck and the one on the box art as well show some details that are not included in the kit. So, I scratch built them myself. Don´t know what purpose they serve to, though. I added the CTM photo-etched lid to the fuel tank. The kit´s mirror brackets didn´t look good so replaced them with an office clip wire. Before... .... and after. The exhaust T pipe (or Y pipe, if you will) has no holders. I scratch bulit a pair of simple holders and added them to the assembly. The canvas is made of an aluminium foil painted with raspberry red straight from a rattle can. Now, just a few more details and paint retouching here and there and I think I can call this build finished.
  9. Peterbilt 353 Off-Road Dumper

    Very nice rig and flawless execution.
  10. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    Thank you, Mike. The kit number is 07529 and it´s no longer in production, I´m afraid. I bought it from a local fellow modeler a time ago.
  11. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    Thanks Mike. Remember that not everything that shines on a truck is actual chrome. Sometimes it´s polished aluminium, sometimes stainlesss steel. This old Peterbilt pumper is a perfect example of the diffferences between the various metallic surfaces. If you take a closer look at the photos you find it yourself. I would post a link to the original Klaus Lassen site but it doesn´t work the way it used to. I can´t locate the pics no more. Here are some of them from my archive. Credit goes to the author. I don´t remember his name and I think he´d passed away. You have to check the chrome sprues carefully. Sometimes the chrome layer covers the flaws like scratches or debris. I usually strip the original chrome off and after cleaning or filling the parts I replace it with metallic colors. In this case I left the original kit chrome on the grill surround, the bumper, the mirrors, the wheels and maybe some small items. The rest is either rechromed with Alclad chrome paint or polished aluminium paint. Or the Molotow chrome marker. The marker chrome looks great when freshly painted but then it fades a little. The surface must be perfectly prepared. You´d better test it first off the model.
  12. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    Here is a few pictures of the pumper with the cab and body resting on the chassis. The cab doors are in place and they work fine. The hoses in the kit are plastic strips which I don´t find convincing. I was thinking of shoe laces but these have a textile pattern too rough for this scale. So, I bought this elastic band rubber and laid it zig-zag like the real hoses are laid. In order to stiffen the hose blocks I spaced each layer with the Evergreen stripe. This is how the hoses look when loaded on the truck. They are not painted yet though. The ladder is on too. I added some details like pulleys and a line. The line is metallic but that´s probably a mistake. I think an ordinary rope should be there instead. But it´s too late to fix it. By the way, if you see the cab and hood being darker than the pumper body, that´s on purpose. Maybe it´s just a light and shade effect on this picture but the cab here seems to be a bit darker than the rest od the truck. OK, it´s probbaly overdone on my model but I still think that it brings more life to the build. Like a replaced part if you know what I mean. Thanks for looking.
  13. Great job so far. I like the assembly very much. Nice engineering.