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  1. I have a few unfinished builds here but I am starting another one. The fire truck by Revell of Germany was not my dream truck at first. But when I found that the real pumper has 8V Detroit Diesel under the hood coupled to Allison automatic and that something has to be done with the sirenes on the bumper to fully open the hood, my interest grew dramatically. This picture was my starting point. The photo reveals the turbo charged 8V Detroit Diesel and also a hinged sirenes plate on the bumper. Another important Picture is this. This shows a shifting tower instead of a regular gear stick in the cab, hence the automatic transmission. I have to thank the guys who answered my question here on the forum because I had no idea what the shifting tower was good for. Now, where do I take the correct engine and transmission? I stole the engine from the GMC Astro kit and copied the Allison automatic from the Super Boss kit. I took one of the twin turbos from the Cummins engine in the fire truck kit and added it to the top of the Detroit 8V. Even though the transmission will not be visible at all on the model, I couldn´t help and added a few details on it. Here it is with the original Super Boss plain Jane. Then I worked on the fold-down plate with sirenes. I scratch bulit a piano hinge and surprisingly it works quite well. So, those are the major changes that I did with the kit. I plan to change some more details but more about them later. This is all for now.
  2. kenworth k123

    It looks like this old KW had done some hard work. And so have you. I like everything about this truck. The spoke wheels, the walking beam suspension, the weathering..... Fantastic!
  3. 1929 Ford Tow Truck

    Great model building school. It´s got everything a top class model should have. Stunning!
  4. White Western Star logger

    Very nice.
  5. 1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    I enjoyed looking at the progress of this one and seeing it all done is just as great. It´s a nice truck and you have done a great job.
  6. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Nice detailing work.
  7. 1955 IH RDTC 405

    Wow, that´s awesome! I like what I see here.
  8. 1981 K100

    This looks very nice. I´m gonna peep here if I build a tanker myself some day.
  9. 1955 IH RDTC 405

    This cool rig is just getting cooler. Very nice job Brian.
  10. 1955 IH RDTC 405

    This looks great. I like it a lot.
  11. So! Who wants to build this one????

    HNUS!!! That´s "disgust" in my native language.
  12. Mack Anthem

  13. Radiator question

    I wonder what is this thing in the circle. What purpose does it serve ? I´ve also seen those little cylindres in horizontal orientation. Some radiators have one, some have two and some have none. Can someone give me info on this? Thanks in advance.
  14. AMT Kenworth W925

    Go through this, you may find something useful. http://forums.aths.org/PrintTopic104703.aspx
  15. Peerless logging trailer question

    I don´t know the precise figure either. But these pics taken from US patent web might help. I have made my telescopic end much longer I guess. But it doesn´t matter because the rod extens only as needed in the corner. The aluminium K&S tube is inserted in Evergreen tube onto which I glued the two square inserts to match the inside of the square channel. I hope it helps, if not too late.