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  1. truckabilly added a post in a topic Revell snap Peterbuilt converted to a tridem   

    Nice grimy engine.
  2. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thanks Sean, but the video does not show. I get a message "User who uploaded this video has made it unavailable for your country". That´s why I´ve never seen this episode of American Trucker. Nor any other. This show was never aired here and if I found it on the net, I got the message ... unavailable for your country.
    I must be living in a horrible country... LoL
  3. truckabilly added a post in a topic 1/25 Peterbilt 352   

    That looks pretty good. Nice work horse.
  4. truckabilly added a post in a topic Freightliner FLD 120   

    Very nice build. Great interior.
  5. truckabilly added a post in a topic Freightliner FLD Daycab   

    This is very realistic build. The level of detailing is incredible. I like it a lot. 
  6. truckabilly added a post in a topic Revell snap Peterbuilt converted to a tridem   

    Looking good so far, Gator. I like the idea of removing the battery box tab. Most of people just don´t care but the tab really spoils the look of the kit. I will do the same when I build mine.
  7. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Thanks everone for positive feedback. I appreciate it.
    Now for the front driven axle. Like I said before, the front drive shafts were removed on all Peterbilts and there won´t be none on my model either. I got me a KFS driven axle but to my surprise it was much too big for a 1/25 Pete (and any other truck for that matter). First I thought I would make a complete one of my own but I couldn´t imagine creating the middle part, the diff.

    So, I took the original KFS axle and cut off the ends. Then with a help of proxxon cutter, file and sand paper I began to reshape the axle untill it was small enough for my needs. I removed a layer of material as thick as the flange in the back. The flange actually disappeared and it looked awful...

    I cut off the rear end completely and made a new one out of Evergreen stock.

    I reduced the axle ends as well the same way as the main part. But the steering parts are new made of Revell kit parts and plastic tube. The hubs are KFS, reshaped to look like the those on NASA Pete. The tie rod is made of bended aluminium tube.

    I will make my own springs but I have to buy some more Evergreen stuff first. Till then...
  8. truckabilly added a post in a topic Photo posting problems   

    Not quite a photo posting problem but I have a question. Has this forum lost its preview feature? When I start a new topic I would like to see what I have done before I actually post it. The same with replies for that matter. But all I get is "Submit Topic" button. So I do just that and edit any mistakes afterwards.
    There used to be "More reply option" feature here before and that enabled the preview button. Now I cannot find anything like this here. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. truckabilly added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359   

    Plastic bled out of the mold. Flash if you will. Check this thread:
  10. truckabilly added a post in a topic 1929 Coleman 4wd   

    The thing is getting nicer with each step you make. Amazing.
  11. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Tim, thank you for the spec´s. I didn´t think of the possibility that the BBC could be even longer. But it´s probably true because when I squeeze my 12v71 in, there is not room enough under the hood for a deep-core radiator. For the shutters I have the same piece as used for my logger. I only modified it a little to be a bit longer. I never knew the wheelbase figure. Got some tips but each was different. So, I stopped caring and just made a scale drawing with WB estimated from the photos. 235" is 238 milimeters in 1/25 scale. My estimated WB is 240 milimeters. Not bad, I think.
    I think there is one more build idea... the 1100 series cab combined with either full walk-on fenders or the shortened ones with bigger fuel tanks. I chose the recabbed version because it looks even more weird.
    I started my build as usual with the engine. I didn´t have the buzzin´ dozen but I had two 6v71s which I combined to get a 12v71.

    More to follow.
  12. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    In September 2014 the R-13 tractor took a trip to Houston on top of a low boy to be partialy taken apart and prepared for auction. These shots were taken by a transport company employee while the truck was resting for the night in Orlando.
    taken from reddit web site
      taken from reddit web site
     taken from reddit web site
     taken from reddit web site
     taken from reddit web site
     taken from reddit web site
    The R-13 truck is back in KSC, out of service. The R-12 is out of service as well. The R-15 has been out of service for several years and the original R-14 truck does not exist anymore. That makes the R-11 the last one on duty. The last truck standing. 
    photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
     photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
     photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
     photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
    My model is based on the Revell AG parts and some resin cast parts. The rest  will be scratch built. Even though it is the same Peterbilt model line as my logger, there is not too many shared parts between the two builds. NASA specified 351s differ a lot from the original factory design. Even though I have plenty of photos there is still a lot hidden details on the trucks and especially trailers and there is a whole lot left for imagination and guess work. I do not know any true dimension except for the 127 BBC. Another rock solid dimensions are those of Revell kit parts and resin parts. The rest is just estimated from pictures. I do not claim to be proportion accurate by any means.  
  13. truckabilly added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Five units were delivered to KSC and they were in constatnt service ever since. Collecting miles within the milk runs around the Center they delivered and converted refrigerated liquid gases like nitrogen, oxygen and breathable air for various operations held in the Space Center. With maintenance financed by government the units R-11 through R-15 enjoyed decades of active duty. In late 1980´s or early 1990´s the original steel unilite cabs were replaced by 1100 series aluminium cabs due to corrosion issues. The Kennedy Space Center is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast line, and the air is very salty. It is not unusual for vehicles that are left outside all the time to be completely rusted out in 20 years.
    photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
    photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
    Though delivered as all wheel drive, the front driveshafts were removed when it was realized the front drive was no longer necessary. Various parts were replaced over the time and the trucks differ in grills, fuel tanks, stepboards, fenders and some other details too. Out of the five the R-15 Peterbilt is closest to the  original appearance from 1967. That is why I chose this one to be a pattern for my replica. Being out of service for several years now it is still coupled to the trailer with several parts removed. 
    photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
     photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
     photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
      photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
      photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
    But the first retired truck was the R-14 that was parted out about 2005 to support other trucks. With the engine and hood removed it was left standing aside for a while and then it was probably scrapped. The original R-14 trailer was coupled to a newer Peterbilt model

  14. truckabilly added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    NASA Pete 1/25
    I would like to introduce this project which I have been working on for the last couple of months. When I first saw pictures of NASA Peterbilts I thought, what a nice model that would be. So, I tried to find some info on these magnificent trucks. I addressed Jeff Lakaszcyck who works at Kennedy Space Center and who took most of the pictures of NASA Peterbilts available on internet. He shared all he knows about the trucks with me and sent me his elsewhere published photos in hi-res and even took some more specially for me. With his kind permission I will use his photos here on the forum.
                                                                      photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
                                                                 taken from Dutch forum
    My decision to build a NASA Pete model came at end of their time. The trucks are on their way to retirement. I would like to pay tribute to these trucks that were part of something really big. Though not in close attention of NASA personnel, they played important role in achieving the cosmic goals. 
    Besides the progress of my build I would like to present also a bit of history here and summarize the facts that I have collected about these trucks. The NASA Peterbilts 351 are unique and only 5 were manufactured. Coupled to Paul Recharger trailers produced by Paul Cryogenic Division of Air Reduction Company, their initial role was as nitrogen reclaimers. Held in restricted area they were off pubilc sight. Other than the visit from the American Trucker TV show, and perhaps a few tourists, no one else outside the space center has seen these trucks in person. From the very bottom of my heart I thank Jeff Lakaszcyck who is willing to share the pics with me and keeps me updated with fresh information about NASA Peterbilts.
                        photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
                                                                 photo by Jeff Lakaszcyck
    Another source of information for me is a memo web page of E. Ray Smyth, the General Foreman of NASA´s Mobile Gas Department who worked at KSC by the time when the Peterbilts were delivered. In fact, it was him who drove the very first Paul Recharger into the premises of Kennedy Space Center. Peterbilt 351 STL 6x6 coupled to Paul Recharger trailer with 3000 gallon tank working with pressures up to 15000 PSI (103,4 MPa) was something unheard of before. Ray Smyth remembers:
    „Our 5 new Paul Rechargers started arriving in 1967 and what fine state of the art equipment they were. The  Paul Recharger  was a very unique machine and had a 500 Horsepower V-12 Detroit diesel engine which at the time had never been put in a truck before. The excessive engine power was not necessary to pull the tractor trailer load, the engine was that powerful to run the 500 KW generator which sit behind the cab and provided the power to run the electric motors turning the 3 pumps and was power for the electric heaters which converted the liquid back to gas. I had the pure pleasure of going to TWA and picking up the very first Paul Recharger that came in. However, I was not allowed to do it alone, Addison Bain had me stop by NASA headquarters to pick him up so he too could join in on the fun. But, I had the most fun because I got to drive the monster first and deliver it to our work area at CCF-34/37. I reckon Addison couldn't stand me having all the fun and he wanted to drive a Paul too. So, he arranged for no one to be notified of the next Paul arrival except himself and then one day here he comes driving into the parking lot at CCF-34/37 with a big grin on his face and I think that was the first time in his life he had ever driven an 18 wheeler type tractor/trailer. I might add the Paul Recharger was not your normal run of the mill 18 wheeler, the Peterbuilt tractor was special built with an extra long chassis to accommodate the generator sitting behind the cab and this excessive length made it bend in the middle when connected to the Paul Recharger Trailer and it was a bear to back up. The Peterbuilt also had front wheel drive which made the turn radius more then excessive. Back in my Texas Oil Well Drilling days, I had pulled a drilling rig down the highways of Texas that was 12 feet wide, 145 feet long, 16 feet high and weighed in excess of 140,000 pounds so driving huge unique tractor trailer rigs was not new to me. I was therefore kind of proud of Addison and also quite surprised when he came swinging through the gate at CCF-34/37 because he drove like a professional. I should know, I had embarrassed myself when I misjudged the turn radius and completely missed the gate when I brought the first Recharger over and had to back up to get through the gate.“ 
    taken from NASA web site
    taken from NASA web site
    taken from NASA web site
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  15. truckabilly added a post in a topic Truckin for Kids 2015 pics   

    Beautiful trucks and wonderful event. A visit to a place like that it´s just a dream for me. A dream that can never come true, it´s too far away. One thing has really cought my eye..... a chrome deck? I guess the hay packs won´t scratch it.but still it´s rather unusual for me. Cool.