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  1. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you very much, guys. To make a little change for me I started working on the trailer. I do not know too much about how it works with all the complicated equipment. For now I concentrate on the chassis. It looks like the one on Fruehauf dump trailer. Unfortunately, I have none to spare and take the parts from. So, there it goes again, the scratch building blues. I got me the rough dimensions and cut the sheets and channels. This is how far I got.

    There are still a few parts to add to complete the suspension. Also the hubs need some changing. Thanks for looking.
  2. truckabilly added a post in a topic Phantom 309   

    Phantom 309 as well as another truck driving songs of the day were a great part of my education.  When I learnt English language I would listen not to the Beatles as most Europeans probably do, but to the good old American country music. And the truck driving songs played a major role in the process. My musical taste moved closer to the dark side but I still love to listen to the old guys like Red Sovine, Dave Dudlay, C.W. MacCall and Hank, Merle and Waylon...
    Thanks for reminding me the old times.
  3. truckabilly added a post in a topic 1929 Coleman   

    It was nice to watch the progress and now when it´s all done it is just as great. A wonderful piece of old machinery and great talent there on display. My hat off to you, sir.
  4. truckabilly added a post in a topic 1/16 Kenworth custom   

    My chin just dropped down. R you sure it won´t slack?
  5. truckabilly added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. 'Aussie' KW T900   

    The wheels look really good.
  6. truckabilly added a post in a topic Mack DM 600   

    I haven´t started my re-issued kit yet but my friend also complains about fitting issues with wheels and tires. He says that the discs are too small for the tire diameter. Another solution next to stuffing the tires might be adding a stripe of plastic around the disc. Just an idea, haven´t tried that myself.
  7. truckabilly added a post in a topic Kenworth Tyron Malone Hide Out Truck   

    Nice build, man. I can´t judge accuracy but it looks good to me. I am not into cabovers but I wouldn´t mind getting my hands on these Tyron Malone kits. Love it!
  8. truckabilly added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    I bulit the Big Sleeper couple of years ago. I wasn´t satisfied with the shape of the cab steps (the upper red part) as they were far from reality. Other than that, it is a nice kit.
  9. truckabilly added a post in a topic Boom Haul - Pic Update!!!   

    If there is anything like a perfect model truck, then you´re getting dangerously close. This si truly a work of art. Are there any limits for you at all?
  10. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thank you guys. I have spent a few weeks working on the hood again. I wasn´t satisfied with the plastic parts, so I tried a brass sheet instead. I wanted a functional butterfly hood and that required piano hinges. I was not sure if the PE hinges and I would get along well. I went even more complicated way and tried to manufacture the hinges of my own. I went along this wonderful tutorial:
    My version is made of 0,5 mm brass tube and 0,3 mm wire. First I tried three sections like in the tutorial mentioned above. But it didn´t work very well for me. Not even five. Finally I ended up with like 13. Looking pretty well in scale and working nice the hinge was very fragile too. It was just one careless move of my fingers and the hood dropped to the floor and scattered was the hinge. I gave me a few names and needed a few more days to get it back together again.
    The side hinges are not much visible, so I made them tougher. A beer can sheet and 0,5 mm steel wire was the material this time. So much for chattering, let´s see pics.


    The hood is fully functional but I didn´t think of one thing. How will I attach all this to the nose and cab? I cut the tiny wire of the central hinge to the length of the hood and there is no reserve for mounting. Maybe it will just sit in its place.
  11. truckabilly added a post in a topic BRBO - International Prostar   

    "One thing I noticed is that the instructions say to install the oil pan as I have. But every reference pic (see below for examples) of the real thing I've found has the pan on the other way around. For those who have built this one, are the instructions wrong? Will the engine still fit if I flip the pan around?"   
    Don´t know if it is still in question but the orientation of the oil pan depends on front axle position. If it is set forward (SFFA) the oil pan lower part must be closer to the bell, like in your picture of the model engine. If the axle is set back (SBFA) then the oil pan must be backwards, like in the picture of the real engine. Otherwise the oil pan would get in collision with the front axle.
    Nice progress on your build.
  12. truckabilly added a post in a topic Freightliner FLD120 & Beall Tanker   

    Great looking combination. Very nice job on both vehicles. I am looking at the pics over and over again and I can´ t get enough.
  13. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    GSI white over GSI black primer. This is how it turned out. I needed three layers of white, in some areas even more. Unfortunately, the color builded up pretty thick in some spots. Some imperfections need repairing.  

    The color needs some aging effect. It will be done at one time with the rest of the truck. 
  14. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    We already had nine model build weekends. The next one will be 10th... a little jubilee. Some came with the idea that it should last 10 days. Oh my...  
    I already had complaints about my pics not being displayed on the forum. I do not know  where the problem is. The pics are downloaded from the photobucket. Sometimes I do not see the pictures on my company´s PC (at work) because it is connected to a central company server and some pictures and videos just do not show.
    I doubt that because NASA did not bother to arrange for displaying one of the real units in a museum of transport. They are destined for an auction but without the special equipment. They do not consider them as objects of any historic value. 
  15. truckabilly added a post in a topic Needlenose Pete   

    Yes, I do like it. Plain and simple truck. But it takes some effort to make a model look like that. You ve done it just great. And nice trailer too.